Montce Swim-The Must Have

Beach-Wear Fits All Season Long



A good beach day is incomplete without a touch of fabulous Montce Swimwear.

All the raving babes who plan to look their best on a brilliant beach day need to stop and catch a glimpse of super-sexy and utterly flattering Montce Swim bikinis right away!


Montce Swimwear derives its origin from the creative ideas of the owner Alexandra Grief. The inspirations for the beach perfect and promisingly exciting bikinis are derived from an image of modern beachy chick and the beautiful mermaid. Moreover, exotic getaways and la femme captivating and body flattering wear also serves as an inspiration behind Montce swim.


The brilliancy and dexterity with designing is laudable in many aspects given the perfection and preciseness of the cuts and makes. Montce Swim by Alexandra Grief is therefore a brand new experience for those who love to flaunt their beauty with a striking new collection every now and then.


Montce Swim present unbelievably flirtatious and beach savvy collections with a huge and varying range of designs that would sweep you off your feet given the luxury and pampering comfort they offer. Find everything in one place from exotic prints and body accentuating fits that would boost your confidence with that bold and expressive body language.


A Montce bikini truly allows you to transform your look from gaudy and out dated bikini designs to mesmerizing hot beach wear that offers you glamour comfort and affordability without hassle.


If there is anything that this missing out from your perfect wardrobe it is a Montce bikini tag! Reach out to the stores and online portals to discover an entire new world of sleek, full coverage, fine-strapped and sleek coverage bikinis.


Avail the opportunity to explore and fill your carts with and designs that can be customized to fit your needs. It is a truly exciting opportunity for women who are up for some extra coverage or require extra features in their fits. Montce bikini can be tailored to fit your comfort levels. If you need to add more coverage to your bottom or you prefer pads fitted in your top, Montce swim is the solution for you. Montce swimwear can either be purchased or custom made totally to be your very own comforting style. Scroll through the tons of adrenaline pumping fits to add to those pretty beach clad memories.





Montce Swimwear Bikinis Feature:

Two piece or Mix-and-Match bikinis

A balance between surf shop and boutique

Pieces which are hand-made in the USA

World-wide Shipping

Each piece is an original designer swimwear

Custom Orders


The Montce Swim Bad Gal Bikini with the Rastafari derived concept featuring brilliant red yellows and greens inspired by Reggae colours or got fetch the Couture Mermaid Seashell Top made with love inspired by the sea life that beds lovely and elegantly intimidating mermaids. There is Lilo Blue Dopio Braided Set made with love to go with the blues of the beach to blend in with the beachy skies and not to forget the Deaux Bandeau and Alta Bottom Feathers Set in eye catching black theme. Enjoy the Cabo Guapa Set to get into the total funk zone experience featuring a combination of pastel indigo, blues and mild orange. Check out the Naranja Euro Set with subtle orange theme and gorgeous fit that consists of sleek straps and plain bottom that defines the pelvic line.