• Confessions of a Bagaholic: I Wish I Knew that before Purchasing My First Luxury Bag

    I had a lot of Louis Vuitton bags. I had Dior. I had Hermes. Yeah, these bags that cost like a nice car, over $10,000.


    I’m not a millionaire’s wife. I purchased my first luxury bag at 25 and I worked hard for every purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve seen people spending over $6000 on luxury bags and then regretting it

    Here’s what I wish I knew before purchasing my first luxury bag.


    Luxury Bags are Not That Different

    Having paid over $1,000 for a luxury bag you expect them to be perfect and to serve your forever. You’d expect the highest quality. You want to pass them to your children and grandchildren. However, they do have wear and tear as other less expensive bags. The good news almost all of them have some kind of guarantee and you can bring them in and have them repaired for free.

    Thus, don’t be surprised if within months you’ll see scuffs on corners, scratches or even leather cracks. If you have your heart set on a specific luxury bag, learn as much as you can about the possible issues before making a purchase.


    Luxury Bags can be Uncomfortable

    Before dreaming about a luxury bag, try it on in the boutique. I know it can be uncomfortable especially if you know you’re going to buy a preloved bag. Still, it’s necessary as you will see whether a bag you want to buy matches your lifestyle. What items do you carry on a daily basis? Do you need space for A4 documents?


    Luxury Bags Make You Feel Much Better About Yourself

    It’s all about the feeling inside. Whenever you go out with a luxury bag, you feel like a queen as you’re supposed to. This is exactly why we’re buying luxury items. We all want to be a better version of ourselves. You will feel different



    Luxury Bags are Counterfeited All the Way

    I really wanted a luxury bag for my birthday. I searched for a preloved one. I spent my monthly salary. It turned out to be fake.

    That’s why I created a course to educate every bag addict how to tell if a Louis Vuitton bag is real or fake. I lost over $3,000 don’t want anyone to repeat my mistakes.


    Spending $5,000 on a Purse Can be a Great Investment

    If you’re in love with a bag, you’ll buy it anyway. But it’s best to do a proper research. Is it a timeless style or is it a new collection? The prices of classic Chanel bags or timeless Birkin increase every year while some luxury bags lose 50% of the price when you go out of the boutique. Research, research, research.

    Hope your first luxury bag will be the best purchase you can make. Enjoy your bags!

  • Pam Rodriguez Career


    Since 2003, Pam Rodriguez has been working as a fashion model. Having grown up in Los Angeles, she was given the opportunity to pursue her dream.

    The Rise of Pam Rodriguez Career

    Five years after Pam began modeling, she appeared on the cover of a magazine called Open Your Eyes. In addition she has modeled for other magazines such as Smooth, FHM and Lowrider. One year later she also became a business woman when she created her own line of swimwear called Pure Rodri.


    Pure Rodri Collection

    Named in part after herself, Pam created the Pure Rodri Collection featuring trendy swimsuits. There are several different designs that make up the collection and each piece of it is made by hand, thanks to workers in the U.S.

    Unlike most other collections of bathing suits, the pieces in this collection include clear straps and are adorned with Swarovski crystals, making each bathing suit truly unique. The reasoning behind making the straps clear is to allow the women wearing it to get a more even tan line. For many women, the best part of this bathing suit collection is that they can have one designed to their specifications, allowing for a perfect fit every time. Purchasing a bathing suit from this collection can be done at the Pure Rodri e-commerce store.



    Pam R Social Media Use

    Like many other models, Pam has a powerful social media presence. She can be found on Instagram @pamrodriguez1, where she has 227,000 followers. She can also be found on Twitter @pamrodriguez, where she has 65.6 thousand followers.

    In addition to following Pam herself, she encourages her fans to follow Pure Rodri on social media as well. The bikini line can be found on Instagram purerodriswimwear, which has 90.2 thousand followers. The brand’s Facebook page can be found purerodrisswimwear, which has 1,415 followers and growing.

