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  • Get To Know Miss Jacque Rae

    Exclusive Interview With The Talented Jacque Rae

    Jacque Rae isn't your typical 22 year old. She's been under the spotlight since 2009 and has continued to become noticed. The super star is known for receiving two Nickelodeons Kids Choice Awards and for being a part of Nick Cannons all girls group, School Gyrls. Since then she has remained active on all social media and has shared her talents with the world to see. Check out our exclusive interview with Jacque Rae below.

    Where do you live?
    I'm from San Diego CA but I moved to north Hollywood when I was in 8th grade!

    How old are you? I'm 22 years old

    What size swimwear do you wear? I'm 5' and only weigh 100 lbs so I have a small frame. So depending on how much skin i want to show and the making of the suit, I either wear an XS or just a S.

    Name one thing you can't live without? One thing I can't live without is my dog taz!

    What's on your playlist? My playlist literally goes from 21 savage to Kevin Lyttle to some Gwen stefani. I got Apple Music recently and it changed my life.

    What's your go to meal? My go to meal is spaghetti, I feel like you could never ever go wrong with a big bowl of pasta

    Which swimwear brand is your favorite? I've never thought of my fave brand for bikinis, if I see something and like it and it looks good on me I get it !

    How do you stay fit? I grew up dancing so I think that's always helped me stay in shape and has kept my metabolism moving fast so I could eat anything and everything.

    Describe yourself in 3 words: Mmmm "where's the food" 😂

    If you could travel anywhere - where would it be? The two places I HAVE to travel to before I die are Italy and Greece. They both seem so beautiful.

    How long have you been dancing? I've been dancing since I was 5.

    What type of dance is your favorite? My favorite style is hip hop.

    What dancer inspires you? What dancer inspires me would have to be Ian Eastwood, they way he moves is just so smooth and he makes it look so damn easy!

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  • 4 Bikinis You Need This Summer

    What You Should Be Rockin in 2017


    Sofia Jamora in 2017 Bikinis


    You look great no matter what you wear, but everyone knows that all it takes is one killer outfit to totally bump up your style status, right?  Women, you know what I mean.  A spectacular bikini, a gorgeous one piece, a dramatic summer dress, a flirty cover up.  It's all there in the details. 


    So, if you're looking for a new style to totally change the way you look and feel, stay tuned for these brand new numbers that are going to take you by surprise, and in the best possible way.  After all, No one has to know your secret, right?  So, keep them guessing with each of these incredible designer swimwear numbers, and you'll see yourself that fashion is all about finding the right style to suit your body.  


    1. Luli Fama Naughty Girl Top & Bottom

    Where To Get Paige Watkins Popular Ruffle Bikini


    Here's the first hot number that had us all obsessing as soon as it hit Instagram. We hope you're  ready to explore the new world of designer swimwear.  It is a frilly bikini top that makes the perfect statement. Lace trimmed ruffle straps and our favorite triangle cut help you make a killer first impression. It is so feminine and boho which we are loving! It has the best accents, and a subtle pattern that flatters any tanned babe; obviously as you can see Paige Watkins giving us the perfect sun kissed bronze tan. 

    The bottoms here offer you a sexy cut with cheeky coverage.  First and foremost, there is the tie sides to adjust them how ever you want, and secondly, there is the modern cut that accentuate your female figure, also known as #bootygoals.  Both of these things are done delicately to ensure that everyone sees the best parts of you from all angles. Glam and sexy are here in this new and exciting Luli Fama bikini.


    2. Perfect Peach The Other Woman Monokini

    Sofia Jamora Wears Perfect Peach Swim

    For the show stopping bombshell, there is this gorgeous monokini that is all about letting it all hang out and keeping the summer hot and steamy.  This is done with a sensual cut accentuating those curves, and a mix of classic hues that will suit all skin tones and complexions. This will be one bikini that is easy to match with anything, because its so versatile – and then some. With this modern silhouette, you'll be able to enjoy all of the perks of this classic style, and the skimpy bikini bottom will frame your shape and give you all the flavor you're looking for.

    Summer is all about flaunting your style and body to all of those around you, so you have to make sure that you're putting your best modern fashion foot forward with hot fresh 2017 styles like this, right?  You'll get all you need and more with this gorgeous monokini.  The adventure awaits.



    3. Frankies Bikinis Stella Top & Tanner Bottom

    Moonstruck Traveller in Frankies Bikinis Stella Top

    There are all sorts of beautiful things to love about this crochet bikini.  It has a killer style that you won't find anywhere else, and is a rich full color that will please anyone out there that is looking for a drop dead gorgeous addition to their wardrobe.  The style is flattering on everyone, and the floral accents is perfect for the unique woman looking for a great bikini set to add to her already diverse collection. 


