• Best Halloween Costumes 2017

    Halloween parties were thrown this past weekend and celebrities were out showing off their favorite celebrities and characters. Today we bring you a list of 8 celebrities who did a great presentation of their favorite people from history. 

    Best Halloween Costumes

    Kourtney and Kim Kardashian as Michael Jackson and Marylin Monroe

    Kim Kardashian

    Demi Lovato as Selena

    Demi Lovato

    Rowan Blanchard as Marie Antoinette 

    Rita Ora as Poison Ivy

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    Oksana Tsygankova as Princess Jasmine

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    Kim Kardashian as Cher


    Vanessa Hudgens as Freak Show


    Lebron James as The Clown

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  • What to Wear to the Amalfi Coast

    What to Wear in Amalfi Coast

    Every year the Amalfi Coast receives thousands of tourists to the most wonderful beaches from the southern edge of Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula. Amalfi Coast is a famous tourist and holiday destination that offers small beaches and pastel-colored villages. One day at the Amalfi Coast will make you feel like a total goddess. Read below for a list of best beaches of the Amalfi Coast and what to wear during your trip at Positano.

    Amalfi Coast Beaches

    Amalfi Coast Positano

    Italians head to the Amalfi Coast beaches to spend their holiday vacation in style. This Mediterranean destination is covered with cliffs surrounded by small boutiques and one of Italy's finest hotels and restaurants. Positano is one of their most visited beaches for its photogenic atmosphere, a cascade of terracotta houses and steep streets overlooking a magical ocean. Here is a list of the most popular beach in the Amalfi Coast:

    • The beach Marina Grande of Positano
    • The beach Marina Grande of Amalfi
    • The beach of Furore
    • The beach of Erchie
    • The beach of Maiori
    • Beaches of Praiano
    • Beach of Duoglio

    Things to do in Amalfi Coast

    Things to do in Amalfi Coast

    There are many attractions and things to see around the Amalfi Coast. One of them is to eat pizza and gelato around Amalfi Coast beaches. If you want to get more adventure or adrenaline, the Amalfi Coast offers great hiking adventures with its stunning scenery and sunset views. One of the most popular hikes is IL Vallone delle Ferriere, covered in beautiful waterfalls and a decent steep climb.

    Discover the culture and history of Amalfi Coast with a visit to Positano. You can take boat tours and explore the different views from the coast. Marina Grande beach is one of the most visited beaches and offers great restaurants and boutique options. Also, you can visit Arienzo beach situated between two cliffs for a more relaxing experience. You can't miss the Roman ruins near the villages of Montepertuso or Nocelle.

    If you are looking for a more relaxing and luxurious stay, visit Villa Cimbrone located in the mountaintop town of Ravello. This luxury hotel is covered in gorgeous gardens with chestnut trees, hydrangeas, and roses. Admissions to the gardens just cost 7 euros and you can indulge in a botanical adventure with south of Italy's most jaw dropping view.  

    Amalfi Coast Weather

    Amalfi Coast Weather

    The best time of the year to visit the Amalfi Coast is between April to June. Flowers are blooming during this season and you can avoid the tourist crush that comes during July and late August. September is also a great season to visit the Amalfi Coast when the temperatures are mild and still lots of activities to do.

    May is the best month to visit the Amalfi Coast with high temperature in the 70s and lows in the 60s. There are less tourists during this month and more flowers blooming. 

    What to Wear in Amalfi Coast

    What to Wear in Amalfi Coast

    This is a destination were you need to be in your best style. Pack colorful dresses, big diva sunglasses, sandals and bathing suits. Our collection of Luli Fama has a wide variety of white and gold dresses to wear at the beach. This is your opportunity to show of your curves with a luxurious one piece bathing suit or a strappy bikini set.

    There are several things you will need to pack in your suitcase before your trip. Carry the essentials such as sunscreen, over the shoulder bags, hats and sheer blouses. You will need a collection of dresses for nighttime and daytime. Wear print and short dresses for the morning, and maxi dresses in bold tones during the evening. 

