Trending Bikinis and Patterns for 2017

Bikini Trends In 2017

As you get your bikini body ready for the summer waves that are going to be lapping at your feet soon enough, you're probably trying to figure out how you should style yourself this year. There are so many options out there that choosing the perfect one shouldn't be hard, right? The key is to start in the right department. Sometimes it can all come down to choosing between a solid and a pattern option. So, if you find yourself debating over this very issue, consider going for the pattern. There are all sorts of hot styles out there that are effective purely for their wild and exciting pattern options. Here are some of the top five.


Agua Bendita Area Bikini 

Agua Bendita 2017 Bikinis

This is a hot traditional bikini that is full of color and pattern that will perfectly match your bikini body and your coloring. Meant to suit anyone who puts it on, this is specifically designed to hug your body in perfect curves and waves that make you unique and a fashion goddess. This is a bikini that is all about working for you and your shape.

The best part about it, though, is the vibrant pattern. Just looking at all of the intricate detailing should be enough to make you a pattern lover for life. There are bright colors interspersed with hues and shapes that make this a true sight to see. If you're looking for a reason to change from a solid designer swimwear style to a patterned one, this should give you a pretty good first reason to do just that. And there's more to come, yet!


Agua Bendita Birds One Piece

Agua Bendita Birds One Piece


This is completely different from the one that we just look at, there's no doubt about it, but it is full of designer flair that is impressive on all levels. This is a monokini that will hug your shape and show it off in the perfect way to all those who are watching. It features clean lines and a cinch at the waist that will flatter most figures. For those who love that feminine and sensual look you will love this one piece, I'm sure.

The fun pattern is mostly floral, a bright burst of reds and blues that intertwine with strands of vibrant greens. The flowers trail up to accentuate your natural shape without overdoing it in a gaudy way that makes you look overdone. You can see, here, that it is done with the intention of simply broadcasting the shape with a unique pattern that will preserve the natural beauty of the woman in a great outfit that is meant to impress. Yet another hot number to think about.


Agua Bendita Stripe Bikini Set

For the woman looking for a great way to show her stuff to the world before they're ready for it, these options show you how to make a unique and modern pattern the way to do it. You don't have to shy away from the bold option next time you are looking for your perfect style. Just think about it carefully so that you make sure you are showing off the inner woman that you want to let out. It's your fashion choice and your impeccable style, after all. All of these versatile options will give you great places to start your patterned journey.


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