Happy Birthday America!

The 4th of July, a birthday party everyone in America is invited to. The fourth is kind of a huge deal since it marks the anniversary of our beautiful nation gaining its independence, yay U.S.A! This day of celebration is filled with with barbequing, beaches, drinks, sunshine, and most importantly fireworks.  We love the fourth of July here at Bikini Luxe because it means bringing out your most festive bikini. Patriotism is important 365 days a year but the 4th of July is one day to be especially patriotic, which means red, white, and blue everything! We thought of  some cute Fourth of July ideas for everything from dress to drinks.


Fourth Of July



The most important part of any party is having the perfect outfit to wear. Before figuring out any minor details you have to pick out a killer outfit. Most of us spend the fourth of july by the water- at the beach, on the boat, or by the pool. I don’t know about you, but there is a 100% chance I will be in a bikini this fourth of July. Holidays are like fashionable costume contest for us girls. Girls compete to be the most festive but in a stylish way. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep it chic while showing some spirit , but for this fourth of July, we’ve got you covered. 

Frankies Valentina Top
Frankies Marley Bottom
You’ll look like a star in this Frankie’s Bikini. Show your patriotism and look absolutely amazing while doing it. You are sure to recieve countless compliments in this number. 



Food is a major aspect of any celebration. Let’s face it, we always find ourselves conjugating around food at parties.  Whether you're hosting the 4th of July barbeque or just attending it, we have an awesome 4th of July snack that is a must-have at every party. Sweet, salty, and simple, chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect snack to decorate for fourth of july. Chocolate covered pretzels are a classic snack and definitely a fan favorite. 

Fourth of July Idea
  1. Put a sheet of wax paper on a baking tray. 
  2. Melt white chocolate candy melts in the microwave (according to package)
  3. Dip each pretzel into the melted white chocolate 
  4. Hold the pretzels vertically after they are dipped to let the extra choclate drip down. 
  5. Add red white and blue sprinkles to your pretzels. (We recommend getting star sprinkles)
  6. Put the pretzels in the fridge to let them harden. 


Red, white, and booze! No better way to show 4th of July spirit than with a good old red, white, and blue cocktail. This layered drink not only looks amazing but tastes amazing too. There’s no doubt that this patriotic drink will be a hit at every 4th of Julty party this year. 

Fourth of July Drink
  1. Fill up a cup with ice.
  2. Add grenadine to fill the cup 1/3 of the way
  3. Add cream vodka for the 2nd ⅓ of the cup.
  4. Add blue curacao for the last ⅓ of the cup 
  5. Enjoy your the refreshing taste of freedom 


If you plan on hosting a 4th of July party,  its mandatory that you have festive decorations. If you’re crafty and like to paint, we have the perfect DIY decoration for you. 

Fourth of July Decorations
Im sure you have some old mason jars laying around, grab a paintbrush and some paint and get crafty! All you need is three colors, but you can get creative when thinking of patriotic designs for these jars. Once you paint them you can fill them with flowers, candles, eating utensils, or even food.

Get all the red, white, and blue you own, rally up your friends, it's time to celebrate our rad nation!