Perfect Peach Swimwear

Perfect Peach - 2nd Base Black Bikini Set

2017 will be all about finding the perfect swimwear to compliment a woman’s body. The Perfect Peach Swimwear line is already being embraced by trendy women all over the country.

Perfect Peach - 2nd Base Reversible Bikini Set

The collection includes standard and reversible bikini sets in reserved, understated colors. Each bikini includes adjustable straps making them ideal for women of all shapes and sizes.

Made from lightweight fabric that is comfortable and easy to move in, Perfect Peach Swimwear has already found many fans. This is partly due to the fact that bikini bottoms and tops are purchased separately, making it the perfect choice for someone who needs a smaller top than bottom or vice versa.

Both strap and strapless bikinis are part of the Perfect Peach Swimwear collection. With high waists and low cut tops, these swimsuits can help any woman show off her curves at the pool or beach.

For big busted women, Perfect Peach Truth or Dare, a bikini set being sold on a limited basis, is a great choice because the bikini tops contain high quality underwire that is comfortable but still functional. Truth or Dare bikinis have removable straps as well, essentially allowing women to own two bathing suits for the price of one.

Perfect Peach - Russian Roulette Highwaist Bikini Set

For the brave and daring women who don’t mind showing off their lower body the Russian Roulette swimsuit has a bottom that leaves little to the imagination. Its detailed design makes a sexy statement. Its adjustable shoulder straps make the top of the swimsuit as comfortable as the bottom of it.

For the slightly less daring woman the 2nd base suit may be the perfect choice. Both strapless and reversible, this swimsuit has a high waist bottom that covers more than the Russian Roulette bottom does but still leaves women looking sexy and feeling confident.

Perfect Peach - Shaken Not Stirred | Champagne Bikini

The Perfect Peach Swimwear line includes string bikinis such as the Shaken Not Stirred. Its frilly edges and scrunch bottom give it a distinct style that many women love. The swimsuit contains padding that can easily be removed at any time.

Perfect Peach - The Other Woman

Women who prefer a one piece swimsuit are often happy with The Other Woman. Its petite bottom contains straps perfect for making smaller women feel beautiful. It can help a woman show off her curves without showing off everything else she has.

Aside from being unique and trendy, Perfect Peach Swimwear is created using only the best possible quality materials straight from Italy. Here are some other things you didn't know:

  • All materials used in this line of swimsuits have been created by companies that are committed to remaining eco-friendly.
  • Renewable energy sources are used to manufacture each of the swimsuits in this line.
  • Ecoprint technology is used during the creation process and green tech water systems are employed during the process as well.
  • As little energy as possible is used in the creation of Perfect Peach Swimwear.


Perfect Peach - Innuendo Reversible Bikini

Women who purchase from this collection are not only getting a trendy and stylish swimsuit they are also supporting a company that cares about making the world much better.


Perfect Peach Swimwear seen in:

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