• Teni Panosian Remarques

    Teni Panosian is certainly a busy woman. The Los Angeles based actress and beauty blogger has pursued many of her passions in life. Her blog, titled Remarques, covers beauty, style, skincare, hair, travel, home design and personal subjects. Prior to that, she ran a blog called Miss Maven, which she initially started due to the fact that she often served as a beauty advisor to close, personal friends. 

    Teni Panosian

    Remarques Blog

    As an avid blogger, Teni is very open about her passion for beauty and style and forthcoming with personal photos. The beauty section of her blog covers topics such as the makeup products she purchases from her local drugstore. It also includes makeup tutorials for holidays such as New Years’ Eve. In addition, Teni shares with her readers her choices in makeup tools and other products that she has purchased for her own use.

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    The style section of the blog covers topics such as swimsuits and casual Fridays. She is as talented as putting together an everyday outfit as she is putting together outfits for special occasions. The skin care section includes advice on the best products and the ones that should be avoided. Fans of Teri’s blog can also get advice on hairstyles and tips on how to make hair healthier.

    Teni Panosian Remarques

    Not one to confine herself to home, Teni uses the travel section of her blog to share with her readers her visits to countries such as France and events such as New York Fashion Week. This includes photos of her in various locales and the outfits she chooses to wear when she is out and about in them.

    The home design section includes photos of Teni’s home and tutorials on how readers can transform the décor of their own homes. The personal section of her blog is where readers learn her personal thoughts and opinions on sensitive, often unspoken topics such as mental illness. This section shows that Teni is more than just a beauty obsessed blogger.

    Teni Panosian Makeup Tips

    Not one to shy away from her fans, Teni uses social media to keep them updated on everything she is doing. She can be found on Instagram @tenipanosian, where she has 603 thousand followers. Her Twitter account can be found @TeniPanosian, where she has 23.6 thousand followers. Her Facebook page can be found @teni.panosian, where she has 61,309 followers. Her YouTube channel can be found @tenipanosian and has 1,161,012 subscribers.

    • Age: 33 years old
    • Nationality: American
    • Height: 5'3"
    • Career: Freelance makeup artist
    • Birthday: July 16th

    The appeal of Remarques shows that Teni has struck a chord with readers. Her refreshing openness and honesty is one that not all bloggers express. However, Teni has made it her mission in life to keep educating and inspiring her fans and followers. She cares as much about social issues as she does about beauty, proving that a beautiful face doesn’t always mean a dull mind. She is the epitome of grace and strength, something that becomes obvious when reading her blog or even watching her YouTube channel. Teni has truly evolved as a beauty blogger.

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  • Melissa Alatorre's Best Makeup Tips

    Freelance makeup artist Melissa Alatorre also runs her self-named blog where she gives makeup tips and educates her readers on the differences between many common makeup products. Though the blog was briefly halted so that Melissa could alter it, it has and continues to be a popular resource for tips on makeup and beauty.

    Melissa Alatorre

    Melissa Alatorre Makeup

    Melissa originally had aspirations to work in media, as she earned a Journalism and Media Studies Bachelors Degree at the San Diego State University. Though she was born and raised in San Diego, after college she relocated to Hollywood/Los Angeles to begin her career. Though she worked on various TV shows, she always found she was more interested in being in the makeup room than being on set. As a result, she made the decision to switch her career plans to that of a freelance makeup artist. In her time working in the profession she has seen firsthand how wearing makeup can make any woman feel more confident.

    Melissa Alatorre YouTube

    In addition to keeping up with her blog, Melissa also uses social media to keep in touch with her fans. Her YouTube channel can be found @MelissaAlatore, where she has 502,481 subscribers. Melissa makes it a point to let her viewers know that her channel is geared towards those who are aspiring to become a makeup artist, yet the channel is also suitable for makeup experts.

    Melissa can also be found on Instagram @alatorreee, where she has 186, thousand subscribers. She also has thousands of followers on Twitter, where she can be found @AlatorreTweets. On Pinterest she can be found @AlatorrePins. Fans follow her Pinterest page for boards covering fashion, makeup, hair, fitness, and others.


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    Melissa Alatorre Tutorials

    Blogging about makeup and beauty is Melissa’s way of contributing her passion and talents to the world for other people to benefit from. Between her blog and her social media pages, she has been able to connect with fans all over the world.

