Find Your Inner Princess with Parides

Since every woman likes to feel like a princess from time to time, there are these gorgeous one of a kind designer Shahida Parides dresses that have a taste of flair, color, and vibrant patterns so that all women can get a taste of what it feels like to look and feel great, sheathed in beautiful hand decorated silk that is so unique, everyone around you is staring in awe. That's the response you'll get in these special and captivating long gowns that are growing in popularity. Beautiful and captivating, take a look at what each option can offer you.



The Metamorphosis Blue Dress is the perfect place to start if you are new to the world of designer Shahida Parides dresses. This gorgeous gown is decorated with a perfectly applied pattern that resembles butterfly wings, earning the dress its name of metamorphosis. With hints of blue to represent the lighter tones of the nature the butterfly is found in, this dress will make you part of the nature scene. Show off your summer body and tanned skin with wide shoulder straps and a low neckline. Featuring a high-low hemline, there's plenty to love about this gorgeous, luxuriously silky style.


Rich Colors and Vibrant Prints

For something a little more wild and crazy (especially for those who are addicted to patterns), the Purple Maxi Dress should do the trick. It is a deep and rich purple that will look fantastic with any complexion, and is an easy color if you are looking to match accessories. The fun and joy of this designer dress comes from the green, yellow, and blue accents that are scattered throughout the style. They are mostly centered on the long and full skirt that this dress shows off, so you can watch it flap in the breeze around you as you wander around. Coming with a comfortable customizable belt and a low neckline, all of the modern fashion necessities are taken care of.


Parides Kaftan Collection

Perfectly crafted for the woman who is looking to fit into any fashion situation, the Lace Up Parides Kaftan Long Maxi Dress can give you everything you could ever ask for in a dress. It has a bold red-themed pattern that is decorated with glimpses of foreign architecture and tiny splotches of color and geometric pattern. This is a floor length style with a large slit up the side and in the front, giving you plenty of space to show off those impressive toned legs of yours. With long, relaxed sleeves and a cinched waistline, you can show yourself off from any angle, and know that you look fantastic. This is a gorgeous designer kaftan with plenty to offer the fashionista.

Add Some Flair 

For some Spanish flair, why not add the Heritage Skirt And Crop Top Set to your wardrobe? This is a great ensemble to take with you on a trip, because it will give you all of the fashion you want and is easy and versatile to enjoy. The cropped top fits loosely around the body so that you can enjoy the cool breeze without restrictions. It sits off the shoulders, so you get a chance to show off your best parts in style. The skirt is meant to hang to the floor and features a customizable waist tie that is decorated with bright colors to match the Spanish patterns of blues, reds, and oranges. With a slit up the side, you can explore the wild, adventurous side, and easily slip back into the more traditional one without having to change a thing. That's fashion at its best.


As Seen on Paris Hilton

On that same note, there is the Navajo Tribal Dream, a beautiful ombre style dress that easily transfers from adventurous red, to bold blue, to a lighter sky blue shade that will look great on any body shape or size. This silk gown features a high low style and is decorated with exciting patterns that really show the tribal side of this style. This is great for a casual luxurious summer dress to wear out and about on the beach or in town. You can easily accessorize the style with gold, bronze, or silver, and nothing will be taken away from the elaborate style. This isn't one you want to miss.


Luxury Resortwear at its Finest 

Perhaps you're more on the animal side of fashion. If so, the Safari Jaguar Long Silk Dress will get your heart pumping. It is an exotic number that features varying patterns of cheetah print, outlined with black tribal patterns around the neck. The bell skirt features large, sexy slits on either side that will give the dress room to breathe and keep you cool, as well as allow you to show off your gorgeous legs, all the way up to the thigh. With a customizable cinch waist, you choose how this style will sit on you, making this Luxury Resortwear great for wearing a multitude of stylish and different ways.


Gorgeous Designer Silk Prints 

Similar to its counterpart that we have already discussed, this bright and exciting Navajo Tribal Dream has all of the same features as the first one, but it is in warmer colors of pink, red, and purple. For those who love the blue themed Navajo style, this one will give you the same option in summery colors. With a low neckline and a tie waist, customization is all yours. The deep purple and pink at the bottom of this silk dress is the perfect way to show off those legs in the high-low style. For those who like loud styles and patterns, this is a great silky one to try out this summer.



For a variant on the animal print, try getting away from the cheetah and lion, and go instead for the Wild Safari Zebra Print Silk Dress. With its long skirts that are perfectly decorated with the best zebra print out there, you can combine your love of animal print with that of geometric patterns. This dress has the best of both. With a halter tie neckline, you get a chance to show off those shoulders, too. The exaggerated neckline with tis black and small accents, creates the look of tribal jewelry, adding another luxurious layer to the style. There's more than meets the eye with this gorgeous dress.


