• How Katie Rodgers Turned Her Hobby into a Fashion Career

    In 2009, a passionate artist, Katie Rodgers, created a website and blog called Paper Fashion. She lives and works in New York City, which serves as the inspiration for many of her art pieces.

    Paper Fashion

    Paper Fashion

    When readers visit Paper Fashion they can see for themselves the passion that Katie has for what she does. The main page of her site often features her photos taken at places such as the Central Park Conservatory Garden and events such as the yearly Met Gala.

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    The Artist Box section of her site is where Katie shows her readers the tools she uses to create her own artwork. This includes the paint, brushes and easels she chooses to use. In addition, fans of her work can purchase it through her website. This includes posters, wallpaper and electronics accessories such as cell phone cases. Each one features a unique design drawn by Katie.

    Katie’s extensive portfolio can also be found on her website. She also shares many of the clients she has worked with in the past, including brands such as Cartier, Swarovski, Saks Fifth Avenue and Coach. She has also worked with big-name clients such as Alicia Keys and has partnered with magazines such as Glamour, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

    Becoming a Freelance Artist

    In 2012, Boston Magazine ran an article all about Katie. It reveals that she has had a talent and passion for art since she was a child. While she previously worked at Reebok, designing apparel, she quit to pursue her career as a freelance artist. She then went on to complete sketches for major retailers such as Target, Coach and Missoni.
    Paper Fashion

    The same year she allowed photos of her home to be posted on a website called The Glitter Guide. Her home décor shows how she put her artistic talent to work within her own four walls. She also gave the website an interview in which she stated that she used art as an escape from life while growing up the only girl of her parents’ four children.

    Katie Rodgers

    Katie has embraced social media to allow her fans instant updates on her life and her work. She can be found on Instagram @paperfashion, which has 667,000 followers. She can also be found on Twitter @paperfashion, where she has 20.7 thousand followers. The Facebook page for her website/blog can be found @paperfashion, which has 1,106,676 followers.
    • Age: 32 years old
    • Career: Fashion Illustrator
    • Born in: Atlanta, GS

    With a passion for art and for life that is hard to find these days, Katie Rodgers has enjoyed a lot of successes in her life. Her talent is evident in everything that she does and her impressive resume speaks for itself. She has proven that a woman can be beautiful, smart and successful when she believes in herself and works to meet all of her professional goals. Katie’s desire to share her talent with the world is proof that she is passionate about what she does and that she will continue to succeed as an artist with fans worldwide.

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  • Fashion and Blogging Lessons by Elin Kling

    Elin Kling

    Bikini Luxe Envy Top

    The rise of technology has led to a lot of people taking control of their own destiny and building businesses from their own computer. From fashion to books, to music, and more, there is someone who’s looking for their next favorite thing while surfing the web. These days, it’s easier than ever to connect with these people without using a middleman.

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    For everyone who makes a great career at doing what they love online, there’s some common factors. One being, obviously, having a passion and talent for something. The other, less obvious to many, is the drive and discipline to make a small business work. This has been what Elin’s done throughout her career as one of Sweden’s most popular fashion personalities. She’s stressed in interviews, like her feature in Business of Fashion, how she approaches her blogging from a business/job standpoint, which has helped her to quickly capture the fashion world’s attention. Take note, and see what you can learn from her rise to fashion stardom.

    Elin Kling Blog

    She wasn’t always her own boss. Elin has a background in Journalism and was writing a regular column when a friend convinced her to start up her own blog. Lesson? Follow those instincts and take a chance when an interesting opportunity comes along. According to an interview, this wasn’t exactly a radical idea. In fact, blogging is huge in her native Sweden, so starting out was a bit of a risk, but one that has paid off.


    From that blog, which she proudly mentions in her interviews became a huge hit within days, she has gotten a lot of opportunities and has made the most of them. She’s collaborated on collections with brands, styled for television, participated in a dance show, and more.

    Besides all that, she decided it was time to take the next logical step and create her very own brand. Named Totême, the brand is her vision all the way, and she has captured a lot of attention with it. In fact, she shared on her Instagram late last year that the brand won a prestigious fashion award, Guldknappen. She also opened up a physical retail space last year, documenting some of it on her account.

    Elin Kling Totême

    She also has a magazine, Styleby, a media platform called The Wall, and she is a sought-after expert in fashion and beauty. Into the Gloss, for example, had her sharing all her beauty musts. Business Insider also featured her discussing her favorites, and her style has been featured on sights like Cupcakes and Cashmere.

