Colombian born Mauricio Esquenazi draws his inspiration from his extensive exposure to various cultures and his family ties. Currently residing in beautiful Miami, the sunshine and water offer great starting points for his fresh Peixoto Swimwear designs.

We are always changing, options are a must!

A Peixoto String BIkini will make you feel sophisticated, elegant, and classy. Mauricio plays with different cut outs and offers many options in regards to how to tie your swimsuit. For example, the Peixoto Bella Top allows you to use your imagination. If you are in a halter top kind of mood, you can wrap it as a halter top. Criss cross across the front is another option, as well as tieing it as a bow, wrapping it as a standard bandeau, and pretty much whatever else you can come up with!
(Peixoto Bella Top in Hot Pink and Mandarin available now)



One Piece Swimwear can be sassy too!

The One Piece Flamingo swimsuit has gained a lot of attention recently. It was featured on Khloe Kardashian in black on her cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and on Kate Upton in pink for Sports Illustrated. Naturally, we had to have both colors. The open back and low cut front of the Peixoto Flamingo One Piece offer maximum sex appeal, all while playing hard to get. 
(Peixoto Flamingo One Piece Swimwear available in Black and Hot Pink now)


Always one to focus on style, he created a bustier type lace up bikini top (which I affectionately call the Peixoto Totoro Bustier Top) for those who were looking for a sort of corset bikini. The deep V front of this push up bikini adds to its beauty, and gives you a healthy boost in the cleavage department!
The cut of Peixoto Swimwear is unique in the way that it covers just enough to leave some to the imagination, but portray your sex appeal at the same time. The Peixoto bikini bottom always sits low on the hips to accentuate your womanly figure, without forgetting the comfort aspect.
Mauricio is one of our favorite designers. He is kind, helpful, and knows how to dress a woman! For that, we are grateful!
-Bikini Luxe