• Ebonee Davis has Serious Beauty Standards

    Ebonee Davis first captured the industry’s attention as part of a reality competition show, and she’s decided it’s time to get real in another way. Despite doing a number of spreads and other things since her appearance on the show, Ebonee decided it was time to ditch the extensions and show what she really looks like.

    ebonee davis model

    The move was met with some resistance, but she’s persevered and made the decision work for her. She earned a spot in the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, taking her career to a new level. Since she made the move, she’s been very vocal about the need for expanding beauty standards, giving several interviews about returning to her natural look.

    Modeling isn’t her only talent, though. She also appeared in the short film Scratch’n’Sniff back in 2015, and she’s also been working to give back to her community. She started a reading camp for elementary school kids in the inner city that began last summer. She also a talented dancer.

    Facts about Ebonee Davis

    • Don’t expect this girl to be content hanging out at home! She’s an avid traveler who loves going to Africa and sharing the culture with others. She’s also got some other countries on her bucket list, according to a GQ interview. No doubt, she’ll be bringing back a ton of great pics when she makes those goals a reality.
    • She’s a woman of faith who has discussed bible study on her Instagram, which will no doubt help uplift other young women who are struggling with sharing their faith in a world that doesn’t always look too kindly to it.
    • She’s a fan of meditation, a great method of relaxation. Studies have shown that it’s a great way to reduce stress, and strengthen your mind. It’s also considered by many to be a way to connect with your spirit and even unlock your creative mind.
    • She holds a Master’s in Museum Studies and Historical Preservation. She’s already started putting this degree at work, as you can see by some of her online pictures. She’s been sharing some of this knowledge with local youth.

    Ebonee Davis

    Ebonee Davis Social Media

    To learn more about Ebonee, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter . GQ called her out as one of the up-and-coming talents you need to be following on Instagram, partly because of the stunning travel photos and fun pics she shares, as well as her message of accepting yourself as you are.



  • Cynthia Olavarria Miss Universe


     Beauty Queen to Entrepreneur

    If you’re a fan of telenovelas, or pageants, you’ve probably heard this next influencer’s name before. She’s worn a lot of hats so far in her career, and she’s recently added another. If you’re looking for a new brand of clothing, some great beauty recs, or just want to keep the positive vibes coming, this is an account you’ll definitely want to check out.

    Read on to learn more about her road to Telenovelas, and the latest project she’s launched. You’ll also learn where to follow her on social media so you can get some massive inspiration.

     Miss Universe 2005

    First off, Cynthia is a 36-year-old actor who was born in Puerto Rico. According to her Wikipedia, she got started very early on her path to stardom. They credit her with winning her first beauty pageant at only 11 years old, which soon let to her becoming a child game show host.

    She kept competing and modeling while keeping her education near the top of her list. Wiki also lists her as holding a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism and Public Relations. Not a bad background for someone in her position these days.

    Cynthia Olavarria TV Novelas

    All that competing and modeling eventually led to a number of roles in Telenovelas, the Spanish version of soap operas. Although her Wiki credits list her as playing the protagonist of novelas more often than not, but her evil turns in Alguien Te Mira and Tierra de Reyes made an impact, with the former getting her numerous award nominations. She also won a Tu Mundo award for the latter, as well as for her part in El Rostro de la Venganza,  where she was listed as a co-protagonist.

    Her television career has included  being a guest judge for several years on Nuestra Belleza Latina, hosting a series about the road to the Miss Universe Crown, and a celebrity version of Top Chef in Spanish. She also has hosting red carpets, starred in films, and been a Univision show host.

    Her latest career move is as a businesswoman, launching a fashion line called “Total Look by Cynthia”. The news was announced on her website, cynthiaolavarria.com, a couple of days before it’s 2017 launch. Her site described in as being a mix of sophistication and sexy. One cool thing about the announcement was, she also partnered with the commerce site that hosts the brand to help her fellow Puerto Ricans deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.  

