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Agua Bendita Supports Womens From Colombia


Agua Bendita is a line of swimwear that women of all ages are embracing. The brand was founded by Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Alvarez. A classroom was where the idea for the brand came to be. Both designers have concentrated on experimenting with various fabrics and textures to create this unique swimwear line.


Humble Beginnings

Agua Bendita Swimwear Supports Single Mothers


These women are passionate designers that wanted to tell their own story through their swimsuits. The details of the designs themselves represent the culture of Colombia.

The humbling beginnings of Agua Bendita date back to 2003 when the swimwear was created in Catalina’s home. At that time, the women would take their completed designs and have a dressmaker create them based on those designs. After a while the brand grew so much that multiple dressmakers were needed.

Since then, hundreds of women living in Colombia have contributed to the creation of Agua Bendita swimsuits. Each swimsuit is handmade with care by women who would not have a job to support themselves and their families with otherwise. They were hired to help the brand represent the women of Colombia who no longer have to struggle thanks to Agua Bendita.



Internationally Recognized Designer Brand


Agua Bendita Swimwear Changing the World

The brand has grown so much since then that it is now found in the wardrobes of women in over 50 countries. This is a testament to Mariana, Catalina and every woman that works with them in the creation and distribution of this line of swimsuits.

Together, Mariana and Catalina have worked hard to create a program called 700 Hearts. The program employs single mothers that have been called the soul of the company as well as heroes. It is the goal of Mariana and Catalina to improve the life of every woman they employ.

Over 700 workers with a passion for handmade items work hard to put together each piece in the Agua Bendita collection. Beads and other decorations are carefully added to the swimsuits, one piece at a time. The 700 Hearts workers are meticulous at their job and ensure that those who purchase these swimsuits are getting the best possible product. They are excellent and combining modern and traditional styles in each swimsuit they create.


Designer Handmade Bikinis

Designer Bikinis by Agua Bendita

Each swimsuit created is seen as an individual craft project and each one is unique in some special way. The team of hard working men and women that create them are a family to each other and treat each other, and the products they are creating, accordingly.

From the largest detail to the smallest, including sewing the tag into each swimsuit, is something 700 Hearts employees are passionate about doing. They take pride in everything they create and strive to make each piece look and feel beautiful.


Peace and Love From Colombia


Agua Bendita Designer Swimwear Brand - Autobiography

For everyone who takes part in the design and creation of Agua Bendita swimsuits, it is a passionate undertaking that allows them to take their love for life and their community and have that love reflect in everything they do. Led by two inspirational women, Agua Bendita is truly a Labor of Love.