• Tanesha Awasthi Knows the Best Spring Trends

    Looking to change things up, lifestyle/fashion-wise? Not sure where to begin looking for new inspiration in that department? Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. We’re going to introduce you to yet another influencer you should know, what she’s about, and her background so you can see if she vibes with what you’re looking for. If she does? We’ll also show you where to find her on the net. Ready to learn? Read on to find out why this style star is refusing to be defined, and how she’s looking to keep moving forward both for her audience, and her brand.

    Tanesha Awasthi

    Plus-Size Style Blogger

    Like many influencers, Tanesha started by just having a passion for something and deciding to give it a go. Her current gig is a bit of a departure from where she started, though, showing how important it can be to allow yourself permission to follow what ignites your soul.


    In an interview with Hey Mama, she talked about starting on a very traditional path. She went to college and got an internship with Johnson and Johnson. She, however, had always dreamed of being in fashion and journalism, as well as psychology. How did she end up combining a lot of these? Read on.

    Tanesha Awasthi YouTube

    According to that same interview, she just wasn’t inspired by what she was doing, and it was a huge source of frustration for the future influencer. At the urging of her husband, she began blogging as a hobby to satisfy that creative itch.

    She claims in that interview that it only took less than half a year to get on the radar and end up in some really cool places, including a trip to fashion week! She stresses, however, that it’s important to stick with it and be consistent. Let’s face it: a story like this is pretty atypical! Her blog’s popularity has gotten her that interview mentioned above, a feature on the Tempest, and an invitation to share some tips with Cosmo, among many others. Her wiki page credits her with also winning a number of awards for her blog, as well as being a speaker who promotes a message of body positivity.

    Girl with Curves

    Tanesha has mentioned a few times not liking the label of plus-size blogger, and she refuses to limit herself, fashion-wise with the label either. She believes in having fun with fashion, first and foremost, even if it means not sticking to the conventional rules of what not to wear at certain sizes.

    Tanesha Awasthi

    She also clearly believes in constantly pushing oneself and expanding one’s horizons, because her blog has gone from being just a way to show off her favorite clothes to so much more. She started by offering style tutorials. Today, she talks that as well as motherhood, saving money on the clothing budget, dealing with cyberbullying, family-friendly Halloween movies, why apple cider vinegar is a must, and more. She even has a playlist section and a unique space where readers can send in their own anonymous writing.

    • Age: 37 years old
    • Birthday: March 4th 
    • Career: Stylist consultant and media director

    Obviously, the best place to check her out is on Instagram, a site that has quickly become a popular choice for online users. She goes by @girlwithcurves, and has over 290 thousand followers. Twitter followers (over 18 thousand strong) know her by the same handle. Meanwhile, on Facebook, over 402 thousand have liked her Girl With Curves account. Finally, you’ll want to check out her Girl With Curves TV channel. She has videos about her own fashion collection, travel and daily adventures, confidence tips, event and workshop videos, and a lot more.

  • Kayla Rae Reid and Ryan Lochte Finally Say I Do!

    Best known as Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte's wife, Kayla Rae Reid was also a Playboy Playmate in July of 2015. At 5'7 and 125 pounds, Kayla is a sight most men can't resist. Her measurements are 32, 26, 36 and her cup size is C.

    Kayla Rae Reid

    Kayla Rae Reid Bio

    Kayla and Ryan only recently tied the knot, as of this writing. The couple held low key nuptials at a Gainesville, Florida courthouse. The only attendee at the nuptials was Ryan's father. There were no friends present, even though Ryan and Kayla met through mutual friends. Despite Kayla's prior claim that she would never date an athlete, one look at Ryan seemingly changed her mind. Ryan proposed to Kayla less than one year after they started dating. However, the year after they became engaged she gave birth to their first child together, a son they named Caiden Zane.

    The couple made it a point to tell the media that they deliberately held off on their wedding until after their son was born. While Kayla was pregnant she was very open and honest on social media about how it was affecting her. In a Snapchat post, she showed herself putting Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter on her pregnant stomach. Along with it she stated that she was applying the butter in an attempt to prevent herself from developing stretch marks. 


    Karla Rae Reid Net Worth

    Though she gained the most attention for Playboy, Kayla was also seen in ads for the brand of drinks called Monster Energy. Collectively, each of her modeling jobs helped her gain a net worth of more than $800,000.

    Before Kayla even thought of becoming a model, she dabbled in cheerleading during her childhood. Throughout her school and college education, she was involved in it. She credits having been a cheerleader for so many years with helping her prepare for her eventual career as a model. Now that she has succeeded in that industry she has expressed interest in becoming an actress.

