• Pita Grace Fitness Plan


    Bodybuilder Pita Grace is an advocate for healthy living and a social media influencer in her own right. Her self-named website is all about helping women look good and feel good, both internally and externally.

    The Building Blocks of Success

    In her quest to help others become healthier, Pita’s website includes training guides that teach site visitors the best ways to follow a plant based diet. The guides available for purchase on her website include instructional support for building healthy legs and other body parts.

    Other guides that site visitors can order include a guide to achieving 6 pack abs, and one on 45 day circuit training. Both are short term plans to help increase the effectiveness of abdominal and cardio workouts.

    The meal plans offered on the site are plans that can be purchased and followed by everyone. Choices in meal plans include 7-day veggie and body melts. Both meal plans include a grocery list approved by Pita. While the body melt includes basic tips and recipes, the veggie melt includes a template for a month-long workout program as well as lists of vegan friendly meal ideas and a checklist for adding the proper amount of protein to one’s diet.

    Those who submit a request to Pita can get help with their own customized meal plans. Users provide Pita with relevant information and she advises them on the best way for them to eat a healthy diet to achieve whatever weight or fitness goal they have.

    Visitors to Pita’s site can even download recipes and grocery lists for free. Each recipe comes with a full color picture so visitors can see how the final product should turn out. The grocery lists show what to buy to add protein, carbs, fruits and greens to one’s diet. It also includes foods that have healthy fats as opposed to damaging ones.

    Anyone who is hesitant to take Pita’s advice will find that the testimonies on the website speak to how valuable it is. Those who have tried her meal and training plans have stated that there was a significant difference in their health after following her advice.

    Pita's Social Media

    Pita’s fans can always follow her on social media. She can be found on Instagram @pita.grace, where she has 113,000 followers. She can be found on Twitter @PitaGrace, where she has 5,869 followers. Her YouTube page, which she links to from her website, is called PitaTheBully and has 1,183 subscribers.

     Pita Grace Achievements

    Through her website and social media, Pita has been able to connect with women all over the world that want to improve their health and fitness levels. Though she hasn’t publically revealed why she is so passionate about the subject, her passion can be seen in her work. By subscribing to her YouTube channel anyone can watch videos of Pita toning her own body as inspiration for themselves. She is committed to helping anyone struggling with their health and weight to make the changes that they need to make.



  • Mahila Mendez Swimwear Model

    Mahila Mendez


    Mahila Mendez is one Instagram “hottie” that is turning the heads of most red-blooded American men. This bludgeoning model has already shown the world exactly how much talent she has. She is truly a sight to behold and has gotten much attention through social media as a result.

    Mahila Mendez Body and Fitness

    In addition to being a successful model, Mahila is also known for her fitness. Having grown up in Florida, she is best known as a bikini model. By combing her loves of modeling and fitness she has become someone that everyone admires. Her career is not only inspirational but is proof that beautiful women can do anything they want.

    Model Mayhem

    Mahila is so beautiful that she has been declared Thrill Blender’s “Smokin Hot Babe of the Day.” This shows how much she is loved by so many. Many people lust after her and want to know what she is doing in front of the camera at any given time.

    As a successful model, Mahila has already gained many fans. She continues to encourage them to follow her every move. She has become the preferred model of many and has taken the world of social media by storm.

    As a swimwear influencer, Mahila has more followers than many other models. Brands are flocking to her in an attempt to get her to wear their styles on camera. She is responding by taking as many modeling offers as she can. Women can easily decide which swimsuits are the best choices by viewing her in the photos of each one she has represented in the past.

    Rosa Maria Bikini Set


    Social Media Use

    Like most other models and especially influencers, Mahila uses social media to help her career continue to thrive. She can be found on Instagram @mahilamendez, where she has 149,000 followers. She can also be found on Twitter @MahilaMendez, where she has 1,688 followers. Her Facebook page can be found @MahilaMendezSnyder, which has 2,329 followers.

