• Classy Girls Wear Pearls

    60's Fashion Style In The Modern Age


    Sarah Vickers - Classy Girls Wear Pearls


    Classy Girls Wear Pearls is a fun blog written by Sarah Vickers, a New England girl at heart. Started in 2012, Classy Girls is about friendship, fashion and what life is like living on the coast. Based in Rhode Island, Sarah uses her blog to impart on her readers how to choose the perfect outfit.


    She also gives advice on holidays such as Valentines’ Day. Sharing her preferences of Valentines’ Day cards with her readers is one of the ways that she likes to use her blog to give back.




    Fashion Blogger Turned Designer

    Fashion Blogger Turned Designer - Sarah Vickers


    In addition to writing and maintaining her blog, Sarah also created an accessories and clothing brand with her now-husband Kiel, which is named Kiel James Patrick, after him. The clothes in the brand reflect Sarah’s preferred style of preppy yet modern. Everything they manufacture under this brand name, including jewelry, is hand created in their home state of Rhode Island.


    Sarah and Kiel also have a longtime partnership with Brooks Brothers, a New England based brand of clothing. The couple has appeared at many promotional events for Brooks Brothers, including the Kentucky Derby. During the holiday season Sarah travels to New York City to assist in making chocolates sold to customers at the Brooks Brothers store.




    Her Love of Vintage Fashion

    Vintage 60's Fashion Inspiration


    She incorporates her personal style into everything she does, including decorating her office. She has stated that her office is modeled after coastal New England. The multi-floor office she works in also has a Dutch cargo ship décor. Much of the décor in Sarah’s office comes from a local antique store.


    Sarah also loves to share her fashion sense with her fans. She even shared some of her wedding pictures with Glamour Magazine. She also shared pictures of her husband’s wedding proposal outside of a European castle, with a fireworks display taking place during the proposal. The pictures reflected both Sarah and Kiel’s style preferences.




    Fashion Influencer You Need To Follow

    Fashion Influencer You Need To Follow


    While readers can subscribe to Classy Girls Wear Pearls, they can also keep up with the blog, and with Sarah, via social media.

    • She can be found on Twitter @SarahKJP, where she has more than 46,000 followers.
    • She can be found on Pinterest at the same user name and has over 67,000 people following her board.
    • She also goes by @SarahKJP on Facebook, where she has over 39,000 followers.
    • Sarah can be found under the same username on Instagram where she has 433,000 followers.
    • Glamour Magazine even referred to Sarah as “the preppiest girl on Instagram.”
    • She and her husband have both been referred to as “Rhode Island Royalty” by American University’s Hercampus.com.




    Classy Girls Wear Pearls - Sarah Vickers


    With a fiery passion for the fashion industry, Kiel and Sarah are making a splash all over the country. Both are considered stars of the industry and have fans following them for their insight and advice. As the couple continues to pursue their lives passion, their readers and followers will continue to benefit. They continue to inspire and educate the blog’s readers and to contribute their fashion sense to world famous brands.


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  • Style Bubble: U.K. Fashion Heavy Hitter

     Susana Lau: The Next Style Icon


    Susan Lau - Influential Fashion Blogger


    Style Bubble was launched in March of 2006 by U.K. blogger Susana Lau, a.k.a. Susie Bubble. She makes her living as an editor and writer based in London. Her blog focuses on her observations and personal experience regarding the fashion industry. One of Susie’s goals is to use her blog to spotlight unknown but talented young people.




    New Take On The Fashion World

    Style Icon Susan Lau


    Each of Susie’s blog posts contains high quality photographs related to the text. An open book, Susie shares many of her personal thoughts with her readers. In a blog post from January of 2017, Susie talks about the clothes that she wears to cover her growing belly, and was currently pregnant when the post was written. She gives advice to other women on how to dress stylish yet comfortable when pregnant.


    It is easy to learn Susie’s personal preferences by reading her blog. She talks about her preferred brands and shares why she prefers them over others. This includes perfumes that she has had personal experience with. Susie even talks about her excursion to Nice while in France for Paris Fashion Week. She shared her experience visiting fragrance factories for Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton.




    Before Style Bubble

    Everything About Susan Lau of Style Bubble


    Susie Lau was born in 1983 and grew up exposed to various cuisines from all over the world, thanks to her parents’ travels. Growing up, Susie didn’t feel like she was popular like the other kids in school. As a result, she fell in love with fashion, not only to rebel against the popular students in her school but to rebel against her parents too. Her love for fashion began to dominate her life and eventually became something she is passionate about.


    With a strong social media presence, Susie’s readers and fans have no problem keeping up with her and Style Bubble.

    • The Facebook page can be found @Style Bubble, where the blog has 80,000 followers
    • She can be found on Twitter @susiebubble, where she has 278,000 followers
    • Her Instagram account can be found @susiebubble, where she has 323,000 members following her




    Fashion Influencer

    Fashion Influencer Susie Lau


    Style Bubble has become so popular that in 2013 Susie joined a blogger network called Now Manifest, which also includes blogs such as Fashion Toast. She has been working on her blog full time since 2010, when she gave up a freelance position as Dazed Digital’s Commissioning Editor. Susie has stated that she relinquished the position because she kept turning down work projects since she was working on her blog and other projects 12 hours a day. She now works on projects for brands such as Giorgio Armani, Gap and Dr. Martens.


