Looking to change things up, lifestyle/fashion-wise? Not sure where to begin looking for new inspiration in that department? Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. We’re going to introduce you to yet another influencer you should know, what she’s about, and her background so you can see if she vibes with what you’re looking for. If she does? We’ll also show you where to find her on the net. Ready to learn? Read on to find out why this style star is refusing to be defined, and how she’s looking to keep moving forward both for her audience, and her brand.

Tanesha Awasthi

Plus-Size Style Blogger

Like many influencers, Tanesha started by just having a passion for something and deciding to give it a go. Her current gig is a bit of a departure from where she started, though, showing how important it can be to allow yourself permission to follow what ignites your soul.


In an interview with Hey Mama, she talked about starting on a very traditional path. She went to college and got an internship with Johnson and Johnson. She, however, had always dreamed of being in fashion and journalism, as well as psychology. How did she end up combining a lot of these? Read on.

Tanesha Awasthi YouTube

According to that same interview, she just wasn’t inspired by what she was doing, and it was a huge source of frustration for the future influencer. At the urging of her husband, she began blogging as a hobby to satisfy that creative itch.

She claims in that interview that it only took less than half a year to get on the radar and end up in some really cool places, including a trip to fashion week! She stresses, however, that it’s important to stick with it and be consistent. Let’s face it: a story like this is pretty atypical! Her blog’s popularity has gotten her that interview mentioned above, a feature on the Tempest, and an invitation to share some tips with Cosmo, among many others. Her wiki page credits her with also winning a number of awards for her blog, as well as being a speaker who promotes a message of body positivity.

Girl with Curves

Tanesha has mentioned a few times not liking the label of plus-size blogger, and she refuses to limit herself, fashion-wise with the label either. She believes in having fun with fashion, first and foremost, even if it means not sticking to the conventional rules of what not to wear at certain sizes.

Tanesha Awasthi

She also clearly believes in constantly pushing oneself and expanding one’s horizons, because her blog has gone from being just a way to show off her favorite clothes to so much more. She started by offering style tutorials. Today, she talks that as well as motherhood, saving money on the clothing budget, dealing with cyberbullying, family-friendly Halloween movies, why apple cider vinegar is a must, and more. She even has a playlist section and a unique space where readers can send in their own anonymous writing.

  • Age: 37 years old
  • Birthday: March 4th 
  • Career: Stylist consultant and media director

Obviously, the best place to check her out is on Instagram, a site that has quickly become a popular choice for online users. She goes by @girlwithcurves, and has over 290 thousand followers. Twitter followers (over 18 thousand strong) know her by the same handle. Meanwhile, on Facebook, over 402 thousand have liked her Girl With Curves account. Finally, you’ll want to check out her Girl With Curves TV channel. She has videos about her own fashion collection, travel and daily adventures, confidence tips, event and workshop videos, and a lot more.