    Elevated Clothing Model

    Mahila is one social media influencer that is set to take over the world. She is a force to be reckoned with and will likely continue to be. Her social media followers speak to how popular she has become. Mahila’s Instagram account has become the most popular of her social media sites and will probably continue to be.

    As she moves forward with her career, Mahila can have confidence in herself. She has built a career that many other women would envy. Continuing to model is no doubt something that is very important to her. With as much success as she has already had in the modeling industry, there is no doubt that she will continue to be successful. Her career is already quite the success story and she has nowhere to go from here but up. With admirers around the world, she has shown that being a model can be inspiring and uplifting to other people. There is no doubt that Mahila will continue to model for as long as she is able to.

    Sport One Piece Swimsuit


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  • Hey Fran Hey

    Hey Fran Hey

    Hey Fran Hey is a blog written by wellness advocate Francheska Medina. By overcoming some personal obstacles her in life, Francheska was able to create her own unique blog to help others suffering in the same ways she has.

    The Birth of Hey Fran Hey Blog

    In 2011, Hey Fran Hey was born. The inspiration behind the blog was her struggle with chronic illness, which she conquered by studying nutrition, fitness and alternative medicine. The main purpose of the blog is for her to share her knowledge of sources for holistic living.

    Categories the blog is divided into include hair, beauty, nutrition, fitness, health, culture and vibes. The hair section includes tips and advice on cleansing, conditioning and styling. The beauty section is further divided into categories such as face, body, skin and do-it-yourself remedies.

    The nutrition section of the blog covers breakfast, main courses, snacks, desserts and drinks. In the fitness section readers can learn how to tone their arms, back, abs and legs.

    The health section delves into the topics of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. The culture section of the blog discusses local, global and historical cultures, helping readers to become well-rounded. The vibes section includes entries on music, fashion, arts and travel.

    Process of Hey Fran Hey

    More than just a blog, Hey Fran Hey is an interactive experience for its readers. Every month discussions are held on the blog, covering topics such as hair and skin care product recipes that can be followed at home. Many of the monthly discussions are much heavier however, and often include an open dialogue in which Fran encourages her readers to share their own thoughts on theirs and others mental and emotional health.

    These monthly discussions spawned several helpful resources for anyone struggling in the ways Fran has. She now runs a Loud Speakers Network wellness podcast known as The Friend Zone. In addition, she now runs The Supernatural Pop-Up, which is a wellness tour that has already traveled to one dozen cities.


    Francheska Medina


    Francheska Medina Social Media Use

    Fans are encouraged to find Fran on social media. She can be found on Instagram @heyfranhey, where she has 160,000 followers. Her Twitter account can be found @HeyFranHey, where she has 76.2 thousand followers. Her Facebook page can be found @heyfranhey, where she has 123,912 followers. Her YouTube channel is also called heyfranhey and has 190,000 subscribers. Fran’s YouTube videos include remedies for many common conditions that women suffer from.

    Hey Fran Hey

    Through her blog, podcast, YouTube channel and other endeavors Fran has been able to help women of all ages throughout the world. Her approach to life is both refreshing and inspirational. Far from a typical blog, Hey Fran Hey is socially aware and has done a lot to help women live healthier lives mentally and physically. There is no doubt that Fran has a bright future ahead of her as she continues to help women who have suffered like she has. Her blog has already made a difference in the lives of many.

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  • How To Get a Bikini Body

    Mapale 2019


    It's never too early to start getting ready for the summer. The years seem to fly by, and if we're not careful, bad habits can take a toll on our bodies, leaving us feeling and looking less than our best.

    Whether you're reading this in the fall, or when warmer temperatures are upon us, it's never too late to do something that will make a positive impact on your health. There are a lot of ways to get into bikini shape, but remember a few things first: Know the limits of your body. Don't push yourself to do things that are causing a lot of pain or discomfort. Starting slow and building up is always best.

    How to Get a Summer Body in a Month

    If you've been having health issues in particular, be sure to talk to a doctor about the best strategy to achieve your goals without endangering your health.

