• Halley Elefante, The Blogger Behind The Salty Blonde

    Why We're Obsessed With This Beach Bum

    Halley Elefante is a health & wellness influencer as well as a blogger. After living in several different states, Halley moved to Hawaii and launched Salty Blonde with her photographer boyfriend. As Halley has a passion for clothes and fashion she decided Hawaii was the perfect place for her to pursue her love of the industry.

    Salty Blonde was a blog inspired by Halley’s sister while their family was living in New York City. To escape from a dead end bartending job, Halley relocated to Hawaii and began to design outfits that embraced a combination of the styles she saw being worn on the East Coast and BOHO style.

    The Salty Blondes Reveals Her Fashion Inspiration 

    In a refreshingly honest interview, Halley confessed that “No Bullsh*t” is her manifesto in life. When asked why she chose that phrase she revealed that it was because of her life experiences to date and because of how she was raised. Halley also revealed that her inspiration for her sense of fashion came from her mother.

    As an influential blogger and fashion guru, Halley first built a social media following on Instagram by simply posting pictures of herself in carefully chosen outfits. She would tag the designer of her outfit in its picture in the hopes of getting it seen and she had success in doing so. She also credits her soar in popularity on Instagram to her photo captions, some of which were more brutally honest than the average Instagram user would expect. Captions are something that Halley is always mindful of, as she believes the secret to an Instagram post people will love is a clever caption and a stylish outfit shot in good lighting.



    The Salty Blonde Takes Over Social Media

    A self-proclaimed “non-tech” person, Halley has admitted that before she began using Instagram she had barely even sent an email. Instagram was the only social media Halley knew how to use and she embraced this knowledge to connect with her fans and with fashion designers.

    Halley makes it a point to interact with those Instagram users who post questions to her about her photos. This is one thing that has led to her having 387,000 followers on the site, where she can be found @the_salty_blonde. She can also be found on Facebook @theSaltyBlonde, where she has thousands of people following her in hopes of getting a glimpse at her latest outfit. On Twitter she can be found @thesaltyblonde.



    Though Halley has now become comfortable being influential in the fashion blogging industry that was not always the case. She has admitted than in the beginning it felt awkward because people had so many preconceived notions about who an influencer really was. Halley has also said that she wants to use her role as an influencer to inspire confidence in girls and make them feel like they can be themselves without being judged for it. Her goal is for young women to feel comfortable in their own body no matter what shape or size they are. She has become a role model for young girls everywhere.

    Halley Elefante Fun Facts

    • She would give anything to have her mother's wardrobe from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
    • Her sister Jess inspired her to start blogging on Instagram.
    • Her soon to be husband takes all of her pictures.
    • She loves working for herself.
  • Camila Coelho Brings Takes To Another Level

    The Fashion Icon In The Spotlight

    Camila Coelho runs her self-named blog in which she gives her readers useful travel tips, instructional videos on how to apply makeup and shares her fashion choices with them. She is English and Portuguese and has made a name for herself as an influential fashion blogger.

    Born on February 27, 1988 in Brazil, Camila now runs two YouTube channels; one in English and one in Portuguese. Her channel is called MakeUpByCamila and she uses it to advise her fans on how to look stylish. Her original Portuguese language channel is what launched her career.

    Camila Coelho Shares Insights On Her YouTube Channel

    Fans can also tune into Camila’s YouTube channel for Kandee Johnson’s Vlogs. Both women have successfully launched their careers as beauty Vloggers As one who is passionate about makeup, Camila, who is also a makeup artist, has her own line called Nightlife, which consists of trendy eyeshadow, eyeliner and more. Nightlife was marketed by Sigma Beauty, who helped Camila create her own makeup. She chose the name “Nightlife” because she wanted her hectic lifestyle represented, as well as her love of the perfect evening in an urban neighborhood.

    Presumably she has used this makeup from her own line when serving as the artist for celebrities such as Rihanna and Selena Gomez. Previously, Camila worked as a makeup artist for Dior.

    Camila Coelho Shares Fashion Week Survival Tips

    Magazines that have taken an interest in Camila include Brazil’s versions of Forbes, InStyle and Women’s Health.

    In February 2017, Camila participated in New York City’s Fashion Week and kept a daily picture diary of her experiences while attending the event. The pictures show her getting ready for each day’s events and choosing her outfits for the occasion.

    While in town for the event, Camila gave an interview in which she shared that her signature clothing style is an edgy combination of romance and femininity. She confessed that during her time at New York Fashion Week she enjoyed a show fitting in which she got to meet Diane Von Furstenberg. Camila also admitted that she wouldn’t have made it through the week without her facial masks, lip balm and Vitamin C.

