• Who Is Indian Savage?

    What Do You Know About Indian Savage?


    Italian Blogger - Indian Savage


    Social media influencers have completely changed the way we shop, the way we think, and the way we live. The blogger spot light goes to one of our favorite Italian lifestyle bloggers, Maggie Dallospedale who created the blog Indian Savage.



    Maggie Started her blog in 2009. The name Indian Savage was inspired by a nickname that was given to her by her grandmother. This lifestyle blog has become her personal diary where she talks about her ideas, travels, impeccable fashion sense and healthy lifestyle tips. Her following is growing more and more by the day, so you can't miss her.


    • She currently has 434,000 followers on Twitter @MaggieDallosped
    • Her Facebook page @IndianSavageBlog has over 70,000 followers
    • Her Instagram account @MaggieDallosedale has 208,000 followers
    • She can also be found on Pinterest at @IndianSavage


    Check out our exclusive Q & A with her to give you a closer look as to why she is so popular!



    Maggie Dallospedale - Italian Lifestyle Blogger



    Q: Where are you from?  

    A: I was born in USA, but I’m Italian, Venezuelan & U.S. citizen. Currently I live in Italy


    Q: How old are you?

    A: 40 years (41 years next April) 



    Indian Savage Lifestyle Blogger Q&A


    Q: What size swimwear do you wear?

    A: XS/34


    Q: Which designer swimwear brand is your favorite? 

    A: There are many brands that I love



    Q: Describe yourself in 3 words.

    A:  positive, responsible, greedy





    Interview with Top Blogger - Maggie Dallospedale


    Q: Name one thing you can't live without?

    A: Music


    Q: What's on your playlist? 

    A: A bit of everything





    Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Tips


    Q: What's your go to meal?

    A: Avocado, fruit and I love Pizza.


    Q: How do you stay fit?

    A: Having a balanced diet, doing sports (swimming and running) and dancing


    Q: If you could travel anywhere - where would it be? 

    A: To Wichita (Kansas) to see where I was born.


    Isn't she the best? To learn more about Maggie check out her popular lifestyle blog Indian Savage, or follow her on social media <3

  • Get To Know Jade Amber

    Exclusive Interview With Jade Amber

    Where are you from?
    Indianapolis, In

    How old are you? I'm 28

    What size swimwear do you wear? Small

    Name one thing you can't live without? Coffee

    What's on your playlist? Alternative, dance, hip hop, I love all types of music

    What's your go to meal? Chicken Breast and broccoli

    Which swimwear brand is your favorite? Beachbunny

    How do you stay fit? I work out 5-6 days a week and eat clean

    Describe yourself in 3 words: caring, kind, driven

    If you could travel anywhere - where would it be? I've been many places that I'm so blessed to have seen, but Ireland is still on my list.


    Keep Up With Amber Jade On Social Media


    Jade is seen wearing a Luli Fama Red Criss Cross Top and Red Full Coverage Bikini Bottom.

  • Summer Must Haves for 2017

    I confess, I am obsessed with the romper trend!


    Red Two Piece Romper - Bikini Luxe


    How do you choose the correct romper? When picking the perfect romper you have to consider these questions:


    1. Do you want to dress it up, or play it down?
    2. Will you be roaming around during the day, or gallivanting during the night?
    3. Is it comfortable to wear?
    4. How many times can I wear it?


    The ideal situation is to find the perfect one, purchase it, and be able to play it up or down as you choose. Pick one which can last a season or two. We have found several which perfectly suits our style needs.



    The Date Night Romper



    This tangerine Designer Multi-Way Romper is sassy, flirty, and sexySometimes a romper can be difficult to pull off, sizing can be an issue. The good thing about this one is that the style converts with different necklines, waist options, etc. The romper can be worn on the repeat and no one will ever notice.


    For date night throw on some lace up heels and some nice jewelry. You can even throw over a cropped jacket if you know its going to be a little chilly where you are.



    The Go-To Romper

    White Lace Romper - Bikini Luxe


    A fun playsuit can be just the right thing to turn your day around, and this white lace romper will definitely do that! This boho romper will be your new favorite "Lazy Outfit". You can wear it anywhere for any occasion. From the grocery store to a gorgeous Summer wedding you will be good to go.You can also rock this romper during the Fall with your favorite booties. It's a no brainer! Just throw it on and save yourself some time.


    Major magazines such as STYLE, Vogue, and Marie Claire have made romper playsuits a lasting style piece, it is essentially an all in one outfit after all!




    The Summer Romper

    Summer Playsuit Romper


    "Ever since we introduced this piece to our online shop, I have been wearing mine any chance given!"

    -Candice Galek


    You know that romper you have sitting in your closet all year just so you can wear it in the summertime? Yeah, this is it! When the temperature goes up the clothes get smaller for obvious reasons. This summer romper is simple and stylish. The gorgeous blue color matches perfectly with a black pair of wedges or casual summer sandals. The V neck is not too deep, perfect for showcasing a beautiful necklace. The highwaisted shorts bottom is super trendy, and can be spiced up with different waist options!


    The has been one of our top sellers this month, for good reason. This outfit fits like a dream, can be dressed up or down, and is sexy yet sophisticated. I think it's a winner!




  • Check Out Bikini Luxe On Deco Drive

  • Get To Know Miss Jacque Rae

    Exclusive Interview With The Talented Jacque Rae

    Jacque Rae isn't your typical 22 year old. She's been under the spotlight since 2009 and has continued to become noticed. The super star is known for receiving two Nickelodeons Kids Choice Awards and for being a part of Nick Cannons all girls group, School Gyrls. Since then she has remained active on all social media and has shared her talents with the world to see. Check out our exclusive interview with Jacque Rae below.

    Where do you live?
    I'm from San Diego CA but I moved to north Hollywood when I was in 8th grade!

    How old are you? I'm 22 years old

    What size swimwear do you wear? I'm 5' and only weigh 100 lbs so I have a small frame. So depending on how much skin i want to show and the making of the suit, I either wear an XS or just a S.

    Name one thing you can't live without? One thing I can't live without is my dog taz!

    What's on your playlist? My playlist literally goes from 21 savage to Kevin Lyttle to some Gwen stefani. I got Apple Music recently and it changed my life.

    What's your go to meal? My go to meal is spaghetti, I feel like you could never ever go wrong with a big bowl of pasta

    Which swimwear brand is your favorite? I've never thought of my fave brand for bikinis, if I see something and like it and it looks good on me I get it !

    How do you stay fit? I grew up dancing so I think that's always helped me stay in shape and has kept my metabolism moving fast so I could eat anything and everything.

    Describe yourself in 3 words: Mmmm "where's the food" 😂

    If you could travel anywhere - where would it be? The two places I HAVE to travel to before I die are Italy and Greece. They both seem so beautiful.

    How long have you been dancing? I've been dancing since I was 5.

    What type of dance is your favorite? My favorite style is hip hop.

    What dancer inspires you? What dancer inspires me would have to be Ian Eastwood, they way he moves is just so smooth and he makes it look so damn easy!

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