Models and social media aren’t exactly a unique thing these days. Do a search, and you’ll come up with tons of accounts that show people modeling the latest styles, and pimping out partner brands and favorites. You’ll probably see them showing off their latest destination, too. You might even see a bunch of them that don’t fit the mold and aren’t afraid to show it.

Robyn Lawley

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Robyn Lawley fits into a lot of these categories, but she’s also one of the first to be out there showing a little body diversity. She’s also extremely vocal in the media and her home country about the issue. Let’s learn a little more about Robyn and why so many people are flocking to her social accounts.

Robyn Lawley Swimsuit Model

Robyn experienced some issues getting into the industry in the early days of her career. She was seen as someone who wasn’t fit for the runway or print, as her image didn’t fit what was popular at the time. She’s spoken about this openly with ABC News in Australia, Ellen Degeneres, and others. In fact, her struggle and the struggle of the agency owner who would eventually get her into the spotlight was also discussed at length in a piece for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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The agent in question is also a woman who doesn’t fit the typical standards and chose to help other women get their start in an industry that can be tough to navigate, even with the increased acceptance of other body types. Some might even say that the plus size industry can go too far in the other direction, something that neither has been happy about. Her agent has been very firm about wanting healthy models above all, whatever size they may fit into.

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Robyn is the first Australian plus-size model to be featured in Australian Vogue, according to an ABC article, and they also credit her as being the first plus-size model used to represent Ralph Lauren. These are some big accomplishments for someone who’s been in the business for the past seven years, and her credits are far more numerous than that.

  • Age: 28 years old
  • Height: 6'2" 
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Net worth: $1 million
  • Career: Model
  • Husband: Everest Schmidt


Robyn Lawley

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She’s not just a model, either. Robyn has taken the fame her work has earned her and used it to delve into other projects that inspire her. She’s got a popular food blog where she talks recipes and gardening, she’s a fashion designer, a writer on body issues, and she’s even ventured behind the camera. Yes, the model now also devotes some of her time to photographing other models, and she’s making a good name for herself doing it. Her swimwear line is a mix of one pieces and high waist bikini sets. She is all about body positivity and health.

Robyn Lawley Swimwear

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Robyn has an active social presence with over 180 thousand followers on Instagram, where she also lists herself as a Director, DJ, and producer. Her @robynlawley account gives followers a look into her career, her personal life, and her message of body positivity. She also shared a picture of a cheesecake from her cookbook based on her blog. She also advocates for better practices in fashion production. She can also be found on Twitter as @RobynLawley (over 33 thousand followers), or Facebook as Robyn Lawley. There, she’s earned over 113 thousand likes.

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