    Cynthia Olavarria Social Media

    Besides all this, she’s a social media influencer, listed with influence.co, brands connect with her and others with huge followings. With over 430 thousand followers for her @cynthiaolav account and an average of 8 thousand likes per post, it’s no wonder that brands like Pranamat Eco and VYE Eyewear have worked with her to promote themselves.

    Besides those posts and updates about her projects and travels, Cynthia spreads a lot of great energy with her posts, talking about trusting God’s plans for you, appreciating the good moments, and learning to go with the flow. You can also see her fashion brand by checking out @totallookbycynthia. She’s on Twitter as @CynthiaOlav, and on Facebook as Cynthia Olavarria.



  • Jace Marlee Modeling Career

    Jacee Marlee

    Jace Marlee is a swimsuit model who has worked all over the world. She is known for her stunning beauty and her ability to get along so well with her fellow models. She is also a fitness guru who makes health her top priority.

     Jace Marlee Pre-Career

    Before becoming a model, Jace attended Berkeley, where she was a well-known student athlete. She is studying to receive a Group Fitness and Exercise Science professional certificate. Jace plans on using those credentials to begin working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She also became a bottle service waitress at a trendy California nightclub.


    Jace Marlee  Career In The Spotlight

    As a bikini model, Jace Wiliams (a.k.a. Marlee) has made quite a splash in the industry. She is not afraid to show off her body and has posed in many provocative bikinis. Jace is a breath of fresh air in an industry where many women lose sight of who they are and what their goals in life are. She makes it a point to support her fellow models and is a good sport with everyone.

    Combining her love of modeling and of fitness, Jace encourages clothing brands to be as body supportive of women as possible. These are the clothing brands that she will recommend to her fans, rather than brands that are simply designed to make women feel exploited.

    Jace Marlee Hobbies

    While she is a passionate model, Jace also regularly updates a blog with stories and photos from the many places she travels to. Jace enjoys sharing these entries with her fans and encouraging wellness even when on vacation.

    In addition to fashion and modeling, Jace is also passionate about soccer. She even posts on her social media pages, sharing her happiness after a winning game and expressing her disappointment after a losing one.

    Working as a model has given her opportunities that other women don’t often get. She has been able to prove that she can embrace anything thrown at her throughout her career. No matter what she puts her mind to, she succeeds at it. She takes pride in publically praising brands that she enjoys using and recommends others use, including BGM Cosmetics.



    Jace Marlee Williams Social Media

    Fans that want to keep up with Jace can follow her on social media. Her Instagram account can be found jace_marlee, where she has 154,000 followers. She can also be found on Facebook JaceMarleeWilliams, where she has 2,239 followers.

    Everything Jace touches turns to gold when it comes to her career endeavors. This beautiful and passionate woman is committed to helping others realize their inner beauty and strength. Through her career choices, she has shown women everywhere that they can have anything they dream of. As she continues to work towards helping make a difference in the lives of people all over the world, Jace will likely continue to share her passion for fitness by inspiring others to become physically fit as well. Only time will tell if this eclipses her flourishing modeling career.NIRVANIC PALOMA BOTTOM


  • Meet Influencer Anya Benton

    Anya Benton
    Looking for some #MondayMotivation? Or motivation almost any other day? Well, we’re about to introduce you to another influencer you should know. Her story and style might just serve as motivation to make some changes to your style or your focus.

    Like with another success story there’s a mix of passion, hard work, and being open to new situations. Anya Benton seems to fit in pretty well, and her style has definitely caught some eyes. To learn more about this Russian-born influencer, keep reading. You’ll also see where you can follow her online, and why she just might look familiar to you.

    Bio- Anya Benton

    Let’s get a few basic details out of the way. According to her website bio, as well as a Wikipedia page in Russian, and IMDB, she was young when her family came to the USA and grew up in California. Her site talks about her showing an early interest in a creative path that followed her through high school and beyond.

