• 4 Skincare Recipes for Beautiful and Glowing Skin

    All Natural Skincare Recipes

    Nowadays, women are more and more interested in DIY beauty projects in order to improve their visual appearance and get rid of their skin imperfections. This sudden increased interest in DIY skincare is primarily caused by the huge amount of information on the web revealing the true dangers of the brand cosmetics.


    Natural Remedies for Clear Skin


    In comparison to brand cosmetics, homemade skincare doesn’t use harmful chemicals, and it will by no means affect the texture of your skin. Moreover, it will clean your skin, even out its tone, clean and shrink the open pores, as well as create a glowing effect.

    The huge amounts of DIY skincare recipes on the web however don’t make it easy to select the most efficient recipes and try them on at home. And that’s why we’ve selected 5 of the most efficient DIY skincare recipes to help you get rid of skin imperfections, even out skin tone naturally without chemicals, close your pores and improve your visual appearance. And what’s even greater about these recipes is that they won’t affect your budget at all since the majority of the required ingredients can even be found in your pantry! Here we go!


    1. Natural Skin Toner

    diy facial toner

    No woman can go past this important 1st step of preparing your skin for the day ahead or for sleep time.

    What do you need?

    • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 
    • 5 tbsp distilled water
    • A container

    The recipe:
    Pour the apple cider vinegar and distilled water into the container, and shake it well. Apply the mixture with a cotton pad!


    2. Natural Facial Skin Serum



    diy jojoba oil

    The 2nd step of your daily beauty routine will shrink your open pores and even out your skin tone.

    What do you need?

    • 1 drop of rose essential oil
    • 2 drops of jojoba oil

    The recipe:
    Mix the oils and use your finger to stir the mixture in your palm. Massage the serum into your skin (pay attention to the T zone).



    3. Nighttime Sugar & Honey Scrub

    honey body scrub

    To pamper yourself at night and achieve glowing skin, you have to try this recipe!

    What do you need?

    • 1 tbsp brown sugar
    • 1 tbsp raw honey
    • 2 drops of fresh lemon juice

    The recipe:
    Mix the ingredients in your palm and stir with your finger. Apply the mixture on your face, neck and shoulders gently massaging it into the skin. Leave it on for about 5 minutes and rinse.



    4. Natural Coconut Oil Skin Moisturizer

    The Best Organic Facial Moisturizer

    Coconut oil is a widely known natural skin moisturizer which you can use on your face and body!


    What do you need?

    • 100% natural coconut oil ( or organic)


    This natural coconut oil skin moisturizer formula is super easy as it contains only one ingredient. Apply generously on areas with dry skin.

    The upper mentioned DIY skincare products will work wonders for your skin. So make sure that you try them out to transform your visual appearance!

  • Best DIY Masks for Every Type of Skin and Hair

    Cheap Remedies For Healthy Hair & Skin


    Look your best everyday with these easy and cheap DIY masks! Most of these ingredients are probably lying around your kitchen somewhere. So grab the ingredients and take some time out of your day to pamper yourself. 

    1. For Dry Skin

    avocado and honey face mask

    All you need is:

    • 1/2 of an avocado
    • 1/4 cup of honey

    Avocado and honey hydrate the skin leaving it moist and supple. Mash half of an avocado until mostly smooth and add honey. Mix together and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

    2. For Dry Hair

    olive and coconut oil hair mask

    All you need is:

    • 1 part olive oil
    • 2 parts coconut oil

    This mixture infuses the hair with moisture and adds shine without the greasy residue. Mix oils together and heat in microwave. Apply to hair while the mixture is still warm. Massage from root to end and wash out with conditioner after 15 minutes.

    3. For Oily Skin


    Egg White Mask


    All you need is:

    • 1 egg white 

    Egg white will reduce excess sebum while temporarily tightening and toning skin. Whisk the egg white vigorously, until it becomes foamy. Apply to face for 15 minutes before rinsing off.


