Designer swimwear is all the rage with the warm summer months and even the colder ones where a lot of us escape to the tropical locations for a break from the snow and cold weather. In order to make the best first impression out there, you have to look your best, which is where the genius in the Agua Bendita swimwear collection comes from.

Each piece in this high end swimwear group has all sorts of delicious goodies for the bikini fashionista, and a style and fit to please all of the women out there looking for their next high end purchase.

Here are some of the highlights on model Shannon De Lima:


You can go wild in the bikini world with this colorful and unique Agua Bendita Especie Bikini Set which is the perfect blend of tastefully applied animal print, and bright color that will make you beach- ready in whatever location you choose to explore. Tasteful color bursts and outlined with black and white checkered fringes that make this Agua Bendita Especie swimwear set a great option for color lovers out there. It is formfitting and will perfectly trace the bikini outline that you have without you having to do any of the work. This is a high end colorful peacock themed bikini that does all of the work for you.



Next, there is the Agua Bendita Quetzal Bikini Set , which is a unique bandeau style bikini that is all about exploring the wild side of the color wheel. With random patterns and a skimpy fit, its hard to find reasons why anyone wouldn't love what this tiny bikini can offer them. This is a high quality style that will make a difference to the bikini expert, knowing that she can expect designer comfort and a silky smooth fit all day long. These qualities combined with the bright exterior look of the style make this a hit by any definition.



Following that excellent style is the Agua Bendita Toluca One Piece Swimsuit which is a looker no matter how you want to approach it. It pairs a beautiful stripey pattern with a wild and colorful random pattern that is all about splashes of color in a refined and delicate way. There are perfectly placed, beautiful cut outs that help you show off your skin, while letting the designer fit of this one piece highlight your best parts and do all the talking for you. This is a great, skimpy style that helps you show off your best parts without settling on a traditional bikini fit.


For the daring woman on the hunt for a equally daring swimsuit, there is the Agua Bendita Chichen Itza Bikini, a tiny bikini that helps you bring out all of your best parts without letting the passer-by know what is so attractive to their eye. This is the best part about a tiny bikini like this one, it does all of the showing off for you. That means you get to focus on how hot it makes you look without having to worry about if it will make you look anything less than stunning. Now, that's a good bikini!


If you like what you're seeing, but want something a little more traditional, the Agua Bendita Tasco Bikini will do the trick. This is your typical triangle top and low rise bikini bottom that is decorated with a wild pattern of pinks and purples in varying hues. Perfect for the bikini lover who can't get enough of the typical style – done up in high end designer quality of course – this is a great option in whatever situation you want to use it in. It can be paired with cover ups of all styles and fits and it'll look great with every complexion. A win win.


For the bikini lover that isn't too crazy about color, there is the Agua Bendita Plumaje Bikini Set, which is a great blend of fashion and style. The traditional fit perfectly highlights your shape and lets the checkerboard print to the talking, one glorious inch at a time. This pattern is still bold enough for the wild bikini lover, but only has traces of color in the outline of the top and bottom, making it a perfectly option for those who prefer the quieter styles. This is a great hight quality option to consider.


Stunning on gorgeous model Shannon De Lima - #shannondelima @shadelima

Totally unique and full of bad girl charm, there is the Agua Bendita Reserva Bikini Set , a great alternative option to the traditional “girly” styles that you see parading around the beaches. This camo-covered bikini is the perfect clash between bad girl and good, making it a statement designer bikini for sure. Perfectly outlining your body, this unique style is dedicated to bringing a fresh breath of air into how bikinis are understood. You can sport the “military issue” pattern and still look like a bad girl, as this luxurious bikini style shows you. It is all about balancing the bad with the good.


If you want to explore the alternative angle on a bikini style, there is the Agua Bendita Santa Fe Bikini Set, which is a brightly colored top and bottom that is highlighted and outlined in a thick black line. This helps emphasize your perfect curves and brings attention to all of the right places. It also makes you stand out from the other styles because it is so unique with the outline black line. This is a very elegant and put-together bikini that shows off your best parts while keeping you totally comfortable and silky smooth all day long.



