How Luli Fama Started

Working for an established swimsuit designer would eventually lead Luli Fama to follow in the woman’s footsteps. Upon meeting and working with the woman’s nephew, a man named Augusto, Luli joined forces with him and the two co-created the Luli Fama line of swimwear.

Their business endeavor began in 2003 after the two launched a company named Cover Style to create a line of swimwear for juniors. They went on to design the swimsuits that are now synonymous with the name Luli Fama.

The Creativity Behind Luli Fama's Designs

Having grown up in Miami, this Cuban born designer now designs swimsuits that reflect the early years of her life. The swimsuits all have a somewhat Latin flair to them. Together with a team of artists, Augusto and Luli custom design each of their prints. In addition to swimsuits the duo has also collaborated on the design of dresses and stylish pieces to wear over any swimsuit. The line also includes both bikinis and monokinis.

Each item in the line is constructed using fabrics that automatically enhance the physical features of the women wearing them. In addition, they can go from day to night flawlessly, making them a financially sound investment for women everywhere.

Luli Fama Expands Their Line Of Products

Not content to stick to swimsuits and the like, Luli has expanded her line of products to include Eye Candy, a trendy new eyewear collection. These stylish sunglasses were designed to complement Luli’s many swimsuit designs. Some of Hollywood’s elite are fans of Luli Fama’s designs, including Shakira and Beyonce as well as Bar Rafaeli and Adriana Lima.

Luli Fama Goes Worldwide 

With a passion for fashion that can’t be beat, Luli is constantly traveling to promote her brand. She personally overseas the selling of the brand’s merchandise to shops all over the world. Paris Fashion Week is a regular stop for Luli but she makes appearances at store events in California, Las Vegas and even Puerto Rico. However, she and Augusto create new items for the brand in both Barcelona and Como. 


Any fashion show in which Luli Fama swimwear is featured, she is on hand to choose the models that get to wear her designs. Luli stands for nothing less than the respect she shows each of her models. As a mother hen of sorts to her hand- picked models, Luli genuinely spoils them, something that becomes evident when they walk the runway proudly decked out in a Luli Fama swimsuit.

The presence of Luli Fama swimwear in this year’s Miami Swim Week was nothing short of spectacular. Each swimsuit modeled from this fashionable brand was sexy yet subtle. Open cut shoulders and crochet pieces were featured in many of the swimsuits the models so beautifully displayed. Sheer fashions and mesh pieces were heavily featured as well. Sticking to her Latin roots, the bright colors and bold prints used in the chosen swimsuits reflected the generally happy lifestyle of Cuba residents.

Luli Fama swimwear is continuing to make a splash all over the world, making every woman feel beautiful. 

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