• Acacia Swimwear: Instagram's Favorite Bikini Brand

    Meet Acacia Swimwear

    Building The Acacia Swimwear Empire

    Naomi Acacia Newirth is on a mission to change swimwear. Naomi began her fashion journey when she was just a teenager growing up in Hawaii. Living in a place that’s known for its pristine beaches, she struggled to find a suit that she felt worked for her. In typical entrepreneur fashion, she decided to do something about it, and set to work on gaining the skills necessary to make her own. This dedication to filling the hole she saw in swimwear lead to a successful company loved by celebrities such as LeAnn Rimes.

    The Acacia collections are unique designs that bridge the gap between cultures while staying true to her personal vision for her brand. Since she put her fashion degree to work back in 2010, she’s slowly and steadily gained a reputation that has allowed her to expand to a children’s brand, Acacia Honey.



    Working alongside Naomi to make the business a success is her friend Lyndie Irons. Lyndie fell in love with some of Naomi’s samples and took it upon herself to help bring the brand to life. One of the reasons for her passion for the brand was her childhood in Malibu where, like Naomi, she practically lived in swimwear. She even worked as a swimwear model before getting into the business of designing them. She also has a long connection with the surfing community that has contributed to her work on the line.

    Besides traveling and working on the fashion line, Lyndie has been involved in a documentary about her late husband, professional surfer Andy Irons, whose legacy she wants to keep alive. She also has a passion for promoting good nutrition for children, which led to a photoshoot for a brand of coconut water that featured her son, Axel.


    Acacias Inspiration Behind Their Trendy Designs

    Both women are passionate about their work, and dedicated to maintaining that difficult life-work balance, as each have children that also require their time and attention. Naomi’s also discussed the difficulties of working in a time zone when you are already behind, time-wise, most of the people you’ll be doing business with.

    The company is focused on unique, high-quality offerings for people who want comfortable and functional, yet fun and stylish swimwear. They combine that mission with a sense of fun that translates to the office. They keep it casual and family-friendly there, with a simple, quirky design located in a tropical setting that’s ideal for inspiring beach looks.



    Acacias Exclusive Bridal Wear Collection

     One of the more unique aspects to their line is that they also deal in bridal wear. People dreaming of a beach wedding can check out their fun and flirty designs. Each item is made of silk and the beading is all done by hand. One can choose between white and black beadwork, adding to the uniqueness of the design. There are also past collections people can choose their dress from.

    To learn more about the women behind Acacia, follow Naomi and Lyndie on Instagram. You’ll not only get some peeks at their work, but all the adventures behind the scenes.



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  • The Woman Behind Luli Fama Swimwear

    How Luli Fama Started

    Working for an established swimsuit designer would eventually lead Luli Fama to follow in the woman’s footsteps. Upon meeting and working with the woman’s nephew, a man named Augusto, Luli joined forces with him and the two co-created the Luli Fama line of swimwear.

    Their business endeavor began in 2003 after the two launched a company named Cover Style to create a line of swimwear for juniors. They went on to design the swimsuits that are now synonymous with the name Luli Fama.

    The Creativity Behind Luli Fama's Designs

    Having grown up in Miami, this Cuban born designer now designs swimsuits that reflect the early years of her life. The swimsuits all have a somewhat Latin flair to them. Together with a team of artists, Augusto and Luli custom design each of their prints. In addition to swimsuits the duo has also collaborated on the design of dresses and stylish pieces to wear over any swimsuit. The line also includes both bikinis and monokinis.

    Each item in the line is constructed using fabrics that automatically enhance the physical features of the women wearing them. In addition, they can go from day to night flawlessly, making them a financially sound investment for women everywhere.

    Luli Fama Expands Their Line Of Products

    Not content to stick to swimsuits and the like, Luli has expanded her line of products to include Eye Candy, a trendy new eyewear collection. These stylish sunglasses were designed to complement Luli’s many swimsuit designs. Some of Hollywood’s elite are fans of Luli Fama’s designs, including Shakira and Beyonce as well as Bar Rafaeli and Adriana Lima.

    Luli Fama Goes Worldwide 

    With a passion for fashion that can’t be beat, Luli is constantly traveling to promote her brand. She personally overseas the selling of the brand’s merchandise to shops all over the world. Paris Fashion Week is a regular stop for Luli but she makes appearances at store events in California, Las Vegas and even Puerto Rico. However, she and Augusto create new items for the brand in both Barcelona and Como. 


    Any fashion show in which Luli Fama swimwear is featured, she is on hand to choose the models that get to wear her designs. Luli stands for nothing less than the respect she shows each of her models. As a mother hen of sorts to her hand- picked models, Luli genuinely spoils them, something that becomes evident when they walk the runway proudly decked out in a Luli Fama swimsuit.