    • Age: 26 years old
    • Height: 5'7"
    • Net worth: $800,000
    • Nationality: American
    • Spouse: Ryan Lochte

    Kayla uses social media to get her name out there as much as possible. She can be found on Instagram @kaylaraereid, where she has 433,000 followers. Kayla also has a Twitter account @KaylaRaeReid, where she has 24.7 thousand followers. Her Facebook page can be found @KaylaRaeReid, where she has 29,773 followers.

    Kayla Rae Reid

    Triangle Bikini Set
    Though she isn't a household name, Kayla Rae Reid has found success in an industry she enjoys. Only time will tell if her career flourishes and she becomes the actress she has dreamed of becoming. In the meantime, she maintains an active life with her husband and baby son. Big things are likely ahead for Kayla, especially because she is connected to Ryan. The couple got married in January in Gainesville, Florida. The happy couple will likely to continue to pursue their own career goals while supporting each other both professionally and personally. Kayla is a beautiful, successful woman who has found her place in the world. Modeling for Playboy may have been the beginning of a wonderful thriving career for her.

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  • Taylor Swift's Reputation Isn't Affected by Leaked Songs

    With a net worth of $280 million, Taylor Swift has already enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in her 28 years. She is considered to be one of the leading artists in contemporary music.

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift Bio

    Taylor began performing onstage at just nine years old. She appeared in local musical productions to gain experience acting and singing. Her future career aspirations took her to New York City to take acting and voice lessons. Over the years she began to develop a passion for country music. At 12 years old Taylor learned how to play the guitar. This is also when she began writing songs after a full day of school.

    A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


    Taylor Swift Awards

    From an early age, Taylor knew she wanted to pursue a music career. When she was only 14 years old her family moved from her home state of Pennsylvania to Nashville, where she attended home school due to her hectic schedule. At that time her goal was to become a country music star. In 2006 she released her first album, which made it to the number five spot on the Billboard 200. Two years later she released her second album, which became 2009's top-selling album and earned her four Grammy Awards.

    • Age: 28 years old
    • Height: 5'10"
    • Birthday: December 13th

    She followed up her second album with a third one, released in 2010. When the album debuted it quickly shot to the top of the music charts and earned Taylor her a second Grammy for the album's hit single. Upon the release of her next two albums, the latter of which helped her make history for being the first female artist to gain two awards for Album of the Year. In 2015 she embarked on a tour that grossed more than most other artists concerts for the entire year. Now she is following up past tours with one that begins in 2018.

    Taylor Swift Philanthropy 

    Aside from being a talented singer and songwriter, Taylor also works to promote various causes and charities. She has made significant cash donations to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Taylor is also known to donate items to be auctioned off for charity and has performed at events such as a telethon for Stand Up To Cancer. She even visits medical facilities to cheer up and support their sickest patients.

    Taylor Swift

    Push Up Bikini Set
    Taylor's fans can follow her career by following her on social media. She can be found on Instagram @taylorswift, where she has 106 million followers. She can also be found on Twitter @taylorswift13, where she has 85.7 million followers. Her Facebook page can be found @TaylorSwift, where she has 70,054,410 followers.

    Taylor Swift Reputation Tour

    Taylor's Reputation Tour is expected to surpass the $450 million in sales, being one of her biggest tours yet. The tour starts on May 2018 until November 2018. Taylor is expected to price her tickets higher in order to prevent sell out and sale at the black market. The tickets are expected to start at $500 for floor seating. The tour will start in Glendale, Arizona. 

    Taylor Swift Reputation

    Known for her deeply personal song lyrics, Taylor Swift wears her heart on her sleeve. She pours all the passion she has into her music and into supporting causes she believes in. Taylor goes out of her way to show support to those in need and continues to speak out against injustices that resonate with her.

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  • Nina Dobrev Celebrated Birthday in Mexico

    Nina Dobrev first rose to fame as a cast member of The Vampire Diaries and DeGrassi: The Next Generation. Born in Bulgaria and raised in Canada, she grew up taking dance lessons as well as acting classes. As she got older, she attended and graduated from an art school in Scarborough. Though she began college classes at Ryerson University, later on, she dropped out to pursue acting professionally.

    Nina Dobrev

    Shop our tops & tees

    Nina Dobrev Movies

    Aside from her TV projects, Nina also worked on both box office and TV movies. She has appeared in two original movies for the Lifetime network as well as MTV and sci-fi network productions. Nina also starred in a music video in 2007. Throughout her recent movie career, she has starred alongside the likes of Samuel L Jackson and Vin Deisel. She has also worked with actors such as Ellen Paige and Christina Applegate.

