A Brand That Sets Itself Apart

Swimwear shopping is some of the best kind. It means you get to hunt down the perfect bikini, one piece or cover up to accentuate your body and help it look its best from all angles. With all of the designer swimwear brands out there, there are all sorts of luxurious products to choose form so that you get a great look. Since there is so much variety, you can even get a variety of designer looks so that you can shake up the style now and again. For those that are into versatile fashion, Sauvage Swimwear has you covered with all sorts of diverse and unique styles that will suit your designer swimwear needs.

To start the search off on the right foot, there's the Leopard Print Bikini a fun and sexy creation that is all about exposing you to the wild side of animal print. This particular style features a black bikini base with bold and thick stripes of cheetah print pattern outlining it. The contrast between the animal print and the black is very striking and creates a very dignified look. With sexy coverage and some bling in the middle of the silky smooth bikini top, there is plenty to love. For the woman who likes animal print and moderate coverage, this is a great option.

Add Some Crystal and Pearl Bling

If you are more into the spring themed colors, you'll find the Verano Bikini Set With Crystals & Pearls is more your style. It features a muted teal background with purple and yellow accents that show off the gentle and refined side of you. Both top and bottom of this one of a kind bikini features hand-applied pearls and crystals that give this designer bikini a unique look and some fashionable bling to sparkle in the sunlight. With skimpy coverage and a bold bright yellow neck tie, it's a great summer-themed traditional bikini with plenty to offer the bikini lover.

If you're looking for a bikini that is entirely different, the Sumatra Twist Wrap ill give you plenty of originality. It features bold splashes of warm oranges and vibrant yellows and twist and tumble over the silky smooth Italian nylon and lycra of top and bottom. With cut outs and skimpy coverage on the bottom, there's plenty to show off. The top features a twist at the neckline which really shows off a unique style and still keeps you covered. A cut out still leaves room for you to play around with some skin, too. With a wide and comfortable tie around the neck, this is a great bikini option for someone who wants something a little different.

Sauvage One Piece Swimwear


If one pieces are more your style, the Nina Designer One Piece Swimsuit is a fantastic, basic and stunning option. Featuring a supportive upper half that will give you some room to play with showing off your chest, thin straps trail over the shoulders and complete a dainty look. This designer one piece features full coverage at the bottom, which may lead you to think that this isn't a great suit. This is where you're wrong. The silhouette style is absolutely gorgeous and helps you highlight the summer body that you spent months taking care of. This gorgeous one of a kind one piece allows you to show that off in style.



For the fashionista that wants a one piece with a little more glitter, the Liquid Bronze Tank One Piece  may be the best option out there. It sticks to the skin and perfectly accentuates your feminine shape without making you feel like everything is on display. A generous round neck allows you to show off your body to anyone who wants to see it. The bronze tone of the one piece is fantastic with any complexion. This is a great one piece that will put a twist on the designer one piece world forever, one glittery inch at a time.


Classic Swimwear Pieces 

If you're interested in more classic and colorful one pieces, the Sauvage Swimwear Versailles Tank One Piece will do the trick. Featuring the same silhouette fit as the Nina Designer One Piece, this stylish option features traditional French designs in varying concentrations of gold. The designs completely cover the one piece and make it a sight to see for any luxury swimwear lover. Gifting the woman with plenty of opportunities to show off her bikini body, this is a great and classic one piece with dainty additions that make it entirely unique. Strut your stuff in style with the Versailles themed pattern.


Dress it Up with a Print Bikini

It's hard to resist the tempting call of animal print, so enjoy it in a subdued manner with this Floral Teal Animal Print String Bikini. It is a great animal print option that is quiet enough to let you enjoy the warm teal hues on the beach. If you are someone who prefers the quieter styles, this is a great sexy option with space to show off your bikini body. The animal print makes itself known mostly on the bottom of this style with blue cheetah print. The top enjoys a more open style with geometric shapes and a hint of more cheetah print along the edges. For those who love teal, this is the best of both worlds.



For a change of pace, show off every inch of you with the Floral Mesh Diva Bikini. It is a great, riske style that leaves almost nothing to imagination. Black mesh, with it's elegant and defined structure , takes up most of this stellar style and leaves the crucial parts to be covered by vivid yellow, pink and purple swirls. There is no question that this is a very “out there” style, which makes it a great option for those who just love spicing their bikinis up at the beach.


Sauvage Floral Bikinis

Similar to that style in a more muted approach, is the Verona Floral Bikini. Have the same finely weaved mesh on top and bottom, this gives a very sexy approach to the classic triangle top bikini. The white and yellow floral print covers all of the essentials, but still lets you show off as much as you want to those passing by. If you are interested in these more revealing mesh styles, this is the best way to show some skin and still keep yourself in designer, luxurious comfort as you do it.



