Introducing Designer Activewear from Brazilian Brand Equilibrium Activewear 

Everyone loves a comfortable shirt and pair of pants on those days when you just want to hang out home, or go for a run. There are some people who love all of the comfort, stretch, and style that athletic clothing give them, while others are not so fond of it because its expensive, of restrictive, or makes them feel fat, etc. The truth of it is, there is plenty of exercise clothing that is like that. Then, there's these high quality and fashionable products by Equilibrium, all of which are carefully designed so that you feel completely comfortable in them and can't wait to put them on when getting ready for a workout, or lounging around the house. However you want to look at exercise clothes, you'll soon have to agree that there is noting to hate about these modern and comfortable styles. Here are some of the best ones to look at.

Equilibrium Highend Activewear Top

The first one that is guaranteed to catch your interest while surfing around, is the Cross Tie Equilibrium Highend Activewear Top. This designer top is perfect for the woman on the go, as it can easily double from a workout top, to a comfortable and trendy shirt that you can wear just about anywhere. In a hot pink color that will look beautiful and bright amongst the quieter colors around you, you can enjoy feeling feminine and delicate, without having to compromise the comfort you look for and love about athletic clothes.

One of the best features about this beautiful cross-tie top is that it has a double-lined front that will give you the option of wearing without a bra. This means that you enjoy the corset style back without anything interrupting it. The open back also means that there is more air flow, and you can enjoy the breathability of it, too.

What's more, is that the cross ties will knot securely at the base of the back, so you can easily put the top on and off without a worry about how to get it to tie together. This is an easy, no-fuss style that will help you work out in style, and make an appropriate, flashy impression on your friends when you hit the mall or a coffee shop. Possibly the best thing about this designer Equilibrium active wear top is that it won't stretch or lose it's shape in the wash, leaving you with a high quality cross tie top that will move with you for years to come.

Equilibrium Designer Activewear Top

If you're looking for something a little more focused on color and traditional in style, the Equilibrium Black Energy Sweetheart Designer Activewear Top is probably more what you're looking for. This is a gorgeous activewear designer top that intersperses elegant black with rich, indigo, coral, and yellow streaks of color. The black is perfect for hiding those tiny curves you don't want to show off, or simply for the comfort of knowing you look sleek and toned in this flattering color.

The chest is highlighted by these swirling chaotic colors and perfectly supported by strong straps that are hidden underneath the mesmerizing, warm pattern. Since this designer top is made out of equally designer fabric, you won't have to worry about the colors fading in the sun or wash, they'll keep on shining time and time again.
From the back, the top of this beautiful high quality Equilibrium top is black and gives way to crossing Xs of the same colored pattern from the front. There are plenty of discreet and non-revealing cut outs to make this top totally breathable and stylish. The cut out at the mid back also helps with not restricting movement, allowing you to make the most out of your workout as you stretch in as many different ways as you want, not feeling the hinderance of a bothersome workout wear.

The best part about this Equilibrium Black Energy Sweetheart Top, however, is that from the side perspective you get to see how smart the design is: colorful on top and black on the bottom at the front, black on top and colorful at the bottom on the back. This gives off a true “ying and yang” effect that is beautiful and subtle all at the same time.

Equilibrium Brazilian Activewear

For more fun and games in the designer workout wear world, there is the Equilibrium Purple Activewear Top, a simple and fashionable top that will certainly jazz up your Brazilian Activewear collection as well as give you a comfortable and stretchy top to wear when you want something sexy, fashionable and just a little different. With thin adjustable straps, this top is perfect for those who want to customize it and make it sit totally perfect on them. The extra strap that traces the outline of the chest draws plenty of attention to you, but keeps everything covered and comfortable.

A thin seam just under the chest creates a faux cinch that emphasizes your feminine figure without sticking tightly to you. It also leaves plenty of room for the rest of the rich, warm pink high quality fabric to fall to your waist in a tailored but loose fit.

At first glance, this moisture-wicking activewear top looks like any other camisole or spaghetti-strap top that women of all ages wear, but that's what makes this particular style so unique: it's a brand new style that mimics the best parts of all the other ones. Therefore, this fun and flashy style has the best of everything.
Whether you want to wear this as a high end workout wear shirt, or just a casual, supportive, well designed, fashionable top while out with friends, you'll have a hard time finding any reason not to love this style.