The Best of Both Worlds

For a change in scenery, there is the Navajo Long Dress a gorgeous option that is an alternative to the high low styles we've been looking at. Free from slits or high hemlines, this is a fantastic style if you're more interested in the traditional long skirt with a fun and flashy pattern. Going from blue to a neutral off white, there are geometric, tribal patterns decorating the silk dress from top to bottom, not to mention the low back and neckline of the dress. With a cinch waist and fun draw ties, you can get the best out of both worlds with this exciting style.


Luxurious Silk to Keep You Cool

Bursting with color, the Royal Heritage Dress is a great step forward for those who are looking for maximum versatility. It is a designer dress that is bursting with modern colors and patterns that are perfectly handmade and designed to help you look your best from all angles. The dress is designed to be worn three ways so that you can get the most out of the pattern and find different ways to dress it up or down. Trailing down to the ground, the luxurious silk will keep you cool all day and looking great while you're at it. The skit is a gradual high low, gifting you with the beauty of a full length skirt with the convenience of free movement.


Unique Style and Silky Fit

For a change of pace, there is the fantastic and modern Pomegranate Red Dress, the perfect combination of fun and summer-themed pattern, mixed with a slimming fit that emphasizes your female shape and allure. The unique shape of the dress allows you to enjoy a different fit that will help you stand out amongst all of the other women out there in summer dresses. The superior construction quality of this dress with the silky smooth fit and the fun accents at the neckline and open back, it's hard not to immediately fall in love with this gorgeous style.


Parides Dress Sale, Promo or Discount Code?

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Maybe you're looking for the same style dress in a deeper color? If so, the Amazonia Purple Dress has plenty to offer. With the same fit and look as the previous dress, this beautiful option features a light pink and purple touch that gives it a feminine flair and a fun look that will have you looking fantastic in your tropical paradise. The same geometric accents line the neck and back, creating an exciting look with even more color than the Pomegranate color option. For a quieter and fashionable pink themed dress, this is the way to go.


Bring in the royalty with the Persian Princess Maxi Dress . With a limited edition print like this, you'll make a great impression wandering around the resort. With a plunging V neckline, you can get a brand new definition of the “sultry”. Brown, delicate green, gold, bronze, and blue battle it out in this gorgeous, princess style, giving you all sorts of choices in how you want to accessorize and emphasize parts. The wild pattern can be flattering on any figure and it will suit you perfectly in a dressed up or down atmosphere. With a cinching waist, a flattering fit is all yours.

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Luxurious Animal Prints

Getting back to the nature feel for those animal print lovers out there, the Leopard Safari Print Racerback Slip Dress is bound to have you reaching for your credit card. This style has a lot in common with others that give way to the animal print world, however, the combination of both zebra and cheetah print makes it unique in comparison. The full length skirt trails to the ankles and side of the dress gives a bit of a cut out for those who love the option of sharing some skin. The gold and black top of the dress will bring attention to your figure and its tiny shape. It's all fun with this one of a kind silky designer summer dress.



Not loving the cheetah and zebra idea? Well, this Jaguar Print Dress  will give you something to love. In bold, loud hues of blue, black, and red, the exciting blue-themed jaguar print gives you a fun flair. The deep blue spots will bring attention to your beach-ready legs, and the detailed V pattern at the neckline gives you easy ornamentation and a fun way to play with the other perfect colors. With a low back, you get to show off your muscles and still feel totally comfortable in the luxurious summer dress. Get ready to be introduced to a whole new world with this print and style. It's out there waiting for you.


Elegant Tribal Themes 

If you want to explore the wild geometric world of color and pattern, the Cleopatra Dress should give you your fill, one glorious color-soaked inch at a time. Using the deep blue to separate top from the bottom, this tribal themed summer dress is perfect for the woman who is looking to improve her sense of color fashion. This luxurious dress is silky smooth and ready to give you the best of the modern world of pattern and color. It has two slits in the skirt so that you can move around freely and keep cool in the repressive heat. The stained glass look at the bottom of the wide skirt catches the eye and shows off your legs at the same time.


Nature Meets the Elements

Bring nature into your style with the Yellow Silk Dress. It features a beautiful yellow base that is warm and sure to help you transform your style wardrobe, one gorgeously smooth silky inch at a time. With a purple and blue garden on the bottom, and a pink and orange one at the top, you've got all the colors under the sun to help you make a fully inclusive style. Perfect for the soft color lover, or the fashionista that is looking for something entirely gentle and unique to try, this floor length silk dress has a side slit that gives the dress more definition and helps you show off your legs.


