You never think an impulse buy will affect your life a few months later..

I stumbled upon Tai Jewelry in a small overpriced boutique in the heart of Miami Beach. A friend worked there and invited me to stop by for a 50% off sale, and I couldn't help but stop by just to "check things out." I Intended on buying a few must have clothing pieces, and not to go overboard. I found a few things, and in the midst of paying for my new beauties, I noticed a tray full of shiny, shimmery, gold and silver jewelry. What caught my attention after that were the small detailed skulls, anchors, horseshoes, hearts, etc. Everything looked like fine jewelry, and I was sure that these dainty little pieces were out of my price range. They were. I tried a few on anyway. I fell in love with a gold skull bangle and had to have it. With my discount it came to $100. I was thrilled, and I wore it home.

That skull bracelet became my staple piece.

I wore it every single day, rain or shine. If I went out dancing, I would hide it in my purse just in case. It was one of those open style bangle bracelets, it stays on perfectly, but after having a few glasses of champagne, who knows right? Long story short, i've had it for a little bit, and I decide to start my own company and feature jewelry. A few brands crossed my mind, but then it hit me! Where did I get that skull bracelet from? What brand was it? I ran into my room to check it out. Stamped underneath one of the skulls were the letters TAI. I ran to the computer and typed those three letters into Google. TAI. Apparently TAI comes up with a multitude of results. I then searched Tai Jewelry, etc. Eventually after a week or so I got in touch with someone, and placed my first order. In that order I had to have skull bracelets to share with others, among other shiny things. We now offer necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings from Tai Rittichai Jewelry.

I have learned that Tai Rittichai gets the majority of her inspiration from her mothers intricate knitting work.

Her jewelry truly reflects that, as certain pieces such as the Tai Anchor Bracelet feature detailed gold rope wrapped around the anchor. She uses a lot of stones, beads, and in some pieces braided fabrics. Mystical symbols such as the evil eye, hamsa, lucky horseshoe, arrow, and even skull are used in many of her jewelry pieces. I personally like the Tai Horseshoe earrings, they are quality made, sparkly, and small enough to be a stud but large enough to be noticed. The Evil Eye necklaces ward off bad energy and evil.

So, here I am a few orders later, loving the collection of Tai Jewelry I have collected for myself along the way (three for you, one for me. Two for you, one for me!) I'm currently wearing the Tai Cupcake Necklace, which I get a lot of compliments on. I also wear the Tai Open Stone Bracelet, and Tai Hamsa Earrings, all in Gold. That's my color, it just works. These are quality made pieces, they won't turn your skin funny colors, and you can rest assured your favorite new Tai Jewelry will remain beautiful for a long time to come. I have decided to do things differently, and I have kept my prices competitive and affordable. I love a deal, so I assume others do as well! I like stylish quality pieces that don't break the bank, so that's what I offer. :)


Thanks for reading,

Bikini Luxe