Its that time of year again, the one week when all the hottest designers in the swim industry bring their gorgeous collections to Miami Beach. This week is dedicated to swim, fashion, and exciting events. If you’re lucky enough to attend this amazing week, there’s some things you need to keep in mind to optimize your experience.


How to Survive Swim Week

Comfortable Shoes

Comfort is everything. Swim week takes place over Miami Beach, chances are if you plan on spending an entire day at Swim Week you’ll do some walking from show to show to event to event to trade shows. The last thing you want to do is wear uncomfortable shoes that leave you with blisters or that leave you not being able to walk. We would never advise you to sacrifice style for comfort, but we are telling you that you should find something cute and comfortable. Yes, it's possible to be comfortable and stylish. A nice option would be your favorite strappy gladiator sandals, or wedges that you can literally walk miles in. Whatever you pick, make sure its shoes you’ve worn before and know are comfortable so that you are not breaking in new shoes.


Packing The Essentials

What’s the one thing you have with you everywhere you go? The one thing you feel anxious about if you its not with you or if you haven't checked it in 10 minutes? Thats right…your phone. You can only imagine how disastrous it would be if your phone dies in middle of the day during swim week. That's why a phone charger is an absolute must have during Swim Week. You’ll definitely be looking at your phone all day to check the Swim Week calendar, to take a ton of pictures, write notes and to document the shows via snapchat. What a bummer it would be to have your phone die on you while you’re out all day. If you bring a normal wall phone charger you are bound to find an outlet at a venue in Swim Week but another good option is bringing a portable charger.

Portable chargers are the best because they are super small so they fit in your purse and you don’t need to worry about sitting by an outlet while your phone charges. I personally think a portable charger is perfect for Swim Week. Another essential to keep in your handbag is business cards, you never know who you’re going to run into with all the best names in swim all at one place. For trade shows especially, business cards are a must.


Swim Week

Stay Organized

Organization is always super important, but for Swim Week you are going to want to stay extra organized.  Between the pop up shops, shows and trade shows, you’ll be getting a ton of information from people and a lot of pamphlets. You're gonna want to make sure you write down all the information in an organized way so that way when you look back you know what everything means and you don’t forget a single thing.


Refuel and Hydrate

A day of Swim Week is a full day if we’ve seen one. There’s something happening from the morning until late into the night. So many of the events and shows you are going to be attending are going to be back to back with walks from one venue to another.  If you live in Miami you know that even a block walk can wear you out because of the Miami heat. The walking on top of the socializing and non stop events is enough to take it out of you. We strongly recommend to stay hydrated, after all hydration is key. The best way we like to stay hydrated  is with Coconut water.

Since coconut water is low in carbohydrates and sodium and rich in potassium it is the perfect way to keep your body hydrated all day long. It's easy to forget to eat when you're super busy. At some of the cocktail events and trade shows, they might have snacky food but nothing huge. Your best bet is to pack a few granola or protein bars so you can eat them on the go when you have a 5 minute break from the craziness of Swim Week.


How to Survive Swim Week

We gave you some tips to conquer Swim Week, now it's time you get out there and enjoy the most fabulous week here in Miami Beach.