    Gold Beach Cover UpIrgus One Piece Bathing SuitLuli Fama Cover UpWhat to Wear at Positano

    These tips will get you ready for your next holiday getaway. The Amalfi Coast is definitely one of the most beautiful destinations and holiday attractions. Shop our favorite bathing suits and dresses for an unforgettable time in Southern Italy.

    Model Lauren Leola

    She's a force to be reckoned with, out scouring the earth for adventure and inspiration. Her motto is "pants are optional" as she's keen to the idea that one shouldn't be so stuck on others expectations. Lauren is a breath of fresh air, with an interest in all things from historical fiction to sophisticated wines.


    Photographer MAX LIBERTINE

    Amalfi Coast

     Max Libertine

    MAX LIBERTINE is an international swimwear & travel photographer from Germany. His work leads him to exclusive and stunning locations around the world. He loves to capture most beautiful, authentic, free spirited and adventurous women, travel and beach life.

    Discover more of Max's work and travel destinations on his website www.maxlibertine.com

  • Break my Style with Laureen Uy

    They say that passion is key to success. It drives you to keep going through any tough times, and makes you work that much harder to achieve your goals. It seems like fashion blogger Laureen Uy has that figured out! Not only is she a popular blogger, reaching tons of people in her home country and beyond, but she’s also turned her fashion blogger fame into big opportunities. Read on to meet this up-and-coming talent.

     Laureen Uy

    Laureen Uy

    Laureen is no stranger to the fashion world, despite her fame from her blog. She is also the sister of celebrity stylist Liz Uy and her brother is a fashion editor for Preview magazine. According to an interview with kidgnarly.blogspot.com, she got her start in the fashion world as an intern at fifteen.  

    Laureen Uy

    She’s 27 years old, and was born in the Philippines. According to famousbirthdays.com, she started the blog that really launched her into fashion stardom back in 2010. Since the beginning of that blog, she’s credited with being named one of the Philippines most influential fashion bloggers. Sounds like she’s putting that B.A. she earned to good use!

    Break my Style Blog

    Laureen, as mentioned about started Break My Style back in 2010 and quickly gained popularity that’s gone world-wide. Her eyes for clothes and her fame in the blogging world led her to many lucrative partnerships with various brands. According to a feature on asia.be.com, Song, Bench Skin, and Vaseline are just some of the brands who have vied for space on her blog and social media accounts.

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    With all that success, Laureen opened the StyleBreak showroom. Better plan ahead, though, if you want to check it out. The place is by appointment only. If the picture on her website is any indication, there’s some great pieces there.

    Besides all this, Laureen has been named as Channel V Designer of the month, and she’s even broken into the acting world. Her credits include My BinondoGirl and Lailangan ko’y ikaw. She and her sister also had a fashion-based show on the cable channel ETC, which Liz announced back in 2014.  

    Laureen Uy YouTube

    Laureen Uy

    You know what they say: you have to study the greats to be great. If you want to be successful at the social media game, you need to pay attention to people like Laureen and see the common threads. She seems to have them all.

    • Age: 27 years old
    • Born: Manila, Philippines
    • Birthday: October 9
    • Blog: Break my Style 

    One, she has an active Instagram where she posts great-looking content ranging from photos of herself out and about to places and sights she’s visiting. Her fearless fashion sense, traveling spirit, and easy-going personality have attracted over 800K people to her @laureenmuy account there.

    Two, they make great use of video to produce eye-catching and informative content that speaks to their audience. Laureen’s videos take her over 47K subscribers behind the scenes of various events and programs she’s a part of, answers viewers questions, gives fashion and social media tips, and even some fun, random videos.

    And three? They diversify. Just look at all the things I’ve listed she does above, then check out her twitter account (@laureenmuy) and join her over 500K followers as she shares content on yet another platform.

