The famous and talented daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, Kate Hudson has already had quite a career. As an actress and entrepreneur, Kate is not afraid to share her talents with the world. However, her life has not been easy at all.

Kate Hudson

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When Kate was only 18 months old, Goldie and Bill divorced and Goldie continued to raise Kate and her brother, alongside former longtime boyfriend Kurt Russell. Though Kurt is not Kate's biological father she has made it a point to say that he is the father who raised her. 

Kate Hudson Movies

By Hollywood standards, Kate was a late bloomer. When she landed her first official acting gig she was 19 years old. It would take two more years for her acting career to pick up steam. Kate's road to fame began when she appeared in Almost Famous, which led to her being nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar and winning that same award at the Golden Globes.

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Kate started catching on with audiences in 2003 when she starred in the movie, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Her next big hit was The Skeleton Key, released in theatres in 2005. For the next seven years, Kate appeared in various movies and in 2012 became a TV star when she landed a role on Glee.

Pretty Happy Book

After conquering movies and TV, Kate branched out and became an entrepreneur as well. She formed a partnership with an athletic clothing company called JustFab and introduced the world to her Fabletics line. She also became a published author with the release of Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways To Love Your Body, in 2016.

In her book, Kate shares simple ways to live a healthy and happy life. "Meditation has saved my sanity," Kate says. Meditation is one of the best ways to find balance in everyday hustle. Studies have shown that it helps you lose weight and reduce stress. In the book, she also addresses how our bodies are constantly changing. She suggests finding an exercise you love and commit to it. “Exercise really comes down to moving in a way that makes you feel good,” she explains.

Kate stresses that eating healthy is important but not to overstress if you are at a birthday party and want to have some cake. She also suggests embracing selfishness. That means, focusing on yourself when it's hard to balance work and life. Also, she suggests remembering that situations might be out of control but you can remain calm. Lastly, listen to your body, what does it want to eat or feel. 

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Kate Hudson's Relationships

Kate has had a tumultuous personal life in Hollywood. In 2000, she married the musician, Chris Robinson. The marriage only lasted seven years but did produce the couple's first child, who they now share custody of. Three years later Kate began a romantic relationship with Matt Bellamy. However, the couple got engaged, had a child, and then later broke their engagement. In an attempt to recover from her breakup with Matt, Kate took up meditation and has stated that it helped her to change her life for the better.

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  • Age: 38 years old
  • Career: American actress
  • Book: Pretty Happy
  • Height: 5"6"

Unlike other celebrities, Kate isn't very active on social media. However, she can be found on Instagram @katehudson, where she has 8.1 million followers. She uses her Instagram account to give her fans a little glimpse into her life.

Despite the personal turmoil she has endured, Kate has risen above all of it to carve out a successful career for herself. She has also figured out how to balance being a working actress and a mother at the same time. She has become a role model for women of all ages, including single mothers all over the country. Her success in business and in Hollywood is nothing short of amazing and inspirational. The future looks bright for Kate thanks to her many professional accomplishments.

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