• Beauty and Brains: Meet Zoella Zeebo

    Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Zoella Zeebo


    Zoella Blogger


    Zoella Zeebo, also known as Zoe Sugg, is only 27 but has already accomplished more than most women her age. On YouTube she is known as Zoella. She follows in the footsteps of her younger brother, who had his own YouTube channel, where he goes by Thatcher Joe. Zoe’s boyfriend is also a YouTube star and broadcasts as PointlessBlog.

    What Is Zoe’s Weight and What Are Her Measurements?


    • Height: 5’2
    • Weight: 119 lbs

     Career Accomplishments

    Zoe started her Zoella blog, which later inspired by her YouTube channel, in 2009. When she created the blog she was an interior design company apprentice for New Look, clothing retailer based in Britain. Zoella grew so fast that she ended 2009 with 1,000 people following it. A mere five years later the blog had been visited 140 million times.

    In the meantime, in 2013, she became an ambassador for a brand new youth service called National Citizen Service. The same year, The Telegraph pegged her as one of the most influential Tweeters in Britain. The next year she also became a “Digital Ambassador” for a mental health charity called Mind.

    In 2014 Zoe released her first ever novel, called Girl Online. The novel went on to sell more copies in its first week than any other by a first time author, as of 1998. The novel was written with younger readers in mind and tells the story of a teenager whose blog becomes a viral hit. By the end of 2014 no other book had sold faster than this one. The next year Zoe released her follow up to Girl Online. The year after that a third book in the series was released, and is the latest one to date.


    Zoella Youtube


    Net Worth

    Due to her many accomplishments she now has a net worth of $3.5 million. She earns approximately $1,500 per day and $42,000 every month.Her sources of income include her blog, YouTube channel and novel. Zoe’s college career likely played a part in her net worth today. She graduated from The Corsham Secondary School and Arts College just prior to taking on her interior design apprenticeship.



    Zoe’s Social Media

    In addition to everything else that she does, Zoe also uses social media to stay in touch with her fans. She can be found on Twitter @Zozeebo, where she has 65,000 followers. She can be found on Instagram @zoella, where she has 10.9 million followers. Her Facebook page can be found @zoe.zoella, where she has 2,633,100 followers. But by far her most widely followed social media account is YouTube. She has two YouTube channels, one of which can be found @Zoella and has 11,747,846 subscribers. The other channel can be found @MoreZoella and has 4,587,666 subscribers.

    There is no doubt that Zoe will continue to use her social media to share her latest vlogs and other projects with her fans, subscribers and followers.

  • Lindsey Pelas Facts You May Not Know

    Lindsey Pelas bikini

    Lindsey Pelas has made a name for herself as a model and has even appeared in Playboy. She was the Cybergirl of the month in 2014. After graduating from Louisiana State University, having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History, went on to work as a bartender and an aerial Yoga teacher.

    One of the reasons that Lindsey has been so successful in the modeling industry is because even though she is short, her chest is natural is an impressive size. Due to her beauty she was asked in March of 2017 to be a golf caddie for Grayson Murray, a rookie competing in the PGA Tour.


    Body shape: Hourglass
    Dress size: N/A
    Breasts-Waist-Hips: 38-24-36 inches (97-61-91 cm)
    Shoe/Feet: 6.5
    Bra size: 32DDD / 32F
    Cup size: DDD / F
    Height: 5’ 3″ (160 cm)
    Weight: 115 pounds (52 kg)


    Lindsey pelas facts

    Many men have become enamored with Lindsey and she has been enjoying her fame. In order to communicate with her fans, Lindsey uses social media to extend her reach.

    Social Media Accounts

    Lindsey can be found on Instagram @lindseypelas, where she has 6.2 million followers. She has the same username on Twitter, where she has 371,000 followers. Her Facebook page can be found @xxLindseyP, where she has 739,547 followers.

    A post shared by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on


    Lindsey shares pictures on her social media of her photo shoots, which are held all over the world. She does these photo shoots so that she can inspire other women to embrace their beauty as well. Through her work as a model, Lindsey has gained many fans who appreciate her for the passion she shows when it comes to the modeling industry.

    Video Interview

    She is very open about her life and is not afraid to share pictures of her travels on her social media accounts. No matter where she goes or how busy she is she always takes the time to look beautiful. She carries herself with a grace and charm that many other women want to replicate for themselves.

