• Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Kenza Zouiten

    How Much Do You Know About Kenza Zouiten?

    More About Fashion Model Kenza Zouiten



    Kenza is a 25 year old Swedish model, blogger and much more. She has been writing her blog for 10 years, though it started out as a way for her to share her life with fans and readers. It has since gone on to become Sweden’s top read blog. A year after she began writing it, the local media took notice. This led to interviews with Kenza on both radio and TV as well as fashion photo shoots.

    By 16 Kenza was an entrepreneur running her own company in which she designed and launched the Jofama collection. She also went on to work for MTV as a VJ and was part of the broadcast team for several MTV European Music Awards shows.



     Kenza's Rise To The Top

    Kenza And Her H&M Collaboration



    Her other professional endeavors have included a partnership with Elite Model Management, whom she is a client of, as well as several jewelry collections and the online TV show, Kenza & Tyra. In 2014 she was even a contestant on the Swedish version of Dancing with the Stars.

    Thanks to a partnership with H&M, Kenza launched Ivy Revel, an online company that manufactures women’s clothing, swimwear and accessories such as shoes and handbags. The Ivy Revel brand was inspired by and for the current generation of fashion mavens and trendsetters. Though the brand has an overall feminine feel to it, there are also bold colors, designs and details used to catch even the most discerning eyes.




    Fashion Influencer

    More About Kenza Zouiten


    In 2016 Ivy Revel was featured in the Bread & Butter fashion show in which models walked the runway in bohemian style clothing, elegant fur coats and knee high boots in gold. Kenza serves as the brand’s style manager and is involved in the production of every product released. Ivy Revel can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Teen Vogue featured Ivy Revel on their website as an up and coming retailer where young women can get stylish clothes. They highlighted the 10 pieces of clothing from the brand that they felt teens would be the most drawn to.



    Kenza Zouiten's  Social Media Following

    Kenza Zouiten Instagram


    With a large social media presence herself, Kenza Zouiten can be found on sites such as Instagram @kenzas, where she has 1.6 million followers. She can also be found on Facebook @kenzazouitenofficial and on Bloglovin @kenza-23.

    By 2011, Kenza’s blog had reportedly earned her a total of 2.5 million SEK. The blog has grown since then to cover a wide variety of topics, including food & health, shopping, weddings and interior design. Since 2008 she’s been winning awards for her blog, including Blogger of the Year at the VeckoRevyn Blog Awards and Business Blogger of the Year in 2014. The next year she joined forces with her brother and her fiancé to support the H&M Group as the backer behind the Ivy Revel brand.



    Successful Entrepreneur Kenza Zouiten

    At such a young age, Kenza has already experienced more success than many people twice her age. She continues to inspire her fans and readers all over the world by providing them with luxury swimwear and fashionable clothing options they love.



     More About Kenza:


    • Born: April 21, 1991
    • Age: 26
    • Nationality: Moroccan & Swedish
    • Height: 5'5
    • Raised in Stockholm, Sweden


    Awards and Accomplishments

    •  Blogger of the year – VeckoRevyn Blog Awards 2008
    • Fashion blog of the year – Finest Awards 2009
    • Personal blog of the year – Finest Awards 2009
    • Fashion blog of the year – Aftonbladets stora bloggpris 2009
    • Fashion blog of the year – Finest Awards 2010
    • From blog to TV (Modelljakten @ Kanal 5) – Finest Awards 2011
    • Elite blog of the year – VeckoRevyn Blog Awards 2011
    • Best international blog – Bloglovin Awards New York 2012
    • Fashion blog of the year – Finest awards 2013
    • Personal blog of the year – Finest awards 2013
    • Best international blog – VeckoRevyn Blog Awards 2013
    • Most Influential Fashion blogger – Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards Berlin 2014
    • Business blogger of the year – VeckoRevyn Blog Awards 2014
    • Celebrity blog of the year – Finest Awards 2014
    • Look of the year – ELLE Awards 2015
    • Fashion blog of the year – Finest Awards 2015
    • The award of Honour – Finest Awards 2015
    • Represented at the Hall of Fame at Stockholm Arlanda Airport 2015
    • Blogger of the year – the Social Media Party 2015


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  • Stylish Fashion Bloggers You Need To Know

    New Style Crush Annabelle Fleur


    Annabelle Fleur - A Fashion Blogger You Need To Know


    Viva Luxury is a popular fashion blog written by Annabelle Fleur. She began working in the fashion industry with Elisa Ferare, a Hollywood based designer. Ferare inspired Fleur to launch her own fashion blog and the rest is history. Anabelle has stated that she wants those who are as passionate about fashion as she is to read her blog.