    4. For Oily Hair

    strawberry hair mask

    All you need is:

    • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
    • 1/2 cup strawberries
    • 1/2 cup warm water

    Apple cider vinegar will act as a reset button for your hair's pH levels. To balance it out the strawberries will regulate production of sebum and can remove excessive oil. Blend strawberries and mix together all of the ingredients. Shampoo first, then rinse hair with mix before conditioning.


    5. For Dull Skin

    cucumber face mask

    All you need is:

    • 1/2 cucumber
    • 1/4 cup milk
    • 1 tablespoon honey
    • 1 tablespoon brown sugar

    The milk, honey, and cucumber will moisturize your skin while the brown sugar acts as a gentle exfoliant leaving your skin smooth and refreshed. Puree half of a cucumber and mix all of the ingredients. Apply to face for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

    6. For Dull Hair

    plain  yogurt and honey hair mask

    All you need is:

    • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
    • 1 tablespoon honey

    Yogurt contains enzymes that will eat through product buildup while the honey moisturizes and softens your hair. Mix ingredients together and apply to hair after shampooing. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing and conditioning hair.

    7. For Acne Prone Skin

    honey baking soda lemon mask

    All you need is:

    • 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
    • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
    • 1 tablespoon honey

    What the ingredients actually do:

    • Honey can moisturize your skin, making it softer.
    • Lemon juice can be slightly antibacterial and exfoliating.
    • Baking soda can be anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.


    Mix ingredients together and gently apply to face. Rinse after 15 minutes.



    8. For Damaged Hair


    Here is what you need for this popular remedy:

    • 2 tablespoon mayonnaise
    • 1 tablespoon honey
    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil


    Why it works so well?

    • Mayonnaise can make hair shiny, voluminous, and hydrated.
    • Honey can make hair softer.
    • Olive and coconut oil will hydrate hair.

    Mix ingredients together and apply to hair. Wait fifteen minutes with shower cap on before shampoo and conditioning.

  • Give Yourself the Perfect Bikini Wax at Home

    Save some $$$ and Wax at Home

    Waxing is a means of getting off hair from your bikini area and you get to do it between 3-4 weeks interval. However, getting someone else to do it for you might be quite expensive and discomforting. Fortunately you can always wax your bikini area on your own if you are careful about it.


    Save Some Money on Your Bikini Waxing

    1 ) Buy The Correct Wax

    The hairs located at your bikini area are sensitive and very thick and there is every possibility that waxing it would be painful. However using the right wax can save you the pain. There are different types of waxing cream with their advantages and disadvantages. Hard wax would be best to save you from pain during waxing as it does not grab your skin.

    • Cold wax strips. They get warmed up when placed on your hands and it does a neat job. But you might need to do it more than once for proper removal of the hair and it might be painful.
    • Soft wax. This is applied using paper strips and it works better for finer hair but not suitable for your bikini area.


    2) Make Sure Your Hair Is The Correct Length

    Avoid waxing if the hair is too long or too short as it might be painful. The proper length should be ¼ inch in length. If it is too short the wax cream might grab your skin. And if it is too long the cream would grab excess hair. You can trim the hair with electric razor if it is longer than normal.


    Bikini Waxing At Home


    3)Create A Waxing Schedule

    Let there be constant interval of 3-4 weeks before you wax again. Waiting longer than that would make the hair grow longer and waxing would be painful. Maintaining a waxing cycle would enable your hair get used to the pain.

    • Do not wax before your period. Your body is more sensitive to pain at this moment.


    Don’t Bother With Numbing Cream

    It is really not useful to get or apply creams that are meant to take the pain away before waxing because although they sound great, they rarely work.

    • In place of numbing cream apply baby powder before waxing. This would help the wax hold on to the hairs much easily.
    • Take Ibuprofen about 20-45 before waxing. It would help reduce the pain.

    Waxing Your Bikini Area

    Undress and clean the area with soap and water

    Before you begin the waxing process, take a shower and use an unscented soap and warm water to wash your bikini area. Wipe your body very dry and stay undressed while waxing. This would help avoid distraction during the process.

