• Dbrie Swimwear

    Miami Bikinis 

    Dbrie Swimwear offers the fashion forward style you would expect to see from a Miami based swim company. With the use of numerous textures, such as velvet, metallics and leather, Dbrie provides its buyers with some of the most unique swimwear in the game. Danielle Pinder, the genius behind the brand Dbrie, studied at Miami International University, it was there where Pinder got the opportunity to go to Venezulea  to learn how to construct bikinis. Now Pinder has all eyes on her as she takes the swimwear world by storm with her fun and fresh designer bikinis. 


    Velvet Bikinis

    Dbrie’s motto is “wear it wet” because of the unique materials found in Dbrie bikinis. Materials like velvet and leather, can be worn in and out of the water. Some of Dbrie’s most popular bikinis are their velvet bikinis. These velvet bikinis are a game changer. The skimpy bikinis are as soft as can be. The velvet is surprisingly super comfortable in the water and actually dry quicker than typical bikinis. Once you wear a velvet bikini you’ll never want to wear another bikini ever again. 


    Velvet Bikini

    This velvet bikini is a head turner. There’s a guarantee you'll receive dozens of compliments are you strut around in this bikini. The soft velvet fabric will feel as good on you as it looks on. The bralette style on a triangle bikini top is not only super trendy but super comfortable. You'll feel like a star in this gorgeous shade of midnight blue and you'll never want to wear a boring bikini ever again.


    Velvet One Piece

    One pieces are definitely in this season, but how do we feel about velvet one pieces? If you want to take a trend and make it unique, a velvet one piece is the way to go. Many people will be at the beach wearing a one piece but only the most fashion forward will be seen in a velvet one piece. The low cut style and moderate coverage make this one piece super appealing. The soft velvet one piece is also super versatile, you can wear it in the water or wear it for a night out. Throw a pair of jean shorts over this one piece and you have a trendy outfit. You don’t want to miss out on this gorgeous look.  

    Metallic Bikinis

    Every girl wants to shine, with Dbrie metallic bikinis, you can do just that. These bikinis are the perfect way to showcase your killer sense of style where ever you go. Whether you're at the beach, by the pool, or tanning, while your in this bikini everyone will get hint of your awesome fashion sense. It is the uniqueness of Dbrie bikinis which set them apart from the rest. The use of metallic fabrics is especially genius. Why not add a little sparkle to your bikini collection? 


    Metallic Bikini


    When you mix metallic with mesh, you clearly get a perfect bikini. This skimpy bikini is ready to be added to your collection. The metallic inserts and mesh combo will have you in awe. This show stopping bikini is exactly what you have been looking for. You're bikini will be shimmering as you soak up the sun. 


    Dbrie Bikini

    This emerald green and metallic bikini will have you feeling like a gem. There's nothing like showing off your unique sense of style with a statement piece. We must say, this metallic designer bikini makes a huge statement. The classic triangle bikini has just been given the ultimate make over.

    Whether you're  looking for a bikini to just lounge around in, or if your looking for a bikini to dive into the ocean wearing, Dbrie is the way to go, "wear it wet!"

  • Beach Babes Love MIA Shoes

    From lace-up boots to pom-pom sandals, there's no doubt that MIA Shoes is up to date on modern trends. Their exotic style has women everywhere obsessing over their shoes.


    MIA Reanna Gladiator Sandal

    MIA Shoes

    Perfect for the summer, these gladiator sandals are being seen everywhere. Not only are they super trendy, but they have plenty of personality. Any girls that wears these will definitely be seen as fun and exuberant. And if you want simpler sandals, you can always us the MIA Renata Leg-Wrap Sandals, which are a lot shorter than the gladiator sandals. Both have the pom-poms and charms hanging off of them; so cute!

    MIA Joshua Classic Cowboy Bootie

    MIA SHoes cowboy bootie

    These boots can easily bring out the country in you. MIA Shoes' new Western-style boots are to die for! The stunning leather and chocolate brown color can go with nearly anything. Whether you want to use them as dress shoes, or just casual shoes, you will without a doubt stand out in the crowd.

    MIA Filipa Lace-Up Rope Wedge

    MIA wedged sandal
    Every girl needs at least one pair of wedges in their shoe collection. These lace up wedges are ideal for your closet. The crochet design gives the shoe flair and poise. Something about these wedges can make any outfit very elegant. They can be worn with a maxi dress while you're off on vacation, or jeans and a cute shirt just to go out with your girlfriends.

