Michi Fall Work Out Wear 2015 - 2016

    As the leaves begin to turn and you're starting into the descent into fall and winter, your workout routine is bound to change.  It gets colder out and you're looking for a way to stay motivated in getting out there for that run, or that trip to the gym.  The answer to your falling motivation is dressing up for the workouts.  With Michi Activewear, you'll get the motivation you need to go for that run just by putting on each of these autumn-friendly pieces of designer workout wear, and suddenly you'll be having to stop yourself from working out too much!  See for yourself and take a look at what you could enjoy.

First up to the plate is the beautiful and sure-thing Black Croc Illusion Leggings, the perfect full length high end leggings to help you get the most out of your jog around the neighborhood first thing in the morning.  Stretching from the waist, with a built in tapering waistband, these leggings have perfectly placed mesh cut outs and crocodile accents at the top of the style, earning it its name.  Featuring the signature Michi 8 way stretch, you won't feel restricted by your designer activewear with these on. 

Designed to moisture wick and keep you warm at the same time, these are the first must-haves to flesh out your fall workout wear wardrobe.


If you're liking what you're seeing but more interested in a cropped style, no worries, Michi has you covered with this Stardust Crop Legging in Sapphire Navy. 


Staying popular with a modern style and fit, these rich blue 8 way stretch leggings are ready to bring your workout to the next level.  They feature the wide tapering waistband that won't bend or roll no matter how much you move and twist.  They go to the mid calf and don't ride up, while simultaneously making sure that you don't feel restricted or confined in any way.  This edgy style is available in all sorts of fall-themed colors and you can work out in style every day with this high performance workout wear.



Michi Activewear Collection

For a limited edition top to pair with the leggings you already know and love, there's the Venom Tank Michi Top in the alluring and elegant deep rich black that is what you're searching as the cooler months start to creep closer.  This tank top has perfectly placed mesh inserts at the shoulders, bust, and waistline so you won't feel as though you are burning with heat and slick with sweat.  Designed to keep you cool as you work out, the mesh also allows you to pair it with a great Michi sports bra (keep reading!) and create a peekaboo effect.  With a relaxed fit, this is a slimming style with plenty of arm room to move around unhindered and comfortable in the nylon and lycra blend.  Features a racer back for all of your practical and comfort-themed needs.

Michi Tank Top

For that same option with a little more color and versatility, there is the Venom Tank in Grey.  This fantastic style has all of the same qualities as the one we just looked at, like the free movement, racerback neckline, and mesh cut outs that allow you to personalize the look, but this variation also has a splash of color, with the pink mesh that circles the waist.  The hue of the pink varies depending on what you layer underneath it, making it a great option for personalizing even further.  The grey base offers more flexibility in matching, too, and offering a nice reprieve from the black mesh. 

This is a great option for those who love as much color as possible.

Michi Crop Hoodie

For a cute work out option that is guaranteed to help you look and feel great, there's the Cayman Crop Hoodie in Black Croc.  This is a very versatile and comfortable option for layering at the gym.  You can wear it as a warm up cover up, a top to wear to and from the gym, a sexy option to cover a Michi bran, or layer a tank underneath it.  The options are totally endless. 

Moreover, the black crocodile print is a great fashion accent that makes this so much more than your black basic crop top.  This designer Michi workout wear option has a full hood, a slight V neckline and cropped sleeves that are loose fitting and sure to help you accomplish your workout wear routine.  This is fantastic top option for your fall workout wear needs.

Michi Leggings 

For a full length legging that is adventurous in color and mesh cut outs, there is the Quasar Legging in Shiraz Red.  As you've come to expect from the high quality pieces of Michi's brand, there is the wide tapering waistband, sure not to bite or roll down, even if you do find yourself having a bit of weight on.  What's more, is that the mesh cut outs spiral down from the thigh to the front of the ankle.  A warm grey lycra decorates the back of this style, so you won't have the rich full red on your behind.  For those who like the bold style of this warm red and grey together, you'll love it.  With a stir-up addition, you cane enjoy these leggings traditionally, or with the stirrup folded over your foot for comfort and convenience. 

Available in a variety of colors, you can have all sorts of fun with these gorgeous, silky smooth, high quality leggings.

For a tank top that matches those perfect leggings we just talked about, there is the beautiful Ametrine Top Shiraz Open Back Workout Top.  With the full color cascading down from the bottom of the shoulder, the top is left to mesh cutouts that are perfect for ventilation and layering options. This is a lightweight workout wear option that will keep you cool and insulated at the same time in a way that only designer workout wear can accomplished.  Fitted to your natural body and decorated with bold seams, you can accomplish all sorts of fashion statements with this beautiful red workout wear top.  You'll enjoy the longer hemline, too, as you won't have to worry about pulling the top down every five minutes.  Convenient, comfortable, and fashionable.  This is a designer Michi top that will win all of the awards.