    Pam Rodriguez as a Businesswoman

    As a model and businesswoman, Pam is the pinnacle of success. She has accomplished a lot that she can be proud of. Women all over the world are flocking to her bikini line so that they can look and feel as sexy as possible when sunbathing at the beach or lounging by the pool.

    Through her talent and dedication, Pam has achieved a lot. There is no doubt that there is much more to come for her as she continues to have a successful career where she can contribute to the world in her own unique way.

    She has already shown women that they can succeed just like she has done throughout her career. By persevering over the years, she has come to realize her full potential.

    As a result, Pam has been able to not only grace certain magazine covers with her likeness but has also used her popularity to sell her line of bikinis. The future looks bright for Pam as she continues to do what she loves and inspire others to do the same. Her career is one that any woman of any age could emulate if she put her mind to it.

    Alana Bottom


  • Metallic Swimwear Options

    Metallic swimwear


    What is metallic swimwear?

    Metallic Swimwear is a fun, sexy look that really shines on the beach, or by the pull. The material gives a shiny, metallic look that has attracted lots of attention. It was considered a hot festival choice a couple of years ago, and the look shows no signs of slowing down.

    Search for the term online, and you’ll see that lots of people are rocking this unique look. Check out some of the great metallic options available for your next trip to the pool, or that cruise you’ve been planning. There are lots of different ones available here.

    Mix and Match Metallic Swimwear

    There is something fun and creative about mixing and matching pieces to find your favorite look. That’s why you might want to check out the Sauvage collection. They have several pieces that can be mixed for a look all your own. Let’s start with the Iridescent Strappy Triangle.

    This top is available is small to D Cup and allows you to tie the top in front, or in back. It also comes with a silver mesh insert and a silver hologram ring in the middle. For a slightly more sporty look without the shine, check out the Iridescent Shine Sport Mesh Top. It’s made from Italian fabric and clasps in the back.

    Either one of these can be paired easily with two other Sauvage creations: The iridescent Scoop bottom, which gives a more daring look, or the Iridescent Mesh Low Rise Bottom. That one, like the latter top, has a mesh insert around the waist. Both of them are available in a size range of XS to Large, accommodating a wide range of customers.

    Metallic Mandala Bikini


    Glam Metallic Swimwear

    If you’re feeling bold and love darker colors and textures, check out the Sauvage Glam Metallic Bikini Set. It’s made right here in the USA out of Italian Lycra and Nylon.

    This set features built-in padding, as well as several over features that help one individualize their look. You can choose either full coverage, or a Brazilian cut, and there are removable straps. Sizes range from XS to D-Cup for the top, and small to large for the bottom.

    Want to really shine? Then we have a choice for you. The Savauge Metallic Mandala Bikini features a unique and intricate design in bold gold and black coloring. The straps are black with gold accents, and the set, like most Sauvage selections, comes in a variety of sizes. 

    Sauvage Glam Metallic Bikini Set


  • How Irene Noren Became a Model

    Irene Noren

    Irene Noren brings the #PositiveVibes with a touch of style. Today’s connected world can be challenging, especially when dealing with social media: the misinformation, anger, and gossip can leave one feeling drained. The stress is real, and it’s important to find places that are fun, inspirational, and drama-free. Well, we may have found the influencer for you.

    This Latina trend-setter wear many hats, but keeps her balance in several different ways. Read on to learn a little more about Irene, what she does, and how she embraces great energy. You’ll also learn where to connect with her to get recommendations on things that will help you look and feel your best.

    Irene Noren Spanish Model Influencer

    So, let’s start with some background info. According to Famous Birthdays page, she’s 26 years old and was a child actor. She’s of Spanish and Norwegian ancestry, and has a real wanderlust. Besides acting, she’s worked with airlines, and started off blogging about fashion.

    Her fashion blogging (as happens with many people) took to Instagram, one of the more popular influencer sites. She attracted tons of followers who were feeling her style. With such a popular account, it didn’t take long for the brands to come knocking. In fact, scrolling through her Insta feed, you’ll see several people commenting on her posts asking to collaborate with her on a campaign.