    Having grown up in San Diego, Melissa is a typical California girl in many ways, despite originally being from Mexico. Her interest in hair and makeup is so strong that she wanted to share it with other women. As a result, she began her own blog in order to be able to do so.

    Melissa Alatorre

    • Age: 28 years old
    • Birth Sign: Taurus
    • Career: Makeup Artist
    • Birthday: April 22nd

    By turning her love of makeup into a career, Melissa has had the courage to follow her dreams, something she encourages all her fans to do as well. Her blog is easy for readers to relate to and can help them learn valuable lessons they couldn’t learn elsewhere. Melissa’s makeup tutorials have been viewed millions of times and have proven effective for women who need guidance in transforming their physical appearance. She will likely continue to conduct educational tutorials that are also entertaining to viewers. Her blog and YouTube channel will continue to generate more interest in and knowledge about makeup application. Melissa is constantly making the world a more beautiful place, one person at a time.

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  • Katy Lustrelux


    Lustrelux beauty blogger Katy is the first to admit that her obsession with makeup is an unhealthy one. This shows how dedicated she is to helping other women learn how to do their own makeup. She regularly travels to malls in her home state of California and beyond, in order to attend fan meet ups. This is where her fans get to come about and meet her in person while getting some valuable advice on makeup application.

    Lustrelux YouTube

    Katy Lustrelux

    When readers visit the Lustrelux blog they see that it covers topics such as product reviews and her recommendations. The two categories her blog is meant to address are makeup and personal care. In the makeup section she shares her own views on what the best products are and what makes them the best. Many of her video makeup tutorials can also be found on the blog, allowing those who don’t use YouTube to watch them anyway.

    Desi X Katy Dose of Colors

    Katy, who in addition to her blog also runs a YouTube channel, collaborated with fellow YouTube star Desi Perkins to create the Dose of Colors line of makeup. The two teamed up with a major makeup brand to launch the products. The line includes various, cream and liquid matte and glossy, glittery lipsticks, two highlighters and a palette of eye shadow featuring four shades.

    Fans of Lustrelux know that they can watch her makeup tutorials on YouTube. These step-by-step tutorials are easy for anyone to understand even if they are applying makeup for the first time. The channel is called Lustrelux and has 1,770,380 subscribers. For each makeup tutorial she posts she tells her viewers what she is using. Viewers can even watch her go to the store and buy the makeup. Lustrelux also includes hair tutorials and product reviews.

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    Lustrelux Net Worth

    Admittedly, Katy quit her former day job in order to figure out what she wanted next in life. This led to the creation of her blog and YouTube channel. She uses both to connect with women throughout the country and show them how easy it is for them to make themselves look and feel beautiful. Her makeup tutorials are always informative and easy to follow, making them a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about makeup application.

    • Net Worth: $40,000
    • Age: 28 years old
    • Profession: Beauty expert and YouTube Vlogger
    • Birthday: November 9th 
    • Real Name: Katy DeGroot
    • Status: Married


    As beautiful as she is, Katy is also an inspiring role model to many women. She had the courage to leave a job she disliked in order to pursue her true passion in life. There is no doubt that she will continue to do what she can in order to keep sharing relevant makeup tips and tricks with her fans.

    Having grown up in California, Katy is not one to shy away from the spotlight. Creating makeup tutorials is her passion and one that she will likely continue to purse for years to come. Katy has already made quite an impression on women of all ages and is expected to keep doing so through her efforts to share her knowledge of makeup.

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  • Nicole Guerriero is a Sephora Star

    Beauty blogger Nicole Guerriero has reached millions of fans through Naturally Nicole, which covers the topics of fashion, product reviews and makeup tutorials. Before launching her blog, Nicole spent years working in the restaurant industry and even bartending.

    Nicole Guerriero

    Until the age of 16, Nicole was not even permitted to have or wear makeup. As a result, when she was finally allowed to use it she developed her own personal makeup style over the course of several years. She went on to do her own hair and makeup on a regular basis, as well as helping her friends do theirs. Nicole continued with her passion for makeup and beauty by taking cosmetology classes while still in high school.

    Nicole Guerriero Palette

    Thanks to her efforts on Naturally Nicole, in 2013 Ryan Seacrest named her the year’s Best Beauty Guru. She also gained this title thanks to her lines of skincare products and makeup, the latter of which is sold in Sephora stores all over the country. Her beauty products include makeup remover, facial moisturizer, lip masks, and eye and firming serums. Her Glow Kit has been a best seller for Sephora, securing her place in the industry as a beauty expert.