    Heat The Wax

    How To Bikini Wax at Home


    You can make use of the microwave or a warmer to heat up the wax. Warmer might be best as it keeps the wax warm all through which makes it less messy.
    Find a comfortable environment. Choose a place where your privacy would not be disturbed. You might as well wait for everyone to be out the house to avoid unwanted visitor. This would help you work comfortably.

    You can sit on your bed or spread your towel on the floor and sit on it.
    Keep a mirror in your front so you can see what you are doing



    Test The Wax

    How To Bikini Wax At Home


    Do not forget to test the wax before you begin. You might get burned if it too hot. Stir the wax with the applicator stick and check how hot it is on your wrist.

    Decide how you want it to look. Your bikini area can have different looks. You can wax the area that is exposed whenever you put on a swim suit. You can give it a particular shape such as triangle, heart, landing strip and so on. You can as well decide to take it all off.

    You can make use of a stencil or lip liner to make out the area you do not wish to wax.
    Start waxing. Apply the wax on one section carefully. Let it be about 3 inches long and one inch wide. Ensure you apply it in one direction then pull it off in the other direct after 30 seconds. There would be no need of using paper if the wax is hot.

    Begin with the inner thigh and continue till you are done with the waxing.
    The only way to get off the wax when it applied is by pulling it.

    In order to reduce the pain while waxing, pull the skin in the area tight.
    Remove extra wax and extra wax. Any hair or wax left behind after waxing should be removed using tweezers for the hair and wax remover or baby oil for the wax.

    Stopping Discomfort

    Keep your skin smooth. Ensure to rinse off after waxing then exfoliate to get rid of any ingrown hair that might cause discomfort. Do not pop any ingrown hair to avoid infection.

    • Hydrogen or alcohol free of astringent would help prevent infection.

    Soothe Your Burns

    Aloe Vera to Soothe Irritated Skin

    If the hot wax burns your skin during the process, you can soothe the pain by using a clean cloth dampened with cold water. Place the wet cloth on the affected area for about 15 minutes. You can also apply aloe Vera gel on the burned skin to avoid inflammation. However see your doctor if it gets swollen.

    Fix Any Redness

    Milk Used For Skin Care


    Your bikini area might become red after waxing. Heat up milk in the microwave and soak a cloth in the warm milk. Place the cloth on the red area and retain it till the redness is gone, or you can put off your underwear if you have your privacy.

  • Kopari Coconut Body Glow

    kopari body glow

    If you're looking for the perfect beach glow, Kopari is the product for you. Infused with coconut oil, antioxidants, vitamins and pearlescent minerals, the Kopari Coconut Body Glow will leave you looking, feeling, and smelling wonderful. The product itself is beautiful to look at! With it's deep, golden color, and lightweight oil, the specs of glitter shine right through. Imagine how absolutely gorgeous this would look on the skin.

    About Kopari

    Kopari is a coconut oil based beauty line that uses natural ingredients to gift the world with healthy, glowy skin. They use 100% coconut oil sourced from the Philippines as well as other ingredients to enhance the benefits of the coconut oil. Kapori's products contain no harmful chemicals or toxins, because of course, their products are meant to hydrate and repair your skin. 

    Kopari has been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Allure, Elle, InStyle, and many more. They've also been mentioned by celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, saying that it's their secret to looking flawless.


    Their co-founder, Kiana Cabell, was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kiana began experimenting with coconuts and making her own beauty products, as they are known to be a huge beauty ritual in the tropics. According to her, "coconut oil is the most kick-ass ingredient known to (wo)man. You can eat it, cook it, slather it, swish it, spray it, sun it, soak it, scrub it, and clean with it. There’s almost nothing this super-food can’t do."


    Not your typical kind of Body Glow

    Apart from this being an illuminator, Kopari's Coconut Body Glow has many benefits. The formula in the shimmer oil is free of silicones, sulfates, parabens, and GMOs. Amazing, isn't it? And as we all know, coconut is huge in beauty. The coconut in the oil nourishes and hydrates your skin, repairing any cracks and leaving it looking ageless. Other components in the serum include shealight, tocopherol, caprylic triglyceride, mica, and iron oxide, which all contribute in leaving the skin looking as healthy as possible.