    • Age: 34 years old
    • Nationality: Swedish
    • Spouse: Karl Lindman
    • Career: Fashion entrepreneur and editor

    Coming from such a tech-savvy country where her fellow Swedes have done well for themselves as bloggers and influencers, it’s no surprise that she’s followed suit. Her Instagram, @elinkling has over 300 thousand followers checking out her latest collections, travels, and news about her latest features. She keeps herself on brand with simple, earthy shots that reflect her style and collections. You can also follow her on Twitter as @ElinKling, alongside 30 thousand other site users.

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  • How Suki Waterhouse Created a Successful Brand

    British actress Suki Waterhouse grew up in London with her parents and sisters. Her upbringing inspired her later career choices, including modeling and photography.

     Suki Waterhouse

    Lace Up Dress

    Suki Waterhouse Bio

    A 16-year-old Suki was sitting in a London pub when she was first discovered. Three years later, she became the face of a successful Marks and Spencer campaign, where she modeled clad in lingerie. Suki then went on to model for Lucky in Disguise, Pepe Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry and Redken, among others. For her Tommy Hilfiger modeling campaign, her sister joined her in the ads. She also appeared as a runway model in a show for Burberry and has been a frequent participant in fashion weeks all over the world. Suki has been the cover girl for many British magazines, such as Elle and Vogue. As an international cover girl, she has also posed for Korean and Tai versions of magazines such as Marie Claire.

    Suki Waterhouse Movies

    Suki always had the acting bug in her and in 2016 she took on a role in Jonathan, a movie she co-starred in with actress Ansel Elgort. Prior to that, she had been seen in the sequel to The Divergent. She also starred in movies such as The Bad Batch, Billionaire Boy's Club, and The Girl. Suki was also seen in The White Princess, a TV miniseries based on the novel of the same name. In addition to modeling and acting, Suki is also a talented photographer. Her work has appeared in a London art gallery and she starred in a Next Model Management exhibition.


    Suki Waterhouse and Darren Aronofsky

    For two years, Suki dated Bradley Cooper and then went on to date Diego Luna. Most recently she has been spotted out and about with Darren Aronofsky. The two recently attended the Sundance Film Festival together, though have not confirmed if they are officially dating.

    Pop & Suki

    Models Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse are the founders of the handbag and jewelry line Pop & Suki. This brand is for the woman who loves the finer things in life and loves getting more for a lot less. The best friends business duo design high-quality camera bags, makeup bags and other accessories for a lower price. They create each design with love and from the heart. 

    Through mutual collaboration and teamwork, Pop & Suki have become successful in the market. In an interview, Suki and Poppy recommended tips to run a business. One of the ways is to maintain a work-life balance with an emphasis on mental health. They said: “In the start-up world there seems to be a stigma around having a work/life balance and getting the sleep you need to function as a healthy human being.

    Pop and Suki

    Ibiza Bohemian Tunic
    • Age: 26 years old
    • Height: 5'8"
    • Birthday: January 5th
    • Career: Actress, model and entrepreneur

    Suki is active on social media, making it easy for her fans to keep up with her. She can be found on Instagram @sukiwaterhouse, where she has 1.2 million followers. She can also be found on Twitter @sukiwaterhouse, where she has 104,000 followers. Her Facebook page can be found @sukiwaterhouse, where she has 87,133 followers. 

    Fans will find that Suki's twitter account is a great way to become more familiar with what happens to her. She mainly uses her Instagram account to show off her bikini-ready body that has become the envy of women all over the world. 

    With so much talent and work experience already under her belt, Suki has accomplished a lot for a woman as young as she is. At the age of 26, she has already conquered more than one industry. Her dedication to her craft is one that is truly admirable. Suki's fans are likely in for a treat if she continues to enjoy as much success as she already has. She has nowhere to go but up from here and her future looks to be a bright one.

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  • How Nicolette Mason Built Her Own Clothing Line

    Blogger Nicolette Mason has already connected with female readers all over the world who can relate to her struggle to survive in a world where everyone expects women to be skinny, tanned and beautiful. Through her many talents, she is making a difference for women everywhere.

    Nicolette Mason

    Top Fashion Blogger 

    In 2008, Nicolette graduated from Parsons The New School For Design. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Design and Management. Her college thesis project included an online magazine catering to the LGBT community and any teenager questioning their sexuality. Nicolette has stated that she worked several internships during her college years, such as one for Chanel.

    Not one to jump into anything unprepared, Nicollette took classes at Parsons before starting her senior year of high school. She states on her blog that doing so helped her to ensure that Parsons was the school for her before she enrolled fulltime.

    Premme Clothing Line

    Though Nicolette Mason is originally from Los Angeles, she now lives and works in New York City, though her work often takes her back to L.A. In addition to running her popular blog on her self-named website, she also works as a fashion writer for magazines such as Glamour and Marie Claire, among others. Nicolette writes a column for Marie Claire called “Big Girl In A Skinny World.”

