A Bikini that Will Really "Pop"

For the swimwear expert out there that loves collecting all of those really unique styles that are going to make them stand out on the beach, Meg Liz Swimwear (formally known as VPX Swimwear) has all sorts of little treasures that are going to get your fashion heart pumping. With a variety of reversible styles and gorgeous fits that are only to be found in these designer pieces of swimwear, you'll be the star of the beach in all of the best ways. The hardest part of reading this post is going to be deciding which one is your favorite! What a shame!

Gorgeous One Piece Styles

To start things off with an exciting one piece number, there's the High Tide One Piece Monokini . It is a gorgeous monokini style that combines the flair and sass of a bikini with the unique fit and attitude of a one piece. This strappy style covers the chest, allowing for a great U neckline, and gives way to a massive cut out just below the bust line, keeping in touch with a thin line of rich, smooth fabric that secures to the bottom half of the style.

The bottom half is mostly strings, which emphasize your tiny waistline and keep the style modern and fresh. With a top half that is geared towards a sporty edge, and a bottom half that is meant to impress and show off, you've got the best of both worlds.

Featuring Stunning Reversible Swimwear

Showing off your beautiful beach body is going to be a breeze with this one of a kind Aquata Reversible White Pineapple Bikini Set that is ready to present you with a tiny style and two different attitudes. How? It's reversible, of course! One side features the kaleidoscope pineapples that are haphazardly strewn about the bikini in a fun and youthful way. These tumbling pineapples are contrasted on a white background that will show you off with clean lines and a fresh attitude.

With braided detailing on the top and bottom that draw attention to your chest and waist, respectively, you get easy, fabulous style no matter how you look at it. The other side of this designer reversible bikini is a luxurious white. Feel free to mix and match the two sides, giving you four ways to wear this marvelous bikini!


Meg Liz Bikinis Feature Vibrant Colors

To give you a walk on the wild side – color wise – there's the Reversible Breakers Yellow Neon Bikini Set , which features small, exciting cut outs in the top, and a cheeky amount of coverage on the bottom. This tiny bikini is mostly a vivid yellow-green that will suit everyone and give you a unique edge amongst all of the typical bikini colors. What's more, is the bold black outlining frames your best parts and keeps you looking clean and modern. The streak of black on the bottom is great for showing off that thin, toned waist. The back is fully equipped with shirring and promotes a great beach bottom. This is a great style option that is perfect in the vivacious neon color for those who love the color genre of luxurious bikinis.



If you want to go in the animal print direction, this Attina White And Green Designer Meg Liz Bikini will give you something to fall in love with. A refreshing break from the cheetah and leopard print that is so common in typical styles, this designer bikini features a reptile print, similar to a chameleon, in varying shades of rich greens. This scaly style won't let you fade into the background, though, equipped with a beautiful cut that will show off you chest and waist without you having to do any of the work yourself.

Top and bottom are accented with smooth, white strings that give you a glimpse at the clean white color that awaits on the other side of this reversible bikini. No matter how you choose to rock this style, it's got a lot waiting for you, fashion-wise.

Explore and embrace the exciting look and feel of the Classy Bikini Set in Cinder swimwear option. This Meg Liz Swimwear is a great option if you want to stand out on the beach. The rich silver is reminiscent of the ever famous hue of Cinderella's grubby clothing before she meets her Fairy Godmother. There's no worries about you looking ratty, however, in a clean and fresh style including a bandeau style top that keeps you covered, supported, but looking fabulous in a subtle push up style. The teal straps on top and bottom give you a hint at the electrifying blue hue that is the other style option of this reversible high quality bikini.

This classy bikini set will have you ready to attend the (beach) ball of the year in perfect, style that will have you looking your best. With four options in how to wear this beauty, there is plenty of fashionable fun to be had.


Neon Splash of Color

For a unique splash of neon colors and the elegant black bikini allure, there is this unique and popular Neo Miami Lights Neon Bikini Set. Retro and modern at the same time, this is a flattering style that allows you to explore the mystical neon colors of orange, pink, and yellow-green. These bright touches don't take away from the elegant black that takes up the centre of this style, though, letting it do its thing in helping you look the best you can. With skimpy coverage on top and bottom, you can't help but love this just for its unique attitude. Whether you love it for the fashion appeal, the multicolored strings and fashion touches, or the basic black base that will highlight your shape (pun intended), there's all sorts of great benefits waiting for you.