    The presence of Luli Fama swimwear in this year’s Miami Swim Week was nothing short of spectacular. Each swimsuit modeled from this fashionable brand was sexy yet subtle. Open cut shoulders and crochet pieces were featured in many of the swimsuits the models so beautifully displayed. Sheer fashions and mesh pieces were heavily featured as well. Sticking to her Latin roots, the bright colors and bold prints used in the chosen swimsuits reflected the generally happy lifestyle of Cuba residents.

    Luli Fama swimwear is continuing to make a splash all over the world, making every woman feel beautiful. 

    Shop New Luli Fama Arrivals Here!

  • Agua Bendita 700 Hearts Program - Support Single Mothers

    We Can Get Behind Women Empowering Women

    Agua Bendita Supports Womens From Colombia


    Agua Bendita is a line of swimwear that women of all ages are embracing. The brand was founded by Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Alvarez. A classroom was where the idea for the brand came to be. Both designers have concentrated on experimenting with various fabrics and textures to create this unique swimwear line.


    Humble Beginnings

    Agua Bendita Swimwear Supports Single Mothers


    These women are passionate designers that wanted to tell their own story through their swimsuits. The details of the designs themselves represent the culture of Colombia.

    The humbling beginnings of Agua Bendita date back to 2003 when the swimwear was created in Catalina’s home. At that time, the women would take their completed designs and have a dressmaker create them based on those designs. After a while the brand grew so much that multiple dressmakers were needed.

    Since then, hundreds of women living in Colombia have contributed to the creation of Agua Bendita swimsuits. Each swimsuit is handmade with care by women who would not have a job to support themselves and their families with otherwise. They were hired to help the brand represent the women of Colombia who no longer have to struggle thanks to Agua Bendita.



    Internationally Recognized Designer Brand


    Agua Bendita Swimwear Changing the World

    The brand has grown so much since then that it is now found in the wardrobes of women in over 50 countries. This is a testament to Mariana, Catalina and every woman that works with them in the creation and distribution of this line of swimsuits.

    Together, Mariana and Catalina have worked hard to create a program called 700 Hearts. The program employs single mothers that have been called the soul of the company as well as heroes. It is the goal of Mariana and Catalina to improve the life of every woman they employ.

    Over 700 workers with a passion for handmade items work hard to put together each piece in the Agua Bendita collection. Beads and other decorations are carefully added to the swimsuits, one piece at a time. The 700 Hearts workers are meticulous at their job and ensure that those who purchase these swimsuits are getting the best possible product. They are excellent and combining modern and traditional styles in each swimsuit they create.


    Designer Handmade Bikinis

    Designer Bikinis by Agua Bendita

    Each swimsuit created is seen as an individual craft project and each one is unique in some special way. The team of hard working men and women that create them are a family to each other and treat each other, and the products they are creating, accordingly.

    From the largest detail to the smallest, including sewing the tag into each swimsuit, is something 700 Hearts employees are passionate about doing. They take pride in everything they create and strive to make each piece look and feel beautiful.


    Peace and Love From Colombia


    Agua Bendita Designer Swimwear Brand - Autobiography

    For everyone who takes part in the design and creation of Agua Bendita swimsuits, it is a passionate undertaking that allows them to take their love for life and their community and have that love reflect in everything they do. Led by two inspirational women, Agua Bendita is truly a Labor of Love.

  • Introducing Perfect Peach Swimwear

    Perfect Peach Swimwear

    Perfect Peach - 2nd Base Black Bikini Set

    2017 will be all about finding the perfect swimwear to compliment a woman’s body. The Perfect Peach Swimwear line is already being embraced by trendy women all over the country.

    Perfect Peach - 2nd Base Reversible Bikini Set

    The collection includes standard and reversible bikini sets in reserved, understated colors. Each bikini includes adjustable straps making them ideal for women of all shapes and sizes.

    Made from lightweight fabric that is comfortable and easy to move in, Perfect Peach Swimwear has already found many fans. This is partly due to the fact that bikini bottoms and tops are purchased separately, making it the perfect choice for someone who needs a smaller top than bottom or vice versa.

    Both strap and strapless bikinis are part of the Perfect Peach Swimwear collection. With high waists and low cut tops, these swimsuits can help any woman show off her curves at the pool or beach.

    For big busted women, Perfect Peach Truth or Dare, a bikini set being sold on a limited basis, is a great choice because the bikini tops contain high quality underwire that is comfortable but still functional. Truth or Dare bikinis have removable straps as well, essentially allowing women to own two bathing suits for the price of one.

    Perfect Peach - Russian Roulette Highwaist Bikini Set

    For the brave and daring women who don’t mind showing off their lower body the Russian Roulette swimsuit has a bottom that leaves little to the imagination. Its detailed design makes a sexy statement. Its adjustable shoulder straps make the top of the swimsuit as comfortable as the bottom of it.