Maybe you're finding yourself looking at the styles and loving what you're seeing, but need something a little more supportive? You're in luck. The Floral Lace Bikini is a great style option with a full underwire in the bikini top, so you can enjoy the designer swimwear look while also knowing that all of your support needs are being taken into consideration. Decorated with a cute and girly floral print that will feel you feel delicate and light, this is a great smooth bikini that lets you show off skin without falling into the realm of bikinis that sag unattractively. Get the best of both worlds with this excellent style.

Dress it up with some Bling!


For the bling lover, there is the Blue Bella Bikini a traditional bikini with the added decorations of bold and beautiful gold chains on both top and bottom. The gold decorations are entirely heat and rust resistant, so you can enjoy the fashion without worrying about the issues of a wardrobe malfunction. The gold chains are a great decorations to this bright bleu bikini because it makes you unique in a sea of similar styles and the glittery gold draws attention to your beautiful bikini body.



Sauvage Bandeau Bikini

From some bandeau bikini fun, there is the Gold Crystal Snake Bandeau Bikini in Pink to keep you in style and looking fantastic with this unique look. The snake that trails down to the middle of the bandeau top features glittering crystals and helps decorate and keep the bandeau in place. The bottom features the signature Sauvage Swimwear gold rings that slide exactly where you want them. In a vivacious pink that will suit any complexion, you can rock this beautiful crystal studded bandeau wherever you go.


Getting back to the sexy and slinky one pieces, there is the Eclipse One Piece Swimsuit that is ready to make you part of nature with its beautiful sunset. Perfectly applied to the luxurious Italian nylon and lycra to best suit your fashion and comfort needs, you are ready to rock this style. Large cut outs highlight both sides of the one piece, mimicking a corset in how the smooth cord ties the pattern together. This is a daring one piece that will make an impact to those watching you parade by, made all the better by the low scoop neck that it features.


For the pattern lover that wants to stand out amongst similar looks, the Labyrinth Gold Stud Crystal Bikini will allow you to do just that. With thick and glitzy gold straps that will attract the eye and hand-placed crystals and studs that will make this a beautiful bikini, there is plenty to love. Both top and bottom of this designer bikini features skimpy coverage so you can show all of your best parts. The geometric blue, gold and yellow design is perfectly muted and modern so you can fit into the superior designer bikini world. This is a great style option for those looking for something completely different.



For those who want something more subdued and classic, the Martinique Orchid Bikini with its crystal additions and gold sliders on top and bottom will help you accomplish the task. Tiny, iridescent crystals line the bikini top and bottom in a dignified way that allows you to let out your inner sparkle without being too loud about it. Featuring a halter top and skimpy coverage on the bottom, the warm and vivid magenta will look fantastic and bold on any shape and complexion. Definitely a must-have for color lovers.



If you're more into bold one pieces, the Pompeii One Piece is definitely the style to try. It features geometric, cobblestone-themed patterns that are expertly applied in vivid blues and magentas so that you can strut your stuff in style. Large cut outs spiral from the bottom of the bust to the neckline, giving the appearance of a bikini from the back. This way you can show off your body, but give room for the beautiful pattern to show itself off, to. With a scoop neck and crystal studded sliders at the neckline, there's plenty to love.


A Swimsuit for Every Occasion

For an even bolder choice in one pieces, there's the Coral One Piece Swimsuit  with a couple of swatches of fabric forming themselves into a very skimpy and attractive style. Spiraling from the neck down to the waist, where pink meets a crystal decorated pink starfish decal, a wide sash of fabric covers your chest and then trails loosely down to waist. There is no question that this is a style for those who love showing off every inch of skin they can in a dignified and tasteful way. Gold sliders at the bottom of this skimpy style complete the look.


For another gorgeous option in designer bikinis, the Prima Donna Bikini is the perfect combination of bling and bold blue. A revealing, push up bandeau style keeps you covered, while a perfectly created body chain style completes the look and gives you some space to give your accessory-love a try. The gold chain is heat and rust resistant, so you can enjoy the bikini time and time again. The bottom is low rise and the gold sliders complete this dignified and unique look. For a twist on typical bikini styles, this excellent designer bandeau with all of its crystal and gold decorations is a great option.