    Now that we know that it's completely natural, let's talk about how stunning it leaves you looking. Not only can you see how moisturized your skin is, but the product gives you a nice, golden tone. The sparkles in the product give you radiance and easily highlight the area you choose to apply it on. This will without a doubt leave you looking like a true goddess.


    Lastly, the scent is definitely a huge benefit. This product has a fresh, tropical fragrance that makes anyone fall in love with it. Kopari's Coconut Body Glow will leave you smelling like heaven.



    kopari body glow


    A day in Kopari's Body Glow

    This all-over skin moisturizer can easily help you achieve a flawless summer glow. Before heading out to the beach, apply the body glow and watch the magic happen. The glitter is very subtle, so you won't have to worry about hurting people's eyes. The shimmer will make you glow and ready for your Instagram photo shoots. Nobody will be able to take their eyes off of you.


    If you don't want to apply it all over, you can always just dab some on the high points of your body to make them stand out, like your cheekbones and collar bones.


    Even after 24 hours of applying the product, your skin will stay looking fantastic. Incredibly smooth and still glowing. It's unbelievable!

    Kopari Coconut Body Glow is definitely a favorite.

  • 6 of Our Favorite Skin and Hair Products

    With so many beauty products on the market, its tough to know which work the best and are good for your skin. To make shopping for these products easier, we broke down 6 of our favorite skin protection and hair products and why we are obsessed with these beauty must haves.

    1. Moroccan Oil Sun: Sun Lotion


    As someone who spends most of their time on the beach or in the water, I can tell you first hand that protection from UV rays is crucial. I despised wearing sunscreen because I personally am not a fan of how oily and heavy high SPF sunscreens usually air. Moroccan Oil Sun brand is different than usual brands that have high SPF protection because it feels light weight on your skin as well as hydrating. Instead of feeling dried out and heavy, the Moroccan Oil Sun location really feels like a feather on your skin while still having high SPF protection and nourishing vitamins.

    2. Moroccan Oil Sun: After-Sun Milk


    After a long day at the beach your skin is usually dried out and parched from all the sun exposure and salt water, and sometimes drinking water does not cut it The Moroccan Oil After-Sun Milk is perfect for hydrating your skin after a day spent in the sun. This lotion is a must have because keeping your skin hydrated means it will glow more and it allows prevents you from peeling. This is a miracle worker and makes you feel rejuvenated when your skin feels dull and dry.

    3. Lalicious: The Oil


    I am a naturally tan person and I usually don't burn but if there is one unexpected place I do burn, it's my scalp. I love to wear my hair down parted to the middle to the beach, but what I always seem to forget is that your scalp is not used to being so exposed to the sun since you're always changing you're hair style. When my scalp would burn it would turn red and then a few days later it would become extremely dry and peal. That is where the Lalicious Oil comes into play. This oil is to be applied to dry scalp to help your scalp hydrate once again and therefore stop pealing. If there is one thing you do not want it's a painful dry scalp, avoid this with the Lalicious Oil.

    4. Hask Argan Oil


    If you feel like your hair can use more smoothness and shine then this is the product for you. Argan Oil has many nutritious benefits for your hair such as Vitamin E that aid in helping you hair shine, de-tangle, and loss its frizz. Celebrities and models are known to use Argan Oil in there hair often, no wonder their hair always looks sleek and smooth.

    5. Kopari Coconut Body Glow


    This product leaves a serious glow on your skin. Kopari Coconut Body Glow has a great fragrance and gold shimmer that can be easily applied. If you're feeling your skin looks dull and flat try this product to give you that extra shine you've been looking for. My favorite part about this product is not only that you get an extra glow, but it doubles as an amazing fragrance.

    6. Coola Sport Guava Mango Sunscreen


    If you like to get out and be active in the sun, then this sunscreen is perfect for you. This sunscreen is high SPF and is spray on which makes for easy and quick application. Not only does this sunscreen have high SPF protection, but it also smells amazing and does not have the normal pungent sunscreen odor.

    Try out these products and let us know which were your favorites!