    MIA Benni Lace-Up Ballet Flat

    ballet flat mia shoes
    Charming and flawless, these flats are a must-have! The serpent print transforms the ballet flat completely, giving it an edgier look. On top of that, these flats are also very gladiator inspired. You can tie them up to the height that you want, whether you're in the mood for a simpler look or a more complex look. These flats are far from basic. 
  • Agua Bendita Activewear

    Agua Bendita Activewear

    Designer Activewear Collection 2017

    Your favorite Colombian Swimwear brand, Agua Bendita is launching its new line of luxury Activewear using the inspiration of its Cruise Collection to take it to the trendy Athleisure level. The prints of Wild Orchestra are translated into transitional pieces that can be worn for both exercising and general use. Agua Bendita's fun and loud prints from their swim line are translated into their active wear. There's no doubt you'll be the most stylish looking person at the gym in Agua Bendita activewear. The best part of this activewear is that it is fashionable enough to be worn on a day to day basis whether you are running errands or just lounging around, when it comes to style and comfort, Agua Bendita has got you covered. 

    designer activewear

    Agua Bendita’s pieces are made with high tech sports fabrics combined with the brands’ colorful and original prints that are made carefully sketched by hand. These designs are translated into geometric, botanical and colorful forms integrating designer activewear and performance fabrics into everyday life. This high quality material is durable enough to withstand even your toughest workout. The high tech sports fabric enables flexibility, durability, and comfort. We all know how hard you work out at the gym, and now you finally have a activewear brand that can  keep up with you.

    designer activewear

    With today’s busy lives, and as part of the well being, health and fitness generation, Agua Bendita’s designer active wear is the answer to wear transitional apparel high on functionality and comfort but making sure style is always present, contemporary and suitable for all aspects of the day. We all love being the best dressed wherever we go, so why should hitting the gym be any different. It's become apparent that we are a generation who takes pride in our health and fitness. We all obsess over getting our body's they way we envision they "should" look. The main thing we do for our bodies is exercising. With all the exercising we do, we need a wardrobe filled with just workout clothes. The best way to enhance your workout clothes wardrobe is with this new line of Agua Bendita Activewear.

    highend activewear

    Luxury Active Wear Line

    Agua Bendita’s Activewear is perfectly attired for any situation, be it at the gym, running errands, a day in office or even after-work drinks. Wearing workout clothes on a daily basis is totally acceptable in this day and age. With this designer activewear, you never have to worry about dressing up again. Yes, it is possible to look nice in a pair of active leggings and a t-shirt, and noone will ever know if you really hit the gym or not.

    The Colombian model, Daniela López is the new image for the luxury active wear line. This Bendita Girl is a promissory young talent that has already appeared in important magazines covers and been the face of prestigious international brands.


    The photos were taken in Brooklyn, New York by the Colombian photographer Andrés Oyuela.

    Agua Bendita Workout Leggings - Colorful

    Agua Bendita Workout Leggings

    The Agua Bendita Colorful Workout Leggings are everything you've been looking for in activewear leggings. Cultivated with high tech sports fabric, these leggings are  ideal for working out. Nothing is worst than having the motivation to workout, but not having clothes comfortable enough for you to workout in. Leggings that lose their stretch running shorts that ride up or active tops that are not breathable, with Agua Bendita's activewear collection,  you will never have these problems again. The Colorful Workout Leggings in particular, are super flexible and durable. These leggings can withstand any work out you throw at them. The best part about these leggings is that they are extremely stylish. Picture yourself in these funky leggings with a white t-shirt while running your daily errands, you'll look amazing and  be super comfortable as well.


    Agua Bendita High End Sports Bra - Energetic

    High End Sports Bra 

    It's impossible not to fall in love with this Agua Bendita's Energetic High End Sports Bra. You can definitely feel the amazing quality of the high tech activewear materials used to make this piece. When wearing Agua Bendita's sports bra, you'll have the support and comfort you've been looking for in a sports bra. This piece hugs your body but at the same time is flexible making sure you are secure yet comfortable while working out. There is no longer a need to sacrifice style for comfort, with this Agua Bendita Sports Bra, you can finally have both. The colorful print of this piece is reflective of the Colombian influenced designs that Agua Bendita is known so well for. You'll turn heads in Agua Bendita Activewear and once you put it on, you'll never want to wear a different activewear brand ever again.