    She’s represented by two different companies as both a model (Blow Models) and influencer (Minders Agency). In an interview with galoremag earlier this year, they named dropped several brands and publications she’s worked with, including a sponsorship with Puma. Look up the interview to see some music recommendations, what she’d give up control of, and the pros and cons of the vegan lifestyle she promotes across her social media.

    Mapale 2019


    Irene Noren Modeling Career

    In an Instagram Q&A session, she talked a bit about what she’s currently planning for her career. Among these are a clothing line, and writing a book. The latter, she says, is planned to come out next year. In keeping with the calm, connected vibe she puts out on her social channels, she only works on it when she feels like she has something to say.

    She also gave advice to followers about living a vegan lifestyle, being confident, and places to see. In one answer, she revealed how much she enjoys “The Four Agreements”. She also talked about dealing with anxiety and what is mindfulness.

    Irene Noren is the Model to Follow

    People are flocking to her multiple Instagram accounts to see what new Vegan recipe she’s sharing that day, and several visitors to her accounts talked about how they love coming there to get new ideas for meals. Her irenenoren account is where you can see a lot of her influencer content and some personal stuff as well (like the Q&A), while her irenenorendiary account is largely her vegan life and travel diary.

    She also has an inbyirenenoren account that is for a new brand coming soon. In the Q&A, someone asked her what it was going to be, but she said she couldn’t reveal just yet. She, however, hopes to share her next big project soon.

    These accounts are followed by 330K, 21.9K, and 1K, respectively. You can also check out her Irene Noren YouTube (over 1K subscribers) for some random thoughts, an Insta Live video, behind-the-scenes, and more. She is also on Facebook as Irene Noren (over 5K likes).

    Mapale 2019


  • Have You Tried the Upside Down Bikini Trend?

    Black swimwear

    The Upside-down Bikini: What you need to know about this new trend taking over Instagram. So, you may or may not have seen the tag #UpsideDownBikini on Instagram lately, or heard someone mention it. If this is the first time you’re hearing the term, you might be wondering what on earth it is.

    Well, it’s kind of a misleading term, but it definitely does give an interesting look. Read on to learn more about who created this look and find out how to try it yourself.

    The credit for this trend is being given to an Italian model named Valentina Fradegrada. On her Instagram account, she’s credited as having a background in fashion design and marketing. Since she first put the look out there, the trend has taken off.

    How to Wear Upside Down Bikini

    So, the name is slightly misleading, but it gives an interesting effect. The top is the only part that changes, and it’s not technically upside down. If you want to see how to copy the look yourself, google “upsidedown bikini tutorial” and you’ll find a quick clip from the woman behind the trend that will show you exactly how she pulls off this look.

    Spoiler alert: it’s crazy easy, but possibly not the most practical thing if you’re planning to be active in the water. This is totally a look that’s safer to do for the camera, or just hanging out on the sand.

    You’ll definitely be one of the more uniquely dressed at the pool party, or on the beach, and might just earn a bit of Instagram fame in the process. Hey, influencers have to start somewhere, right?

    Inverse Bikini

    Not only is this trending all over Instagram, with tons of people joining in to share their own attempts at the look, but it’s getting the attention of the fashion world and media. HelloGiggles featured the look in an article, and showed off quite of the pictures that are going around Instagram. They also point out how it’s important to pic your bikini top wisely when trying the look, because it’s not going to work for every piece out there.

    Maxim is another one showing off the trend, also showing several pictures of different suits worn in that style, and Australian brand Cantik. The publication shared a picture from the company of the social networking site where they asked fans their opinion of the trend. It’s hit-or-miss, according to Maxim.

    Bikini down


    Trend of Wearing Bikini Upside Down

    Another side that talked about the trend in-depth was The Sun. They shared some of the posts as well, including the one by Cantik. This article also points off the mixed reactions people are having to the trend, which may end up being one of the more controversial looks in a while.

    Are you loving what you’re seeing on the #UpsidedownBikini tag, or are you wondering what’s up with the look? Are you planning to try it? Let us know what you think.

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