Ever experimented with different bikini tops and bottoms to create a new bikini set? Whether it's with an old or a new piece, you can make the cutest bikini just by mix and matching. Not only can this be extremely fun, but it can save you money as well! However, it can also go very wrong if you don't pay attention to what you put together.

Mix and Match Bikinis

When mixing and matching, make sure the solid color you're using is within the print. For example, if you have bikini bottoms with a floral print and the flowers are pink, you're not going to use an orange bikini top, because it just doesn't match. Instead, you'd use a bikini top very similar or almost identical to the color of the flowers on your bikini bottoms; in this case, it would be pink.

Match the same fabrics and materials. If your bikini bottom is a spandex and polyester blend, try to match with the same material for the top. If not, everybody will know that the pieces definitely did not come together, and we want people to believe that they were meant for each other.

Montce Bikinis Mix and Match

A huge mistake is mixing prints. DO NOT mix prints. You don't want wild leopard bikini bottoms and beautiful pineapples on your bikini top. I know that it can get tempting since there are so many lovely prints, but together, they just don't go together. It would be a very overwhelming look; too many things going on. Stay away from this, ladies!

Mix and Match Peixoto Swim

Lastly, match the style of your bikini pieces. For example, if your top has fringe, don't decide to match it with a bottom that has ruffles. Or if your bottoms are completely full coverage, don't try to use a string to cover up your girls. Not only will it be oddly revealing at the top, but your bikini will definitely not look on point.

Mix and matching bikinis is not that difficult. Just remember that you want them to look like they belong together. If you do it right, you can end up with a perfect little bikini.