If you love that style but are looking for something a little softer, the Miami Daze Bikini Set is going to present a great option that has all of the same features with a unique twist all of its own. It is a white base with orange, pink and yellow-green lining, making it – in color terms – the opposite of the previous style. The style benefits are all the same, a great low rise bottom and a glamorous top that shows off the chest with the straps, white base and highlighting edges. If you want to splash color and basic white together, this is the best way to do it.

Find Your Inner Mermaid with Meg Liz Swimwear

As with all of the gorgeous finds at Meg Liz Swimwear, it is crafted perfectly to emphasize your natural shape and help you look your best on the beach. Similarly, it is guaranteed to be as smooth as satin all day, no matter how long you wear it. Enjoy the adventure!

If you've ever thought about becoming a mermaid, this fun and flirty Mermaid Bikini Set  can help you achieve your goal in a fashionable way. This is a great style that combines baby pink wit ha gentle deal color. The bottom depicts the beginning of your tail fin with the pink as the base, and the warm teal on the sides. There is no question that this is a style fit for the sea.

To add, this gorgeous triangle top gives you some girly flair with a solid pink base and lacey touches around the edges. This completes the mermaid look, but keeps it modern with the fact that it is helping you show off all of your best places. Combined, this is a beautiful bikini that will give you enough character to stand out on the beach. Fashion has as much of a place in this tiny bikini as character, though, so you won't have to worry about losing your fashionista edge. So go ahead and make your own Disney movie with this adorable, sexy style.

There's nothing wrong with showing your American pride, and this Freedom 4Th Of July Bikini Set is the best way to do it. Featuring the stars at the main base, and the streaks of white and red as the stringy additions to top and bottom, you can look absolutely fantastic as you celebrate the 4th of July. The top allows your to show off your bikini shape without hiding the clear strokes of the American flag. The bottom is perfectly skimpy, too, so you don't have to feel as though you are giving up your fashionista personality in order to demonstrate and celebrate you country.
For those of you who travel and love to show off your homeland, this is a great way to do it on the beach. Hoodies are great and all, but for great first impressions, a classy smooth, designer bikini is going to make a much better first impression, no matter where you go. Be proud and sing it loud with this beautiful, unique, American flag bikini set!


For a variation on the chameleon, get a taste of a flirty and feminine colors with the Andrina Reversible Bikini Set. It is designed to frame your body in swirls of pink and purple that show off your scaley animal print look, too. This is the perfect option for those who wanted to enjoy the versatile color wheel and sexy, unique fashion at the same time.

The best part about this adventurous bikini, though, is that the reversible side is a deep, rich magenta that will help you stand out amongst all of the tropical themed colors that you see on the beachside. This is a great option to stand out in a perfect versatile color scheme that helps you look fantastic with a low rise bottom, shirring at the back, and a revealing triangle top that is sure to help your chest look the best it possibly can. Stringy, sexy, and pink. What more is there?

Give yourself a fresh new take on the traditional bikini with the Alana Pink Mesh Bikini Set . The perfect combination of a unique neckline, rich and full pink color, and a touch of mesh, there is plenty to love about this look. The top is your traditional triangle top with a twist (literally), as the strings criss-cross over the front of you neck and tie behind it. Not only does this guarantee security and comfort, it also emphasizes your neck and chest, making this a functional and stylish option.

The bottom to this designer pink bikini is even more so. It is almost entirely mesh with little lines of pink running haphazardly around the front. This emphasizes your tiny waistline and is very skimpy coverage. The back is the smooth pink solid that features cheeky coverage and is low rise. If you're looking for a feminine that is entirely unique, this may give you a great option.

If you want to explore scrunch butt styles, these next two are for you. First, there's the Mosaic Pattern Scrunch Butt Bikini Set with an eclectic combination of cobblestone patterns that gives it its name. The expressive and vibrant color scheme is a great seller alone, as it gives women a chance to wear all of her favourite colors at once. Not to mention that it is easy to match with cover ups and other accessories.

Accent with Color

Top and bottom are both full coverage, but still help you accent your womanly curves. The top is a bandeau style that pumps up your chest in a comfortable and open way. The back forms a racer neckline style with a scrunched, mosaic themed rope down the back. The bottom is low rise and features two magenta scrunch butt straps on the side. With the vibrant pattern and rich magenta top, the options are endless.


Equally as perfect, especially though you love the classic patterns, is the Paisley Bikini Pink Scrunch Butt Bikini Set. IT features a beautiful pink themed paisley pattern on both the comfortable, alluring bandeau top, and the low rise, form fitting bikini bottom that is all about following your natural shape and bringing it to the forefront is a great style. With a stress-free, comfortable racer back neckline – complete with a scrunch strap down the middle of the back) and a versatile set of pink straps on the bottom, this is a great style.

