They say that passion is key to success. It drives you to keep going through any tough times, and makes you work that much harder to achieve your goals. It seems like fashion blogger Laureen Uy has that figured out! Not only is she a popular blogger, reaching tons of people in her home country and beyond, but she’s also turned her fashion blogger fame into big opportunities. Read on to meet this up-and-coming talent.

 Laureen Uy

Laureen Uy

Laureen is no stranger to the fashion world, despite her fame from her blog. She is also the sister of celebrity stylist Liz Uy and her brother is a fashion editor for Preview magazine. According to an interview with, she got her start in the fashion world as an intern at fifteen.  

Laureen Uy

She’s 27 years old, and was born in the Philippines. According to, she started the blog that really launched her into fashion stardom back in 2010. Since the beginning of that blog, she’s credited with being named one of the Philippines most influential fashion bloggers. Sounds like she’s putting that B.A. she earned to good use!

Break my Style Blog

Laureen, as mentioned about started Break My Style back in 2010 and quickly gained popularity that’s gone world-wide. Her eyes for clothes and her fame in the blogging world led her to many lucrative partnerships with various brands. According to a feature on, Song, Bench Skin, and Vaseline are just some of the brands who have vied for space on her blog and social media accounts.

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With all that success, Laureen opened the StyleBreak showroom. Better plan ahead, though, if you want to check it out. The place is by appointment only. If the picture on her website is any indication, there’s some great pieces there.

Besides all this, Laureen has been named as Channel V Designer of the month, and she’s even broken into the acting world. Her credits include My BinondoGirl and Lailangan ko’y ikaw. She and her sister also had a fashion-based show on the cable channel ETC, which Liz announced back in 2014.  

Laureen Uy YouTube

Laureen Uy

You know what they say: you have to study the greats to be great. If you want to be successful at the social media game, you need to pay attention to people like Laureen and see the common threads. She seems to have them all.

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Born: Manila, Philippines
  • Birthday: October 9
  • Blog: Break my Style 

One, she has an active Instagram where she posts great-looking content ranging from photos of herself out and about to places and sights she’s visiting. Her fearless fashion sense, traveling spirit, and easy-going personality have attracted over 800K people to her @laureenmuy account there.

Two, they make great use of video to produce eye-catching and informative content that speaks to their audience. Laureen’s videos take her over 47K subscribers behind the scenes of various events and programs she’s a part of, answers viewers questions, gives fashion and social media tips, and even some fun, random videos.

And three? They diversify. Just look at all the things I’ve listed she does above, then check out her twitter account (@laureenmuy) and join her over 500K followers as she shares content on yet another platform.

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