Capittana Swimwear Collection

We’re constantly searching for new, trendy, up and coming brands. As far as swimwear goes, Capittana is the brand to watch. Capittana bikini’s are the perfect balance between funky and chic. These bikini’s are on trend with the hottest designer swimwear styles. Founded in June of 2013, Capittana is relatively new to  the swimwear industry. Since their launch, they have quickly gained popularity because of their unique designs and high quality materials. Capittana offers women the fresh and exciting swimwear they crave. Capittana takes pride in making all of their swimwear in the beautiful country of Peru.

Capittana Maui Reversible Lace Bikini

Lace, crochet, and reversible… what more can a girl ask for? This reversible lace bikini is the prime example of why Bikini Luxe adores Capittana Swimwear. Capittana never fails to add gorgeous details to their swimwear. The crochet trim is one of our favorite Capittana looks. Capittana always manages to bring women something different yet trendy to wear.

Because why try and fit in when you can stand out. We all have a little trendsetter in us and Capittana allows us to bring it out full fledged. Capittana adds a special flare to some of their bikinis; reversibility. Because the only thing better than one bikini is of course, two bikinis. It's impossible to pass up two suits in one. Flip your reversible bikini according to your mood, if you're feeling girly wear the floral side and if you’re feeling wild wear the cheetah side. Whichever side you choose, there’s no doubt you’ll be the best dressed girl on the beach.

Capittana Molokai Designer Tassel Bikini Set

When people think of Capittana swimwear, they think of fun one of a kind bikinis. Capittana is unique from other designer swimwear. The vibrant flare of Capittana swimwear does not go unnoticed. It is nearly impossible to wear Capittana Bikinis without receiving thousands of complements. Take the Molokai for example, this bikini is like no other on the market. Tassels are the perfect addition to nearly everything. The colorful tassels on this bikini will make you want to dance all day long. There’s no doubt you’ll look and feel amazing in this set.. Capittana crafts beautifully cut and designed suits for all women to enjoy. 

Capittana Mahalo Reversible One Piece

Every Bikini Luxe Babe is drooling over this unique one-piece. We all know that one piece swimsuits are a hot item this season, this Mahalo Reversible One Piece is definitely a must-have. Who said one piece swimsuits can’t flatter your body? This suit has a low cut neckline and cut-out sides that are bound to make your body look absolutely fabulous. Like a lot of Capittana’s designs, this suit includes intricate crochet trimming. Nothing says boho-chic better than crochet. Another reversible piece! The Mahalo Reversible One Piece has one plain side and one patterned side making which side to wear your toughest decision. Depending on the day you can wear the playful patterned side or if you’re looking to show off your summer glow the white side is the way to go. 

Capittana Men’s Swimwear

Don’t worry men, Capittana did not forget about you. Since February of 2014, Capittana has been producing a Men’s swimwear line along with their women’s swimwear. These boardshorts are incredible. It looks as if Capittana has not only mastered women’s swimwear but men’s too. Capittana’s boardshorts are geniusly tailored, fresh, and stylish. Any fashionable man is dying to get his hands on a pair of Capittan boardshorts. 

Try something trendy, bold, and especially gorgeous, stock up on Capittana Swimwear this summer!