Helen Janneson Bense runs a blog that shows off some of the most inspiring options for all of those looking to get creative and stylish. Through styles, clothing, and the earth’s natural beauty, Helen allows herself to portray her thoughts and outfit beliefs. Her blog hosts multiple elements, including a jewelry store, clothing shop instagram, style page, and a more typical blog.

GypsyLovinLight Boho Style

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On Helen Janneson Bense Instagram, her different clothing ideas and inspirations can be present. These style ideas are great to observe, but can also be purchased. By selecting the images and clicking through the links provided, the images also allow those looking on to obtain the style for their own.

Helen Janneson Bense Instagram is under the name @gypsylovinlight instagram. Her clothing style and modeling works to incorporate a modern day hippie vibe combined with a California boho chic, with a great gypsy vibe. She works together with various companies and groups in order to make money in her process of modeling. She is a serious professional and a breathtaking beauty and icon in the world of everyday fashion.


Black Lace Bikini on GypsyLovinLight

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On top of her incredible clothing and style abilities, Helen Janneson Bense naturopath skills and nutrigenomics practice presents her abilities and talents. She has worked with various individuals and circumstances involving various neuro-immune issues, autism, nutritional issues, and other hormonal issues as well.

Helen currently works with alternative medicine and insight naturopathy as an Insight Naturopathy Biomedical Naturopath & Nutrigenomics Practitioner – greater information regarding this can be found on her LinkedIn page.


Boho Lace Kimono on GypsyLovinLight

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Bense runs a blog known as Heal Dove that is focused solely on naturopathic methods of medicinal practice and the like. She goes over important aspects in the biomedical world, including serious medical conditions and dilemmas that are deserving of discussion.

Bense’s products can be found through her gypsylovinlight eBay account. On the eBay account, different clothing options can be found. Her account has a 100% positive feedback percentage. Essentially, all of the items on her gypsylovinlight eBay account are outfits and clothing options only worn once for photo shoots at the very most. The clothing was worn only to help run her Gypsy Lovin Light blog and website.


GypsyLovinLight in Solkissed Lace One Piece

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The photographer for the gypsylovinlight Instagram and blog is Bobby Bense – this is also Helen’s husband, as many be identifiable by the last name. With the SPELL Byron Bay Instagram, you can find a collaborative clothing collection on Instagram with various models and a gypsy vibe.


GysyLovinLight Boho Style and Clothing

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Helen Janneson Bense is a versatile woman that has a wide educational basis that allows her to practice incredible medicinal studies and work. She took part in her naturopathic ways for 15 years, and the modeling was a rather stumbled upon experience that ended up leading her into a life path she found incredibly pleasing.


 GypsyLovinLight Instagram


Instagram : @gypsylovinlight