    Since she is so passionate about her blog, Susie serves as an inspiration for women all over the world who are treated to her personal insights. Her success at such a young age and her desire to put the spotlight on unknown talent makes her an excellent role model for anyone who wants to push themselves to achieve all of their dreams. Susie will continue to inspire and educate her many readers.



    Style Bubble Biography


     More About Susie


    • Age: 34
    • Nationality: Chinese
    • She has three sisters
    • She's an arts & crafts and D.I.Y lover
    • She just had an adorable baby girl named Nico
    • Has a weakness for drama films
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  • Amlul - Fashion & Travel Diary

    Fashion and Travel Blog We're Obsessing Over


    Amlul Fashion & Travel Blog


    Amlul is a blog run by Gala Gonzalez a 30-year-old woman who hails from Spain and writes a highly personal account of her own life while still keeping it intriguing enough to attract readers from all over the world. Gala’s fashion-related thoughts and photos fill the blog and has skyrocketed her position in the fashion industry. She not only regularly attends fashion shows in London, where she previously lived. She attended the University of the Arts London, where she pursued a Bachelors of Art in Fashion.




    Fashion Designer & Style Influencer

    Travel Blogger Gala Gonzalez

    Get her look for less with the Malai Sangria Bikini Set   


    Gala has launched many products throughout Madrid, Spain, including the design of her own collection of clothes, which was released in September of 2009. It was released under Adolfo Dominguez’s label, as Dominguez is Gala’s uncle.  Prior to this, in 2007 she began working as a creative director for the label. She has been writing the Amlul blog since 2007, after having run a successful fotolog.


    In March of 2014, Gala filmed an episode of GalaConfidential in conjunction with the Spanish version of Vogue, which had named her their National IT Girl in 2009. During the episode she conducted interviews with stars such as Mario Testino and Keira Knightly. Gala has also filmed episodes of the show in Paris during Fashion Week. She often shares outfits modeled at Fashion Week with her blog readers. In addition, she has worked as a model for campaigns such as the one Max & Company produced for their Corolla Dress. The company used Gala’s prior experience as a disc jockey to inspire the campaign.




    Style Influencers in Frankies Bikinis

    Get her look: Frankies Bikinis Tanner Top  -  Frankies Bikinis Tanner Bottom


    Gala is full of fashion advice for her readers, including the topic of how to dress and fix one’s hair for a springtime wedding. She gives suggestions for appropriate hairstyles to wear to a wedding whether it is formal or informal. The steps to achieving certain hairstyles are explained using picture demonstrations. Readers are free to comment on any of Gala’s blog posts.

    As an elite world traveler, one of the topics of Amlul, Gala blogged about her experiences as an IGH Rewards Club member in which she endorsed the hotel chain and gave personal accounts of a vacation her and a friend took in Bali. Also included in the blog are photo diaries capturing her trip to Bali, Costa Rica and other tropical locations.




    Fashion Bloggers in Frankies Bikinis

    Steal the look: Frankies Bikinis Shiloh Top  -  Frankies Bikinis Shiloh Bottom


    Both Gala herself and Amlul have quite a following on social media.

    • Her Facebook page can be found @amlul where she has over 321,000 followers.
    • She can also be found on Twitter @GalaGonzalez, where she has over 80,000 followers.
    • Her Instagram handle is @galagonzalez and 740,000 members of the site follow it.
    • Gala also has over 65,000 followers at Bloglovin’.
    • Her YouTube channel @amlul is a great place for her fans to view her latest campaign and fashion videos. 

    As her blog continues to soar in popularity Gala Gonzalez is likely to remain in the fashion industry for years to come. Her passion for the subject shines through in everything she does, almost all of which she shares.

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  • Negin Mirsalehi

    Style Fashionista Negin Mirsalehi

    You Have To Know This Blogger - Negin Mirsalehi

    Negin Mirsalehi writes a self-titled blog about fashion, art and her travels. With beauty, fashion and lifestyle sections comprising the blog, the author is able to bring her own take on these subjects to her readers all over the world.

    The fashion section of the blog covers industry events such as New York Fashion Week as well as Coachella. She’s pictured wearing and endorsing designers such as Michael Kors and Valentino. The beauty section of the blog is where Negin shares tips with her readers on makeup essentials and hair styling ideas and tutorials.

    The lifestyle section of the blog is where Negin shares photos of her travels. It also includes an interview she gave to Marie Claire Magazine. She also gives her readers advice on shopping for loved ones for the holidays.


    Why Social Media Is Loving Negin Mirsalehi

    Negin Mirsalehi - Style Influencer To Watch

    Currently located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Negin Mirsalehi continues to grow her blog and travel the world connecting with her fans. Another way she connects with her fans is to keep up with them on social media.