    Camila Inspires Followers Worldwide On Social Media

    As an influential blogger and fashion industry expert, Camila participates in social media use. She can be found on Facebook @Camila Figueiredo Coelho, where she has thousands of followers. She has 286,000 followers on Twitter, where she can be found @MakeUpByCamila. She can be found on Instagram @camilacoelho, where she has 5.6 million followers. Camila’s wildly popular YouTube channel can be found @MakeUpByCamila, where she has well over two million subscribers.

    As someone who is passionate about what she does, Camila has served as an inspiration to young women in Brazil and throughout the rest of the world. Her makeup tips and her fashion advice are valued by women of all ages. Camila’s blog and YouTube channel continue to inspire her fans and followers. With valuable content in both Portuguese and English, Camila has been able to reach so many women who seek out her thoughts and ideas related to the fashion industry.

    Camila Coelho Fun Facts

    • She is 5'4"
    • She's Brazilian
    • She was born in Virginópolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil
    • She's married to Ícaro Coelho
    • She was born on a Saturday in a leap year
    • She has three brothers
  • Camilla Deterre: The anti-model

    Get To Know This Multi-Talented Model 



    Camilla Deterre isn’t what you’d picture as the average model. For one, she didn’t originally aspire to walk the runways. In an interview with Vogue, she discussed how she would set aside the cards agents were handing her. Instead, she got her first break in the industry as a photographer’s assistant. Eventually, she transitioned to getting in front of the camera. Here are a few fun facts about this multi-talented model.

    Camilla Deterre Is Not Just A Face

    Camilla’s shown through various projects that she is deeply committed to being known for her creative energy as well. She’s explored acting, with two IMDB credits to her name. She’s also partnered with some fellow creatives to run a French bistro, Mimi, that is quickly getting a reputation for the place to be. She handled all the interior design for the project, which was featured in W.



    She and her partners have taken the restaurant game to a new level, featuring a new menu daily that is hand-written. One will never know quite what they’re getting when they stop by for a meal. Get more info about the bistro by visiting their website.

    Another project on her plate? She’s been working since last year on introducing a line of houseware products that will be focused on being eco-friendly. Keep an eye out for that, because it’s sure to feature some great products for the environmentally-conscious, as well as those with funky, modern tastes.

    Camilla Deterre Embraces What Makes Her Unique

    Instead of hiding the dark circles that she once said have plagued her since childhood, she embraces them by refusing to hide behind makeup in her personal life. She also prefers doing shoots where this flaw is showcased. She believes people don’t have to look perfect and embrace a false image of themselves to be liked. In fact, many articles about her stress her fun personality and engaging vibe. She fills her Instagram with pictures that show off freckles and messy hair as well.



    Camilla Deterre Is Not The Typical Public Figure

    Where most people in a more public career path are all over social media and have a website to tie it all together, Camilla seems to be embracing the new idea of “being where it matters most.” Her Facebook is a private profile that has most information locked down, and she’s nowhere to be found on twitter. Instead, she’s made her online home her Instagram, where she shares updates with her followers as well as random pictures.

    Check her out there to get some personal insight into one of the crop of young woman influencers making their mark in the world.


    More About Camilla Deterre

    • Height: 5ft 9in
    • Hair Color: Blonde
    • Eye Color: Green
    • Signed Agencies: New York - HEROES Model Management and London - The Hive Management
  • Find Out Why Paige Watkins Has Everyone Talking

    The Model In The Spotlight


    Frankies Bikinis Kaia Top and Bottom - Raspberry


    It’s hard not to be influential when you are reportedly dating Leonardo DiCaprio, as is the case with Paige Watkins. DiCaprio aside, Paige is turning heads on her own. This Windermere, Florida born model is 5’8 with brown hair and blue eyes. At 25 years old she has already landed a contract with the Next Models Miami modeling agency.

    How Paige Watkins Began Her Modeling Career

     In 2014 Paige became the gorgeous face of Ellipse, a lingerie company. But before she became a model she never had any aspirations to do so. In her younger years she had a mouth full of braces and a head of big curls. Until Paige became a model she never thought she fit in with others well enough to make that happen. She has stated that she became a model after she was spotted by an agent while she was frequenting a local taco stand, eating a burrito. She credits her rise to fame with her subsequent appearance in GQ Magazine. Paige has also done a photoshoot for C-Heads Magazine.


    Luli Fama Frilly Top and Wavey Brazilian Tie Sides Bottom - Naughty Girl

    Paige has credited modeling with teaching her a lot about herself. Her work ethic became stronger as a result. She feels that timing and personality are what it takes to successfully become a model. Paige enjoys being a model because she likes telling stories and working with artistic people. She also values education more than modeling, so she wouldn’t go into the industry until she had completed her studies at The University of Florida, in the hopes of working in journalism and public relations. She has stated that she doesn’t know when she may want to put her degree to use but that she would work in communications, possibly for a hospital, due to her self-proclaimed passion for the field of medicine.