    Laureen is always traveling in style and carries the best bikini sets. Shop our favorite bikini sets for the beach:

  • 8 Things to Pack for a Vacation to Mexico

    Mexico trips offers different attractions. Seaside trips, forest visits, traditional city travel, and visit of historical ruins which can all be booked before you travel to Mexico, or upon arriving. Any traveler would definitely want to make the most out of their trip. After all, they are not only spending money, but they are also allocating time and energy. However, some would leave the place feeling completely unsatisfied, simply because they have missed out those essential things that could have further enriched their experience.

    Bohemian Print Cover Up

    When you are in Mexico, make sure that you do not skip anything along the way, so you can get rid of the feeling of self-blame or guilt later. To help you out, here are 8 outfit to wear in Mexico.

    Cute Outfits for Mexico Vacation

    The country of Mexico is famed for the wealthy Mayan heritage that colors its history. Facts of that heritage remains in the form of essentially untouched Mayan ruins. Old Temples, castles, destinations and pyramids have kept a mystical honor to individuals that vanished several generations ago.

    One of the most leading tour of Mexico is a visit of the Mayan empire. Tours should be set up minimum for a week, or month, based upon your vacation plans. Most trips take visitors through the more well known Mayan locations, just like Chichen Itza, Tulum, Cancun and Palenque. A tour of the Mayan ruins are truly worth the moment if your holiday plans take you anyplace close to a ruin site.

    Black Romper

    If you are looking for the best tacos, nachos, and jalapenos, you've come to the right place. No one does it better than the Mexicans themselves. They are produced by almost all restaurants and cafes all over the country. Don't forget to ask for their best toppings and sauce to go with your all-time Mexican favorites. Pack a cute romper in your luggage to explore the different taco spots. 

    Chambray romper

    It doesn't really matter if you are talking about Acapulco or Cabo San Lucas. Mexico has countless beautiful beaches that you can choose from. If you want to be near the party scene, as well as meet dozens of people every day, the beaches in Acapulco will always be the most ideal choice.


    However, you can also go farther from the city such as in Mazatlan, as well as in nearby islands, if you want to have some privacy. You can look forward to a whole day of water fun through jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, and even parasailing.

    What to wear in Mexico

    Boleros, folklorico costumes, shirts, pots, and guayaberas, to name a few, are aplenty in almost all Mexican markets. They are sold at very low prices, so you can definitely grab as many as you can, then give them to family and friends.

    Besides, you can never miss out dealing with Mexican tradesmen who are not only known for their unique accent, but also for their charm. If you know how to find your way through them, you can even get your well-liked goods at very huge discounts.

    Despite the rapid changes infrastructure and economy boom of Mexico, it's still able to maintain its heritage, culture, and tradition, which can be traced back to the early Aztec civilizations. Thus, there's no other way to learn more of their history or go back to memory lane than to explore their museums or drop by their mining towns. Always pack a bathing suit in case you encounter a hidden beach.

    Jungle Queen Bikini Set

    Don't end your Mexican experience outside your room. Even with your accommodation, you can still live the Mexican lifestyle. For instance, a Grupo Mayan hotel and resort villa can give you the most captivating view of the beach or the sea, just like a lot of homes that you can find all over Mexico. Hence, you can just wake up the way average Mexicans do-greeted by the warm weather and rays of sunshine.

    There are various modes of transportation that are available in the city. One of these is the bus. It's very cheap, punctual, and convenient.  Not only does this allow you to see new places, you get to most of the amazing sightseeing spots on your Mexico trip. You can choose between two classes: first class and second class. Nevertheless, since there's only a slight difference in price, you might as well go into first class, where you will be served with snack and drinks.

    Cancun Packing List

    Don't forget to bring a camera! This is important for documenting your Mexico trip and capturing fond memories. See to it that you bring the charger of your camera batteries or spare batteries so you can take pictures until the end of the trip.

      Mexico remains one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and you don't want to miss anything. Pack accordingly for your vacation and you'll have a lifetime of memories to look back on with your family and friends.

