Tai Jewelry and its Origins

Taking roots from its origin in California, the rare and exquisite Tai Jewelry is the art work of Tai Rittichai.

The well finished and en vogue designs are absolutely uncommon and limited. The rare and unique feature of Tai Rittichai jewelry makes it a must have collection for special occasions. These pieces are all highly collectible as they are made in very limited number this makes them very sought after by collectors of fine jewelry. Many of their pieces besides being limited edition are only made once per year. 

The highly appealing finishing touch is evident in every single piece of Tai Jewelry. The perfect luster and metallic finish is appealing to the core. These elaborate collectibles can complement the most elegant dresses to add glamor to the out fits.

The Finest Collection of Tai Rittichai Rings and Bracelets

Tai Jewelry presents the finest collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces exhibiting unsurpassed quality standards. The unwavering quality control element is evident from the fact that each piece is meticulously handmade. Top-notch products are used to design and create Tai Jewelry from the finest materials, locally in the USA.

The collection features some of the rarest and unique signature pieces such as the Tai Anchor Bracelet, Tai Jewelry Arrow Ring, The Signature Tai Skull Bracelet, Silver and Pave Crystal Hummingbird Earrings.

A unique signature style wrist piece to accentuate your wrist line:
  • Features an open bangle design
  • Has Intricate crystal design details on each side
  • Comes in gold color with Olive or Charcoal Stone
  • Easily fits different size wrists

This crystalized 18k gold ring is an enthralling beauty on its own:
  • Features a slim open ended gold ring band
  • Arrow head is crystalized to give details
  • Adjustable size

Skulls are worn traditionally as art pieces in jewelry to bring luck. The Tai Skull bracelet features:
  • The crystal skulls are designed with detailing black crystals
  • Worn as a good luck charm and as protective ornaments
  • Skulls at both ends

These are top-selling rare Tai jewelry collectables and feature:
    • Butterfly backed closure
    • Fitted with shimmery pave crystals
    • Fit to wear with an elegant outfits
    • Worn as a good luck charm
    • Available in silver color


    Bikini Luxe Tai Jewelry in a Nutshell

    The exquisite jewelry collection has a lot to offer to all the fashionistas out there. If you are looking for something unique to set your jewelry apart from the norm, or additionally want something that is relatively inexpensive for limited edition then Tai Jewelry is the way to go. These hand made crafted pieces are truly a showpiece. Many of them are very small and intricate, Dainty being  the key word here. This is a beauty upon itself. There is no need for big gaudy jewelry, sometimes the simplicity of dainty earrings or dainty any type of jewelry is something that speaks for itself! 

    Bikini Luxe Tai Jewelry is totally a delight to have from every aspect gives all these amazing features to consider:

    • Uniqueness in each rare piece of artwork
    • Reliability
    • Guaranteed quality
    • Out class perfection
    • Limited and uncommon design
    • Absolute originality
    • Uncompromising customer service
    • Upbeat designs

    Grab some of Tai Rittichai Jewelery  most Avant Garde precious items at Bikini Luxe’s one stop platform today!