    A post shared by Nina Dobrev (@nina) on

    Nina is probably best known for her role in The Vampire Diaries. In 2009 she quit the cast of DeGrassi to join the cast of The Vampire Diaries instead. She played the lead role in that show and also appeared in the spinoff, The Originals, where she played the role of Tania. Her role on The Vampire Diaries lasted six years until she took to her Instagram page to announce to the show's fans that she was leaving, though she did return for the final episode of the series. Thanks to her run on The Vampire Diaries, as well as the other roles she played, Nina now has a net worth of $6 million.

    Nina Dobrev Mexico Vacation

    Nina Dobrev

    Classic Lace Up Bikini
    As of this writing, Nina recently celebrated her 29th birthday in Mexico, along with a group of her closest friends. Her friends reportedly gave her a celebrity roast style party, which she sang the praises of afterward.

    • Age: 29 years old
    • Birthday: January 9th
    • Height: 5'7"
    • Nationality: Bulgarian/Canadian
    • Net Worth: $6 million

    Having already accomplished a lot at just 29 years old, Nina is a role model for young women everywhere. She is well respected by her peers in the industry, many of whom admire her as much as her fans do. Countless young fans are forever indebted to her for her contributions to The Vampire Diaries. She starred in the show at the height of the popularity of vampires and cemented a place for herself in show business. Since then she has continued to make headlines for her contributions to the industry. She is likely to continue having a successful career as she uses her talent to bring her fans strong characters to enjoy for years to come.

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  • Model Kate Upton Joins #MeToo Movement

    Actress and model Kate Upton has enjoyed a successful career in the spotlight. Her beautiful face has been seen in many magazines, including the one she is most known for, Sports Illustrated.

    Kate Upton Bio

    Kate Upton

    Browse Red Bikinis
    As a child, Kate wasn't focused on becoming a model or an actress. Though she was born in Michigan, at the age of seven she moved with her family to Florida. Once there, she enrolled in the Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy. During this time in her life, she took up equestrian activities, where she participated in national horse riding competitions. The American Paint horse Association awarded her three world championships that she earned, along with her horse, named Roanie. In total, she won four reserve championships and was declared the Under Reserve-All-Around Champion. Kate spent ten years competing in riding competitions before she even thought about a career in the spotlight.


    Love Kate Upton's Bikinis? Steal Her Look:

    Guess Model

    Towards the end of those ten years, Kate signed with the Elite Model Management after attending a casting call. Afterwards, she relocated from Florida to New York City and entered into an IMG Models contract. Her modeling career kicked off in 2010 when she posed for Dooney & Bourke and then became a Guess brand model.

    A post shared by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

    The next step for Kate was landing in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. As a result of her modeling work, she was seen on the Tosh O show for one episode. It also led to her participation in the All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball game. She ended 2011 by appearing in her first movie, Tower Heist, which she followed up with a role in The Three Stooges movie.

    Kate Upton Guess

    Her success continued in 2012, when she earned the honor of being named Model fifth sexiest in the industry. She also appeared on the Italian version of Vogue Magazine in November of that year. In 2013 she once again appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition as well as Vanity Fair and the UK's version of Vogue. Based on her success in 2013, Kate attended the Style Awards at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, where she earned the title of Model of the Year.

    Kate Upton Movies

    By 2014, Kate was back to acting, as she appeared in a movie called The Other Woman. She was also the star of a music video by Lady Antebellum. She also continued to work in modeling as she starred in an ad campaign for the Game of War: Fire Age mobile app. Most recently, Kate appeared in two more movies; The Layover, and The Disaster Artist. 

    Kate Upton Bikini

    Sauvage Coral Velvet Mariposa Bikini
    • Age: 25 years old
    • Birthday: June 10th
    • Height: 5'10"
    • Net worth: $20 million dollars

    Kate Upton #MeToo

    Recently, Kate shared on Twitter and Instagram about Guess co-founder Paul Marciano "He shouldn’t be allowed to use his power in the industry to sexually and emotionally harass women". Kate Upton speak out on alleged harassment by Paul Marciano and stated, "I'm not going to let him intimidate me anymore". The #metoo movement has helped victims to realize they are not alone and has helped others to raise awareness of the prevalence of sexual harassment, especially in the workplace.

    In an interview with Time magazine, Upton shard how Marciano aggressively kissed her during a Guess photoshoot. A witness, Yu Tsai, told the magazine about the harassment and was fired after he refused to leave the room.

    Fans of Kate are encouraged to follow her on social media. She can be found on Instagram @kateupton, where she has 5.4 million followers. She also has a Twitter account @KateUpton, where she has 2.37 million followers. Her Facebook page can be found @officialKateUpton, where she has 2,652,088 followers. Each social media account offers a glimpse of what Kate is up to these days.

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