    Sophistication and Class

    Big breasted women all over the world have come to admire Lindsey because she carries herself so well. She has been complemented for modeling clothes that are sophisticated and show some skin without showing everything. Her approach to her modeling career is a refreshing change from many other female models who purposely wear the skimpiest clothes they can find. Lindsey teaches her female fans to respect themselves and their bodies.

    Lindsey Pelas plastic surgery

    As an open and honest person, Lindsey is one that fans can rely on to tell it like it is. She never sugarcoats anything she says in interviews and stands behind every comment she makes. Lindsey has proven that she deserves the respect and the admiration that her fans constantly give her. She has been smart about communicating with her fans and followers.

  • Claudia Alende 2017

    Claudia Alende is a Brazilian model who began her professional career by opening a clothing store. She then moved on to working as a model and became very popular very quickly. This Brazilian beauty’s looks are often compared favorably to Megan Fox. Her resemblance to Megan Fox has helped skyrocket her career.

    Claudia Alende Instagram - Net worth

    In 2014 Claudia came in second place in Brazil’s MissBumBum contest. This brought her lots of publicity that ultimately contributed to the modeling career she has today. Many men’s magazines such as Maxim have featured photos of Claudia.

    Born: Sau Paulo, Brazil
    Date of Birth: 9th October, 1993
    Age: 23 Years old
    Height: 5 feet 4 inches | 160m
    Weight: 54-56kg
    Measurements: 36D-25-38
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Parents: Claudio Alende
    Facebook: facebook.com/claudiaalendeoficial
    Twitter: twitter.com/caldiaalende

    Claudia Alende Instagram

    Claudia uses social media to keep her fans up to date on her career. She can be found on Instagram @claudiaalende, where she has 9.3 million followers. She can also be found on Twitter @claudiaalende, where she has 143,000 followers. In addition, her Facebook page is @claudiaalendeoficial, where she has 5,586,133 followers.

    With fans all over the world, Claudia has become a model that people can’t resist following on social media. Her stunning beauty impresses women and men of all ages and from all walks of life.

    Claudia Alende 2017

    2017 Career Changes

    Claudia’s passion for modeling is obvious in everything that she does. She has embraced her career and the fans that have contributed to her success. Considered to be both a career woman and a stunning model Claudia has many accomplishments to be proud of. She is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside, and this is easy for her fans to see. Claudia is a great example of how a woman can be beautiful and intelligent at the same time.

    Claudia Alende Video


    She is equally popular and loved throughout both Brazil and America. In 2017 her career has certainly inspired many young women to pursue their dreams. Claudia blossomed from a tomboy into a knockout whose beauty has to be seen to be believed.

    2017 Claudia Alende

    Using the opportunities her popularity has given her, Claudia travels around the world modeling for her fans. She receives compliments on her looks and personal style everywhere she goes. There is no doubt that she has made her home country proud.

    The accomplishments of Claudia have led her to enjoy a fulfilling career doing what she loves the most. By inspiring women to appreciate their own beauty she is an excellent influence on the fairer sex.

    Claudia has as many male fans as female fans and they often compliment her on her beauty through her social media pages. In return, Claudia supports and encourages her fans and social media followers to always believe in themselves and work towards making their own dreams a reality.

    Claudia Alende before surgery

    Despite her popularity as a model, Claudia remains the down to earth girl that her friends and family love. She connects with her fans because she never has the attitude that she is better than them. Fans of Claudia can be sure that she will continue to have a thriving modeling career in which she will tackle new projects and find new ways to share her beauty with the world and her many fans.

  • Why We Love Tanya Mityushina

    People hang posters of Tanya Mityushina on their walls.

    Mit Tanya

    Tanya Mitushina Age

    Russian model Tanya Mityushina is a 23 year old Frankies Girl who has appeared in ad campaigns for brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Intimissimi and Guess Lingerie. She has also been featured in Sports Illustrated, which she credited with changing her modeling career.

    Sports Illustrated discovered Tanya when she was visiting her storage unit in a New York City facility.

    Tanya had moved from New York to Los Angeles and returned to New York to have her belongings shipped to her new home. At the time, Tanya’s agent advised her to go to the headquarters for Sports Illustrated while she was in the city.

    She took her agent’s suggestion and within one week she had been invited to pose for the magazine. Now based in Los Angeles, Tanya began modeling in Russia after a fashion model friend of hers showed Tanya’s picture to the Elite Modeling Agency.