    Annabelle gives advice to her readers on how to create the perfect outfit for any holiday party or gathering. She acknowledges the fact that holiday gatherings often require formal wear, but can require casual wear instead. With that in mind, Annabelle is chock full of advice for her readers regardless of whether they want to dress casual or fancy for the holidays.



    Style Crush Annabelle Fleur


    Social Media Following

    Readers of Viva Luxury can and should follow the blog as well as Annabelle on social media.

    • The @vivaluxuryblog Instagram account has over 500,000 followers.
    • The blog’s Twitter account can be found @vivaluxury, where it has over 12,000 followers and growing.
    • On Facebook, Viva Luxury can be found @VivaLuxury-Style-Blog with more than 700,000 followers.
    • Viva Luxury can also be found on Bloglovin’ @vivaluxury, where over 41,000 people follow it.
    • Fans can also head to Lookbook to follow Annabelle and Viva Luxury, where over 41,000 fans already follow this talented blogger.



    Style Inspo: Annabelle Fleur

    Annabelle regularly models today’s hottest styles and boldest colors. She is not afraid to make a statement through her love of fashion and her desire to help women all over the world dress in a way that gives them the confidence they need to conquer the world.


    Fans who may be wondering how the Viva Luxury blog got its name may be interested to know that Annabelle chose it because she feels there is a special meaning behind the word luxury. She feels that luxury equals quality and comfort, something she thinks everyone should incorporate into their daily outfits. Annabelle feels that the trendy outfits of today should be both comfortable and high quality. 


    She also considers jeans a luxury clothing item and loves that designers are embracing the idea of colored jeans. Annabelle wears denim as a general rule of thumb and she appreciates those that are high quality and have a unique style to them that jeans didn’t in the past.



    California Blogger Annabelle Fleur


    The refreshing take on fashion that Annabelle has always possessed may be due to her upbringing in California, where she moved when she was 14 years old, having been born and lived in Latvia previously. While her fashion style when she lived in Latvia consisted of layers on top of layers her move to California changed her wardrobe.


    She began living an easygoing and carefree life that wasn’t possible in Latvia. Her style and fashion preferences fell in line with her new home and inspired her to design her own fashions after a lifelong desire to do so. Annabelle started her blog to share her love of fashion with the world but now also shares her love of life with her many interested readers.

  • Find Out Why Social Media Is Loving Janni Delér

     Meet Swedish Vlogger: Janni Delér

    Swedish designer and fashion blogger Janni Deler reflects on her life in Monaco and the styles she finds trendy for the benefit of her many readers. Her blog covers topics such as food, outfits, beauty and travel, all things that this lovely lady is familiar with and enjoys.

    Janni can often be found traveling the globe with her boyfriend, whom she often talks about during interviews. Her fans can read about their adventures in her blog, which she originally started simply to share her life with the world. She has already received numerous awards for her blog and continues to pour passion into it with every entry.

     Janni Delér Vlogs Beauty Tips

    At 26 years old, Janni has been a blogger for three years and even runs her own Vlog through her YouTube channel @jannideler, which has more than 130,000 subscribers from all over the world. Many of her Vlog entries consist of her giving viewers’ tips for makeup application. She also regularly posts on Bloglovin, where she shares stories of her travels and the style of clothing she wears each time she travels.

    In Sweden, Janni is known as a cover model for several issues of VeckoRevyn Magazine. Like other Swedish fashionistas she has gained a large following on social media, with over 950,000 Instagram followers. Her Instagram account can be found @jannid. She can also be found on Facebook @jannideler.

    Janni Shares Personal Information

    Janni often gives interviews to magazines and other bloggers in which she shares information about her life as well as tips for her readers and followers. She has stated that Chanel handbags are timeless and that she always has one on her. Janni has also stated she prefers runway styles over vintage styles when it comes to her own wardrobe.

    This leading fashionista also sings the praises of leather boots and jackets for winter wear and lace dresses for summer wear. She is always willing to impart her advice and opinions on fashion to anyone who asks. Her Nelly.com clothing line has made quite a splash in Scandinavia, where the site is huge among consumers and most likely among Janni’s many fans.

    2016 was a significant year in Janna’s life because it was the year she moved to Monaco, a highly fashionable and trendy city. Happily living with her boyfriend, Janni has immersed herself in the city’s culture and has embraced what it means to live there while still inspiring people all over the world through her travels and her contributions to the fashion and tourism industries.