    Paige Watkins Gives Fashion Advice


    From a fashion perspective, Paige has admitted that she always makes it a point to wear outfits that show off her lean, long legs and a kick ass pair of high heeled shoes. She describes her personal style of fashion as hippie clothes meets boyfriend clothes. Paige also swears by high top converse shoes and vintage jewelry.


    This influential face has her fair share of followers on social media. She can be found on Instagram @paige_watkins, where she has 108,000 followers. Paige also has hundreds of followers on Facebook, where she can be found @Paige Watkins. Fans can keep up with her photo shoots by following her Facebook page for pictures.


    Paige Watkins Lives Every Girls Dream

    Paige is living proof that even little girls who don’t think they are model material can grow up to become successful in the field. Her commitment to having another career path to fall back on only strengthens her influence over young women throughout the country. She can serve as an inspiration for any woman who is afraid to follow her dreams. With the success Paige has already had as a mall, she is likely to have a bright future. This dedicated beauty is a role model for girls and women of all ages and races.


    More About Paige Watkins

    • Birthday: December 17, 1991
    • Birthplace: Windermere, FL
    • Age: 25 Years Old
    • Birth Sign: Sagittarius
  • Who Else Is Obsessed With Margaret Zhang?

    More About Digital Influencer Margaret Zhang


    Australian based blogger Margaret Zhang has been working in the fashion industry since 2009. She has Bachelor’s degrees in Law and Commerce from the University of Sydney.

    Margaret has since worked with brands all over the world such as Louis Vuitton, Clinique, Lexus and Swarovski. She has also worked for many women’s magazines, including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire. Elle Magazine gave her the award for Best Digital Influencer of the Year and she was also named to the Business of Fashion BoF500 Index.




    What Is Shine By Three?


    Shine By Three - Margaret Zhang


    Shine By Three is Margaret’s style blog that tackles topics such as beauty and women's accessories. It also covers news, culture, photography and runway modeling.



    One of the highlights of the blog is a collection of photo essays created by Margaret. Another is the articles where she shares stories and pictures of her travel with the readers. She also offers valuable advice on how to choose the right retail outlets to frequent. Her directions help women all over the world to refine their clothes shopping skills.


    Through her self-portraits, Margaret has been able to share her fashion preferences with her readers in a way that doesn’t come across as preachy. She takes a different approach to her blog than most of her peers do.




    Fashion Photographer and Inspirational Blogger


    Inspirational Fashion Blogger - Margaret Zhang



    Margaret’s blog also includes photos she has taken of celebrities at their homes, including Kate Bosworth. Another exciting aspect of Shine By Three is Margaret’s portrait series called “Women of Substance,” which highlights everyday women who have a story to inspire others. From New York to L.A., successful women are in the spotlight thanks to Margaret’s passion for the fairer gender.



    Many of Margaret’s blog posts are personal and give deep insight into their own thoughts, attitudes and philosophies. She shares with her readers the highs and lows of her personal life as well as her professional life. 




    Margaret Zhang Opens Up on Shine By Three



    Margaret even addresses the fact that she was still a high school student when she launched Shine By Three. She opens up about the fact that she makes no money off the blog and, instead, funded her college education through freelance work as a stylist and writer.



    Margaret makes it a point to only post to her blog when she has something inspirational to share with her readers. She values substance in her post over the frequency at which new ones appear, keeping her blog, refreshing honest and down to earth.





    Beloved Fashion Influencer


    Fashion Influencer - Margaret Zhang


    As an influencer in the fashion industry, Margaret makes it a point to keep her fans and readers up to date through her social media sites.


    • She can be found on Facebook @ShineByThree, where she has 83,000 people following her
    • Her Twitter handle is @Margaret_Zhang where she has 27,000 followers
    • Margaret has 846,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts @margaret_zhang


    Shine By Three is likely to remain a blog of substance, as Margaret will only write in it when she is inspired to. The success of herself and her blog can be attributed to her zest for living her life.




    Want to know more about Margaret?


    Margaret Zhang

    Fun Facts


    • Age: 23
    • Sign: Gemini
    • Birthday: May 28, 1993
    • She is a classically trained musician (piano & violin) and ballet dancer
    • She uses "like" as if it were a limitlessly versatile verb
    • She played a lot of sports (swimming & gymnastics)
    • She's a vegetarian
    • She refers to herself as a total nerd
    • She started to teach herself photography at home at the age of about 12 and launched her website at 16
    • Forbes's 30 under 30 Asia list, as well as TimeOut’s 40Under40