Boyfriends of Instagram


It's no mystery that we document almost every moment on Instagram nowadays. Taking one picture just doesn't cut it. If you have that one person that is patient enough to take 100 photos until you get the right one you are lucky. In most cases its your best friend, but if they're not around you can always count on your boyfriend.


Boyfriends make excellent photographers when you want to post on Instagram for several obvious reasons:

  1. He doesn't want you to get mad at him if he doesn't do it
  2. He is afraid of you
  3. He love you so he will do it anyway <3


Let's give these dedicated gentlemen some cool points for taking some of these amazing photos!



Living Life On The Ledge

Boyfriends of Instagram




You Look Beautiful From Behind

Boyfriends of Instagram




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Images of Boyfriends Taking Pictures




Girl From Ipanema 2.0

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Beeeend & Snap!

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It's A Small World

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If You Could See Yourself The Way I See You

Boyfriends of Instagram





Rain Drop, Drop Top!

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Follow Me To...Over Here! The Lighting Is Better

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All photos courtesy of Bored Panda