Though you may not think so at first, the scrunch straps are strategically placed to draw attention to your toned back, think waist, and fit thigh. You can get all of your best parts highlighted and look unique and modern while you're at it.


If you are looking for a bikini on the quieter side of the color wheel, this Halter Top Bikini Set – Aurora is perfect. It has a high neckline that is made from a silky smooth fabric to keep you comfortable all day long and has a mesh cut out in the middle so you can show your stuff off to all those around you. The halter neckline offers a unique bikini top style so that you can get a break from the triangle tops that are all around you. The originality continues with the low rise bikini bottom that gives way to fine mesh at the front and is the gorgeous tan that you're craving in the back. With criss-crossing straps in the back of the top that will keep the style right where you want it, and give you a great way to show off your toned back, this is a bikini hit that you don't want to miss. Designer pattern and a rich, subtle color will suit you just fine.


Show off the ritzy style at the beach with the fantastic Wild Coast Mesh Cut Out Bikini. It is the perfect combination of sultry, showy looks with the mesh base and an elegant black that covers all of the essential. Gold and black together give off a rare and very elegant attitude that is going to make you into the belle of the ball. With ample room to show off your top half in this revealing bandeau mesh cut out style, you will stay comfortable with the soft mesh fabric that will keep you protected from the sun and looking hot.

The low rise bottom is twisted with the gold outlining bands that create a very put-together look and give you a boost in the designer bikini world. Comfortable, sexy and smooth on the skin, this is a great designer swimwear option.

Have some fun on the beach this summer with the gorgeous Neon String Bikini. It features tiny coverage, brained straps in bright colors, and a great unique take on the bikini colors that you see around you. Combining into a tidal wave of pinks, blues, greens, and oranges, you can't help but love this triangle top and cheeky coverage bottom. The braided additions that circle around the neck, the waist and the mid back are a cute touch to help you show your best parts in a modern way. If you are a color lover, this is going to be the best style option out there that will transform you into a beach goddess. After all, summer is the time to embrace the wild color, so go ahead and get wild.


If you're interested in bandeau styles, the Paradise Bikini. with its tropical tones and relaxing fit that is designed to make you part of the relaxing atmosphere. This is perfect for those times that you are looking to match the scenery in a complimentary way instead of dressing yourself in clashing tones that scream excitement and fun. That's not to say that this gorgeous two piece is not fun, it's just done in a more mature and quiet way. The teal bandeau top is highlighted with white along the bottom and creates a really mature look. IT gives you room to show your chest off without giving away all of your secrets. The bottom features yellow tassels that hang low and give this gorgeous designer bikini a really great look. It's a fantastic option for those of you that are looking for something sexy but reserved at the same time.


Loving the tassels but wanting some bold patterns and color? The Nihiwatu Pattern Bikini is the perfect combination of the two. It has all of the makings of a sexy bikini, with a low rise bottom and plenty of skin showing on the top. With wide cut outs between the strings on the top and bottom, you get to show off your fashion sense and bikini body while simultaneously enjoying a bold red-themed pattern. With rich and long tassels hanging down to your low thigh, you get to add some movement and originality into this style.


Cheeky and Fabulous

Finishing off with something really different and unique to the creativity of Mg Liz Swimwear, the Yellow Ruffle Bikini as got all of that and more. The top features an exaggerated strap system that highlights your chest, but keeps all of the important parts covered in girly ruffles. In matching designer style, the bottom features a delicate ruffle that trickles along the waistband and gives you a great adaptation on the top. With a bandeau closure and a cheeky bottom from the back, this has got all of the makings for a fabulous, modern style that will make you stand out on the beach in the best possible way. Plus, the fresh color is a great change for those looking to try something completely new.

Meg Liz - Not to Be Missed

After looking at all of these unique bikinis, it's hard to understand why all of the celebrities aren't enjoying them endlessly. After all, they're unique, exciting, modern, colorful, and full of original characteristics that put Meg Liz Swimwear at the forefront of the luxurious designer bikini world. If you've never tried the various high end bikinis out there, this brand is a great way to start. With all sorts of reversible styles that allow you to show everything off, or enjoy the reserved fit, you've got nothing to lose and all of the designer comfort and modern cuts to gain. Follow this link to see our entire Meg Liz Swimwear Collection.