Designer Bras by Michi

Taking a peek under the top, you'll find that all of the Michi bras are so beautiful and comfortable you'll never want to take them off.  Just take this rich and beautiful Lagoon Antigravity Bra for instance.  It's an absolutely beautiful bra that can serve as both a sports bra, or an everyday bra with some character to it. 

The bright blue is sure to cover all of the essentials and keep you supported with its anti gravity design, while also keep you comfortable and looking fantastic with the mesh shoulder straps and back.  This is sure to be comfortable all day and keep your sweating to a minimum.  Perfect for layering or wearing alone, you've got style, support, and comfort taken care of here in this one of a kind design that is going to look fantastic.


For a great layering top option, there is the fantastic and to-be-envied Garnet Top in Blue. This is a form fitting top with a wide elastic hemline that will keep it perfectly in place.  With mesh cut outs from the neckline to the wrists, you can stay warm in this Italian high performance fabric while also making sure that you keep cool and refreshed.  This is a great layering option from Michi Activewear and will offer you color and fashion in a high performance, silky smooth package that is all about helping you look your best while you do what needs to be done at the gym.  A great designer workout wear option.

Michi Activewear in Black

For a quieter option, or one that is more available to match with other activewear, consider the same top as we discussed above in a basic, rich black.  The Garnet Crop Top has the same mesh cut outs down the sleeves for ventilation and contouring, and is a solid color that will help you match with the changing wardrobe as autumn creeps into our lives.  Ending below the bust line in a thick elastic waistband that won't ride up, you can move about freely in a style that is all about convenience and looking your best as you head to the gym.  Perfect for layering and matching with your other favorite Michi styles.

Michi Sports Bra

Equipped with great mesh straps that will keep this bra in place and keep help you stay in fashion, this Onyx Bra is all about the cut outs.  It features a glorious sports bra fit that covers all of your chest and keeps it tightly in place.  Layered over that in a matching slick black is a second section that follows the shape of an upside down T.  This forms the cut outs and gives you the exciting style that is so entirely unique to this fit.  Support and comfort and the priorities in this nylon and lycra bra.  You will be able to move in whichever way you choose and be totally comfortable doing it.  Style and top quality fit are all yours.


Michi Wildcat Bra - Versatility and Class

Perhaps you're interested in a sports bra that allows you to enjoy the wide, versatile world of cutouts.  Mesh ones are great and all, but you want to see the two of them together in one bra.  No problem, Michi has the Shiraz Wildcat Bra ready to give you that and much more.  This warm red designer sports bra has a keyhole cutout in the front that allows you to enjoy some showing off without compromising your workout routine in support and comfort.  With mesh shoulder straps, you can stay cool and edgy.  This one of a kind designer sports bra has removable padding and cutouts in the back that spiral between the red, mesh, and black, making this the perfect option for those who are looking for the cutout style in the Michi brand that they love.  You can wear this on its own or under another layer. 

You'll love this cutout sports bra so much that you'll want to wear it everyday.

Michi Activewear = Luxury

Sheer and elegant in a way that follows the high standards of Michi Activewear, this Ager Top is a seemingly off the shoulders style workout wear top that is silky smooth, semi sheer, and full of fashionable flair.  With a long hemline for comfort and full length sleeves, this rich black sophisticated workout wear top features mesh shoulders and upper chest/arm/back cutouts.  This is a tight top in the from that gives way to a relaxed fit in the back that will give you all sorts of fashionable fun, from the gym to the mall. 

You'll want to wear a brightly colored or neutral Michi bra underneath this gorgeous top to get its full effect, and soon you'll see just why this limited edition workout top is so perfect for you.


Basic is Never Basic with Michi NYC

For a play on that style, there's the Kali Top in basic black that will match perfectly with all of your other workout wear.  This is a thank style with sleeves that features an open shoulder fitting and a relaxed, slimming fit that is plenty long.  With mesh cut outs creeping from the back to the sides, you can layer your favorite colors underneath and totally personalize this look so that you have your own signature style.  This semi-sheer designer workout top is perfect for gym and everyday use.  It is casual and dressy, giving you endless stylish options to enjoy.  For those who rely on looking their best at all times on the street and at the gym, this is an absolutely must-have.

