• Andy Torres is Soaring, But No Where Near the Height of Her Career Yet!

    At just 26 years old, Andy Torres is already well known in Mexico as a fashion model and TV personality. She now lives in New York City, where she runs her blog, Style Scrapbook.


    Andy’s Many Accomplishments


    Andy has accomplished more than many people twice her age. She was previously a Glamour Magazine freelance editor. In addition, she has won several awards for her blog. In 2012, Style Scrapbook was voted as the year’s best business blogger, as she sells her own merchandise through her blog.


    She has also had many TV hosting gigs, such as a Latin American program called Click and as a judge in the Elle Mexico Desina series that aired on E! Entertainment Television. She also hosted several episodes of series called Monki Television, and hosted a behind the scenes show for the 2012 Mango Summer/Spring fashion show.


    Style Scrapbook


    The most unique section of Style Scrapbook is the section called “Inside My Head.” This is where Andy gives her readers a glimpse of the things on her mind and the places she has been. It also shows her own personal style of clothing and accessories. She has even shared photos from her birthday celebrations in her blog, including photos of her celebrating her birthday in Paris.


    Net Worth


    Because of all of her professional accomplishments, Andy has a net worth of $1.4 million. Through her hosting gigs, freelance work and extremely successful blog she has been able to earn more than many others in her industry.


    What Is Her Weight And Measurements




    Dress size: unknown

    Breasts-Waist-Hips: 43-unknown-unknown

    Shoe-Feet: unknown

    Bra size: 34B

    Cup size: B

    Height: 5’10

    Weight: 116 lbs


    Social Media Use


    Like most people her age, Andy is active on social media. Her Instagram can be found @stylescrapbook, which has 753,000 followers. Fans can also follow her on Twitter @stylescrapbook, where over 72,000 users already do. She can also be found on Facebook @StyleScrapbookAndy, which has 1,781,704 followers. Her Pinterest page can be found @astylescrapbook, where over 44,000 members follow her and her blog.


     Instagram: @stylescrapbook

    Twitter: @stylescrapbook

    Facebook: @StyleScrapbookAndy

    Pinterest: @astylescrapbook


    Andy has enjoyed a stunning amount of success in her 26 years. She is driven, ambitious, smart, honest and real. These are all qualities her many fans admire her for.


    By maintaining her blog, Andy is providing hope and inspiration for countless women who dream of following in her footsteps. She has shown that a woman can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, regardless of how old she is.


    There is no doubt that Andy will continue to have an amazingly successful career and blog. Her drive to make it popular all over the world has her adding amazing content every chance she gets. With an award winning blog, it is easy to see why Andy is so popular among fans. She is a breath of fresh air for many young women that need someone to look up to. Andy has set the bar high for women to succeed.

  • Lua Perez-Garreaud's Outfits are Pure Magic

    At just 26 years old, Lua Perez has already established herself as an influential blogger. The blog is called Le Happy, and addresses subjects such as beauty, home décor and travel.


    Rise To Fame


    Lua’s interest in all things trendy led to her attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she was a fashion merchandising management major. Though she was born and raised in Peru, at just 19 years old she moved to New York City to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry.


    She quickly found success collaborating with major fashion brands such as Levis, Converse, H&M, Doc Martens, Zara and more. Lua’s fashion style is rooted in her love of Wiccan and Celtic culture as well as Greek mythology.


    Launching Her Blog


    Like many other fashion minded women, Lua started her blog, Le Happy, to share her knowledge of and love for fashion with the world. The blog includes her own personal photo diary, as well as the stylish outfits she wears while out and about. When she attends events such as the Coachella Music Festival and Tel Aviv Fashion Week, she makes it a point to share pictures and stories with her fans and blog readers. Lua also advises her readers on proper skincare techniques.


    try on SPRING HAUL VIDEO 💗 up now on my channel - link is on bio!

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    Style Preferences


    According to Lua, there is not one definite style that she sticks to. She has confessed to choosing her outfits based on her mood on a particular day. Lua considers her personal style to be a combination of bohemian, grunge rocker and gothic. She has also said that her sense of style can be credited to the people who inspired her the most when she embarked on her now successful fashion career.


    Social Media Use


    Lua is active on social media and makes it a point to stay in touch with her fans through this medium. She can be found on Instagram @luanna, where she has 2.1 million followers. Her Twitter account can be found @luaperezg, where she has over 16,000 followers. The Facebook page for her blog can be found @lehappy, and has 791,018 followers. Her YouTube channel can be found @lehappyblog, where she has 234,414 subscribers. The channel includes advice on makeup, hair and accessories as well as a tour of her home and videos from her native Peru. Lua’s fans can learn much more about her by subscribing to her YouTube channel.

