One of the hottest trends this summer: a sexy little Bikini Body Chain.

There are many different takes on this stylish trend, from an intricate full body chain swimsuit, to a teeny tiny single chain with multiple charms attached. What I find to be attractive are dainty little gold chains with multiple layers, turquoise crosses, and shiny pearls. I choose pieces based on their quality, and also based on how luxurious they make me feel while I am wearing it.

The Body Chain to Wear with Bikini is our best selling piece. It's also my personal favorite, with it's beautiful pearl detail in the front and center. This piece is super sparkly, whenever I wear it out I catch it glistening in the sunlight. The pearl is a play on our logo, which if you take a second look is an oyster with it's shell open, displaying an opalescent pearl. This swimsuit body chain is worn as a necklace, lays down the torso, and wraps around your waist clasping in the back.


bikini body chain

We also offer the Double Body Chain for Bikini Wear, which is a gorgeous little number that works well with bikinis or under a crop top! Some girls even wear it over top of a tight fitting dress. The Double Body Chain is worn as a necklace, drapes down the torso, and the double gold strings wrap around your waist and clasp in your back. All of our chains feature clasps which can be extended to fit many waist sizes.

The Bikini Luxe Turquoise Cross Body Chain is a very popular option, with an adorable little cross which lays flat on your lower tummy. Turquoise is an awesome beachy color, and accessories any color tiny bikini perfectly. This belly chain can be sized and is an awesome piece to add to your collection.

body chain for bikini

Now, you might be thinking that you've seen and heard all we have to offer, but you'd be wrong!

bikini body chains for swimwear

We are currently in the works of adding many more body chain bikini pieces to the shop, so check back soon for more shiny options!

-Bikini Luxe