• Behind The Scenes: Rachel Mortenson

    Check out our some behind the scene pictures of Rachel Mortenson from our Bikini Luxe photo shoot today. Rachel Mortenson, a total bombshell, known for her modeling with guess, was the star of our very own photo shoot today.

    The blonde haired blue eyed beauty, is just as lovely as her pictures portray. We were so excited to shoot Rachel Mortenson in some of our favorite swimwear lines such as Frankie's, Montce and Sauvage.

    Our photo shoot with Rachel was shot at a mansion on the gorgeous Hibiscus Island of South Beach. Here our some of the Exclusive behind the scenes shots we snapped of Rachel Mortenson as she and the photographer, Adam Freedman, worked their magic. We can not wait to share the outcome with you guys<3 

    Rachel Mortenson Bikini Luxe

    The Sport's Illustrated Model striking a pose in Frankie's Bikinis Marina Top and Marina Bottom while @AdamEFreedman snaps a picture. 

    Rachel Mortenson Next Miami

    Rachel Mortenson snapping a quick selfie in our Sauvage Lace Bikini Set.

    Rachel Mortenson Model

    Model Rachel Mortenson getting glammed up to shoot in our Frankie's Bikini.

    Rachel Mortenson Bikini

    Model Rachel Mortenson

    Rachel Mortenson slaying in one of our favorite pieces, the Frankie's Camilla One Piece.

    Stay tuned for the full photo shoot!