Country/pop singer LeAnn Rimes has been singing since childhood. Before she became famous as an award winning teenaged musician, LeAnn recorded an album under a record label her father bought for the sole purpose of showing the world how beautiful her voice is.

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Leann Rimes

In 1990, at the age of eight, LeAnn participated in Star Search,where she won the competition among junior vocalists. Seven years after that she won her first Grammy Award, making history for being the youngest singer to do so. Nine years later she was named among the “21 Hottest Stars Under 21,” by Teen People Magazine.

LeAnn Rimes Movies

Aside from her singing career, LeAnn has also taken a stab at acting. She appeared in Coyote Ugly in a famous scene where her bar-top performance earned her many accolades. While visiting a friend's bar in Colorado, LeAnn was inspired to recreate her dance from that movie.

Another project of LeAnn's that her fans loved was her appearance in Holiday In Your Heart, a TV movie based on a book that LeAnn contributed to. Though she was only 15 years old at the time, she handled the role like an adult. During her 15th year she also achieved in the music business, winning Billboard Music, American Music, Grammy and Academy of Country Music Awards. 

Not all of her fans know that LeAnne was up for a role in the movie “The Horse Whisperer.” Though she turned down the offer, she later said she regretted doing so. In music news, when LeAnne started singing, her voice was often compared to that of Patsy Cline, who became an inspiration of sorts for her music career. In the same vein, Taylor Swift has publically stated that she was inspired to become a country singer after having seen LeAnne in concert.

LeAnn Rimes

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On a personal note, LeAnne is the proud wearer of four tattoos. While three of them have personal meaning, the fourth one is a single feather, which she says signifies the end of a recording contract she had previously signed. The other three tattoos are words; “trust,” “love,” and “still I rise.”

  • Age: 35 years old
  • Birthday: August 28th
  • Spouse: Eddie Cibrian
  • Career: singer
  • Net worth: $20 million

With a voice that makes other singers green with envy, LeAnn has already achieved a tremendous amount of success that many can only dream of. Her numerous music awards prove how talented she is and how dedicated she is to her craft. Though her personal and professional lives haven't always been smooth sailing, she has overcome obstacles that would have discouraged others from moving forward. Yet she continues to tour to the delight of her fans around the world.

LeAnn Rimes Workout Routine

To get a buff and tough body like LeAnn it requires lot of sweat and a workout plan. LeAnn uses boxing to de-stress and stay in shape. Her routine consists of 20 minutes of boxing mixed with 40 minutes of resistance training. 

LeAnn does about 6-8 repetitions of heavy workout such as lifting. To get you started in your bikini body of your dreams we recommend you workout 2-3 times a week and warm up with a jump rope for the first 5 minutes. 

LeAnn Rimes

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Try this workout for a day:

  • Cardio Boxing (5 rounds, with 30 secs of side shuffles between each round)
  • Round 1 (Jab-Cross-Hook  3 mins)
  • Round 2 (Jab-Cross-Uppercut-Bob 4 mins)
  • Round 3 (Jab-Cross-Hook-Bob-Weave 4 mins)
  • Round 4 (Jab-Cross-Uppercut-Jab-Bob-Weave-Hook 4 mins)
  • Round 5 (Jab-Cross-Hook-Jab-Cross-Bob-Weave-Uppercut-Hook 4 mins)
  • Bench Press (22 reps)
  • Dumbell Curls (22 reps)
  • Dumbell flys (22 reps)

    LeAnn Rimes Tour Dates

    • January 31 - Knight Theatre at Levine Center for the Arts, Charlotte, NC
    • February 17/18 - Gruene Hall, New Braunfels TX
    • February 20 - Mesa Regal Resort, Mesa, AZ
    • February 21 - Valle del Oro, Mesa, AZ

    LeAnn Rimes

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    Fans that are interested in following Leanne on social media will be happy to know that she is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Her Facebook page is found @leannerimesmusic, and currently has 616,552. Her YouTube channel is called leannerimesofficial, which boasts 93,345 subscribers. She can be found on Twitter @leannrimes, an account which already has 601,000 followers.

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