Black High End Activewear Top

For another fashionable reason that you should love Equilibrium activewear clothing, there's the black High End Activewear Mandala Top. This is a trendy workout top that is perfect for those who want tiny straps, reasonable coverage in the front, and fun cutouts in the back. There is definitely plenty to love about this exciting and fresh style. Whether you want to wear this as a top to go out in, or just something to wear to the gym, this is an excellent, stylish option for all occasions.
A large, white mandala occupies of the front of this top in a large and exciting pattern that dominates the shirt without being too loud or obnoxious. Since this important token represents the Universe, you can read into that whatever you want to. Two thin straps give you more support at the top and simultaneously add more definition to your toned shoulders and neckline, bringing attention to all of those places.

For more excitement, you don't have to worry about hiding pesky bra straps, because this has a double shelf lining, so you can go braless and still get the support and comfort that you want and need. As an extra bonus, the straps criss-cross at the back, so the straps won't fall off your shoulder.
The back of this top has a whole other kind of fashionable additions to it, like the corset, 'X' criss cross effect that makes the top completely breathable and sexy all at the same time. For the perfect transfer form gym to fashion queen, this is the only multipurpose top that you'll need.

Brazilian Active Wear at its Finest


Okay, so we've looked at the pretty Equilibrium tops, but what about those who bright and flashy colors? This Neon Yellow Brazilian Active wear Tank Top will absolutely change your activewear life. For a true experience in style and eye-popping color, this is absolutely the best fashion accessory for you. Perfect for your workout, this beautiful activewear top will stretch any which way you want it to, and a generous scoop neck style is perfect for those who love the traditional style but want something a little more young and flattering.

The back of this neon yellow style features a unique twist on a racer back neckline that features safe and dramatic cut outs that are appropriate for all who want to flaunt them. Complete with excellent high quality breathable fabric and light to the touch, you'll feel like this top becomes part of you with it's perfect style and comfort.
This is a great style option for wearing around the house and for heading to the gym. You can enjoy the luxury of the built in bra and allow the bold shoulder straps and racer neck style to do its own talking. This is great layered under loose tops, too, if you prefer the layered look.

If you love this top but are a little worried about the extra tummy fat that you haven't quite gotten rid of, there is a hidden it of extra material built into that area to keep you looking flat but still comfortable and unrestricted. This is the perfect, vibrant fitted Equilibrium tank top for you, especially if you love to stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons.

Equilibrium Clothes are Made to Last

For a quieter approach on the same sort of style, there's the Cutout Activewear Top In Blue with all of its fashionable characteristics waiting to help you look fantastic. This fits like a typical tank top that will sit perfectly on your body and give you all the support you need with a shelf bra that means its one less set of straps you have to worry about. This will be a great outfit option that you can enjoy, seeing as the soft fabric is perfect for keeping you cool at the gym and as you move around the town in your designer Equilibrium Clothes.

The back of this exciting top features a perfectly placed cut out that allows both a safe view of your toned back, and an excellent deep V neck that is made even more effective by the thing straps that are roped across and add movement, mystery, and style to this designer blue activewear.

The Brazilian fabric that makes up this fun style option is perfect for moisture wicking, whether you're out for a run in the sunshine, or getting your Yoga on with some friends in a spacious, open room. As with all of the Equilibrium options, this sporty top is perfect for the gym and is meant to move with you. The one downfall in this – and it's not really a downfall – is that you're going to want to wear it all the time and then will be disappointed when you can't enjoy the supple, silky fabric and the alluring cut outs.

Equilibrium Activewear Pants

So, now that you've learned all about the wonderful tops you have to add to your collection, here are some different bottoms that you can add for further comfort, style, and personality. First, the Capri Equilibrium Activewear Pants, a perfect exciting and adventurous style option by the creators and designers of Equilibrium. This crop pant option is fantastic for those that are wanting something wild to match their style at the gym. After all, you don't always have to wear the quiet and subtle stuff, right?

The wild pink and leopard print mixed in with the flowers (a fun and totally safe cut out) crates a very unique look that can perfectly announce your personality to all those who look. The advanced technology that goes into making these designer yoga pants is guaranteed to absorb the sweat as you work out, hide it form view, and then dry quickly, meaning you'll never feel damp or sticky after a workout again.

The artistic cut outs are perfectly placed for breathability and fashion. For those who love the idea of them, but don't like showing off skin, this is bound to be a great option to try. Between the tight fitting yoga pant that moves at any angle and stretches every way you can imagine, fashionable cut outs, and fun color combinations that are young and fun, it's hard to think that anyone could not like these Equilibrium capri pants.

Designer Yoga Pants - Equilibrium


Equilibrium Black Yoga Capri Pants offer another great option that will please those who want a toned down look with just a little bit of flair. This slimming 3/4 length capris are perfect for getting into shape, tailored to fit the leg without being skin tight, and feature little rims of color that will highlight the thinness of your legs and show the world just how perfect you are at picking out styles that best suit you.

