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In 2014, our Founder Candice Galek saw a need for high quality swimwear, at competitive pricing. She wanted to do more than just sell luxury swimwear, so she combined philanthropy with fashion, and Bikini Luxe was born. We have expanded from local designers to brands from all over the world. 


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Curated Brands Who Give Back To The Community

We feature designer swimwear brands from all over the world, what they all have in common is a desire to do good within their local communities and beyond. Our mission is to offer you high quality products at a fair price, and allow you to make socially conscious choices while shopping online. If you’re already going to be shopping, why not spend the same amount of money on a similar product but actually make a better choice for both the environment and the community?

We Don't Support Brands Who Trash Our Planet

Our promise to you is that we will always be on the lookout for exciting new brands, who create trendy, affordable and versatile swimwear and clothing. The difference between us and our big name competition (or your local department store) is that we’re not supporting those who are trashing our planet in the name of fashion, that’s not our style. Not all products are created equally.

Have you ever thought about the working conditions of factories across the world? What materials your clothing is actually made from? Fortunately, the list of ways we contribute will continue to grow as we do, if you come across a high end swimwear brand that does good please let us know, we’d love to help support their efforts.

As always, thank you for being a #bikiniluxebabe, it’s both a bragging right and a lifestyle choice. Here are some of the ways Bikini Luxe makes a difference:

  • Donating to ocean conservation
  • Planting endangered tree species
  • Rescuing abandoned & injured dogs in Bali
  • Hiring 700 single mothers as artisans in Colombia
  • Employing women who’ve faced homelessness
  • Donating to Cancer research and awareness
  • Recycling used fishing nets to create fabrics
  • Teaching teenage girls how to code
  • Using recycled packaging materials