For a change of tune, here's the beautiful and one of a kind Roma Skirt, a great cover up option for when you've had enough sun. Whether you decide to parade around the beach with this flattering skirt floating around you, or wander around in town with you bikini on, this is silky smooth way to do it. Designed to match the Roma Bikini in all of its metal studded beauty, this designer cover up beach skirt features a thick waistline covered in metal links that will give you versatility and comfort. The links are designed to glimmer in the light and give you a taste of unique style.


Sauvage Coverup - Smooth Silk Fit and Feel

For a brighter cover up, there's the Turquoise Silk Caftan Coverup. A beautiful teal sheer silk will hug your body with gold and white accents trailing down the front. You can cinch the waist or leave it floating loosely, whichever you prefer. This designer Sauvage cover up will keep your swimsuit under wraps without denying you the fashion or comfort of slippery silk. With wide sleeves, you can feel as though a butterfly floating through the wind, the bright teal whispering out behind you. The options are endless.


For a walk on the more refined style side, there's the beautiful and sophisticated Bardot French Lace Dress. Designed to hug the body in a chafe-free lace that is a beautiful shade of gold, this is a versatile and stylish cover up that can help you dress up the most basic of swimsuits. This is a fantastic option to wear to the beach as a cover up, or even to enjoy as your basic summer dress. It is designed to keep you cool and airy without making you look silly or restricted with this delicate lace. For the sophisticated cover up lover, this is a must-have.


If you're interested in a floaty style with plenty of color and decorations, try the Canary Yellow Silk Tunic. In a bright yellow that brings the summer theme right into your outfit, the cover up is decorated with bold and artistic beading and embroidery, making this a great casual cover up or sundress. With styles like these, equipped with an open chest design and a variated hemline, you can look your best with no effort at all. It is a slimming style that is floaty and designed to keep you cool all summer long.


Sauvage Silk Caftan

For more silky smooth fun, there's the Versailles Silk Sauvage Caftan with it's Versailles themed design on a vivid black, sheer background. This beautiful cover has one beautiful sleeve that trails down to 3/4 length, leaving a floaty feeling it its wake. The other arm has a free shoulder and can turn this easily into a daring style. Specifically created to match the Versailles Tank One Piece, you can pair this as killer ensemble, or let it do all the talking with a different one piece or bikini underneath.



For a sweet summer dress idea, the Floral Lace Milano Dress has plenty to offer the fashionista in training. Created to match the Floral Lace Bikini that we discussed earlier, this is a great dress that can serve as a cover up, or give you a sweet and innocent appeal on the streets as you walk around. The dress features a scooped neck and is designed to hug your body to show off your best parts. However you want to use this summer dress, it's got plenty to show off!


Designer Tie Dye Sauvage Dress

Color lovers will get a huge rush out of the Lotus Lace Dress with all of its tie dyed glory. Created from a silky smooth Italian silk so that you are comfortable and cool all day long, this cover up is designed to cover majority of your bikini while letting a little poke out at the bottom. White lace decorates the bottom and frilly patterns in the same white trail up the sides of the cover up. This is fantastic, loose fitting vivid cover up to match an equally wild personality. Explore the possibilities.




If you're loving what you're seeing, but something isn't totally right, consider this beautiful Indian Summer Silk Kimono, a gorgeous silk robe that hands loosely off the body. It is a short style that is designed to trail to the waist and a little below. With elbow length sleeves that are perfect for keeping you covered and cool, this is a unique style with plenty to offer the fashionista in training. A wild pattern of greens, blacks, and various shades of pink and red decorates the kimono from top to the bottom. Regardless of whether you want to wear it hanging open or let it trail behind you, this is a great cover up option that allows you to advertise those toned legs.

And to finish things up, the

Indian Summer Silk Print Dress


This gorgeous dress offers every woman a chance to show her stuff in a short dress that is meant to drape loosely over the torso and end just below the rear. This is a great style to be work as a cover up. It has wide straps and a curved neckline so that you can breathe and enjoy the cool comfort that the silk will give you. Beautiful tan stitching lines the bottom of this silk print dress, blending perfectly with hte various blues and browns that make up this geometric pattern. If you are a blue lover, this is a great style option that will keep you covered and cool without losing the comfort that comes for a draping style.

All in all, Sauvage has all sorts of clothing options that will make you feel like a total fashion diva whenever you put one of them on. That's part of what makes them so fantastic and desirable. Featuring luxurious fabrics and fun patterns that are perfect for any demographic, you can get whatever style suits you fancy and know that you look fantastic. Whether you're searching for a bikini, one piece, cover up, or a combination of all of them, Sauvage features all sorts of variety with top of the line creation so that you know you're getting the very best. Wearing Sauvage, you'll be the talk of the beach and no one will be able to top your designer style.