    Janni Delérs Influential Blog

    Janni will continue to use her blog to influence her readers, fans and followers. She is very open about her life and serves as a role model for any woman who wants to bring out her inner fashionista. The popularity of her blog and Vlog speak to her universal appeal in this world. The influence she has on other bloggers and those in the fashion industry is nothing short of extraordinary. Her future looks bright, both on a personal and on a professional level.


    Get To Know Janni Delér

    • Birthday: April 4, 1990
    • Birth Place: Stockholm, Sweden
    • Age: 26 years old
    • Birth Sign: Aries


    Stalk Janni Delér On Social Media

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    • Janni Delér
  • The Newest Instagram Sensation

    Swedish Bombshell, Angelica Blick Has Taken Over Social Media

    At 26 years old Angelica Blick has already made a name for herself as a fashionista, designer and blogger. She has been running her blog since August of 2009 and has received honors such as the Vixen, Chic and Vecko Revyn Blog Awards. She is now among Europe’s biggest influencer on social media. Her fans are women from all over the world and they have shown her an unfailing loyalty.

    Keeping Up With Angelica Blick's Daily Blogs

    Angelica’s fans can read all of her blog posts dating back to when she started. Each post is filled with fashion tips and advice as well as photos of some of the most popular styles and pieces in any trendy woman’s wardrobe today. Thanks to collaboration with Glitter, Angelica’s blog is filled with advice on the best outfits and accessories for occasions such as New Year's’ Eve.

    At the end of 2016, Angelica went on tour to promote BIKBOK, her newest collection. During the tour she met and chatted with fans in Norway and Finland as well as Sweden. Previously, she collaborated with Nelly.com to sell fashionable, trendy clothes that any woman can look and feel great wearing.

    Angelica Blick Is Taking Over Social Media

    Following Angelica is easy to do since she is so active and influential on social media sites. She has her own YouTube channel with over 28,000 subscribers on which her fans can watch her model her latest pieces while strolling through her home city of Stockholm. Fans can follow her on Instagram @angelicablick, along with the more than one million who already do. Angelica is on Twitter @angelica_blick.

    She can also be found on Facebook @blick.angelica. By following her on Facebook fans can be sure they won’t miss new blog posts and Vlog entries. Angelica shared her experiences at 2016’s New York Fashion Week via several Vlogs.

    Angelica’s life is an open book and her fans can even view a Vlog that includes a tour of the apartment she lives in. Other Vlogs by Angelica include makeup tutorials focusing on how to apply eye makeup. Her makeup tutorials have been done in conjunction with Maybelline, using their line of Rock Nudes palettes.

    As an influential member of social media, Angelica uses any medium she can to get information out to her readers and her fans. She has captured the hearts of women all over the world by serving as an inspiration to them. The diversity of her fan base speaks to exactly how well she connects with people from all walks of life. Her blog posts and fashion tips are meant to benefit anyone and everyone who reads them. If she continues to influence people on social media as much as she has in the past she will likely make a huge difference in the fashion industry and inspire other bloggers to find their passions and share them with the world. Angelica serves as a role model for women who want to look and feel their best at all time, knowing they have the confidence to express themselves to others.

    Keep Up With Angelica Blick's Latest Posts

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    • Angelica Blick
  • Model Spotlight: Sofia Jamora

    Sofia Jamora Dazzles Miami Swim Week


    Usually when we’re reflecting on shows we think of all the breathtaking lines we saw. This year when we look back on Swim Week we think of all the beautiful models but we think of one girl in particular. Obviously, all the models at swim week we’re stunning but one girl really caught our eyes, that girl is Sofia Jamora. If you went to any swim week show you probably saw her, I swear that girl was in every single show. Sofia is not only gorgeous but she has an amazing personality. Her personality shines through her photos and is especially noticeable when she's walking shows.


    Sofia really stole the hearts of everyone at swim week. Her energy is amazing, she is fun, flirty, and young. Her runway walks may be the closest thing to perfect. Her spunky personality always shines through her bubbly walks and booty shakes. At only 19 years old Sophia is the face of Frankie’s Bikinis and Lolli Swim. She has 357k instagram followers and counting.


    Behind The Scenes with Sofia Jamora


    We fell in love with Sofia backstage before the Frankie’s Swim Week show on friday. She is just as cute and kind as she looks in pictures in person. Sofia batted her eyes at us and gave us some adorable poses as we took pictures of her backstage. Sofia is bringing the best energy to the modeling industry and we are so excited to watch her grow. 


    We know she's going to be the next big model with the amazing energy she carries with her everywhere she goes. Not to mention she has a gorgeous face, stunning eyes, and her hair and body are unreal. Seriously, I am dying to know what products she uses in her hair. We were so happy we got to meet Sofia, the Bikini Luxe team is rooting for her!