2017 Frankie's Bikinis

You're looking for the hottest swimsuits out there so that you can make your best impression as you parade around the beach. Your search has brought you here and you've made a great choice! We have all sorts of brands that are guaranteed to meet the designer swimwear needs that you have in mind.

Frankies Bikinis Video

One of the best options out there are the wonderful, unique, alluring finds from Frankies Bikinis, and we're ready to show them off to you, so you'll all of your options and be able to pick the best bikini or one piece for you. After all, you're going to be the one clad in these silky smooth styles, so it has to be the best look for you! Here we go!



First, the Raspberry Marina Macrame Bikini  with its warm and rich color and perfect fit. This is a gorgeous option that stays true to the exciting bikini style with enough original flair to make you stand out in a crowd. From the front, this is a gorgeous, and straightforward design. A bandeau top that features an ample amount of skin and a low rise bikini bottom, both crafted from a high quality Nylon and Lycra combination. It's beautiful and silky smooth.

Macrame Styling that is Out of this World

The creation of designer Francesca Aiello, Frankies Bikinis is one of the hottest new brands of the year. The back displays the original macrame work that goes into the style. Making itself into a racerback style. The straps are drawn together in a intricate knot that stays flat on the skin and gives the chest a boost, too. A great combination of original design and a sexy fit, this designer bikini doesn't need any bling, good crafting does all the talking for it. It's a beautiful rich, original color on an equally one of a kind style.

Frankies 2016 Floral Print

For a walk on the pattern side of the bikini world, there is the Marley collection, a great combination of bikini tops and bottoms with unique fits and looks. Each one is fantastic and sure to please your fashion mind. Starting, there is the Marley Bikini Set in Floral Stripe. This is a cute style option with a low rose bottom and a full coverage top with striped straps. The pink Hawaiian flowers give it a girly edge without loosing the woman attitude you're looking for. The tie up strings on the bottom are striped and give it some movement.

Though you may be thinking that you don't want a bikini top that covers everything, just look at how fantastic it looks! It perfectly frames the chest and gives you space to show off the perfect pattern that makes this style so distinct. What's more, is that there is such a cool pattern of straps on the back, that it'll make you see just how powerful this sweet, luxurious bikini can be.

Frankies Bikinis Marley

The Marley Bikini Set in Black gives you another option that has the same killer style as the one we just looked at, but in a basic, humble black. This is a great option for those who love the look but aren't interested in a pattern. Top and bottom and their ties are all the same, rich, sophisticated black that creates a very put-together style. The sooth bikini bottom is your typical full coverage, but the tie ups draw the attention to your waist and thighs. Additionally, the black frames the shape of your body and shows you off as a beach goddess.

Like a little black dress, a little black bikini never hurt anyone to have in their closet, so if you're liking what you're seeing here, just imagine how much you're going to love this strappy bikini when it makes you look that good!


A Plethora of Hues and Colors

Back on the pattern side, the Marley Bikini Set in Batik is the perfect way to express your youth and vibrant personality. The straps showing off a beautiful navy that contrasts the skin and shows off your strong shoulders, the same strap adventure and tie up strings on the top and bottom make this a signature and comfortable designer bikini from the Marley collection. The bold prints of various blues and magenta are mostly geometric and bring in a tribal feel that will make you stand out in a crowd.

The low rise of the bottom and full coverage of both top and bottom give this pattern lots of room to be seen and enjoyed. This is the perfect pattern for those who love blue and/or want the style they are seeing, but aren't interested in tropical flowers or a basic color. This is a loud pattern applied to a killer style that will help you look your best on the beach this summer.


The Years Most Popular Bikini

Last but not least, the Marley Bikini Set in Tie Dye, a great combination of quiet, recognizable pattern applied to the versatile and attractive Marley fit that is starting to sweep the designer bikini world due to its originality. Staying away from the neon colors of typical tie dye, this one centres in on the two main shades of blue, almost imitating the look of jeans. For the woman interested in a luxurious bikini with some familiar shades of blue, this will give you everything you could look for.

The same fun pattern is on the bottom too and makes quite the first impression from front and back. The full coverage bottom ties at the sides allows for maximum customization, and the tie dye pattern is on the straps as much as it is on the bikini itself. Without a doubt, this Marley bikini collection, in all of its patterns, is committed to putting as much color and pattern into the bikini as possible.