     Instagram: @luanna

    Twitter: @luaperezg

    Facebook: @lehappy

    YouTube: @lehappyblog




    Lua Perez has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. Her blog is extremely popular with women all over the world. It is Lua’s goal to use her blog and YouTube channel to help educate her fans on all things fashion, style and beauty. She is not afraid to share her thoughts and opinions with the world. There is no doubt that the future will be bright for Lua as she continues to work in the industry she loves and connect with her fans, followers and subscribers in any way she can.

  • Beach Babe @Karajewelll's Favorite Bikinis

    With so many people out there looking to make their name in their profession, Kara del Toro is showing she’s got the talent and the perseverance to stand out from the crowd. Known for her famous 2015 Carl’s Jr. ad, this model has moved on to being part of the Surfing Magazine Swimsuit Issue in 2016, and pursuing a spot in the coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She recently posted a video that she asked followers to help the powers that be see it.  The video was seen over 57 thousand times, and tons of followers chimed in to let the company know that she’s the only choice.

    Kara Del Toro one piece swimsuit

    Click To See Swimsuit

     Measurements: 37-24-36 in or 94-61-91.5 cm
    Hair Color Light Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 5 Feet 8 inches or 174 cm
    Birthday: January 1994
    Sign: Capricorn
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California


    The Basics - Instagram And More

    She’s known as a model and social media personality who can often be seen on a red carpet, often showing off some of the hottest designs from companies like Guess, who she’s worked with a lot recently. The 25-year-old model is 5’7 and works with a variety of agencies, such as Elite Model and Numero Model.

    She’s a Texas girl who represented Team Mexico in the Carl’s Jr. ad’s TexMex battle to figure out whether the burger in question was a Texas burger or a Mexican one. The ad created a little bit of controversy and landed her an interview with FOX news, where she talked about her background a bit and how unpredictable her profession can be.

    Because of her job, she’s also an avid traveler, who shows off her adventures on social media. She also calls out The Crystal Bible as one of her favorite books in a GQ interview, a somewhat surprising choice.

    Kara Del Toro bikini

    Click To See Bikini

    Using Her Fame For Good Causes

    Between all the typical posts you’d expect to see, Kara tries to help make a difference with her profile. The link on her Instagram account points one to a charity that helps animals, to start with. She’s also called the organization out in posts on her account, one being a call to action for users to help several animals who were in urgent need of a home. She’s also occasionally retweeted posts asking for help for different animals who were in need of medical attention.

    As part of her work with GUESS, she participated in a photo shoot promoting a denim day designed to spread awareness for victims of sexual assault, an initiative started by the organization called Peace Over Violence.

    Kara del Toro one piece swimsuit

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    Social Reach

    Like many of today’s current social media stars, Kara’s primary home is on Instagram (@karajewelll), where she shares content with over 365 thousand followers. It’s where she is most active, and she is unique in that she’s regularly engaging her following, and not just to get votes or promote a cause/project. She asks for recommendations for vacation spots and Netflix binge material.

    Kara Del toro in red swimsuit

    See This One Piece Now

    Between all that, she shows off behind the scenes shots from her shoots, calls out friends, favorite brands, and even throws in a couple of funny memes here and there. One of her more common extras are spiritually-based material about the moon, the power of good thoughts, and stuff about energy from Abraham Hicks.

    While she’s not as active on Twitter (@karadeltoro), she does post here and there to over 12K followers on the site. On Facebook (@karadeltoro), she’s got over 11K fans that were recently treated to some behind the scenes action on a recent Frankies Bikini shoot.

    Kara del toro swimwear

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  • Meet Mahina Alexander: Model and Moon Child

    Meet Mahina Alexander

    Her name means “moon”. It’s a fitting moniker for someone who is so in touch with the water and the natural world. This model is way more than the stunning photos she’s posed for. She’s a spiritual soul with a fun side that has captured the attention of her over 180k Instagram followers.

    The daughter of a well-known Hawaiian celebrity, surfer and actor Kala Alexander, she tried her hand at the LA life, but found that the tropical paradise that’s her home state was where she was meant to be. Let’s get to know a little more about her and what she does.

    Independent Woman

    In a Q and A on Tumblr, Mahina talked a little bit about her family, describing a somewhat difficult childhood that forced the 21-year-old to grow up fast, taking on a lot of responsibility for her siblings. Even so, she seems to maintain a great relationship with her family and loves spending time with them.