    See the Agua Bendita Activewear Collection Now

  • Love Lolli

    Lolli Swim is living life through heart shaped sunnies and pockets full of sugary dreams. A collection of swimwear packed with flirty details in bright fun colors. From sprinkly covered cupcakes to the original cheeky bow bottom, these swimmies satisfy everyone’s appetite for sweetness!

    Lolli Swim
    An Obsession Born of Love

    Vy Nguyen, a California based designer, says she started Lolli because "For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with swimwear. Swimmies are SO fun, bright & playful. There are no rules in swim." She derives inspiration from everything around her including food, traveling, and her childhood.

    We are obsessed with Lolli swim for their iconic accents like bow detailing, flutter tops and figure-flattering high-waisted bottoms. A pastel palette of soft blues, lilacs, yellows and pinks continued the flirty vibe. Whichever piece you see, it always screams fun!

    Their latest collection includes pastel stripes, off-the-shoulder bikini tops, and drum roll please ... mermaid gear! The whole campaign has got us and our bank accounts very ready to take a dip.

    Lolli Swim Mermaid

    loll swim

     Celebrities Love Lolli

    Lolli swimwear is immensely popular in both Japan and the United States. In the U.S., they've been featured on many highly known magazines like InStyle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Sports Illustrated. On top of that, many celebrities have been seen wearing Lolli's bikinis like Rihanna, Bella Thorne, Kim Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and Jessica Alba has her daughter wearing one of Lolli's pieces too! In Japan, they've been on Nylon Japan, Trend Japan, Spring Magazine Sweet Magazine, and Very Magazine featuring their lovely swimsuits. It just takes one look to fall in love with Lolli's suits.

    Lolli Swim

    Lolli Swim

    Lolli swim Miami Swim Week

    See the Lolli Swimwear Collection Now!

  • Agua Bendita 2017 Collection

    Bikini Luxe is excited to introduce the 2017 swimwear collection from Agua Bendita. WILD ORCHESTRA is a collection that is inspired by the tangled vegetation of the Colombian jungle and by the wide range of repertoire given by vibrant colors, exotic patterns and tropical forms embodied in the artisan craft that has been passed through several generations of Colombian people. The attention to detail that goes into each piece is an inspiration of the rich culture that embodies the brand. 

    Agua Bendita 2017 Collection
    2017 Agua Bendita Swimwear

    With the stress of everyday city life, people from every corner of the world travel to their imaginary sylvan landscapes and together, blend their own cultures into a unique nation that connects with nature and listens to the wisest ancestral tribes. These merging cultures discover how to communicate deeply with the earth, with its sounds, with its rhythms and with all its eclectic colors and shapes.

    Celebrate diversity with Aqua Bendita and dare yourself to have fun with colors and textures that are brought to you in pieces made with passion and love by hundreds of Colombian hands.

    2017 Agua Bendita Swimwear

    After models like Bar Refaeli, Irina Shayk, Izabel Goulart, Candice Swanepoel, Sara Sampaio, Kendall Jenner and Shannon de Lima, the new

    Agua Bendita wants to transmit with Ariadna a conception of a universal fashion as well as a special work done by Colombian artisan women. Bar Refaeli, Irina Shayk, Izabel Goulart, Candice Swanepoel, Sara Sam-paio, Kendall Jenner and Shannon de Lima are the celebrities who have helped position Agua Bendita. Now the brand set its eyes on Ariadna Gutiérrez, a woman that fascinates the world.

    "We are in more than 50 countries through different sales channels. With Ariadna, Agua Bendita wants to fascinate with our Colombian culture and connect its international projection with the story of handcraft clothing that dignifies the work of hundreds of artisan women who are the heads of their households". Catalina Álvarez, cofounder and designer of Agua Bendita

    Agua Bendita 2017 Swimwear

    "Our collection makes a fusion between an aesthetic proposal and a workdone with the heart. We combine sophisticated, elegant and universal garments with the essence of women who support us with every stitch,every cut and every color of the manufacturing process " Mariana Hines-troza, cofounder and designer of Agua Bendita.

    Taken In A Magical Place

    The new 2017 catalogue of Agua Bendita is considered a collection item. The photos were taken in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, a magical place that recreated the inspiration of the collection in the second half of 2016.

    The team was integrated by photographer Stephan Ach, art director Pina Gandolfi, hair and make-up artist Richard Brockwell, audiovisual filmmaker Perro Bravo Films and producer European Productions. Cata-lina Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza, creators of the brand, were presentthroughout the process.


    Click here now to see more of the 2017 Agua Bendita Swimwear Collection.