• Meet our Sporty new friend, DiDikini Swimwear!

    We've teamed up with local Miami brand DiDikini Swim, who specializes in sporty Florida Fan friendly swimwear.


    Their bikinis feature colors which Miami Dolphins fans will recognize in a heartbeat! They also cater to other Florida based schools and teams such as Gainesville, Tallahassee, and Miami Universities. Women want to be able to represent their favorite team, and throw around a football just as much as the guys, but doing it in style and attempting to remain covered up are difficult. A DiDikini bikini top has got your back! By that we mean that you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you'll be snug and protected by their sporty bikinis!



    DiDi stands for Dream It, Do It. DiDikini (DiDi = Dream it. Do it + Kini = inspired by the bikini).

    The girl this brand represents is happy and healthy, and loves a good day full of outdoor activities. She's strong in both mind and body. We love this!


    One of our favorite things about this brand is that the tops are reversible! You essentially have three options in one. For example, on the DiDikini MIA Pro bikini top you can wear it with both sides teal, both sides orange, or with a slight twist and have teal and orange at the same time! How neat is that? Both sides match the bottom, so you're set! Who doesn't love options?



    The bottoms fit like a dream, flattering every body type just right. The scrunch butt enhances you're curves, making you look you absolute best. The University swimsuits like the "Gville" "Tally" and the "M.I.A." all feature long tassel style strings on the sides, which adds a flirty vibe. All of these swimsuits are a sexy Nylon/Spandex blend which has a nice sheen to it. You'll look expensive without breaking the bank, and that's what DiDikini Swimwear and Bikini Luxe are all about.



    Beyond the Miami Dolphins Swimwear type of athletic looks this brand offers, they also feature a few glamorous exotic bikinis as well. These are inspired by the designers travels, and have the fun reversible option as well.

  • Sun Kitten Swimwear by Elizabeth Rovsek

    The Sun Kitten is a flirty, girly, beachy sex kitten.


    We are happy to announce our partnership with Sun Kitten Swimwear, and owner/designer Elizabeth "Lizzie" Rovsek! The made in USA brand offers subtly sexy updates to classic swim styles such as low-rise tie sides bottoms, flirty ruffle triangle tops, and one-piece swimwear with a plunging V-neck. Elizabeth, a full time mom and designer of her label, chose to use ultra soft Italian fabric which feels like a dream to slip into.

    You may know her from the hit TV Series "Real Housewives of Orange County." Lizzie proudly sponsors both Miss Kentucky USA and Miss Malibu USA, as pageants are a long time interest of hers (and she is former Miss Kentucky USA!). Lizzie plans on spending quality time with her growing family in the upcoming years.

    Her swimwear line is exciting and form fitting, just what every woman needs! We adore the Sun Kitten Swimwear Ruffle Top, available in many colors and sizes here at Bikini Luxe. Ruffle Bikinis are flirty and fun, and are meant for women of all sizes. Personally I am on the smaller side, so the fluffy ruffles help add a little dimension, if you know what I mean.


    "Black Beauty"


    These pieces are offered as separates, which is great because you can choose to stick with one color, or mix and match! I like to get creative with mine, maybe a black bottom and a red top on a Saturday, and maybe next Wednesday I want to wear a pink top and white bottom! Change is good.



    "Beach Angel" Ruffle Top and "Snakeskin" Bottom


    Realistically, who doesn't love a well fitting, ruched butt, low-rise, string bikini? Exactly my point. Lizzie and Sun Kitten Swimwear hit the nail on the head with this gorgeous piece, which looks great even when paired with a white ruffle top. Having flexible swimwear options just makes life easier. We are thrilled to have a small selection of their swimwear up on our website at the moment, but check back soon for more styles and colors!


    -Bikini Luxe

  • Meet our new Bestie, Bestie.com!

    Bikini Luxe now joins Bestie.com!



    If you have not yet heard about the new service allow me to warn you, it may soon become your favorite new internet addiction!