To continue the trend of bright and tiny bikinis, there is the Agua Bendita Mandala Bikini Set which will totally change the way you looked at color and shadow before now. This is a bold and tiny bikini that features a tie up bottom and a traditional triangle top, but other than that, it is all original design and custom artwork that will help you stand out amongst a crowd of lookalikes at the beach. If you want silky smooth design with bright and exciting patterns that will match any complexion, this is your best bet for a tiny and colorful style!



If you're looking for a girly pattern in a flattering style, the Agua Bendita Acrobacia Bikini Set will certainly do the trick with its blues and pinks and reds and magentas. These warm colors are perfect for the beach and equally perfect for those who are looking to spice things up in a low rise and flirty style. You can't help but notice the slight circus feel to the fabric and admire the adventure and compelling decor on this luxurious designer bikini. This is a great fashionable option.



If you want that same feel but in a cover up, this Agua Bendita Espectaculo Tunic will do the trick and then some. Equipped with a beautiful pattern that is perfectly applied to the tunic to give the tunic an impact, it speaks of circus themes with a lion and masks decorating the top of it. The magenta, purple, and blue accents would look fantastic with any coloring and it the light and smooth silk will keep your comfortable as you move around. Enjoy the flowing feeling of this and you'll see why it's so popular.



For the fashionista looking for something hot and sexy, the Agua Bendita Veracruz Bikini Set will show you the wild side of the designer swimwear lifestyle. A tiled mosaic appearance in varying shades of pink and teal give way to the streaks of black that outline and highlight every corner of this impressive bikini top and bottom. The skimpy bottom perfectly frames the bottom half of your body and features secure and comfortable tie ups on either side for comfort. This is a great high quality bikini that is all about offering you the best.

If you're interested in the animal print area of bikini wearing, there is all sorts of parts to love about the Agua Bendita Leopardo Elegant Bikini Set. It features a wild tiger print that is interspersed with dots of bright teal and burnt orange that decorates the outside of this style. It is a great option for those that want a tiny amount of coverage that still allows you to show off a wild print that is all your own and perfectly unique. This si the ideal bikini for those who want traditional designer bikini style with a twist of leopard print and all of the sexiness that goes along with it.


Moving on to the world of one pieces, there is this exciting and brand new style called the Agua Bendita Trama One Piece Swimwear that will totally change the way you look at one pieces forever. This is a sexy swimwear option that gives you the opportunity to show off your best angles and keep some mysteries hidden underneath so that you can attract plenty of attention from those who wander by. With juicy cut outs, this is an elaborate and very traditionally Mexican print with all of the colors under the rainbow.

If summer dresses are your thing, not to worry, this gorgeous and designer Agua Bendita Dress (Circo Dress) will introduce you to the designer world of dressing. With its silky smooth fabric that won't ride up and elaborate pattern of elephants and little scraps of signs and ticket stubs that make this a gorgeous option. Hugging tight to your body and coming to a stop at the high thigh, you'll get a chance to show off those toned legs and show everyone what they are missing. This is a sexy dress that has some shirring in the front so that the eyes are attracted to the bust without really realizing why. That is the power of a great dress.


For a walk on the side of being truly random, there is the Agua Bendita Swimwear Illusion One Piece. It is a wild and strappy one piece that is ready to help you take your personality and put it in a piece of designer swimwear. For those of you who enjoy the patterns that don't have a rhyme or reason to them, this is going to attract your attention for all of the right reasons. With a tear shaped cut out in the front, the eye gets to travel from the deep V neck to the cut out and enjoy what they see there, as well as admire the wild and colorful pattern that spirals throughout this designer one piece. The straps that spread around to the back get the attention to and will keep you comfortable all day long.


So, you want to know some more about cover ups. Here are an example of designer pants that will help you stay in style and stay fresh at the same time; the Agua Bendita Bailarina Designer Resort Wear Pants. These are low rise silky pants that will keep you cool as you parade around the resort. They are designed with the same checker flag and peacock feather style that you've seen in other styles by Agua Bendita. These are fantastic resort pants whether you choose to wear them when you're at the resort or out and about when you're touring around. They serve as a great cover up, or they can be worn with a regular shirt. The choice is entirely yours.

For the woman who is looking for some casual wear she can enjoy, there is the colorful and summer-themed Agua Bendita Esmeralda Dress that is ready to give you some summer flair. Spiraling from a bold and exotic tropical print on top of a milk and girly one at the bottom, this is definitely a designer summer dress that speaks for itself. It trails down to your midthigh and perfectly accentuates those girlish curves that you have been working hard to keep up. With a scoop neck, you'll have the opportunity to show off the chest a little bit, too. This is a sexy summer dress that is ready to show you off to the world.


