Sports Illustrated Models Have Nothing On You


How To Be A Sports Illustrated Model


We all have obsessed over a model that makes us regret eating those chocolate chip cookies you had for lunch. They are so beautiful, and they have the perfect bodies. Little did you know, it is so easy to be just like those bikini models in the magazine. We are going to show you how you can feel sexy like your favorite SI Model.



Love Yourself


Ashley Graham In Luli Fama Swimsuit


Yes those models are beautiful, but remember you're beautiful too! Everyone was made to be different. That's what makes you so special. You're one of a kind, so own it!


Besides, you would be surprised how many models are self-conscious and insecure. They would kill to have what another woman has, just like you're wishing you had what they have. Be confident about the way you look and no one can deny how attractive you are!




Let Your Hair Down


Chrissy Teigen In Luli Fama Swimwear


Don't be afraid to live a little. Have some fun, go to the beach, and just enjoy your life. Life is too short to be so serious and overly scheduled!




If You Look Good, You Feel Good



Swimwear Models on Sports Illustrated 2017


Subconsciously our behaviors display how we feel about ourselves. Negativity only attracts negative karma, so try getting in the habit of doing things that will uplift you. Do your hair in that extra special style you love. Throw on that fabulous designer dress that puts a little extra pep in your step. Next time you hit the beach throw on that designer bikini that boosts your confidence to an all time high. Whatever makes you happy, do it; all the time!