At the age of 27, Chiara Biasi has become a popular lifestyle blogger. On her website,, she keeps her fans and readers informed on her personal style choices.

 Chiara Biasi

Chiara makes it a point to share her most loved outfits with her website visitors. Much of her website is devoted to fashion in order to help guide her fans and enable them to develop their own personal style using hers as inspiration. She models outfits and tells her fans where they can purchase the clothing she wears. Those who follow her YouTube channel see how many fashion shows she attends around the world.

Chiara Biasi Blog

Chiara’s original plan was studying economics at a college in Milan until she came to the realization that she wanted her life to go in a different direction. During this time in her life, she was the roommate of fellow fashion influencer and blogger, Chiara Ferragni. At the tender age of 20, Chiara launched her now popular blog.

     Chiara Biasi

Poisson d'Amour Swimwear

The Italian YouTube star launched her channel in 2012, with her first video debuting in the spring of 2013. Since then she has even released a line of swimsuits designed to make the women wearing them look and feel sexy and confident. She also released a line of sophisticated handbags that appeal to women of all ages.

Age: 27 years old

Born: Italy

Birthday: March 20th 

Instagram: @chiarabiaisi

Twitter: @chiarabiasi

Facebook: @BlogdiChiaraBiais

YouTube: @ChiaraBiasi

Between her blog and her YouTube channel, Chiara Biasi is able to reach women all over the world. By doing so, it makes it possible for her to share her fashion sense with anyone who is interested. Chiara has a unique ability to put together an outfit in new and creative ways. Sharing her visions with her fans allows her to connect with many women.

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Few women have gained as much respect in the fashion and blogging industries as Chiara Biasi. She has served as an inspiration to women who are struggling to develop their own personal style. Her own outfits can give other women the confidence they need to put together outfits that show off their personality and help them develop a sense of style that is all their own.

With so many fashion/lifestyle bloggers, Chiara stands out among them. She has risen above the competition to come out on top with a popular blog and YouTube channel that both embrace the idea of women and beauty. Chiara helps make women feel beautiful on not only the inside, but the outside as well. There is no doubt she will continue to succeed as a blogger and a YouTube star in her own right.

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