    This upbringing is surely what’s allowed her to travel fearlessly and pursue her dreams with a confidence that one photographer marvel at during a photo shoot and feature for StabMag.com.

    Just some basics

    When you look up Mahina online, one of the most popular searches (besides Tumblr), is her age (21) and her measurements. Mahina’s height is listed between 5’9 and 5’11, with her weight listed at 38. Another thing people want to know is her measurements. They’re listed as 33-23-33, which she attributes her to family’s naturally quick metabolism. She has confessed to not watching what she eats, and having a love for carbs.

    🦋🕊🌙 @mvxwxll

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    Social Impact

    Mahina’s attracted a lot of attention outside of her famous father. Her Instagram, @mahinaalexander, gets thousands of likes and comments on her content. Her social media shows a deep side to the model, expressing a lot of spiritual ideas. For example, she lists some of her favorite books as The Four Agreements, and A Discovery of Witches. She was inspired share a list of her favorites with followers after a friend asked her for some recommendations.

    Another post on her account is an reflection on the power and meaning of water, accompanied with an underwater shot of two figures swimming to the surface as light breaks through. She also talks about the importance of this planet on Earth Day, shares some great landscape shots, and lots of selfies. Her travels get documented through the account as well, giving fans a glimpse into other places and cultures. She’s especially in love with Cuba, and mentions several times how she wants to go back.

    That’s not the only place to connect with the model, though. Check out YouTube out at Mahina Alexander, where her over 200 subscribers were treated to several stunning videos of various locals, including one called Sacred Falls. These videos have been viewed over 10,000 times.

    One can also check out the fan blog, http://www.mahinabeams.tumblr.com where you’ll see more facts about her as well as some answers from Mahina herself to her fans’ questions.

     Instagram: @mahinaalexander

    YouTube: Mahina Alexander

    Fan Page: http://www.mahinabeams.tumblr.com

  • Lucy Williams: Conquering the Fashion Industry at a Young Age

     Lucy Williams

    Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now is an influencer known for her unique approach to swimwear. Her personal style combines stripes, greys, whites and navy that will create an endless supply of outfit variations.

    Fashion Me Now

    Fashion Me Now effortlessly mixes the relaxed look along with high end luxury pieces, plus, for good measure: globetrotting adventures.

    How did she get Fashion Me Now started? Originally it was her own personal mood board. When she was in university, there was no Pinterest or Instagram, so during her intern years the website served as her inspiration. Once upon a time, of course, it all started with a blog. She could share images that inspired her, as well as images she enjoyed. It was essentially an outlet for her creativity. Then she started including more personal posts.

    When she opened up personally, her audience numbers started to increase, and they were hungry for you. That’s when Lucy started posting more frequently, and found herself working with brands on projects. Eventually, she found herself leaving her job to turn blogging in to a full-time role.

    With the blog, she can talk about all of the things that she loves, her values, her travels, plus, she gets to work with seriously big brands. In fact, she’s even worked with Missoma on a jewelry collection! The collection contains 25 pieces, and were created as total must haves for the summer. They are delicate and modern, the perfect choice for heading out on vacation.

    She created her own dream job, one that didn’t exist when she first started out. What Lucy understands perhaps more than most of us, is that even when you’re buying a luxury piece- the key is longevity. Not the longevity that allows you to store it safely in your cupboard for years to come, but in that you can wear it proudly for years to come.

    Smells like home in London today ✨

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    Lucy Now

    Lucy has some notable credentials in the industry now, with her travel, fashion, and lifestyle tips and ideas she has an added dimension as an influencer. She has a timeless style, and her tone is natural, all of which makes her blog the destination for inspiration, not to mention the stunning photograph.

    The blog has evolved, though, as it now includes travel diaries, beauty posts, and of course personal outfits. Don’t worry, you’ll still find the shopping and inspirational features that got Fashion Me Now started.

    She dedicated her early career to Sheerluxe.com, as well as InStyle, and Stylus. Yet, blog life surpassed those opportunities and provided Lucy with the chance to chase her dreams. Now, in addition to blogging full time, she is a brand consultant and freelance writer. You will also find that she is still collaborating with some major players in the travel, lifestyle, and fashion industries, including Free People, Maje,  Jimmy Choo, and J.Crew.

    Find Lucy On Social Media


    Instagram: @lucywilliams02

    Pinterest: @fashionmenow


    Twitter: @Fashion_Me_Now

    Blog: Fashion Me Now