Nothing accents a hot little bikini like a glamorous beach cover up.

I Introduce to you, the Bikini Luxe Gypsy Cover up! Long enough to wear on it's own, and versatile enough to be worn tied up, or with cute shorts underneath.

It's rare that I roll out of bed and look great, but throwing on this cover up definitely makes it a whole lot easier. It pulls together my whole look, whether that's Haviana flip flops, or nude Michael Kors wedges. A nice big beach bag, or a simple towel and Coach wristlet. Big Prada sunglasses or...wait... I always wear big sunglasses. Haha.

I prefer to wear cover ups because it's a simple decision that looks as if you actually put time and effort into your outfit. I don't have to worry about if those shorts fit, if that shirt matches the shoes I want to wear, etc. Just throw on my Gypsy and i'm good to go.


Available in size Small/Medium for $23.99 w/ free two day shipping!


Looking luxurious and feeling great are easy to do when you're wearing the Bikini Luxe Gypsy Cover Up. We are thrilled to offer this piece as part of our line, and will be adding more soon! Keep an eye out for more clothing pieces.


- Bikini Luxe