Snake Print in Silk

For the snake lover out there, this Silk Print Maxi Dress with its python themed skirt will give you all sorts of enjoyment. The reds and oranges are rich and full, trailing down the skirt to flap behind you in the breeze. With a high low style, you'll get to explore the beautiful combination of showing your legs off and keeping yourself covered in high quality silk. Like any of the Shahida Parides styles, you get an excellent hand-made cut that will frame your body and help it look the best it can be. The bright diamonds of blue solidify the cobra look and make it all the more appealing.



If you're looking for yet another twist on the Navajo style, this Navajo Tribal Yellow Dress will help you look the best that you can imagine. Trailing from red to yellow to a warm rust color that really brings in the tribal feel, this dress has two perfectly placed side slits for ventilation and fashion needs. The waist can be cinched to your preferred fit, and has a daringly wide and low neckline that you will love. The perfect combination of color, pattern, sexy style, and sophistication, you'll love everything this designer Shahida Parides dress can do for you.


Bollywood Meets Beverly Hills

For a total change in tune, here's the spectacular, one of a kind designer Marrakesh Hi-Low Maxi Dress in all of its original glory. This is a Bollywood-inspired style that is absolutely bursting at the seams with color and adventure. With an oversized skirt that features the high low fit, you get a plunging V neckline in the front and back. The waistline allows you to choose how tight to pull it, therefore making sure that choose how tight the dress is, but also high big or small the V neckline is. This is an absolute must have in a very limited edition style that will make you the belle of the ball. The crown is yours in this absolutely breathtaking style.



Sometimes simple is best, as this Heritage Red Cami Long Dress will tell you. You don't miss anything by going with a simple cami style, you simply gain comfort and silky smooth fit all at once. Designed to hang from you like your typical camisole, you get a relaxed fit in silk that will caress and treat your body like the goddess that you feel you are. A full skirt is decorated in patterns so loud and colorful that you will want to spend the rest of your life looking at every inch of it in case you find a spot that doesn't astound you as much as the previous one. The cinched waist is perfectly hidden under the vibrant pattern. Put simply, like this luxurious Shahida Parides style, it's impossible not to love this glorious dress.


Silk Print Kimonos with a Tribal Twist

Perhaps you're hoping to soak up the sun with a tropical and tribal themed kimono, like the Tropical Feather Silk Print Kimono Dress Covered in mock feathers, you can feel as though you are part of this traditional culture with a modern take on the tribal outfitting. This short style fits loose on the body, giving you plenty of room to move around and enjoy yourself knowing that you look fantastic as you do it. The bright oranges contrast perfectly with the greens and blues. This is a really unique look that will help you look your best from every angle. And all of this in silky comfort, too. It's hard to imagine this getting any better.



If you love what you see but are really into blue, the Cross Blue Racer Back Dress can give you a lot of the same enjoyment. It is a full length dress with a scooped neckline and lots of feather accenting that make it a tribal option for those who want the longer style but all of the exciting tribal pattern and style. With gold decorations at the top that resemble medallions, and a feather train at the bottom, you can enjoy it inch by silky inch! What's more is that the varying blues make it a great option for blue lovers and make it a great casual summer dress that is easily accessorized with gold and silver accents.


To end on a wild and exciting note, there is the Limited Edition Luxury Safari Print Cover Up , a beautiful and limited edition style option for all of your beachwear needs. It is a great giraffe themed outfit that is ready to spice up your bikini. When you need to cover up a bit, or head out to another location for the evening, you're not going to want to make yourself into one of those people who squeezes into shorts of a tank top, right? So, continue the beautiful trend with this Shahida Parides cover up that has the decorations of a safari all over it. It hands loose and shows off a generous neckline for your needs. Going to just above the knee, the silk cover up will keep you looking great while being useful at the same time.

Practicality and fashion, gotta love it, am I right?

Shahida Parides Dresses Collection

All in all, you can see that Shahida Parides has got some incredible designer dresses waiting for you. They are all unique and show you how each woman can choose to show off her body in a unique and exciting way that is all her. Since we are all different, we each find a way to make these designer styles our own, and the luxurious comfort and high quality of these designer dresses ensure that we can get the most out of our style options. If you're looking for a versatile and exciting design to spice up your summer wardrobe, any of these will do the trick. Follow this link to see the entire Parides Dresses Collection.