    Obviously believing in the value of a good education and being open to new experiences, Anya went to college, where she’d study not only communications, but Russian studies, and the Spanish language. The site boasts she is now tri-lingual and was able to complete her education early.

    She’s been working ever since her school days toward a dream that is becoming more of a reality each day.

    Anya Benton Modeling Career

    As a former student of the John Casablanca Academy, Anya obviously got a great background in modeling that, combined with her communications studies, has helped her to become an infleuencial voice on social media. Her account has grown so much so that she has been to events like the Maxim Hot 100 party, and working with @vantagemodels.

    She recently shared social media posts documenting images from each, showing some of the brands she wore as well as the makeup artists she’s working with. As if that wasn’t enough, she apparently also got the chance to go to the ESPYS as well. So, if you’ve checked out her website by now, you might have thought she looks familiar.

    Well, if she does, there’s probably a good reason for her. Her journey to acting stardom so far has led to quite a few parts. This includes parts on TV shows such as Numb3rs where she played a socialite, Nip/Tuck as April for two episodes, and several episodes of the shoe Pink Slip.

    Her earlier roles happened in 2007, and she is currently credited with a part in Coded Court that’s in post production as well as a couple of other parts dated this year.

    Frankies Bikinis


    Anya Benton's Social Media

    So where can you find her? The most obvious place is the influencer’s favorite hangout: Instagram. There, she goes by the handle @Anyabenton, and has over 200 thousand followers keeping up with her latest projects and endorsements.
    Besides that, she shows off her personal side as well, such as her post about being a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, as well as a weekend paddle boarding adventures.



  • Rachel Raquel's Musical Journey

    Rachel Raquel

    Looking for something new to check out, musically? Of course you are! Who doesn’t want to find a new summer jam, or check out some great cover songs? This influencer we’re about to introduce you to will give you that and them some. You’ll also learn all about what else she’s been up to, and where to find her on social media. She offers a lot of fun content that also adds in a touch of personal reflections and more. Let’s start off with some basic facts….

    So, according to her Famous Birthdays page, Rachel is a 23-year-old Utah-born social star. From her Instagram account, we know grew up, at least partly, in Iowa, because she talked about wanted to go home for the holidays, but wanting to skip the part where it’s cold. I’m sure there’s a lot of us out there that can relate to those feelings.

    Raquel Instagram

    Currently, she lives in California and doesn’t a lot of traveling. Her Instagram account has pictures of her in Japan, Chicago, and other cities and she talks a lot about how much she loves seeing new places. She is also listed as having two siblings on Famous Birthdays.


    Raquel Instagram  SHOP HER STYLE

    One of the things that she’s probably best know for by her followers and You Tube visitors is being a singer. Her channel, Rachel Raquel, has four different videos up over the past six months, which have earned her over 4 thousand subscribers. She’s listed online as collaborating with artists like Calix and Avrii Castle. She also worked with Telykast on her latest release, a song called “Summertime.” In it, she features Amy Winehouse-esque vocals that are perfect for the song.

    There are a bunch of other videos on her Instagram showing off her singing skills. She’s not afraid to let herself look silly, either, as she posts even the ones that aren’t perfect.

    Rachel Raquel YouTube


    She’s also gotten into acting, appearing in the short film, “Moments in Time: Room 6”. The film, at just under four minutes, is part of a series of shorts. This installment focuses on the last 15 hours of Rachel’s character’s life, a young woman named Amy.

    Besides the YouTube mentioned above, you can find her on Instagram as @therachelraquel. The account, which has over 200 thousand followers, not only shows her modeling, brand partnerships and covers, but also gets personal. She takes people behind the scenes in the studio, talks about her struggle with depression and anxiety, and her love of pizza.

    She also connects with fans by asking them to share screen grabs of her new single for a video chat with her. She also got a bit controversial by talking about her love of Pineapple on pizza and daring people to convince her she’s wrong.