Miami Bikinis 

Dbrie Swimwear offers the fashion forward style you would expect to see from a Miami based swim company. With the use of numerous textures, such as velvet, metallics and leather, Dbrie provides its buyers with some of the most unique swimwear in the game. Danielle Pinder, the genius behind the brand Dbrie, studied at Miami International University, it was there where Pinder got the opportunity to go to Venezulea  to learn how to construct bikinis. Now Pinder has all eyes on her as she takes the swimwear world by storm with her fun and fresh designer bikinis. 


Velvet Bikinis

Dbrie’s motto is “wear it wet” because of the unique materials found in Dbrie bikinis. Materials like velvet and leather, can be worn in and out of the water. Some of Dbrie’s most popular bikinis are their velvet bikinis. These velvet bikinis are a game changer. The skimpy bikinis are as soft as can be. The velvet is surprisingly super comfortable in the water and actually dry quicker than typical bikinis. Once you wear a velvet bikini you’ll never want to wear another bikini ever again. 


Velvet Bikini

This velvet bikini is a head turner. There’s a guarantee you'll receive dozens of compliments are you strut around in this bikini. The soft velvet fabric will feel as good on you as it looks on. The bralette style on a triangle bikini top is not only super trendy but super comfortable. You'll feel like a star in this gorgeous shade of midnight blue and you'll never want to wear a boring bikini ever again.


Velvet One Piece

One pieces are definitely in this season, but how do we feel about velvet one pieces? If you want to take a trend and make it unique, a velvet one piece is the way to go. Many people will be at the beach wearing a one piece but only the most fashion forward will be seen in a velvet one piece. The low cut style and moderate coverage make this one piece super appealing. The soft velvet one piece is also super versatile, you can wear it in the water or wear it for a night out. Throw a pair of jean shorts over this one piece and you have a trendy outfit. You don’t want to miss out on this gorgeous look.  

Metallic Bikinis

Every girl wants to shine, with Dbrie metallic bikinis, you can do just that. These bikinis are the perfect way to showcase your killer sense of style where ever you go. Whether you're at the beach, by the pool, or tanning, while your in this bikini everyone will get hint of your awesome fashion sense. It is the uniqueness of Dbrie bikinis which set them apart from the rest. The use of metallic fabrics is especially genius. Why not add a little sparkle to your bikini collection? 


Metallic Bikini


When you mix metallic with mesh, you clearly get a perfect bikini. This skimpy bikini is ready to be added to your collection. The metallic inserts and mesh combo will have you in awe. This show stopping bikini is exactly what you have been looking for. You're bikini will be shimmering as you soak up the sun. 


Dbrie Bikini

This emerald green and metallic bikini will have you feeling like a gem. There's nothing like showing off your unique sense of style with a statement piece. We must say, this metallic designer bikini makes a huge statement. The classic triangle bikini has just been given the ultimate make over.

Whether you're  looking for a bikini to just lounge around in, or if your looking for a bikini to dive into the ocean wearing, Dbrie is the way to go, "wear it wet!"