You catch the lifeguard checking you out, you can't help but giggle and smirk back.

What caught his attention? You've got a great bikini on, it accentuates your curves in all the right ways. It wasn't that, at least... not at first. Your hair is blowing in the breeze, it must have been... Nope. Your freshly painted red toes are covered in white sand (which is okay because it's what you've been waiting for all week long) they probably caught his eye.... Nah. You've got a dainty body chain on, it's dangling across your belly, sparkling in the sunshine with every step. It wraps around your body, hugging your hips. The gold chain shimmers and screams, "Look at me!" This is undoubtedly what caught his eye. It is.

(Body Chain for Swimsuit)

You continue walking in his direction,

scanning for a place to lay your towel and set up camp for the day. You get closer, he waves you over. Oh. My. God. This is really happening. Is my Lip Gloss okay? You think to yourself. Ugh, is my top on properly, god forbid I get over there and he tells me he's been eyeing me this whole time because i'm letting it all hang out.

"That looks great on you!" he says with a smile on his face. "Oh, thanks!" you reply. "This old thing?" you have your Bikini Luxe Double Body Chain on. You JUST got it in the mail. This is actually the first time you've worn it. It looks great on you. You know it looks great on you. You're ecstatic!

"YES that old thing! I've been looking for one like that forever!Where did you get it from?" he squeals, while sticking his hip out in a familiar way. You recognize that hip sway from your old cheerleading days. Oh. My. It hits you. He wasn't checking you out because he wanted to get in your pants... He was checking out your amazing bikini body chain for himself!


Doh. Welcome to Miami Beach. :)

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-Bikini Luxe