Michi Clothes - Elegance Meets Design

If you're looking for more classy workout wear tops, this Sirena Top in Blue has all sorts of pluses to offer.  This is similar to the two styles we already looked at with full length sleeves and a form fitting style.  There are mesh cutouts on the front of the shoulders and tiny ones in the back that are sure to give you a full and fashionable look.  Large cut mesh cutouts takes the cake for this top that is centred at the chest and the mid-drift, where it spirals to the back.  This is the perfect way to show off those brightly colored layers underneath and still look refined and elegant.  For a fun and flashy style in the versatile and beautiful deep blue, this workout wear top has all sorts to offer you.


A Splash of Color

For a colorful splash in the leggings department, there is the Stardust Legging, your new best friend in designer activewear.  This full length leggings are created from a basic black 8 way stretch nylon and lycra that will keep you chafe free and silky smooth all day long.  The bold mesh cut out is fairly opaque, for those who are looking for a more reserved look, and is a bright purple.  This is a fantastic style option that is all about combining color with slimming shape and being free to move around in whatever way you wish. 


A great designer workout wear option for women who need to look fantastic in order to perform at their best.


For those days when the cold really is too much to handle, Michi has you covered with an Aurora Hoodie.  This is a fitted hoodie with a strong zipper and fully quilted for your stylistic and comfort needs.  The deep pockets provide all the room you need for your essentials and the black hood will keep you warm no matter how long you run around the block.  The exaggerated cuffs and waistband give you a secure fit and all of the style that you need to look your best.  Without a doubt, this is a designer hoodie – unique to Michi Activewear – that you don't want to miss out.  You'll get your workout done is style and be nice and warm throughout the whole thing.


Michi NYC

For a casual and exciting Michi designer top, you can look at this beautiful Liquify Top in Olive as you best fashion decision of the year.  Featuring rolled up sleeves that are wide and designed to help you move freely you get a slimming fit with a long hemline, and a fun and flashy mesh cut out at the shoulders that is silky smooth on the skin and sure to help you look fantastic. 

Perfect for the gym or wearing out and about, the warm hue is beautiful.  A mesh cut out decorates the back and the sides of the top too, and the relaxed fit in the back gives you versatility and fashionable distinction that make your choice entirely personal and perfect for you.



Michi Workout Clothes

For an edgy workout wear tee, there's this glowing white beautiful Revolt Tee.  With a full mesh back, this is the perfect way to show off your beautiful designer Michi bra that is just waiting to be put on display.  The wide shoulder straps give the perfect fit, as does the long hemline that will leave you free to move around.  The scoop neckline and solid front give you plenty of definition, too.  Perfect for your workout or for a trip out and about the town, this will quickly become one of your all time favorite style options.

Michi Bodysuit - Epic

Though you may think otherwise, there's all sorts of awesome benefits to a body suit, the biggest of which is that Michi makes one to die for, the Epic Bodysuit in Indigo.  This is a modern and edgy style that is bringing body suits back into the world of designer workout wear.  Perfect for laying under your normal designer activewear during the colder months, this is the best style out there for color and the perfect fit every time.  With wide mesh cut outs on the shoulder and arm, you can enjoy the moisture wicking and bright color.  This is sure to keep you chafe free and toasty warm as the cold creeps into your workout routine.  Never fear, either, free movement and comfort is all yours.


For a cute and sweet fitting tank top, there's the Allegro Tank, you new favorite layering option out there with removable padding for your personal needs.  The dazzling white hue is a great way to spice up your color wardrobe and still stay fashionable with the slimming fit, convenient long hemline, and thick shoulder straps.  The white bra portion is sure to be tight to the chest and gives you two parts to one top.  Who doesn't love those, after all? 

Enjoy the designer fit and feel of the nylon and lycra all while looking your best.

Michi Shadow Leggings

To finish this extensive list with on of the Michi Activewear's best sellers, there's the Shadow Leggings with their wide cut mesh and perfect design that starts with grey at the top and gives way to a slimming black from the mid-thigh down.  The wide cut mesh, as you will see, is lined with nude so that you aren't actually showing everything off.  This formfitting legging is one of the best sellers from Michi because it's so comfortable and silky smooth for those looking for dramatic style and subtle colors.  Equipped with the tapering wide waistband you've come to love about Michi, you've got plenty of style waiting for you here.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything that Michi offers the woman looking for a fun and sexy way of working out at the gym.  There are all kinds of sports bras, tops, leggings and shorts that are ready to take your autumn workout wear options to the whole next level of designer workout wear.  One spandex covered inch at a time, you'll take over the fashionable world and make your everlasting mark on the street, at the gym, and amongst your circle of friends.  Glam it up at the gym with Michi Clothes!