Tiny cross ties add some texture and balance to the bottom of these Designer Yoga Pants, allowing you to choose whether you want them to be tight to your leg at the bottom, or flow and move freely.

These are great for slimming you down and keeping you totally comfortable in the lightweight fabric. If you like what you see in these capris, you'll definitely like what you feel!

Equilibrium Designer Yoga Leggings

If you're looking for something totally different than you've ever seen before, the Equilibrium Designer Yoga Leggings are going to totally change how you look at activewear forever. These are flashy and fun leggings that highlight our legs in bright colors and patterns. They are designed to stick to your leg providing you with a totally comfortable feel, all while making it look like they are fluttering around from the change and movement of the design.

The best part about these exciting designer Equilibrium leggings is the bold cut outs on the outside side of the leg. Stretching from the knee down to the low calf, these roped cutouts allow excellent breathability and fashion without you having to suffer at all from restrictiveness. Full of fun and spunk, these will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe!

Black Highend Workout Shorts - Equilibrium Activewear

With all this talk about leggings and black and black, it's hard to imagine you'd want anything else, but for those who just don't like how exercise pants look, there are the Black Highend Work Out Shorts, a great style option that will make you forget all about the existence of jean shorts and convert you into a lover of this style forever. These are excellent shorts that double as exercise wear and an everyday style at the same time. With real back pockets, you won't miss anything about jean shorts, and the elastic and spandex in this style will have you totally converted to this style until you can't remember anything else!

If you're one that tends to go from the gym to somewhere else and doesn't want to bring half their closet with them so that they can look presentable, this is a great fashion option that saves you space, comfort, and time. You'll love all of the fake accents that make these look like real jeans, and the modern cut off is great, too.
With advanced color and UV protection that will keep you comfortable and safe from having fading and smelling sweaty these are a great fashion accent, whether you want them for fun, exercise, or all of the above. For jean and active wear lovers, both, this is definitely the best of both worlds.

Equilibrium Active Wear Graphic Print Skort

If you love feeling a little more on the girly side, or just want something totally differ from anything else, you'll find that in the Designer Graphic Print Skort a flashy and pattern-covered exercise option that is great for tennis or just a jog around the block. You can also wear this around as a general piece of you wardrobe, or a swimsuit bottom, and no one will bat an eye.

The fun and flirty tropical leaf pattern is perfect for both those who love pattern, and those who want something quiet and not too flashy. This skort is great, too, because you won't have to layer biker shorts underneath it – the shorts are attached to the skirt and give you plenty of protection and silky smooth comfort underneath.
What's more, is there is a hidden pocket inside for all of your necessities, so you can take all of your essentials with you in style. With just enough frill to bounce around when you walk, there's plenty of feminine appeal in this sporty, flashy style. For all of your needs regarding exercise, this will meet them. For all of your fashion needs, this will mean them. What's not to love?

Equilibrium Yoga Body Suit


For something completely different and fun to mix and match, there's the Equilibrium Body Suit, which can double as many things in your wardrobe. Perfect for a Yoga lesson, or a run on the treadmill, this perfect, versatile printed one piece option is great for a swimsuit, too. The pink and purple print is designed to hide any bumps or curves that may occur in your body without restricting you in any shape or form.

Offering plenty of coverage in the front, this is a great option to wear if you're looking for something that will cover you up. The back has a large cutout, however, for those of you who are interested, and it is emphasized by the thin bands of matching patterned fabric that stretch from side to another. With perfect stretch and a shelf bra, this is definitely a great option to wear if you are looking for a unique top. If you go to the beach after you workout, you won't out of place, either, so there's that. The long sleeves are great for added fashion and keeping you protected from the sun. The fabric is designed to keep you cool, so you ca sweat and know that it's drying as fast as it appears. With a bold pattern and modern style, this is a gorgeous body suit to have in your beautiful designer wardrobe.

So, you've seen all of the goodies that Equilibrium can offer the woman who is looking for her perfect style option. Whether you're looking for a top, a bottom, or a hybrid option, all of these different pieces are sure to offer you everything you want and need. So, if you started out reading this thinking you'd never wear athletic clothes, odds are you are singing a very different tune. After all, all of these options are gorgeous, designer-made, and fun. So go ahead and sweat on!

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Equilibrium Sizing Chart

* Please keep in mind that the high quality designer supplex material used in the making of Equilibrium Activewear is extremely stretchable. This makes it very possible in some cases for the same person to be able to fit into all Equilibrium Activewear sizes, depending only on how you like it to fit (tighter with more support or a little looser)