Introducing the Montce Swimwear High Summer 2014 Collection


  1. Nude Peach Dopio Top
  2. Cat Lady Nu Micro Bow Bottom
  3. Taboa Dopio Braided Top
  4. Taboa Blanco Three Braided Euro Bottom
  5. Cartajena Guapa Top
  6. Cartajena Uno Bottom


Check out these fresh new tiny bikinis by our favorite swim line Montce Swim! We are totally smitten with these new additions, which brings the line to a whole new level. The fun and flirty Cat Lady Bottom sticks to their wild side, while the Cartajena Bottom screams sophistication, then the Taboa Blanco Bottom ties them all together with a healthy dose of sex appeal. What more could you want from a swimwear line than a little bit of everything?



Care to be perfectly peachy in the subtly shimmery nude peach fabric of the Dopio Top, or perhaps covered in kittens in the Nu Micro Bow Bottom?

Luckily you can have the best of both worlds by pairing them together!  The nude peach color also extends into the Taboa Blanco Braided Bottom and the Taboa Braided Dopio Top in the form of braided strings.



These limited edition Montce Bikini pieces can all be found in our shop as separates, and offer suggestions as to which to mix and match with.  We plan to continue to feature many new styles of theirs, so keep an eye out for more stylish additions to the website!


Thanks for reading,

Bikini Luxe