    Plus Size Woman
    Discover our Plus Size Lingerie

    This multi-talented woman is also a creative consultant and brand strategist. Among her other accomplishments, Nicolette launched Ava & Viv, a plus-sized clothing brand for women that she collaborated with Target on. She also partnered with Gabi Gregg and in 2017 they released Premme clothing line for plus size women.

    Nicolette Mason Blog 

    In her blog, Nicolette opens up to her readers and shares details of her life with them, This includes her experience working in retail during the holiday season, and how it affected her on a personal level. She also writes about happenings in her life such as acquiring two new dogs which have become the light of her life. Nicolette loves to share with her readers the products she uses for her pet and encourages readers to purchase them for their own.

    • Age: 31 years old
    • Nomination: Shorty Award for Best Blogger
    • Birthday: April 22

    As an advocate for plus sized women, Nicolette serves as an inspiration to people all over the world. Her understanding, wisdom and support of other women is nothing short of amazing. She is not afraid to express her opinions and to instill confidence in anyone who has ever felt ashamed of themselves for who they are.

    Nicolette Mason

    Nicolette's blog shows how approachable and open she is, something that can be refreshing in what is often a cutthroat industry. The future looks bright for Nicolette as she strives to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin. Her already popular blog is destined to become even more popular than ever before.

    Like most women active in the fashion industry, Nicolette uses social media. She can be found on Instagram @nicolettemason, where she has 161,000 followers. Her Twitter account can be found @nicolettemason, where she has 31.2 thousand followers. Her Facebook page can be found @NicoletteMasonBlog, where she has 50,756 followers. 

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  • Gabi Gregg makes Plus-Size Fashion Fun

    She’s already known for her popular blog and Instagram account, and you might have seen her mentioned previously here, for her swimwear line with swimsuits for all. There is much more to this influencer than you may know. She’s staking her claim all over the fashion world.


    Blue High Waisted Bikini // Ruffle Bikini Set

    Read on to learn more about Gabi, where to follow her, and what she’s doing to bring plus-size fashion into the mainstream. 

    Plus-Size Fashion Blogger

    Gabi didn’t have professional experience in fashion, but she didn’t let that stop her from following the dream she sometimes felt was out of reach for her, seeing virtually no plus-size women in the industry when growing up. Getting involved in the online plus-size community showed her where there was a need, and it gave her direction for what she wanted to do: create a fashion-focused community for plus-size women. To that end, she started her blog and social media accounts.

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    Her story proves persistence pays because she mentioned in an interview with Fashionista that it was almost impossible to get major brands’ attention at her size. A decade later, her blog is going strong and she’s getting plenty of partnership/ad opportunities. Plus, as mentioned above, she got her foot in the design door by collaborating on her first swimwear collection. It also proves that keeping your mind and eyes open to holes in the market to fill is essential.


    GabiFresh is a place where she talks style, beauty, and lifestyle. She writes about her travels, fashion week, her desire to talk more about health (not weight/weight loss), and her work with a place called Covenant House, which she selected as a charity after partnering with StateFarm’s “Neighborhood of Good” campaign.


    Luxury Mesh One Piece

    The organization helps homeless youth get the skills and assistance to become self-sufficient and healthy. It offers health services, as well as arts education on top of the other educational services and job assistance. Her post on her experience working there transitioned to her social media as well, where she featured some more shots and stories of the people helped by the program.
    Her site also features video content that gives more insight into Gabi and her fashion/beauty favorites.


    Remember when I mentioned that she’s taking over the fashion world? Well, she’s definitely not been content to stick to swimwear only. In multiple interviews, she’s talked about the gaps in the plus-size market, and she’s determined to address it all.

    GabiFresh Premme

    Must Fishbone White High Waist Bikini

    After her swimwear collaboration, she started a plus-size clothing line, Premme, with a fellow blogger that strives to keep fashion fun, sexy, and fresh. She’s also started a lingerie collection with Playful Promises. Each fashion endeavors comes from her desire to make more fashionable, daring choices available to plus-size women. She brings her preferences as a consumer to the table, which has no doubt helped to make the lines successful. She revealed in an ad post for a cold and flu brand that even more fashion collaborations are coming.

    • Age: 31 years old
    • Brand: Premme
    • Birthday: September 9th
    • Birthplace: Detroit, MI

    You can follow her as @GabiFresh on Instagram, where over 500 thousand people are keeping up with her style and career. You can also catch her on Twitter as @grabifresh, or on YouTube as GabiFresh. She has 59 thousand and six thousand people, respectively, following those accounts.

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