Classy With a Twist

Edgy swimwear is the way to break the into the fashion world for all of us women out there.  Since there is much competition in getting attention on the beach, we could have the nicest beach body in the world and still take second place to another woman in a beautiful bikini.  Therefore, it's best to have a little bit of both with the gorgeous, stylish options offered by Peixoto Swimwear. 

With unique designer bikinis and one pieces that are all about showcasing your beautiful beach body in a respectful way, you'll find that you will easily become the star of the beach without having to be thinner than a carrot stick.  That's what designer fashion and luxurious bikinis will do for you and your beach body.  After all, gaining the right kind of attention is all about being confident and strutting your stuff in a way that means other's can't help but turn to look at you in awe.  Here are the must have styles to integrate into your swimwear closet.

Stunning White Bikini Set

Starting things off with a unique bikini top, the Lokono Halter Top in White  has plenty to say for itself.  First of all, this stunning halter top is available in both white and black, two shades that show your beautiful body off in different, stunning ways.  This white version will help show off your healthy skin and your glowing hair by contrasting your natural colors in a rich, pure white.  It is a breath of fresh air when compared to the other tropical, neon colors that you see so often.  There's nothing wrong with shaking it up once in a while, right?

This designer bikini top is all about showing off your best parts.   It features skimpy coverage in the front that allow you to show off your chest in a respectful, subtle way.  A deep V neckline gives you this same advantage, making this a luxurious bikini top that you don't want to miss.  The several inches of fabric on the bottom of this top will keep you supported and comfortable all day long.  With strong ties at the neck and mid back, fashion and day to day practicality can both be won.  Whether you're looking to wear this at home, or away on vacation where you want to strut your stuff as best as you can, this classy bikini top in its stunning white is certainly the way to do it.

For a matching bottom, check out the Balata Bottom in Black or White.  This excellent sophisticated bikini bottom is a low rise style and designed to highlight all of your natural curves while keeping you covered and feeling secure in what you're showing off to the world.  The slim cut out that spirals around the sides of this bottom is guaranteed to give you an air of attitude and delicacy at the same time.  With full coverage in the back, you can enjoy the knowledge that you are giving off a fashionable vibe, but not having to show off anything that you'd rather keep to yourself.

That's the best thing about this luxurious bikini bottom, it gives off the impression that you're letting everything hang out into the open let passers-by admire everything they want with no trouble, but this high end Peixoto Swimwear design works hard to give that impression without actually leading you to show anything off.  In this way, you get the best of both worlds.  Now, the only choice you're going to have to make is whether you want to get this fantastic option in black and white.  Black is sultry and elegant, a popular favorite amongst beach-goers.  But, white offers a refreshing, energizing touch that will revitalize your swimwear wardrobe.  The choice is yours!

For a great one piece option, you seriously need to consider the Flamingo One Piece in Neon Yellow.  This is no ordinary one piece that will keep you covered as you splash about in the waves with your friends, but offer some top of the line style and silky smooth comfort for your day at the beach, making you into a believer that designer swimwear, like the pieces created by Peixoto Swimwear, really is the best of the best.  This hot yellow option will look great with any complexion and give you some space to show off your body with the perfect cut and fit.

A Deep V for Perfection

The front features an exaggerated V neckline that perfectly frames your chest and shows off the beautiful body you've worked hard for all year long.  The rest of the front is covered by this hypnotic, rich color that will help you make your fashion mark on the beach all year long.  Tying as a halter behind the neck, you get to let the chest out a little more and leave room for those watching to admire your style.  The back features a T style where a strip of yellow trails down to the waistline where the bottom starts to form.  This highlights your toned muscles on your back and helps draw the attention to you slim figure that is on display.  The back of the bottom of this gorgeous one piece is high waisted and features all sorts of cheeky coverage that will give everyone you something to admire.

For a slight variation on that beautiful, one of a kind style, there's the Flamingo One Piece Swimwear in Red, making itself another top of the line fashionable option in the Spring 2015 line by Peixoto Swimwear. This rich color is a fantastic choice that is perfect for pink and bright color lovers. This rich tone is a combination of a deep pink and red, making this a great option with all sorts of accessory options.  It'll make your skin glow, and your eyes pop, and turn you into a beautiful beach goddess.

