Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman are the faces behind the popular blog, A Bikini a Day. They’re part of a new generation of boss ladies who use the internet to make their dream lives. Their dedication and content has garnered the interest of countless brands, and inspires their followers. Combined, they reach over two million people and counting with their personal Instagrams alone @DevinBrugman and @TashOakley.

Friends make the best business partners

Natasha and Devin aren’t just the bosses of Bikini a Day. They’re also friends who are so close, they say it’s almost like being in a relationship. They have spent countless hours together since they met in Hawaii years ago. They began working together when Devin was brought on as a photographer for Natasha’s production company.

The pair worked together on several assignments, realizing quickly that they were a winning team. The production company, which Natasha started at eighteen years old, is still around today. They often use it to create the stunning content that their fans have come to expect.

Following their passion

Their work with Natasha’s production company often had them doing beach shoots. Luckily, both of them loved working in the sun and rocking swimwear while doing it. They enjoyed it so much, they started taking pictures of themselves and putting them online back in 2012.

They quickly drew the attention of fans and brands, opening up the next logical move: starting a lifestyle blog together. They opened a new social account for the blog, and set to work not only sharing pictures of the tons of bikinis they were rapidly accumulating from brands they work with, but offering their advice and thoughts on travel destinations, health, beauty, fitness, and more.

The hard work they put into their blog has seen them collaborating with brands like Blue Glue Swimwear, Fella Swim, Zennor Bikini, Pac Sun, and more. Their latest project is a collaboration with GUESS that they have been promoting extensively on their Instagram account. Think that’s enough? Not for them! They have taken their name recognition and passion for swimwear and turned into two original brands: Monday Swimwear and Monday Active. The latter was launched last year.

Taking Charge and Owning Their Message

Natasha and Devin have drawn over 600 thousand followers with their Instagram (ABikiniADay) for A Bikini a Day. They share their obsession with no fear, insisting that the bikini shots have helped make them more confident in their own bodies. They are all about being yourself and loving your body as it is, just as long as you’re living a healthy lifestyle. This shows in the confident vibe they give off in each shot.

It’s not all two-pieces, though. Variety is key, so they mix it up with one-piece suits and other beachwear. They feature so many different styles, they ensure there is something for everyone who visits their blog and accounts.  Insisting that they don’t feature anything they don’t absolutely love, they also inspire followers to be true to themselves and their tastes.

Other content that has grabbed their Insta followers, as well as 37K Facebook fans (ABikiniADay) and 14K YouTube subscribers (ABIKINIADAY) are travel shots, behind the scenes videos, and inspirational quotes that show off their entrepreneurial spirits.

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