    Bestie is a social commerce site that features many of the most popular consumer stores and products in the world. You can easily see trending products and choose from some of the best deals. A few clicks allow you to collect gifts you want, or you can start your own collection of hot summer styles! You can do this either by surfing around the internet and finding new and exciting products,or by looking at the selection of top finds that other users have saved on the website already. This makes it quite a fun experience.

    Bestie features mega stores such as Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter, Agent Provacateur, and many many more. Once you see something you like you can save it and others can share or collect your find! There is a real sense of community on this site, with many people saving your products and following you daily! This makes it quite a fun place to be, and helps you to find amazing ideas for outfits, future home decor, etc.

    Bikini Luxe is excited for future collaborations with Bestie, Follow us on bestie.com/bikiniluxe to see the newest hottest deals from all around the internet.


    Thanks for reading,

    Bikini Luxe

  • Peixoto by Mauricio Esquenazi

    Colombian born Mauricio Esquenazi draws his inspiration from his extensive exposure to various cultures and his family ties. Currently residing in beautiful Miami, the sunshine and water offer great starting points for his fresh Peixoto Swimwear designs.

    We are always changing, options are a must!

    A Peixoto String BIkini will make you feel sophisticated, elegant, and classy. Mauricio plays with different cut outs and offers many options in regards to how to tie your swimsuit. For example, the Peixoto Bella Top allows you to use your imagination. If you are in a halter top kind of mood, you can wrap it as a halter top. Criss cross across the front is another option, as well as tieing it as a bow, wrapping it as a standard bandeau, and pretty much whatever else you can come up with!
    (Peixoto Bella Top in Hot Pink and Mandarin available now)



    One Piece Swimwear can be sassy too!

    The One Piece Flamingo swimsuit has gained a lot of attention recently. It was featured on Khloe Kardashian in black on her cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and on Kate Upton in pink for Sports Illustrated. Naturally, we had to have both colors. The open back and low cut front of the Peixoto Flamingo One Piece offer maximum sex appeal, all while playing hard to get. 
    (Peixoto Flamingo One Piece Swimwear available in Black and Hot Pink now)


    Always one to focus on style, he created a bustier type lace up bikini top (which I affectionately call the Peixoto Totoro Bustier Top) for those who were looking for a sort of corset bikini. The deep V front of this push up bikini adds to its beauty, and gives you a healthy boost in the cleavage department!
    The cut of Peixoto Swimwear is unique in the way that it covers just enough to leave some to the imagination, but portray your sex appeal at the same time. The Peixoto bikini bottom always sits low on the hips to accentuate your womanly figure, without forgetting the comfort aspect.
    Mauricio is one of our favorite designers. He is kind, helpful, and knows how to dress a woman! For that, we are grateful!
    -Bikini Luxe
  • Eberjey by Ali and Mariela

    Eberjey: For Happy, Confident Women

    Eberjey was founded in 1996 upon realizing there were no lingerie options out there that expressed happiness, love, and
    confidence. Co-founders Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovita then set out to create pretty "under things" for real bodies, and they didn't skimp on comfort.
    Eberjey made boy short underwear a must have piece for every woman. Laterally challenged, flat bottomed girls needed loving too, and that's just what they did. Soon stores worldwide were stocking their shelves with their form fitting bottoms. Eberjey started out as a lingerie company, but soon blossomed into loungewear and even swimwear.

    Eberjey Swim has graced many magazines with their presence, and landed more than a few covers.

    Each Eberjey Bikini has a different aspect which catches our eye, whether it's the intricate beaded string details of the So Solid Gisele Top, subtle tiger print as in the Desert Tiger Bikini, or even the flouncy ruffles of the El Mirage Antonia Bottoms. There is literally an Eberjey Bikini for each and every type of woman out there.
    Long story short, you can't go wrong with an Eberjey Bikini..
    -Bikini Luxe