Finding that Perfect Bikini

We understand that your swimwear needs are high priority and you need to find the perfect bikini or one piece, like, yesterday.  In order to help with the chaotic panic of finding that perfect style, we have all sorts of gorgeous and perfectly created Montce Swimwear bikinis and one pieces, ready to change the way you look at designer swimwear forever. 

Montce Swimwear 2016 Collection 

Each one of these looks is entirely unique and sure to give you exactly the look that you are searching for, one way or another.  From skimpy bikini tops and bottoms, to bold and wild one pieces that are all about cut outs, Montce Swimwear has got the perfect high end swimwear catalog for you.

To start everything off on a good note, there's the Braided Triangle Top in Olive, a great, tiny bikini top option that has all sorts of accents that you're looking for.  The rich color is a unique touch that makes it stand out from other brands.  In a warm olive hue, this perfect classy bikini top is great for any complexion out there.  The braided straps give some unique flair to it and form a racer back style that is slimming and draws attention to your toned back.  With a generous amount of skin showing so you are looking your finest, this is a great luxurious bikini top option.   



Olive is the Color of the Season

Pairing with that style, is the Euro Tassels Olive Bikini Top, a great skimpy style that is all about showing you off.  In the same rich, original color as the style above, you can get perfect style and fit and look totally unique and original while wearing it.  The tassels on this exciting bikini top hang down the back and draw attention as they swing while you move.  This will have passers-by staring in appreciation from whatever angle they are admiring you from.  The tiny design in the front gives you lots of space to play with showing off your curves in a classy way.

Jungle Print Montce Swimwear 

Explore the world of low rise bikini bottoms with the Nu Micro Bikini Bottom in Safari.  This is an exciting and fashionable luxurious bikini bottom that will perfectly highlight your curves in a bold Safari style print, complete with tropical leaves and flowers.  This is definitely a bold style to suit your beachwear style.  With delicate shirring and cheeky coverage in the back, you've got everything you could want in a gorgeous, high end bikini bottom.

If you loved the Olive tops but are looking for bolder colors, you'll find the best of the best with the Deeper Blue And Black Euro Top.  It's got the perfect fit and style as the two gorgeous examples we've already looked at, but the bold blue color as the base and outlining streaks of slimming and elegant black.  This blue Euro Top will certainly bump up your style a few notches and help you enjoy the way it frames your chest without being too obvious about it.  Traditional triangle ties highlight your toned back with their deep, rich black color and double strands at the base of the top.  It's a great style that will change the way you look at blue and black together forever.

A Splash of Blue

For a brighter take on the rich blue color, there is the same style as the Olive Euro Tassels look (with a couple perfect modifications to make you unique) in a bold color, the Deeper Blue Triangle T-Top.  In a bright, rich shade of blue that will make your glossy hair and vibrant skin pop, you get to show off your body and keep yourself looking fantastic and refined at the same time.  This traditional triangle top is skimpy in the front and all about showing off your muscles in the back.   It is specifically designed to highlight the curve of your chest while keeping you comfortable and smooth in top of the line Italian lycra and spandex.  The triangle back with tis stringy Y shape is fantastic for comfort and showing yourself off from all angles.  This is a great style waiting to make you look your best.

For a change in pace, there's the gorgeous, unique Dunes Monokini inTerracotta, with bold cut outs and fantastic style that is going to make you into the star of the beach.  It is a seemingly full coverage designer monokini, but all of the cut outs and strappy appeal give you plenty of space and time to show off your gorgeous beach body.  The top has a wide V cut out that shows off plenty of your chest.  Four bold orange straps connect the top of this daring design to the bottom, leaving the rest to show off your mid-drift.  With a halter neckline and a high waisted bottom, this is certainly a one piece that can only be described as “unique”.  The fun and flashy Terracotta color is a great option too, for breaking free of the traditional bikini colors and making your own trend in a rich and flattering warm color like this one.  Color and top of the line style paired together makes for one unforgettable outfit.

Designer Bikini Fashion Statement Pieces

Explore the wild side of color and pattern with the Tortugas Outline Bikini Top in Safari and Terracotta.  It is a beautiful tiny bikini style that pairs the fun and wild Safari pattern with highlighting and matching Terracotta straps that will highlight all of your best angles and turn you into a beach goddess.  The top has a tiny amount of coverage that covers only the essentials and lets the rest hang free and show your beautiful beach body off to the world around you.  The thick straps are comfortable on the skin and guaranteed to keep the top secure to you.  This will give you a great combination of fun pattern and the practicality that gives you space to move around.

