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You probably know her name. Thanks to her racy image and penchant for saying what’s on her mind, Megan’s been a fixture in gossip pages and entertainment news for years. One of her biggest controversies in recent years also proved to be a career-staller, and something she’d admitted to learning from.

That doesn’t mean she’s completely changed her tune. She’s still vocal about what she perceives are problems in the entertainment industry, but she’s also shown some self-awareness in numerous interviews by admitting her own blame. Let’s explore the career of this controversial actress who’s managed to come back from a serious career blow. You’ll also learn where to follow her.

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You might not have become aware of Megan until she landed a major role in a blockbuster franchise, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a lot of experience under her belt. According to Wikipedia, she’d been studying dance and acting since she was barely walking. She also started modeling while still in her earlier teens, something that surely helped her land a direct-to-movie by the time she was fifteen. A number of parts would follow before she landed one of the lead roles in the popular Transformers franchise.

Her roles of ranged from standard teen fare to the more provocative Jennifer’s Body, showing she’s not afraid to step outside of the box she’s helped to create. That doesn’t mean it’s all been easy, though.

Megan Fox

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She calls getting fired from the famous franchise after speaking out against her director as the low point of her career, speaking at length on the controversy in a People interview earlier this year. She admits in the interview that she shares part of the blame for the situation, showing that she’s taken a lot of time for reflection and personal growth.

That’s not the only situation where she can see she caused some of her own problems. She admitted in a 2009 interview with the New York Times that she helped create the image that somewhat limited her, and how she has played a character in her many men’s magazine interviews. To distance herself somewhat from the wild character and bathing suit/lingerie shoots, she decided to accept a hosting gig on SNL, which she discussed a bit in that interview.

Megan Fox

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Just because she knows she had a part in that public image and has grown, doesn’t mean she’s changed completely. She’s still very open to this day about how she perceives women being treated in Hollywood, and how actors are valued on set.

Career-wise, Megan recently finished the movie Zeroville, which is currently still in need of a distributor, and took over for one of the leads on the series The New Girl, which airs on FOX. She took the recurring role back in 2016 and is listed as having been there through the 2016-2017 season. She’s also got her own Frederick’s of Hollywood collection.

Megan Fox Husband

  • Age: 31 years old
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Birthday: 31 years old
  • Spouse: Brian Austin Green
  • Net Worth: $5 million


Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have been married for 13 years. Despite their ups and downs, they continue to be together. In August 2015 they announced their third child and their marriage continues to grow. 

Megan’s got over four million following her on Instagram, where she goes by @the_native_tiger. She shares daily life, inspiring quotes, as well as behind-the-scenes shots of design meetings and more. On Twitter, she goes by @meganfox, and has over one million followers. She, however, doesn’t appear to use the site anymore, with the most recent tweets being from 2013.

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