    Shortly afterwards, she settled down in the United States. Tanya is never afraid to show off her body in public. Her confidence in her appearance is obvious as she is known for attending red carpet events sans bra.


    Frankie's Girl Tanya

    As a Frankies Girl, Tanya is someone young women all over the world can look up to. She is the epitome of feminine beauty and is proof that modeling can be an inspirational career. Tanya’s passion for modeling has led to some acting gigs as well.

    She also mingles with celebrities and recently attended an Academy Awards Viewing Party hosted by Elton John to benefit his AIDS Foundation.

    Tanya Mityushina Instagram

    Not one to shy away from social media, Tanya can be found on Instagram @mit_tanya, where she has 200,000 followers. She also has thousands of followers on Twitter, where she can be found @tanyamiytushi. Fans can find her on Facebook @timityushina, where she has over 231,000 followers.

    Using social media Tanya is able to keep up with her fans and followers as she continues to inspire them. Tanya’s refreshing honesty in interviews shows that she is not afraid to be herself. This confidence has helped her achieve success in her modeling career.

    Tanya is a down to earth young woman who has not let her modeling career go to her head. She remains humble and modest about her success in the industry so far. As she continues her modeling career, Tanya makes it a point to serve as an inspiration for young women by remaining upbeat and positive. Her determination to succeed in a very competitive industry is a testament to her work ethic and the kind of person she is.

    Since she became a Frankies Girl, Tanya has been enjoying a successful career. Her time in the spotlight has been positive and has continued to motivate her to achieve her modeling goals. Tanya continues to enjoy her time in the spotlight. Her modeling career has been moving at a respectable pace and she still has more to conquer. Her passion for what she does is obvious in every photo shoot she poses for.

  • Halley Elefante, The Blogger Behind The Salty Blonde

    Why We're Obsessed With This Beach Bum

    Halley Elefante is a health & wellness influencer as well as a blogger. After living in several different states, Halley moved to Hawaii and launched Salty Blonde with her photographer boyfriend. As Halley has a passion for clothes and fashion she decided Hawaii was the perfect place for her to pursue her love of the industry.

    Salty Blonde was a blog inspired by Halley’s sister while their family was living in New York City. To escape from a dead end bartending job, Halley relocated to Hawaii and began to design outfits that embraced a combination of the styles she saw being worn on the East Coast and BOHO style.

    The Salty Blondes Reveals Her Fashion Inspiration 

    In a refreshingly honest interview, Halley confessed that “No Bullsh*t” is her manifesto in life. When asked why she chose that phrase she revealed that it was because of her life experiences to date and because of how she was raised. Halley also revealed that her inspiration for her sense of fashion came from her mother.

    As an influential blogger and fashion guru, Halley first built a social media following on Instagram by simply posting pictures of herself in carefully chosen outfits. She would tag the designer of her outfit in its picture in the hopes of getting it seen and she had success in doing so. She also credits her soar in popularity on Instagram to her photo captions, some of which were more brutally honest than the average Instagram user would expect. Captions are something that Halley is always mindful of, as she believes the secret to an Instagram post people will love is a clever caption and a stylish outfit shot in good lighting.



    The Salty Blonde Takes Over Social Media

    A self-proclaimed “non-tech” person, Halley has admitted that before she began using Instagram she had barely even sent an email. Instagram was the only social media Halley knew how to use and she embraced this knowledge to connect with her fans and with fashion designers.

    Halley makes it a point to interact with those Instagram users who post questions to her about her photos. This is one thing that has led to her having 387,000 followers on the site, where she can be found @the_salty_blonde. She can also be found on Facebook @theSaltyBlonde, where she has thousands of people following her in hopes of getting a glimpse at her latest outfit. On Twitter she can be found @thesaltyblonde.



    Though Halley has now become comfortable being influential in the fashion blogging industry that was not always the case. She has admitted than in the beginning it felt awkward because people had so many preconceived notions about who an influencer really was. Halley has also said that she wants to use her role as an influencer to inspire confidence in girls and make them feel like they can be themselves without being judged for it. Her goal is for young women to feel comfortable in their own body no matter what shape or size they are. She has become a role model for young girls everywhere.

    Halley Elefante Fun Facts

    • She would give anything to have her mother's wardrobe from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
    • Her sister Jess inspired her to start blogging on Instagram.
    • Her soon to be husband takes all of her pictures.
    • She loves working for herself.