We've teamed up with local Miami brand DiDikini Swim, who specializes in sporty Florida Fan friendly swimwear.


Their bikinis feature colors which Miami Dolphins fans will recognize in a heartbeat! They also cater to other Florida based schools and teams such as Gainesville, Tallahassee, and Miami Universities. Women want to be able to represent their favorite team, and throw around a football just as much as the guys, but doing it in style and attempting to remain covered up are difficult. A DiDikini bikini top has got your back! By that we mean that you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you'll be snug and protected by their sporty bikinis!



DiDi stands for Dream It, Do It. DiDikini (DiDi = Dream it. Do it + Kini = inspired by the bikini).

The girl this brand represents is happy and healthy, and loves a good day full of outdoor activities. She's strong in both mind and body. We love this!


One of our favorite things about this brand is that the tops are reversible! You essentially have three options in one. For example, on the DiDikini MIA Pro bikini top you can wear it with both sides teal, both sides orange, or with a slight twist and have teal and orange at the same time! How neat is that? Both sides match the bottom, so you're set! Who doesn't love options?



The bottoms fit like a dream, flattering every body type just right. The scrunch butt enhances you're curves, making you look you absolute best. The University swimsuits like the "Gville" "Tally" and the "M.I.A." all feature long tassel style strings on the sides, which adds a flirty vibe. All of these swimsuits are a sexy Nylon/Spandex blend which has a nice sheen to it. You'll look expensive without breaking the bank, and that's what DiDikini Swimwear and Bikini Luxe are all about.



Beyond the Miami Dolphins Swimwear type of athletic looks this brand offers, they also feature a few glamorous exotic bikinis as well. These are inspired by the designers travels, and have the fun reversible option as well.