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Meet #BikiniLuxeBabe Lian Valenzuela

She's an all around super star, with talents such as singing, looking beautiful, making us laugh, and always looking effortlessly put together. She's a social media goddess and her hilarious videos can be seen on Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram. Her YouTube gives us a behind the scenes look at some of her favorite dance moves, and even the release of her new song "No Cuffs." She recently spent her birthday in Miami Beach and was spotted wearing one of our Capittana bikinis.

Everything you need to know about @Lianev

Age: 30 

Sign: Leo 

Birthday: August 22nd, 1986  

Birthplace: San Jose, CA 

Nationality: Filipino 

Height: 5'3 

Instagram: @Lianev

Facebook: LoveLianeV

Twitter: @Lianev

Youtube: Liane V

Vine: LianeV

SoundCloud: LianeV


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