    Remember that there are no easy, fast fixes, especially when it comes to maintaining your new weight. It takes years of bad habits for some of us to start showing the effects of a bad diet, so it's going to take time to get things back on track. It's not about being "bikini ready". It's about being in your best possible shape first and foremost.

    Summer body Tips

    Cut out the soda. I used to drink several cans a day. Once I dropped that habit, the weight started coming off.

    Don't rely on fad diets, focus on good eating. One of the best places to start is upping the fruit and veggie intake. This will help give your body some much-needed TLC that you won't have to watch your intake of as much.

    Drink plenty of water. Keeping your body hydrated is key to maintaining good health and being able to recover from an exercise session. Just make sure not to overdo. You can add pure lemon juice for variety. You can also use fruits and veggies to add that flavor as well.

    Top Tips for a Diet
    One of the best exercises out there is walking, and it's one of the most convenient. You don't need any memberships or special equipment to do it. Just step outside your front door, and explore your local park or just take a walk around the block. As time goes by, you'll be able to increase the distance gradually to get even more out of it.

    Swimming or bike riding are also excellent ways to get in shape, and swimming is easier on the joints.


    Yoga Journal

    Another thing that is great for your body and mind is Yoga. It helps relax your mind and center after a busy, stressful day while also helping to build strength and flexibility. There are also plenty of fitness influencers that promote Yoga programs. Whatever you choose to use, be sure it's something that feels good and you enjoy it. It'll be much easier to keep up the habit.

    Mapale 2019


  • Irina Kazakova Fitness Influencer

    Irina Kazakova Social Media Influencer

    Ready to get acquainted with another influencer who’s sure to help you get in the perfect mood for ending the summer right? Looking for some great places to take some water-fueled adventures? Well, look no more, because Irina is the perfect person to check out. She might even inspire you visually as well.

    This is an influencer who has worn a lot of hats, showing us that being able to adapt is the biggest key to success. Keep reading to learn about her background, her passions, and where you can connect with her online for some amazing imagery.

    Irina Kazakova Flexibility

    This Russia-born influencer may be spending a lot of time tropical locations now, but she was once more commonly seen in a completely different setting. For many years, she competed as part of the Russian National Rhythmic Gymnastics team.

    The now thirty-one-year-old influencer made quite a career for herself. Her wiki page lists her as winning the Honored Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics award back in 2002, early in her competition days. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that wiki points out that the award is the highest honor an athlete in her discipline can receive from their government.

    Irina spent five years on the national team, earning several other honors before making the move into other interests. This includes appearances on reality  TV competitions.

    Gravity Defying

    Irina’s next big move after she moved on from the competitive rhythmic gymnastics scene wasn’t exactly a big stretch. She put a lot of the training she received (and the incredible flexibility) into working as an aerialist and contortionist with both Sensatia Cabaret and Faena. She has both places listed in her Instagram bio. She also recently celebrated her ninth year working at the Ultra festival in Miami in a social media post back in April of 2018.

    There’s perhaps no other part of her career that has moved her as much as the ocean (or any water in general). These days, she’s spending a lot of time diving, performing underwater dances, and even modeling underwater (plus getting behind the camera). She speaks passionately on her multiple accounts about the impact the water and diving has on her, and how much she loves the beauty to be found free diving.

    She also loves showing off her favorite locations and sharing her personal memories and struggles from her days as a competitive athlete to her recent challenges that kept her on dry ground for a time.
    Multi-tasking influence



    Irina Kazakova Gymnast

    She doesn’t just manage one social media platform. This multi-tasking influencer has three. While you can see a lot of the same content on each, her three accounts also differ slightly based on its focus. Her @sunallure account is her main Instagram that gives people a peek into her other interests, daily life, and partner brands that are looking to connect with her audience.

    Underwater movement focuses a little more on her love of diving and performing under water, while the @irinakazakova_photography account puts more of the focus on her photography in general, which also has a website linked to it.

    Irina Kazakova watch me battle SHOP HER LOOK