    • Her Facebook page can be found @Negin.Mirsalehi.Official where she has over 168,000 followers
    • Her Twitter username is @NeginMirsalehi1, which she uses to keep up with the thousands of fans that follow her on the site
    • She can also be found on Instagram @negin_mirsalehi, where she has over three million followers
    • Thousands of subscribers follow her YouTube channel @Negin Mirsalehi.
    • In addition, she is on Pinterest @Negin Mirsalehi, where she has over 14,000 followers

    FashionInspo.com named Negin their Most Promising Blogger. She shared with the site some of her personal preferences when it comes to her own life. This stylish but casual fashionista names a pair of cozy flats as her favorite summer time shoe. Negin has expressed her admiration for others in the fashion industry, such as Olivia Palermo.


    Building A Fashion Empire


    Negin Mirsalehi Style Inspiration


    Always one to work with others, Negin met with those behind coveteur.com while in Paris for Fashion Week. She showed off her wardrobe for the week, which consisted of designer handbags by Dolce & Gabbana and heels by Prada, proving that Negin remains stylish wherever she goes.


    How Negin Mirsalehi Shakes the Fashion Industry


    This 28-year-old force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry has shared that the reason she started her blog was to parlay the success she was already enjoying on Instagram. She often speaks about her passion for fashion and admits that the daily inspiration for her wardrobe comes through an analysis of her habits as well as the magazines she reads, which include Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She describes her personal fashion style as elegant and edgy. Negin often talks about the pride she feels when inspiring those who read her blog.


    The Future Of This Popular Fashion Blogger

    Style Inspiration Negin Mirsalehi

    Negin’s future plans include more appearances at Fashion Weeks in Paris and New York as well as co-designing a new clothing collection in Paris. Every day, Negin makes it a point to do something to inspire women throughout the world. Her blog serves as a guide for her fans and readers to develop their own unique style of clothing and trendy accessories.

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  • What Is Fashion Toast?

    Get To Know Rumi Neely


    Rumi Neely of the FashionToast


    FashionToast is a unique blog where Rumi Neely connects with her fans and readers. As the creative director of her own blog, Rumi has a unique opportunity to share her thoughts on fashion with the world.


    As a passionate blogger, Rumi takes control of her own blog in most ways. While she does have an assistant to help her out, she does her own makeup and has her boyfriend take all of the photos that appear on the blog. Rumi has come a long way since she started her blog in 2007, when all she had was her garage door and a tripod to assist her with photo shoots. Now the photos seen on her blog include a diary for Stockholm Fashion Week as well as her visit to Palm Springs.



    Inspiration of FashionToast


    Fashion Blogger Rumi Neely Bio



    Rumi started out buying vintage clothes on eBay, restyling them and selling the clothing. Her many eBay customers would constantly ask her where the items she listed were coming from. Rumi created FashionToast to appease her customers on eBay and it grew into what is now a blog that millions of people read and comment on every day. Only time will tell how many more people begin to follow FashionToast for the best fashion tips.


    Much of FashionToast includes beauty and hair therapy tips that Rumi uses in her own life. She also writes about the collection of bracelets she created at the request of Pandora. Rumi made it a point to choose charms for the bracelet that represented the values that are most important to her.




    Rumi Neely's Fashion & Style Influence


    Inspiration Behind Fashion Toast


    Rumi's eye for fashion has made it possible for her to express herself and her style in a unique way that women all over the world can relate to. She uses her blog to help and inspire young women who are looking for some direction when it comes to creating their own personal style.


    Swedish influence has a lot to do with Rumi’s preferred style of dressing. Her favorite decorators that she follows on Instagram are Swedish and have given her much inspiration for her blog. She even decorated her home based on advice and tips from the Swedish decorators she admires.




    Rumi Neely Becomes A Social Media Influencer


    Style Influencer Rumi Neely - FashionToast


    Rumi and FashionToast have a presence on social media.

    • The Facebook page for FashionToast can be found @fashiontoast, where the blog has over 822,000 followers.
    • She can be found on Twitter @rumineely, where she has 123,000 followers.
    • Her Instagram handle is @rumineely, where she has 707,000 followers.
    • Fans can also keep up with Rumi by following her on Pinterest @rumineely.


    FashionToast has opened the door to many opportunities that Rumi has taken full advantage of. Through her travels and her attendance at fashion shows throughout the world, Rumi has been able to share her passion and skills with others.


    The blog has made such an impact that it has gotten attention and praise from some of the world’s best designers. The level of success Rumi has already enjoyed thanks to her blog is inspiring to women of all ages.




    Facts You Didn't Know About Rumi Neely


     More About Rumi


    • Age : 33
    • Nationality : Japanese and American
    • Started blogging in 2007
    • She's Creative Director & Owner of Are You Am I
    • She launched her line in 2015
    • She's engaged to her boyfriend and photographer 
    • She wants to open a permanent store front in Los Angeles 



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