    For the spring of 2017, Nicole launched a line of beauty products she collaborated on with Anastasia Beverly Hills, a company that is stingy about such undertakings. Yet they have all the confidence in the world when it comes to the launch of the collection. Before it was even available to the public, the hype surrounding it was huge. The only details available to the public prior to the collection hitting store shelves is that it would include highlighters in six colors; cool bronze, pink champagne, soft peach, oyster and iridescent pearl.

    Nicole Guerriero YouTube

    Like any other successful blogger, Nicole has helped further develop her career through the use of social media, most noticeable, YouTube. Her channel can be found @nguerriero and has 2,833,942 subscribers. Nicole’s YouTube channel is considered an extension of Naturally Nicole. However, the channel started out with few views of her videos until she had been posting them for one year. By that time her subscriber numbers began to rise rapidly.

    Aside from YouTube, Nicole also uses Instagram, where she can be found @nicoleguerriero, where she has two million followers. Her Facebook page can be found @nguerriero19, where she has 644,744 followers. She uses the same nickname on Twitter, where 455 thousands people follow her tweets.

    • Birthday: March 4th
    • Age: 31 years old
    • Born: Tampa, FL
    • Profession: Makeup Artist
    • Net worth: $1.2 million


    Nicole Guerriero Makeup

    Nicole Guerriero
    Nicole has made it a point to use the success of her blog and YouTube channel to help inspire young women throughout the world. She regularly appears at beauty events and conventions, where she enjoys meeting and connecting with her fans and followers.  Nicole has stated that her goal is to keep inspiring people, but that she isn’t one to speculate about where she will be in the future. Her enthusiasm for all things beauty makes it easy to see why she has become influential in the industry.

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  • Laura Lee Makeup Artist

    Beauty Blogger and Youtuber Laura Lee impart her beauty secrets and wisdom with the fans and readers of her blog. Even though she originally set out for a career in medicine, while working as an assistant in a health scare facility she took to taking selfies of he in makeup and uploading them to her Instagram account.

    Laura Lee

    Laura Lee Beauty Vlogger

    After Laura started posting her makeup selfies, her Instagram followers began asking her to do makeup tutorials for them. Laura received so many requests that she finally started fulfilling them. In March of 2013, she launched a YouTube channel to share her video tutorials with the world. The channel is still popular among her many fans today.

    Laura Lee Blogs

    Laura’s self- titled blog covers beauty and fashion. The beauty section includes Laura’s product recommendations. She has a shop on her blog where fans can purchase the items she recommends and this shows how much she cares about sharing her knowledge.

    The fashion section of the blog is where Laura shows off pictures of her wardrobe choices so that her fans can learn to dress like she does or just take inspiration from her own style and make it their own.

    Laura Lee Blog

    Laura Lee’s Net Worth and Measurements

    • Net Worth: $350,000
    • Breasts-Waist-Hips: 34-25-34
    • Bra Size: 34
    • Height: 5’6

    Since launching her YouTube channel, Laura Lee has embraced social media. The Instagram account that started it all can be found @larlarlee, where she has 1.7 million followers. She can also be found on Twitter @Laura88Lee, where she has 201,000 followers.

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    Her much loved YouTube channel is called laura88lee and currently has 3,416,520 subscribers. This is the best way for fans to keep up with what Laura is doing. Some of her recent videos include the worst makeup products as well as makeup reviews and tutorials. The YouTube channel has grown leaps and bounds since she launched it. It now has so much more to offer her subscribers than it did in the beginning.

    Laura Lee Makeup Artist

    Through her YouTube channel and blog, Laura Lee has connected with women of all ages. Her much sought after makeup tutorials made her YouTube channel a hit and showed women everywhere how easy it is to look beautiful. She continues to serve as an inspiration for women all over the world.

    Laura Lee Makeup Artist

    Laura’s passion for beauty is evident in every makeup tutorial she films. By being able to teach other women how to do their makeup, Laura has found her calling in life. Her knowledge of the beauty industry is valuable to women everywhere.

    With so many followers on social media, Laura has been able to educate many women who may have been searching for inspiration. Through her actions and her social media posts she has come to serve as an authoritative source on all things beauty and fashion. She has become extremely popular because she is someone that almost all women can relate to.

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