Tips on What to Wear While On Vacation in Singapore

The kind of attire that you decide to wear on any given day is dependent on a number of factors, such as the occasion that you are attending, the weather of the area you are in or will visit, the dictates of the place or event, and so on. While on vacation in Singapore, your dress will certainly be influenced by the weather conditions at the particular time of the year. It will also be influenced by the places you may visit, because some hotels, restaurants, and religious places have well defined dressing style. Before getting to Singapore, you may need to have your visa ready. To save you and your family or colleagues the troubles and hustles of obtaining singapore visas, you should consider working with reputable agents who have mastered all the requirements, and are experts in the processing of traveling documents to Singapore.

Red Silk Pants

Red Culottes Pants // Sunny Red Wrap Blouse

The following are some basic guidelines on what to dress while on vacation in Singapore:

General style tips

The city state’s climate is hot and humid for the better part of the year. Casual attire is generally welcome in most cases, provided they are presentable and clean since Singapore residents are very tidy people and do not tolerate shabbiness.  Consider having your jeans and t-shirts with you. However, make sure you have lightweight clothes made from natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, because they are comfortable in hot weather, besides being easy to wash and fast to dry. A formal outfit may be required in some clubs and restaurants, thus make sure you have some smart wear and shoes so that you are not caught unawares. Due to the hot and humid conditions, most places, such as hotels and shopping malls, are normally air-conditioned which sometimes can be extreme. So, ensure you have a pullover or a wrap. To withstand the very hot sun you could do with a sunhat or a travel umbrella to give you more shade. You should also get with your sunscreen.

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Shoes to pack

It is very important to ensure that you have comfortable shoes that you can walk around for long periods of time, especially during the day. The island-state receives light showers frequently, and so, flip flops or sandals would come in handy so that you can get your feet dry quickly. Flip flops also have a wide acceptance among the locals and are taken as the national wear, especially among the youth. Flip flops will help you blend in very well, just find a pair that are comfortable for walking around.

Dressing tips for women

Some accessories or a scarf to keep the hair dry and neat are a necessity, due to the humidity that can mess your hair most of the times. It would be crucial to have some well-selected pieces of custom jewelry, as they make any outfit look better. You won’t go wrong with having a pashmina (a gorgeous scarf shawl), which is a very versatile piece of clothing that can dress up you up instantly. On visits to religious sites, a pashmina or sarong can be used to cover your shoulders. Ordinary business suits or dresses are permissible for those doing business trips. You can do away with the jacket due to the high temperatures.

Floral Kimono

Floral Kimono

Dressing tips for men

It is crucial to have some long pants, shirts, and a jacket, or simply, some smart wear for restaurants and clubs that require patrons to be in smart attire. For time on the beach, some pair of shorts, polos, a variety of casual shirts and swimwear would be necessary. Regular business suits are allowed for those on business, and they can do without jackets as the heat is usually considerable. Versatile travel jackets that have several pockets would also be a great piece of clothing to have with you.