    For the slightly less daring woman the 2nd base suit may be the perfect choice. Both strapless and reversible, this swimsuit has a high waist bottom that covers more than the Russian Roulette bottom does but still leaves women looking sexy and feeling confident.

    Perfect Peach - Shaken Not Stirred | Champagne Bikini

    The Perfect Peach Swimwear line includes string bikinis such as the Shaken Not Stirred. Its frilly edges and scrunch bottom give it a distinct style that many women love. The swimsuit contains padding that can easily be removed at any time.

    Perfect Peach - The Other Woman

    Women who prefer a one piece swimsuit are often happy with The Other Woman. Its petite bottom contains straps perfect for making smaller women feel beautiful. It can help a woman show off her curves without showing off everything else she has.

    Aside from being unique and trendy, Perfect Peach Swimwear is created using only the best possible quality materials straight from Italy. Here are some other things you didn't know:

    • All materials used in this line of swimsuits have been created by companies that are committed to remaining eco-friendly.
    • Renewable energy sources are used to manufacture each of the swimsuits in this line.
    • Ecoprint technology is used during the creation process and green tech water systems are employed during the process as well.
    • As little energy as possible is used in the creation of Perfect Peach Swimwear.


    Perfect Peach - Innuendo Reversible Bikini

    Women who purchase from this collection are not only getting a trendy and stylish swimsuit they are also supporting a company that cares about making the world much better.


    Perfect Peach Swimwear seen in:

    • People Magazine
    • A Bikini A Day
    • Glamour Magazine
  • Dbrie Swimwear

    Miami Bikinis 

    Dbrie Swimwear offers the fashion forward style you would expect to see from a Miami based swim company. With the use of numerous textures, such as velvet, metallics and leather, Dbrie provides its buyers with some of the most unique swimwear in the game. Danielle Pinder, the genius behind the brand Dbrie, studied at Miami International University, it was there where Pinder got the opportunity to go to Venezulea  to learn how to construct bikinis. Now Pinder has all eyes on her as she takes the swimwear world by storm with her fun and fresh designer bikinis. 


    Velvet Bikinis

    Dbrie’s motto is “wear it wet” because of the unique materials found in Dbrie bikinis. Materials like velvet and leather, can be worn in and out of the water. Some of Dbrie’s most popular bikinis are their velvet bikinis. These velvet bikinis are a game changer. The skimpy bikinis are as soft as can be. The velvet is surprisingly super comfortable in the water and actually dry quicker than typical bikinis. Once you wear a velvet bikini you’ll never want to wear another bikini ever again. 


    Velvet Bikini

    This velvet bikini is a head turner. There’s a guarantee you'll receive dozens of compliments are you strut around in this bikini. The soft velvet fabric will feel as good on you as it looks on. The bralette style on a triangle bikini top is not only super trendy but super comfortable. You'll feel like a star in this gorgeous shade of midnight blue and you'll never want to wear a boring bikini ever again.


    Velvet One Piece

    One pieces are definitely in this season, but how do we feel about velvet one pieces? If you want to take a trend and make it unique, a velvet one piece is the way to go. Many people will be at the beach wearing a one piece but only the most fashion forward will be seen in a velvet one piece. The low cut style and moderate coverage make this one piece super appealing. The soft velvet one piece is also super versatile, you can wear it in the water or wear it for a night out. Throw a pair of jean shorts over this one piece and you have a trendy outfit. You don’t want to miss out on this gorgeous look.  

    Metallic Bikinis

    Every girl wants to shine, with Dbrie metallic bikinis, you can do just that. These bikinis are the perfect way to showcase your killer sense of style where ever you go. Whether you're at the beach, by the pool, or tanning, while your in this bikini everyone will get hint of your awesome fashion sense. It is the uniqueness of Dbrie bikinis which set them apart from the rest. The use of metallic fabrics is especially genius. Why not add a little sparkle to your bikini collection? 


    Metallic Bikini


    When you mix metallic with mesh, you clearly get a perfect bikini. This skimpy bikini is ready to be added to your collection. The metallic inserts and mesh combo will have you in awe. This show stopping bikini is exactly what you have been looking for. You're bikini will be shimmering as you soak up the sun. 


    Dbrie Bikini

    This emerald green and metallic bikini will have you feeling like a gem. There's nothing like showing off your unique sense of style with a statement piece. We must say, this metallic designer bikini makes a huge statement. The classic triangle bikini has just been given the ultimate make over.

    Whether you're  looking for a bikini to just lounge around in, or if your looking for a bikini to dive into the ocean wearing, Dbrie is the way to go, "wear it wet!"