Gorgeous Cami Morrone https://twitter.com/CamiMorrone

Lava Red Molten is Molten Hot this Season

Continuing down the line of designer bikinis, there is the Lava Red Bella Macrame Bikini Set, a spicy alternative to the similar styles we have been and will be looking at soon. In a heart stopping shade of brilliant red that will help your tanned skin pop and show you off as a well dressed, sexy lady on the beach, this one of a kind designer bikini is here to help you perfectly frame yourself.

With an identical bikini bottom to the Raspberry style we looked at, it gives you some room to show off your shape and let the bold silky smooth fabric cover what it needs too. The top is where all of the fashion is at, the perfect combination of showing off the chest, and displaying the gorgeous macrame detailing on the top of the bikini top. If you were interested in a more revealing option than the Raspberry style, this is definitely a great one to look at.



To show you how basic styles and colors can really do the trick, here's the Koa Bikini, a one of a kind set with a keyhole top, and a crochet bottom. Both pieces of this exciting style have crochet touches to make them a great set, and give an original flair to the style, for those who are looking for a unique fit to make you stand out in a crowd.

The top is a halter style with a crochet band around the back. The weave is big, so you can still see your shape underneath of it. The front shows a large keyhole cut out in the middle that gives the passerby plenty of skin to look at. The rounded neckline keeps the bikini in place, so that you don't let too much hang out and spoil the mystery. The low rise square cut bottom has its own crochet additions and shows off your tiny shape while making sure that you are fully covered. The warm tan will look fantastic with any complexion and shows you that basic doesn't mean boring.


Exciting Prints from Frankies

Following that, there's the exciting Koa Bikini in Storm a way to enjoy this exciting style in a louder pattern. A fun combination of thin black and white stripes, this is a quiet pattern in comparison to some of them out there, but still gives you a splash of color to play around with. The keyhole cutout in the front is ready to show off all of your best parts, while the bold crochet band will stand out in the rich black. The low rise bottom has the same beautiful pattern and the black crochet detailing that loops around the sides. The bold color of the stitching is what makes this so eye catching, highlighting your best parts with no work needed from you. Enjoy the fun pattern, the flattering style, the silky smooth comfort, and the appreciative looks you'll get.



Floral Meets Macrame

For an entirely different feel in the fashion world, there is the dainty and gorgeous Willow Macrame Bikini with it's pale pink base and small pansies spread around the style in the best possible way to show your femininity. This is the perfect modern designer bikini for those who love the softer and gentler side of the bikini world. The perfect combination of pink and pansies, it's the best option for those who want to let the shape of the bikini do the talking.

The bandeau style top has a removable halter strap, and a V shaped cut out in the front that transforms the innocent pattern into a modern fit bikini that will give you all of the style you need and want on the beach. The back band is a beautiful macrame threading and will keep you unique and comfortable. The full coverage has the same macrame bands along the sides, making this a successful style that is both feminine, sweet, and attractive.


Olive Green is Stunningly Under stated

If you want to go with a basic style that is all about using color and the shape of your toned, perfect bikini body, the Kaia Braided Bikini in Camo Green is here to help you complete your mission. In a refreshing and attractive camo green that gives you a sense of authority and presence, this beautiful designer bikini is already helping you move to a superior level of style. The bandeau style top has two separated green straps that will highlight your toned shoulders. The conservative coverage of the top is a plus for many of you who want to show some, but not all. The tiny bikini bottom with it's matching thin straps draws attention to your toned waist and thighs. There's no question that this beautiful, richly colored bikini keeps its simplicity, while doing wonders for showing off your beach body.


If you are seeing all of these styles and loving, but worried because you need something a little more supportive, the Capri Catalina Blue Bikini Set is ready to help you out. In a rich, deep blue that you won't find anywhere else but in the wonderful designs of Frankies Bikinis, this is a bombshell color that will look fantastic with all of the complexions out there.

The underwire top, hidden to the passerby, is a great style option that will give you a little bit of push up action too, on top of keeping everything in place and feeling comfortable as you move around the beach all day long. A crochet detailing on the back, accented with a gold ring at the top, makes this a great style option that is guaranteed to give you everything you are looking for.

The low rise bottom has twined strands that twirl around the side of the bikini and give it some definition, movement, and style. It matches the top in this way and creates a very put together and attractive style. From braided detailing, to a rich and unique color, to a supportive and stylish bikini fit. What does this one of a kind Frankies Bikinis style not have?!