For a change in scenery, there are the Agua Bendita Mandala Designer Beach Pants. Much like the matching bikini these silky smooth Lycra pants are designed to help you explore the fashion world in a bold way. They are tight to the skin, fitting like leggings, and will keep you cool and smooth all day long. They are covered in the same colorful geometric print that will look pleasing on every shape, and the wildness of it all will flatter any body type. These are exciting pants that are sure to have a great impression on anyone who slides them on.


If you're ready for some cuteness, try the Agua Bendita Violeta Designer Kids Bikini on for size. Not literally, of course, as this is a children's style, but you get the idea. This adorable one piece is the perfect option for a little girl who wants to look like a grown up. This is a perfectly safe style with all of the high quality comfort and durability that you expect Agua Bendita designer swimwear. With the perfect amount of frills and a flattering amount of coverage that will keep mom and daughter happy with how she looks, this is a great option for those that want their daughter to look fantastic as she joins you on the beach.

For a cover up option for your little one, there is the Agua Bendita Cristal Highend Kid's Skirt, a delicate and durable short cotton skirt that will keep your daughter all covered up. Whether this is worn as a summer skirt or a cover up on a beach, this is a great option for any situation. It is dressy and flouncy so that she looks her age, and still sophisticated enough so that she doesn't look like she is trying to dress up and trying too hard. This is a great cool and durable summer skirt option for your little one to try out this year. Stopping a few inches above the knee, she'll be able to move about freely and won't risk ripping the skirt as she plays with her friends.

For maximum cuteness, there is the Agua Bendita Kid's Tasco Highend Skirt . This is a great ruffle-covered option that will help your little one look great as she moves around the beach. It has the same color scheme as the matching one piece, Tasco, and it will look great either with the swimsuit, or without it. For the little girl who is comfortable with how she dresses, this is a great option that will keep both her and mom happy. It is appropriate for her age and style, and it is long enough and smooth on the skin that it will keep everyone content. The designer luxurious comfort will be loved by your little one, too, and it's only a matter of time until it becomes her favorite outfit.

For the little one that just loves to match her mother, there is this beautiful Agua Bendita Quetzal. This Designer Childrens Swimwear is an age appropriate one piece that is a play off of the Quetzal Bikini Set that mom will love. This one piece is a great option for those little ones who want to look like a big girl without actually showing off too much skin. The cutouts in the back of the one piece are designed to mimic the adult style so that she can know how similar she looks to her mother. This will be a great pleasure to her and her mom, who love fashion and the wild pattern that decorates this fun and silky smooth one piece.

For one last cover up option, there is the Agua Bendita Kid's Leggings which are a great option to keep her covered up and help her blend in with mom's Circo Bikini. This is a cute style that hugs hte leg and gives your little one coverage without making her overheat. The wide elastic at the waist will keep her pants where they belong. The pink and fun print that is decorating the pants mimics the Circo style while still maintaining a unique flair that is entirely for her. This makes it a versatile style that will be loved by mother and daughter.

If she is obsessed with looking just like her mom, this Agua Bendita Leopardo Kids Highend Bikini is going to do just the trick for her and you. Designed to safely replicate the Leopardo style in the adult's sizes, there is plenty to love. The same tiger print and teal are interspersed so that they look just like the mature style. You can eve see the faces of the cute cheetahs that decorate this elaborate style and make it adorable for all of those that admire it. This is a fantastic style option for the little one that loves animal print, or for her that wants to match her mom on the beach.

It's hard to not find these kids styles adorable, they are amazingly cute. They are designed to keep her covered and appropriate, while also ensuring that it stands up to Agua Bendita's high quality standards. That way you can know that you're getting a designer bikini from this unique brand and it's going to look fantastic on your little one! There is plenty to love.

With all of this in mind, you can see just how incredible Agua Bendita is at meeting the needs of the bikini loving population. With various styles that show off plenty of skin in a tasteful way and loud and elaborate patterns that are totally unique, it's hard to find a reason not to instantly love what you are looking at. Whether you are an experienced bikini wearer or not, this is a fantastic company to start your adventure with, because you know that you're getting nothing but the best!

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