Like its rich yellow counterpart, this style features the same V neckline, the T racer back style, and the cheeky coverage at the bottom. The gorgeous color will accentuate your natural curves and slender shape in an entirely different way than the neon yellow option.  Whoever said “Don't buy multiples” never understood what two very different colors and designer swimwear can do for you.  Both of these great options will look fantastic and so different, you'll love each one for a different reason.  Take advantage of the rich colors and luxurious silky smooth comfort that designer swimwear is known for.  You'll find yourself floating into a whole other world of fashion and luxurious taste.

For a skimpy bikini top that is all about showing off your stuff, the Bella Bikini Top in Pink is ready to help you explore the world of feminine flair and a gorgeous, unique fit of a strapless bandeau top that is bound to convert you into a strapless lover instead of the traditional triangle top.  This beautiful top criss crosses in the front and ties at the mid back, while a secure band keeps the actual coverage part perfectly in place.  For this reason, you won't have to worry at all about having everything slip out, you'll have practicality, style, and comfort all in one.

This criss crossing look is a beautiful option that really shows off how small you are.  The crossing makes it look like you are even smaller than you are, so you get free slimming help and all of the sexy style you're looking for.  The bandeau fit allows for some push up action, so you can enjoy that as well.  What's more is that this gorgeous, sooth top is ready to make you look great in four different ways.

Peixoto Swimwear Collections

The first way is the criss cross style we've already talked about.  The second way is a halter neckline that circles around your neck by using the tying straps in the first fit to loop around the neck.  You'll love the silky smooth feel, and the extra support it will give you as well as a change of pace from the criss cross fit.  Another option is to take those same straps and tie them in a bow in the middle of the designer bikini top.  This creates a really exciting and unique touch that will transform them into a brand new bikini for you.  What's more is that it will allow you to enjoy the support of the top and still look great in the strapless style.  Lastly, you can loop the criss crossing straps tightly around your back, giving you more definition under the bikini top, but giving the impression that it is a thick style, similar to when we talked about the Lokono Halter Top in White with its wide base.  

Mandarin is not Orange

As if this couldn't get any better, you're going to be overjoyed to find out that there other colors you can enjoy this gorgeous style with, including the Mandarin, which is be far the most unique our of the Pink, Turquoise, and Lavender.  While all are great, this one will give you a totally unique look that compliments your skin tone and still stays neutral enough that you can spice it up with beautiful cover ups or accessories of any metal type.  Silky smooth on the skin and perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the quiet tones of a bikini that lets your body do all of the talking, this Mandarin Bella Top is absolutely perfect to explore with.  This limited edition style with all of its various colors have so much to offer the beach lover.  And how can you argue against the fact that there are so many ways you can wear it?  For the woman looking something to change daily, this is a fantastic option that gives versatility a brand new name.  All of this in designer comfort?  You're going to want one in every color!

Divine One Piece Swimwear

If you're looking for another drop dead gorgeous one piece to make your swimwear wardrobe look even better, the White Malaka Open Back One Piece Swimsuit has everything that you're looking for.  This gorgeous white one piece with its V neckline and simplistic design is guaranteed to help your beach body be the best it can possibly be from top to bottom.  In a glowing white that makes this sophisticated bikini really stand out amongst the other styles, it's hard to ignore it.  It's a creamy full color that will perfectly outline your natural shape and make your tan show its stuff with no work from you.  The deep neckline, as mentioned, helps you show off your chest without letting too much pop out and make you feel exposed.  As with all of the Peixoto Swimwear stylish options, you will you will be totally supported inside, so you won't have to worry about frustrating fits: just luxurious comfort in a silky smooth touch all day long.

From the back, you get to see where this designer one piece gets its name.  The cross crossing straps in the back give you secure comfort and all sorts of access to showing off your toned muscles and slim shape.  The bottom shows a high waistline in the back, but makes it for it with cheeky coverage that will have you staring at yourself in the mirror in appreciation.  Imagine having on a sexy one piece with designer comfort and fir that makes you feel great about yourself?  This gorgeous sophisticated option will do that for you, and so much more.

For a stylish option in a bikini top that is all about showing your stuff to the world, consider this unique and exciting Totoro Bustier Bikini Top in the Zipa Mosaic pattern.  This gorgeous strapless bikini is very similar to the Lokono Halter Top in White that we looked at first, but with no straps.  The fit is very similar, and will give you the same style and look that you love.  In a bold pattern of paisley means geometric tribal color and pattern, you can explore the vast realm of accessorizing that this gorgeous designer bikini top will offer the woman looking for something totally unique.  This top has fully moulded cups that will give you the pleasure of being comfortable and in style at the same time, a crucial part of feeling comfortable with who you are.