What's more is the bikini bottom, low rise, is created from an alluring three bold Terracotta straps that leave nothing to the imagination.  Their deep color and the Safari pattern that, as with the top, covers what needs to be covered, is a great fashion option for the beach goer looking for a classy bikini with a bit of alluring spice thrown in.  This will do the trick.

One of the most popular bikini tops by Montce Swimwear, the Casa Maya Basmati Bikini Top is the perfect combination of geometric pattern and bold maroon accents that make this a style to die for.  The deep maroon lines carve around the outside of your chest and highlight it perfectly.  The bold pattern takes care of covering the inside, the fun pattern a combination of maroon, rich blue, and streaks of yellow.  This makes it a bold and energetic style that is perfectly completed by the maroon outlining.  Tying around the top and mid-back with patterned strings around the neck, and a a maroon band around the mid-back, all of your fashion needs are taken into consideration with this fantastic style.

Offering a similar style is the Cage Bralette Top in Maroon.  This is a limited edition style that is all about showing off everything you've got in the best, classy bikini way.  The top is designed to sit on your like a bra would, covering enough so that you feel as though you're showing off your best parts without being top indecent about it.  Other than that, though, the style is working to show you off to all of those around you.  The three straps of fabric that spiral around the base of the top and form the back straps are fantastic for keeping this luxurious limited edition swimwear top in place while highlight your curves and toned body.  This makes it the best of both worlds in comfort and fashion.  A great rich maroon option to consider.

Perfectly Matching Tones

For a designer bikini bottom that is perfect for matching the tone of the tops we've discussed above, there's the Casa Maya Euro Strings Bikini Bottom, a fun and flashy style that will make you into the most beautiful woman on the beach.  And all of this without losing the luxurious comfort and simplistic style that does all of the work for you.  The rich and versatile geometric pattern that we sat in the Casa Maya Basmati Bikini Top is the base of this bikini bottom, covering all of the necessities and leaving the rest to three thin, comfortable straps that spiral around to the cheeky back of the beautiful fashionable option.  This is a great and sexy bikini bottom to be matched with another of the equally gorgeous Montce Swimwear styles out there.


For a high waisted bottom in the maroon and geometric print, there's the Casa Maya Sonia High Waist Bikini Bottom that will perfectly match the other Casa Maya tops you've been looking at, making this a great option for mixing and matching.  With a maroon base that covers all of your essentials with its rich, silky smooth color, you can look good and know that everything is perfectly hidden out of sight without taking away your feminine flair.  What's more is that the rest of the high waisted style is left to the energizing streaks of the geometric pattern in all of its ruffle lined glory.  This is a comfortable, smooth style that perfectly matches the other Casa Maya styles and will keep you cool and in style all summer long.  You will love what this unique bikini bottom can do for you and your beach body.

If you're looking for a bold print with a really unique bikini bottom style. The Cabana Ruffle Short Bikini Bottom in Little Hawaii will give you everything you could ask for.  This ruffle covered luxurious bikini bottom option is covered in the Little Hawaii pattern which is a black rich base with tiny palm trees dotting it.  It makes for a great print that is summer ready and guaranteed to lighten up your fashion sense!  After all, it's summer and time to have some fun!  This ruffle short style has a hight waist that uses ties at the side to keep it in the perfect spot.  The ruffle hangs freely to meet a low rise bikini bottom in a soft and smooth fabric that will keep your skin happy all day long.  This is a truly unique  style in a gorgeous summer-ready print that will totally change the way you look at bikini bottoms.  If you want something totally new and adventurous, this is the best option out there for you.

This Summer 2015 style is all about bringing the bandeau style back in a cute little print that will perfectly match the bottom we just discussed.  The Braided Betsy Top in Little Hawaii is  tiny style with a braided back that connects securely in the back and keeps the style perfectly in line with what you want to use it for.  The ruffle touches make it match in with the bottom shorts we discussed earlier. You can enjoy the smooth touches of designer creation in regards to proper fit and silky smooth comfort all day long.  There's no question that this strapless tiny luxurious bikini top is all about showing your stuff.  The bandeau means you get a bit of controlled push up action and all of the practicality you need to move about freely and enjoy your beach.  You get the best of it all with this Little Hawaii designer bandeau top.

