When it comes to choosing what colors to accessorize with, neutral colors come to mind as they blend in so easily with your outfit. Occasionally though, there are colors that toe the line of being neutral and still look great with any outfit. Blush is one of those colors and a blush leather bag would match everything in your closet effortlessly.


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Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are the greatest accessories to just about any fashion statement. What makes these colors so special is that they can go with practically anything and they wouldn’t take too much attention from the rest of your outfit.

Any color combination can accommodate a neutral color and the palette wouldn’t be disturbed. In fact, it would even be enhanced. The beauty of a neutral color is that it can make whatever you want to draw attention to pop even more. And that’s why they’re the perfect shade to accessorize your get ups with.

Originally, neutrals just used to refer to colors like black, white, and shades of brown. Nowadays, any other color that fares well with blending in can be called neutral. That’s why the neutral range now includes navy, cream, silver, gold, and others like them. As you may notice, these colors can make your outfit look sleek and chic without much effort. They can also be worn in all kinds of occasions and you won’t go wrong with neutrals. 

This is why you can own shoes and other accessories in these versatile colors and they would go well with any outfit. And if you’re a woman who loves the classic look, then neutrals will do really well for you as they will give you a simple yet elegant look.

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Why Blush Pink?

Pink may seem like such a girly color, but it’s definitely fit for ladies too. Particularly blush pink, which goes really well with a lot of colors. While not usually classified as neutral, its muted color is just as versatile for it to be considered one. Blush can be utilized as a major shade in a get up, or you could opt to use it as an accent or secondary color. Either way, it would look well with a variety of combinations. Blush is one such color that fares well in fashion statements of any kind.


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How to Wear Blush Pink

One of the best things about fashion trends is that there are fewer limiting rules now than there were before. Mismatched colors in one get up are now seen as edgy and fashionable while before they were no-nos. But at the same time, harmonious complementary combinations are still as trendy as they were before

With that in mind, you can wear blush pink in a few different combinations: for instance, a monochromatic getup. Blush on blush is one of those chic get ups that give you a classy look and would look well in both daytime or evening events. Dazzle people in an all blush get up, whether it be a pantsuit, a dress, or any other outfit.

Blush can also be paired up with fellow neutrals. The tame blush pink with a striking black makes for a beautiful combination. In the same vein, you can also use blush as a substitute for its fellow neutrals to avoid monochromatic looks.

Blush is more of a pastel than a neutral, and as such it can also be paired with its fellow pastels. An all-pastel getup gives a soft and feminine glow that can be worn across seasons, and you wouldn’t look out of place at all.


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While blush seems like a color that doesn’t draw much attention, there are clothes designed in the color that are bold and daring. Be a femme fatale in a fitted blush dress, or even a blush leather jacket or studded platforms in a shade of pink blush.

That being said, you can still stick with the usual idea of blush as a dainty and delicate color and go all feminine in blush frilly blouses, lacy skirts and flat shoes. Lastly, you can keep the blush to a minimum by keeping it as an accessory color.

That’s why the Bidini Pochette in blush pink is a good addition to your wardrobe. With the color and simple design, this bag will look good with any outfit. You can bring it to the office, to a nighttime gala, or on a casual day out with friends and family. It’s a versatile bag not just in color but in design as well. This leather bag is made in Italy and will wonderfully improve any outfit you pair it with.


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Blush is a good color that goes well with everything. With the multiple ways that you can incorporate this color into your fashion statement, you won’t run out of ideas to glam up your get up with a little bit of blush.