    If you are a fashion guru, you can see just how fantastic this looks for yourself.  It's simple, understated, and it will work wonders for your style, no matter what shape your body is.  If it looks this good online, imagine just how much better it's going to look on your body.  We all know Sarah Khan from Moonstruck Traveller is goals, but this fresh style is here to please any woman looking to try it out. Now everyone's goals!


    4. Sauvage Venezia Twist Bikini Set 

    Supermodel Candice Swanepoel's Black Bikini Set

    Just one look at this gorgeous bikini will tell you everything you need to know.  It's hot, fashionable and in the best color ever. The reason this gorgeous option is the perfect option for you is in the clean lines that make up this fantastic bikini set.  With cut outs in all of the perfect places, this is the best style out there for those who want to show some skin off without giving themselves away.  You'll get modern style and comfort with this black bikini from top to bottom.  Enjoy the flair!

     Modern swimwear is all about accentuating the body without overdoing it.  The best styles are subtle and sleek so that every woman feels that she is valued and treasured for her individual personality and body.  These four examples can give you that and much more. This is just one of the many reasons that designer swimwear and its many brands available is the best choice for you if you are looking to step up your game so that you can run with the big leagues.  Enjoy your adventure! Oh yeah, you're welcome <3

  • Guess Model Kbprada Takes Bali

    Behind The Scenes: Kseniya Belousova

    Check out some behind the scenes pictures from our recent shoot in Bali with mega babe, Kseniya Belousova. The Russian bombshell is well known on instagram as kbprada and has a following of over 79,000 followers. 

    Kseniya started her modeling career at the age of 19 when she decided to leave Russia and come to the United States. At such a young age she began to build her career and since then she has been the face of many brands and has appeared on various magazine covers. 

    Here our some of the exclusive behind the scenes shots we snapped of Kseniya Belousova during this amazing Bali shoot.

    Bombshell Kbprada striking a pose in Luli Fama's Tribal Beach D-Cup Top and Tribal Beach "Sandy Buns" Double Strap Bikini Bottom

    Kseniya takes a selfie in between swimsuit changes. Selfie taken in our Solkissed Lima Monokini.

    Lifeguard to your rescue in Luli Fama's Seamless Push Up Bikini Top and Scrunch Bikini Bottom.

    Slaying in our Sauvage Monaco Yellow Bikini Set.

    We're obsessing over these behind the scenes sneak peeks and can't wait to share the final images from this amazing shoot with you guys. <3

  • Flashy Patterns and Bikinis

    Trending Bikinis and Patterns for 2017

    Bikini Trends In 2017

    As you get your bikini body ready for the summer waves that are going to be lapping at your feet soon enough, you're probably trying to figure out how you should style yourself this year. There are so many options out there that choosing the perfect one shouldn't be hard, right? The key is to start in the right department. Sometimes it can all come down to choosing between a solid and a pattern option. So, if you find yourself debating over this very issue, consider going for the pattern. There are all sorts of hot styles out there that are effective purely for their wild and exciting pattern options. Here are some of the top five.


    Agua Bendita Area Bikini 

    Agua Bendita 2017 Bikinis

    This is a hot traditional bikini that is full of color and pattern that will perfectly match your bikini body and your coloring. Meant to suit anyone who puts it on, this is specifically designed to hug your body in perfect curves and waves that make you unique and a fashion goddess. This is a bikini that is all about working for you and your shape.

    The best part about it, though, is the vibrant pattern. Just looking at all of the intricate detailing should be enough to make you a pattern lover for life. There are bright colors interspersed with hues and shapes that make this a true sight to see. If you're looking for a reason to change from a solid designer swimwear style to a patterned one, this should give you a pretty good first reason to do just that. And there's more to come, yet!


    Agua Bendita Birds One Piece

    Agua Bendita Birds One Piece


    This is completely different from the one that we just look at, there's no doubt about it, but it is full of designer flair that is impressive on all levels. This is a monokini that will hug your shape and show it off in the perfect way to all those who are watching. It features clean lines and a cinch at the waist that will flatter most figures. For those who love that feminine and sensual look you will love this one piece, I'm sure.

    The fun pattern is mostly floral, a bright burst of reds and blues that intertwine with strands of vibrant greens. The flowers trail up to accentuate your natural shape without overdoing it in a gaudy way that makes you look overdone. You can see, here, that it is done with the intention of simply broadcasting the shape with a unique pattern that will preserve the natural beauty of the woman in a great outfit that is meant to impress. Yet another hot number to think about.


    Agua Bendita Stripe Bikini Set

    For the woman looking for a great way to show her stuff to the world before they're ready for it, these options show you how to make a unique and modern pattern the way to do it. You don't have to shy away from the bold option next time you are looking for your perfect style. Just think about it carefully so that you make sure you are showing off the inner woman that you want to let out. It's your fashion choice and your impeccable style, after all. All of these versatile options will give you great places to start your patterned journey.


    View the new 2017 collection or shop the looks here