Mix and Match Montce

For another Little Hawaii bikini bottom option, there's the one of a kind, high waisted Braided Alta Bottom in Little Hawaii.  It is a stringy style that covers all of the essentials and creates a hight waistline, while creating wild and young cut outs along the side, that show off your killer, toned bikini body with no work required from you.  There is no question that this is a beautiful and sexy style that is all about showing off your best angles, and it has all of the designer comfort that you've come to expect from the great minds behind Montce Swimwear.  This is a beautiful high waisted option that is making you reconsider how you always thought of bikini bottoms as having to be low on the waist to be sexy.  This one will quickly prove you wrong.

For a gentle pattern if you are new to the pattern world, there is the delicate and beautiful Betsy Bikini Top in Tillie Floral and Bone

It is a strapless bandeau style that is decorated in a blue base and soft white print that is perfect for those exploring pattern or those who just love the quieter styles.  The white straps that circle around to the back are sturdy and sure to keep you in line with the security and practicality of a comfortable designer bikini top.  While this is a skimpy style, no one can argue that it isn't flattering in a cute and simplistic way.  This is a great fashionable option to try out and see just what it can do for you.

Now to look at a bikini top that is all about embracing the finer, wilder side of the bikini world.  The La Calleta Bikini Top Designer Crochet Bikini Top is a gorgeous option that is all strings and lace.  The lace covers the bikini top itself, creating a unique blinding white style that is entirely unique and sure to look fantastic on you.  With secure shoulder straps and a tie at the mid back, this is a great style for those who are looking for more support or a different take on the triangle top bikini.  This style goes crazy with the strings, with a criss cross style around the stomach that highlights how tiny you are and gives you a fun addition that is all fashion and glamor.  For those looking for something entirely different, this strappy, rich white designer crochet bikini top is the way to go.

If you are interested in looking for a better fit in a bikini top but are looking for something really unique, this Mint Halter Top is a fantastic option by Montce Swiwmear.  Offering a high neckline that gives you solid, silk-like coverage to the mid-drift, this is great for those who are looking for something that offers more coverage and support.  There are some who have scars, other birthmarks, or just don't want to show off their front for whatever reason.  This great style is the perfect way to do that without losing an ounce of style!  The back is entirely open with a secure clip at the neckline and tie at the mid back so that you are totally secure for your day at the beach.  The rich mint color is fantastic, too, offering you a cool and fresh taste on a equally unique style.

Looking something really wild and crazy? 

The Mixed Media Multi String Bikini Set will fit the bill with its wild geometric pattern and a series of tangling strings that are all about color and giving you lots to show off.  The traditional triangle top is fully equipped to show off your chest by providing a push up style and skimpy coverage.  This is truly a style for the bold bikini lover.  With straps of pink and purple, this is a soft touch to the otherwise fun and wild bikini.  The bottom features tiny coverage in both front and back with full shirring helping you show off your best parts.  Strings criss cross in a variety of colors and patterns that bring this designer bikini set together.  This is a gorgeous sexy option that is all about strutting your stuff on the beach.

If you're looking for a cut out bikini, there's this beautiful one of a kind Picante Ventanas Top Cutout Bikini with its gorgeous duo of a wild orange nad yellow pattern and outlining strands of hot pink.  This will look great with every complexion is a classy cutout bikini that is ready to help you show your best stuff off to those paying attention. 

The pink outlining creates cut outs on top and bottom, making this a skimpy bikini with plenty of wild attraction to get the pattern lover interested in it.  This is the perfect balance of cutouts and pattern to make you happy and keep you comfortable all day long at the beach.

A Breathtaking Designer Bikini

Available in Peach and Lilo Blue, this Braided Bikini Set is a great option that provides you with the Euro top and bottom combined with a thin braid that circles the waistline and leads to the shirring on the back of the bikini bottom.  This bikini set has all of the fashion of the Euro top that you've seen before, but with a unique silky sheen that makes it entirely unique and will help you step up your game to be a glamorous beach queen without even having to try. 


These two gorgeous options – a warm, neutral peach, and a rich warm blue – are fantastic options for the bikini lover out there who wants to enjoy more of the silky smooth comfort of Montce Swimwear in quieter tones that keep both of these classy bikinis so fantastic.  Both of this designer swimwear options have all of the luxurious comfort and top of the line style that you'll need to look your best.

As you can see, Montce Swimwear is all about providing the newest styles with the best fits and top of the line patterns and colors.  Each of their selections is unique in touch, comfort, and fit, making sure that you can find your perfect bikini or one piece without having to look past the diverse collection of Montce Swimwear. 

Whether you're an experienced bikini wearer or not, its hard to ignore the gorgeous creations you've seen.  And, those monokinis make it very alluring to jump onto the one piece train instead. 



Get the best of it all with Montce Swimwear.