What's more is that the back features a criss crossing strappy style that mimics a corset and will give you even more support and security in how it fits.  For your convenience, there are removable tying straps at the neck that can give you even more support.  Available in a Balata bottom with a matching print, you can have the best of fashion, comfort, security, and support.  Party on!

Dreaming of Floral Prints

For a bikini set that allows you to explore the more feminine side of your sophisticated swimwear style, there's the "Tulip Dreams" Bikini Set, a gorgeous matching top and bottom that feature a navy base with pink, purple, and blue tulips spinning around and giving you a great flair.  This design, while definitely feminine, is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for something unique an dignified all at the same time.  The design is very elegant and sophisticated, meaning you get a floral pattern, but stay away from the traditional tropical patterns that are so common these days.  

This style features a dip in the bandeau style top that gives passers-by a sneak peek at what's underneath.  Small delicate straps go to tie behind the neck.  A thick and secure bandeau closure around the mid back will help you stay supported and comfortable with no chafing what-so-ever.   The bikini bottom sits low on the waist and has two slim cut outs at hte sides.  It is designed with cheeky coverage and meant to frame your body in the perfect way that you expect designer bikinis to act.  This is a gorgeous and totally unique style that is all about exploring the refined way of luxurious bikini life.

If you're loving that floral pattern and want more of the glorious Peixoto Swimwear style, try this beautiful Amore Puro In Cotton Garden on for size.  With a matching top and bottom that are both guaranteed to show off your best parts, you can enjoy the view that you are giving off and sharing with others. 

The top is a traditional triangle style that allows you to choose how you want the style to sit on you.  The bottom is low rise and designed to hug your hips, while letting you explore your wild side in a safe way with a slim cut out on the left side of the silky smooth style.  Both top and bottom feature a bold orchid pattern in mostly whites and greys.  It blocks out the entirely of the bikini top and bottom, making it a great option for those that want as much floral perfection as they can get.  The straps are pink on the bikini top and will tie securely so that you can enjoy the style and not have to worry about showing off too much.  This is a great option for floral pattern lovers, or just for enjoying a glamorous and subtle designer Peixoto bikini.

Find Your Inner Beach Goddess with Peixoto

Enjoy the subtle color and pattern of  Peixoto bikini with a mature air that will turn you into a beach goddess in a quiet and beautiful way.  The Tito Limited Edition in Royal Blue The bandeau style top features a cinched V necking, allowing you so flash some skin and enjoy the looks of appreciation at the same time.  The halter straps on the top are removable, and the solid bandeau tie at the mid back will give you support and smooth comfort all day long.  The rich color has a sheen to it that is perfect for those looking for a more mature color and fit.  Though it features somewhat skimpy coverage on the top, it is a fantastic style for those of any age to explore and love.

The luxurious bikini bottom is low rise with full coverage in the front and back, though plenty of room to show off your curvy shape.  Both top and bottom has braided accents as ties around the side and back, a combination of the same royal blue. Coral, and white.  This makes it a great option for accessorizing and spicing up with jewelry.  A great, unique option!

To end things on a high note. This gorgeous pattern and subtle style accents make this Soleil Bikini Top a great way to end off this non-exhaustive list.  This beautiful bikini top has a great, fun pattern of black and white, alternating between stripes of varying lengths and geometric accents.  For those looking for a subtle pattern but still wild in how it looks, this is a great compromise.  The strapless bandeau style will push up your chest and help you give a little something for those passers-by to admire.  What's more is that the secure ties at the mid back and split into two and create a small but alluring cut out that will attract the eye.  Perfectly mixed and matched with one of the glorious and beautiful bikini bottoms offered by Peixoto Swimwear, you can explore the wild world of pattern, dramatic black and white style, and the beautiful fit of a top of the line brand that is ready to help you revolutionize your beachwear style.

As you can see, all of the looks from Peixoto Swimwear vary greatly and offer unique positives in how they fit and treat your body.  All of them are crafted to ensure they will fit and look exactly how you want them to, and they'll all do great things for your great body.  Since each style is different, no two women will look the same, because the intelligent and creative geniuses behind the designer swimwear at Peixoto Swimwear will have created the bikini or one piece to suit the body its decorating.  Style, intelligence and comfort, this brand offers the best of it all.

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