Bikini Luxe now joins!



If you have not yet heard about the new service allow me to warn you, it may soon become your favorite new internet addiction!

Bestie is a social commerce site that features many of the most popular consumer stores and products in the world. You can easily see trending products and choose from some of the best deals. A few clicks allow you to collect gifts you want, or you can start your own collection of hot summer styles! You can do this either by surfing around the internet and finding new and exciting products,or by looking at the selection of top finds that other users have saved on the website already. This makes it quite a fun experience.

Bestie features mega stores such as Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter, Agent Provacateur, and many many more. Once you see something you like you can save it and others can share or collect your find! There is a real sense of community on this site, with many people saving your products and following you daily! This makes it quite a fun place to be, and helps you to find amazing ideas for outfits, future home decor, etc.

Bikini Luxe is excited for future collaborations with Bestie, Follow us on to see the newest hottest deals from all around the internet.


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Bikini Luxe