      • Bikini Set
      • Matching Cover Up
      • SPF Sunscreen
      • Tanning Oil
      • Oil Blotting Sheets
      • Comfortable Day Dress
      • Camera
      • Cute Tote Bag


      Here are more of our favorite bathing suits for an all inclusive resort vacation:


    1. Why Use Organic Beauty Products

      Ovеr the lаѕt fеw years, thе trеnd for organic living hаѕ become highlу рорulаr. Thе days whеn оrgаniс рrоduсt uѕеrѕ were сlаѕѕifiеd аѕ "hippies" or "frеаkѕ" are dеfinitеlу оvеr.
      Organic bеаutу рrоduсtѕ dо nоt uѕе chemicals thаt wеrе еаrliеr uѕеd by all bеаutу companies to make соѕmеtiсѕ аnd оthеr synthetic рrоduсtѕ. Thеѕе сhеmiсаlѕ wеrе аbѕоrbеd bу the skin and ѕоmеtimеѕ had аdvеrѕе еffесt оn thе bоdу. Orgаniс bеаutу products аrе in big dеmаnd nоw as еvеrуоnе wаntѕ tо lооk hоt and pretty inсluding thе children.

      Bеѕidеѕ being сhеmiсаlѕ-frее, these оrgаniс products are bеnеfiсiаl for уоur skin in mаnу ways.

      Organic Products

      Benefits of Organic Products

      Beautiful Aroma
      Most of these organic products smell wonderful. They are mostly made from essential oils derived from flowers, fruits or herbs. These products have a natural aroma and do not use artificial fragrances that are mostly used in synthetic beauty products.
      Some of the common fragrances that could lift your senses would be lavender, rose, vanilla, papaya, berries and coconut.

      Younger Skin
      Organic products reduce wrinkles and age spots, as the normal chemical products end up harming skin if used regularly. Natural cosmetics fight signs of ageing from within the skin and you will end up with youthful fresh skin even when you grow older.

      No Hidden Ingredients
      There would be no hidden ingredients in an organic product as the aroma of it would say it all. If the packaging says 'rose' you would definitely smell the rose fragrance in it. This is one of the reasons organic beauty products tend to be so popular.

      No Preservatives
      Beauty products that contain natural ingredients like fruit extracts and food grains also ensure that the products they use are grown organically. This means that the ingredients so not include any chemical preservatives that could be absorbed into the skin.

      Less Expensive
      Since these products are made from natural ingredients, they tend to be less expensive than their chemical counter parts. In fact, most of the ingredients used in making organic beauty products are what we already make use of every day in our kitchens. Honey, turmeric, fruits, almonds etc. are some of the products that have been used for beautifying since ages.

      Chemical-based cosmetics also harm the environment in a huge way. The production units pump their waste into the surrounding ecosystem, and as consumers, we contribute to this too. Every time we wash the chemical products off our face, hair and body, they flow into the sewage system, and eventually get absorbed into the groundwater.

      Specific Products for Specific Problems
      Organic products offer specific creations for specific problems. For e.g. aloe vera is used for hair care, honey for facials, turmeric and saffron for fairer complexion and coconut oil for smoother skin. Specific beauty products are created to suit specific skin type and hair.

      No Side Effects
      Being all natural, the organic products do not have any side effects when used. No harsh or harmful chemical is present in these products and it ensures that they are completely safe for you to use.

      Organic makeup and beauty products are widely available and are wonderful for all skin types. To find the right product for you just do a little research and read the labels. You may think about trying a certain product but are unsure because of the cost. What if it doesn't work and I'm not happy with it?

      Organic Products
      Any product that you buy can be returned if you aren't satisfied with the results. Save your receipts and read the labels carefully, many products offer a full refund with a receipt. If you've been thinking about switching to more organic beauty products, go on and try them! Leave the chemicals behind and don't look back, you won't regret it.