Frankies Bikinis Oceanside Collection

In a mind blowing rich hue that we saw in another style earlier today, the Oceanside Halter Bikini Set in Lava Red has got a lot to say for itself. It is a tiny bikini with a square cut out in the top and narrow cut outs in the bottom that is guaranteed to transform your bikini body into a work of art. The tiny style is designed to display a moderate amount of skin while also making sure that you don't give away all of your secrets. The square cutout really helps bring this message through. The tiny bottom has full coverage and sits low on the waist, so you can enjoy the way the bright red helps you show off your bikini body even more. There's nothing that this tiny red luxurious bikini can't do once it's on your body. It's a miracle in a bikini.


Skimpy Yet Classy 

For some more exploration on the skimpy side of the bikini world, the Kalani Scrunch Bikini Set in Jet Black has a lot to offer. In perfectly rich, dark shade of black that is going to show you off in a sophisticated manner, it's already got a lot going for it in color alone. With a skimpy scrunch butt and sides, the bottom gives you plenty of room to move freely, but look great with the the shirring that is designed to make you stand out.

The matching bikini top covers everything it needs to, but leaves the rest to enjoy the open air. This means you can really get your bikini body looking fantastic in sleek and skimpy bikini that is designed to help you put your best foot forward on the beach. This tiny black style will get you many appreciative stares for sure.


Modern Yet Traditional 

If you're looking for a great, modern take on a traditional bikini, the Blue Ikat Malibu Criss Cross Bikini Set is a great option. It features a detailed pattern of blue, mocha brown, and black geometric shapes that form horizontal stripes across the top and bottom. It is a visually pleasing style that is guaranteed to look fantastic with any body type. The bandeau style gives the chest a boost so that you can show off some skin without actually showing off too much. The straps criss cross, bright blue in color and create a secure and fully functioning look that is sure to look great, too.

The bottom is low rise and features cheeky coverage. With the great pattern that is decorating the bikini bottom, you will look even slimmer than you already are, which is a huge plus for the woman on the hunt for that dream bikini body. Imagine, a designer bikini that makes you look even thinner...what a joy!

If you found the Lava Red Oceanside Bikini pleasing, you're going to go nuts for this Oceanside Polka Dot Bikini. We've all heard the song “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”, so why not take some liberty on it and enjoy the joy and versatility of polka dots. Carefully printed and pleasing to the eye, this polka dots are just perfectly created to ensure that they will never go out of style.

Black on a white base, this is a classic design with all of the modern fit requirements to that you look your best. The top is a halter neckline with a square cut out in the centre of it that is sure to give you some allure and show off your best parts to those watching you. You get a boost, too, from the bandeau, so your chest will never look better.
The bottom is low on the waist and features slim cut outs along the sides to draw attention to your bikini body. Like its counterpart, this is ready to help you rock the beach and revolutionize your bikini wardrobe.


Frankies Coverup

For a change in scenery, there is the Blue Ikat Pareo Beach Cover Up, the perfect option to match the bikini and give you some regal flair at the same time. It can be worn several ways, most famously as a wrap around dress, a smooth and flashy beach towel, or as a sarong.

No matter which way you choose to accessorize this high quality cover up, it'll boost up your style. If you have the matching Frankies Bikini style we just talked about, it'll look absolutely fantastic and on point. If you don't, this fun and bold pattern will help spice your swimwear up so that you are looking your very best. Fashion and a bit of shade from the sun, it's all yours.


Frankies Bikinis One Piece

For those of you have been reading eagerly, your wait for a designer one piece is over! Fankies Bikinis has you covered (in a fashionable way!) with the Poppy One Piece Hamptons Crochet Swimsuit. This is a sexy V neck one piece that will give you plenty of space to show off all of your best angles. With a braided criss crossing strap in the back, dazzling white to show off your toned muscles, you can look great and stay covered in style. The front has an exciting beautiful cut out that shows off your mid-drift in the best possible way.


Frankies Bikinis 2016 and Beyond

A large stained glass-themed pattern is centered over your belly button with a crochet style and appeal. No matter how much you may think you dislike one pieces, there is no way you can't look at this gorgeous style and not be attracted to it. It gives you a bikini appearance from the back, complete with cheeky coverage, and a sexy one piece with stripes and a beautiful cut out in the front. Fashion and practicality are ready to serve you in this unique designer one piece.

You've seen for yourself how fantastic these Frankies Bikinis options are. From tiny bikinis in bold colors that are starting to sweep the nation due to their beauty and alluring style, to gorgeous one pieces that are fully equipped with all the goodies to make you look great in a unique design. It's clear that those behind the name are great with patterns, styles, fittings, and colors. So go ahead and take advantage of their skills in all of the silky smooth, high quality, designer, fashionable, modern bikinis and one pieces that they have. You won't regret it! Follow this link to see our new 2016 Frankies Bikinis Collection.